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In Today's Tequila Treehouse...

Arrow Santorum's 'win' in Michigan
Arrow Andrew Breitbart found Dead
Russia upgrades Iran's radar
Arrow Blaming President Blameless
Arrow President Santorum - Seriously?
Arrow Romney/Paul Money Trails Cross
Arrow Super Supermodel Josie Maran


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"If you read the definition of “progressive,” conservatives and the Tea Party are the real
  progressive force in America, as we are the ones advocating substantive upgrade,
  improvement and reforms in the stinky, status-quo swamps of Washington."
-- guitar owner Ted Nugent, trying to have a thought,   Link

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Santorum's 'win' in Michigan

Willard steps in it again


Willard Romney won more votes than Santorum in Tuesday’s Michigan primary,
but they split the delegate haul down the middle — 15 each — prompting
Santorum to declare victory as the focus shifts to next week’s Super Tuesday.

The Santorum campaign called the delegate results a blow to Mr. Romney, who dramatically
outspent the rest of the field in a state where he was born and his father was governor in the 1960s.

“It is not a win for Mitt Romney. I don’t know how you don’t see this as a strong showing for
Rick Santorum and certainly somewhat of a disaster for Mitt Romney,” John Brabender, a senior
Santorum strategist, told reporters in a conference call in which he also made the case that, “if we can
do this well in Romney’s home state, we clearly think this bodes well for Super Tuesday states.”

Poor Willard can't catch a break.

When will the super-fickle GOP make up their minds?

When Jeb gets in?


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Liar Andrew Breitbart found Dead

He's now playing cards with Russert, Novak


Whore CNN is treating this like f-ing Reagan's funeral.

They have conservatives calling in to say how Breitbart was "a great man,"
who was "above all else, HONEST!" which makes me want to f-ing hurl.

Andrew Breitbart was a lying whore when he was alive so I see no need to
canonize him as a saint because he did too much cocaine last night.

Did he die of a cocaine overdose?

I have no idea - I'm just treating the story like Andrew would've.


Bristol, back in the spotlight
She is soooo her mother's daughter


Lifetime has announced it has ordered Bristol Palin: Life's A Tripp, a new reality
series which will document Palin's life as a young single mother living with Linda Tripp.

Bristol Palin: Life's A Tripp will feature Bristol and Linda adjusting to life in Alaska
where they will face challenges like not getting pregnant while attempting to maintain a strong
relationship with her siblings, father Todd, and the Publicity Whore, herself, Sarah Palin.

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Subject: My Brush with Greatness


Send in YOUR brush with greatness

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Russia upgrades Iran's radar


Russia has upgraded a surveillance station it maintains in Syrian territory in order to provide Iran
early warning of an Israeli attack, according to the Israeli security-related blog Debkafile.

The surveillance station, located south of Damascus, had been able to monitor air traffic in Israel
as far south as Tel Aviv, as well as northern Jordan and western Iraq.

Since the upgrade, its range reportedly extends to all parts of Israel and Jordan and as far south
as the northern part of Saudi Arabia.  According to the report, Russia has introduced cutting-edge
technology to the station and expanded its manpower.

Russia has taken a firm stand against any military attack on Iran
or any attempt to force Syrian President Bashar Assad to step down.

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Subject: Andrew Breitbart, a pile of excrement?

Tweeted on Aug 26th, 2009 ... the day after Ted Kennedy passed away.!/andrewbreitbart/status/3553169520

"I'll shut my mouth for Carter. That's just politics.
  Kennedy was a special pile of human excrement."

 RJ, nomadic pillar

Subject: Andrew Breitbart

I saw where this individual passed away at 43.
A sudden early death like this is usually a bad heart, or bad cocaine.

That was the first thing I thought, too.
I'm think Andrew Brietbart died from a bad cocaine overdose,
perhaps illegally obtained from his homosexual lover?

The heart attack that kills quickly is called the Widow Maker.
You have 5 minutes to get on the operating table, otherwise, death is certain.  
Notables, Tim Russert, Darrell Kyle, Cardinals pitcher.

Your basic Peruvian Marching Powder speeds up the heart rate,
and quality and quantity are also death determining factors.
Notables: too numerous to mention.

Any thoughts on the "Over and Under" on which cause it will be?

Can you die from dishonesty?
Probably not - the vulgar Pigboy is still alive.

Subject: Andrew Breitbart found dead

I guess he choked on an acorn.

 Minneapolis Matt the Pillar

Subject: Andrew Breitbart

I can't wait to see olbermann's take
All the comments (I've read) were about  'what a great loss'
"oh we are so sad..."    bull sh!t
good riddance to evil scum  

Yeah, CNN is crying buckets over that scumbag.
FOX is in mourning and Drudge wants to hang himself.

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Marty always has good stuff.

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"Due to the rising price of gas, Obama is considering dipping into our
  national strategic re-election reserves. I'm sorry — strategic oil reserves.”
      --  Jay Leno, being so funny I forgot to laugh


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Subject: My Brush with Slime


Send in YOUR brush with greatness

Sarah Palin Nude


Better Amazon link

Thanks, they send me pennies...

Blaming President Blameless
 by Dittoette Charlotte Hays


As expected, President Obama strode purposefully to the lectern at the University of Miami
late last week and, solemnly surveying the crowd, took responsibility for skyrocketing gasoline
prices that threaten our struggling recovery.

Of course, that is not quite the way it went down. Shortly before the Florida speech, the Hill
newspaper reported that the president was planning to “move aggressively this week to deflect
blame for rising gas prices.”

Mr. Obama deflecting blame? You don’t say.

This must be the most blame-deflecting White House in our nation’s history.
This is truly the Eddie Haskell presidency.   (That's pure Pigboy.)

For a while, President Blameless could shirk responsibility by pointing fingers at his predecessor.
That got old, though I can’t say in a hurry. As late as last July, the White House sought to prove
that Bush was still responsible for all the nation’s budget troubles. Atlantic magazine blogger Megan
McArdle deliciously characterized this lame attempt at evading responsibility as “The duck starts here.”

ha ha

"The duck starts here."

Very clever - think it'll get you even one vote?

The poor bastards - this is all they have.

Bush and tax cuts caused the economic wreck and the voters f-ing know it.
Obama is doing what he can to dig America out of the giant hole
and the voters f-ing know it.

It sucks to be a Republican right now
and the voters f-ing know it.

But chin up, guys - you still have your hate.

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Subject: Proving who is most conservative

The Republican candidates are struggling to demonstrate who is the most conservative candidate.
Who is willing to go all the way and stand out from the pack? Here's some ideas:

They can make a YouTube video clubbing a baby seal to death. Promise to drill of oil in San Francisco's
Golden Gate Park. If a woman gets pregnant through rape she has to marry the rapist. Your employer can
tell you where to go to church. Require women to have to get their husband's permission to get a drivers license.
Close all public schools and colleges. No taxes at all for the top one percent. Criminalize birth control, solar energy,
teaching science, labor unions, vaccines, and yoga. Require Atheists to go to church.

If one of the Republicans took these positions they could win the primary.
But might have a little trouble in the general elections.
  Mark Perkel

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President Rick Santorum - Seriously?
  by Izzy Woods


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Romney/Paul Money Trails Cross
Is this why they have a bromance?

Last week, it finally started to dawn on the slow-as-Stegosaurs media: Why is Ron Paul going so soft
on Romney, his natural ideological opposite?  Paul has been flaying every other candidate, particularly
when that candidate threatens Romney’s front-runner status — why is Paul so protective over Romney?
Does this point to some sort of alliance between the two? And if so, doesn’t that raise further disturbing
questions about the supposed rock-solid-principles guiding Ron Paul’s campaign? You’d expect by now
that the media – alerted to this “bizarre” alliance — might think that the answer to this riddle lies in finding
a possible money trail linking the two campaigns’ interests together. This is politics after all.
One of Ron Paul's official "coalitions" is with the Latter Day Saints, popularly known as the Mormons
Naturally this hasn’t happened; but if the hacks did get around to following the money, they would very
quickly stumble across one of the most blatantly bizarre factoids to emerge so far this primary season:
Ron Paul’s SuperPAC, “Endorse Liberty,” is headquartered in Mitt Romney’s backyard: Salt Lake City, Utah.
Moreover, the SuperPAC’s staff and founders include several former Romney/Huntsman supporters.

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Subject: Your coverage of conflict in Syria

You are basing your coverage of events in Syria on imperialist propaganda.
The violence there is managed by Nato. 

Nato death squads, consisting of homicidal fanatics of Al-Qaeda and other groups
are being managed by operations centerd in Turkey. The Syrian army is defending
the sovereignty of Syria from the onslaught of imperialist powers.

Of course, the al-Assad family is a bunch of vicious thugs,
but they are boy scouts compared to the Nato imperialists.
The destabilization of Syria is a foreign interference.
That’s really 90 percent of all there has ever been.
This is not an indigenous rebellion. There is no uprising.
There is no widespread political opposition willing to go all the way to fighting and killing.
Don't belive me, Bart, but don't believe the corporate media either.
Consider primary sources who have recently been in Syria and visited Homs:
  Weniger Gottquatsch

You're asking me to believe what seems like a wild story that was written by Webster G. Tarpley,
a writer I've not had the privilege to read before, and then believe that the Obamas and the Clintons
and every Democrat and Republican and every news network which includes the BBC, are all lying
about the same false story the same false way.

Subject: come on, Bart

Bart, you're starting to sound like a Pubbie with the flip flopping
on who we should and shouldn't go to war with.

Flip flop?
You have failed to make a case - or even list the crime.

You are one page away from hypothesizing whether or not Syria has
or will use WMD against its people and, dang it, we gotta invade!

So, your answer is to let them all die?

What if Assad goes after City #2, let them die, also?
What if the list gets to 20 cities, you still holding steady on "let them all die?"

And what if, after he murders 40 cities, you change your mind?
What do we tell the families of the forty cities?  "My bad?"

Do you think a few unmanned drones would turn into "another Vietnam?"

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Today's Mystery Car


Subject: last issue's Mystery Car       Link

Bart, that is a ‘40 Ford Tudor, customized by Mike Corbin...with matching Harley Davidson.


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Today's Mystery Celebrity


Subject: last issue's Mystery Celebrity     Link 

Bart – that looks like Clint Eastwood in a cloud of smoke.
 Tony in Philly

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Today's Food Mystery


Subject: last issue's Food Mystery     Link

Bart, that's Pork tenderloin w/ apple and cranberry glaze

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Wildlife Close-up  


 Our cutest wildlife picture ever?

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Today's Mystery City


Subject: last issue's mystery city

Bart, Last Issue's Mystery City is The Forum in Rome - a rare wintertime/nighttime shot.
Here's the place in sunshine,   JimB, Oregon
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Today's History Mystery


Subject: last issue's history mystery

Bart, Last Issue's History Mystery is Harriet Tubman, owner, operator, and chief engineeer
of the Underground Railroad.  She was one of the bravest women who ever lived.
 RCB in Wyoming.

A shot of Chinaco for Herriet Tubman.


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Subject: donation

Bart, February birthday. I'm a lousy gambler, but my recent venture into stocks has been paying off.
Thanks, O. I'm not on Easy Street (Ha) but I's got's me some green to make it rain (well, sprinkle) ;o)
Here's to your health and pies piled high.

Phildog  - thanks for that.

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Super Supermodel Josie Maran


Check out
sexy, tasteful photos of Josie Maran  in  BC Hotties

  Thanks to Blue in Seattle for helping me corral the hotties.

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