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WELCOME TO BARTCOP.COM A modem, a smart mouth and the truthNews and Commentary NOT Approved by Karl Rove, bcause vicious extremists can NOT be appeased.

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Tuesday,  April 17,  2012    Vol 2861 - Pea Tardy

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...

Arrow Can Obama take Arizona?
Arrow Obama (wins) on Buffett Rule
Dog-on-Roof has a Condoleezza
Arrow Could Palin have beaten Flipper?
Arrow Gallup: O, Man-on-Dog tied
Arrow Swan murders Chicago Man
Arrow TWA's Flygirl  Christina Ricci


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"Hispanics breaking in huge percentages for President Obama spells doom for us.”
--  Dog-on-Roof,       Link

"Women breaking in huge percentages for President Obama spells doom for us.”
--  Dog-on-Roof,         Link

"Catholics breaking in huge percentages for President Obama spells doom for us.”
--  Dog-on-Roof,      Link

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Can Obama take Arizona?
Latinos, women & Dems hate AZ Fascism,
This will force Dog-on-Roof to spend money there

      Should read "Welcomes Whites"


On a conference call with reporters Monday announcing a Latino outreach initiative for the RNC,
Rance Priebus (R-Fabulous) explained that Republicans aren’t sweating Arizona this fall — despite
signs that the Democrats are ready to spend big to fight for voters there.

“The Obama team is setting up a mirage that somehow Arizona is going to be an Obama state or in play,”
Priebus said. “It’s a Republican state, it’s a red state. We’re going to be there, obviously it’s not going to
be ignored at all, but to put it in the category of a targeted or battleground state is a mindset that we’re
not adhering to right now.”

Hey Liza, that's great strategery.
Assume Obama can't win and stay confident.

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Obama loses, wins on Buffett Rule
GOP gave super-rich another raise they didn't need


Republicans on Monday banded together in the Senate to block Obama's “Buffett rule” tax, halting one of
his chief legislative goals but leaving him with a potent political weapon heading into November’s elections.

Congressional Democrats also said the 51-45 vote, which left them nine shy of the 60 needed to advance
in the Senate, will not be the last legislative word.

Even before the vote, Mr. Obama’s presidential re-election campaign sent supporters an email arguing
that the tax is needed to force likely GOP opponent Mitt Romney to “pay his fair share” of taxes.

It's looks like the GOP just threw away their best weapon for November.
How can they sell, "Times are hard" after giving the super-rich a raise?

Obama should pound them on this.
"I tried to give YOU more money - but the GOP voted it down.
  They think YOUR tax dollars belong to the super-rich."


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Dog-on-Roof has a Condoleezza
Beth Myers to lead search for VP


Beth Myers, the woman Mitt Romney tapped to lead his VP search, is so familiar with Flipper,
that she often knows which side of a debate he'll be on that day.

In Romney’s 2002 governor race, it was Myers, then a stay-at-home mom after a career staffing
campaigns and practicing law, who played the candidate’s Democratic opponent in debate rehearsals.

“Beth is a lawyer, she’s a logical thinker, she’s well organized. . . . But I think more important
is that she has the trust and confidence of the governor,” said Eric the Fern, a Romney ass-kisser.

“She walks with a heavy shoe fall because people know that she has the trust of the governor...”

I don't think her weight has anything to do with the issues.


Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: Vulture's Picnic

Bart, I've been reading "Vulture's Picnic" by Greg Palast. 
He sure knows how to connect the dots.

                         Click   to  Order

 Doug, Engineer with a Conscience

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Marty has new stuff every day
on her fine, fine Entertainment Page

Marty's TV Listings are the best!

Marty always has good stuff.

Click on the E!

"Gingrich only criticized this network because he’s trying to get a job at CNN
  because he knows he isn’t going to get to come back to Fox News,”
--  Supreme Dragon Roger Ailes,     Link

  Don't you love it when they attack each other?

Send e-mail to Bart 

Secret Cervix Sex Scandal

Not much to say about it except think how angry the Republicans are:

A big, juicy sex scabdal with perhaps dozens of guilty people involved and
they can't figure out a way to tie this to Obama.

 ha ha

Pundits say you can get "bottle service" in Cartagena is about $50.

I hope they eventually name the Secret Service genius who decided that $50
was more important than a little f-ing discretion when dealing with prostitutes.

Even if you paid her and then she ran off with your money, isn't losing $50 better
than making worldwide headlines that soured the reputation of thousands of brave
men and women who volunteered to step in front of gun fire for their country?

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Gallup: O, Man-on-Dog tied
Don't believe their crap for a minute


A new Gallup poll finds Romney and Obama statistically tied among registered voters.
According to Gallup, 47 percent back Romney, and 45 percent prefer Obama.


While both men are doing well within their respective parties, the most notable finding came among
self-described independents. Romney leads Obama among indie voters 45 to 39 percent.

Not true, not going to happen.

Blacks hate Man-on-Dog.
Hispanics hate Man-on-Dog.
Women hate Man-on-Dog.
Democrats hate Man-on-Dog.
Half the GOP hates Man-on-Dog.
Religious bigots hate

Where is Gallup finding these "voters?"

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Sarah Palin Nude


Check out the news and toons at

        bart blog

I believe Romney just said he wishes
that his wife knew the dignity of work.

Read all about it!

  on the Bart Blog!

Could Palin have beaten Flipper?
It's a matter of who had higher negatives


Conservatives cycled through a number of candidates before landing, willingly or not, on Romney.
But as they enter the "acceptance" phase of the Dog-on-Roof nomination, there is at least one name
that keeps making its way on the could-have-been list: Sarah Palin.

The crazy Publicity Whore has at least as much claim to be "next in line" as Romney, and her large,
enthusiastic buffoon following would have both given her a leg up in the early polling and made her
hard to attack.  Is Romney in fact "fortunate that he had to beat out registered sex offender Santorum
rather than Sarah Palin"?

Palin could've won: You're nuts if you think Palin wouldn't have given Romney "a much tougher race
than Team Sweater Vest," says Allahpundit in Hot Air.  Her win wasn't assured, but Palin has the same
appeal to nutbags who vote against their own self-interests and evangelical voters that Santorum owned,
plus she also has that wacky Pig-with-Lipsyick charisma, a die-hard fan base, and Newt Gingrich–worthy
anti-media credentials. If she had run and nailed the debates, Palin would have had a good shot at being
the elusive "not Romney" dream candidate.

Hey, why are you talking about The Publicity Whore in the past tense?


Romney hasn't won anything yet. If Dog-on-Roof screws up and says something like,
"I feel sorry for Trayvon's parents," the backlash could cause a Tampa Revolution.

Or, perhaps their "more guns is better" philosphy could reshape the race?


Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: Okie Ganja Granny Busted

Oklahoma woman, 73, charged in drug ring supplying 4 states


A 73-year-old Oklahoma grandmother has been busted on a lucrative
drug operation that supplied marijuana to drug dealers in four states.

Police found 4 pounds of pot, two guns and more than $276,000 in cash
when they raided Darlene Mayes’s home in rural Craig County.

Cops say she supplied about 40 percent of the pot in Tulsa
and parts of nearby Arkansas, Kansas and Missouri.

Hope this isn't going to hit you too hard. 
I can talk to a guy who knows a guy, if you know what I mean...
 (: Tom  the Pillar in Pontiac

What in the world was she doing with that much cash?
Didn't she see "Blow?"

She probably can't afford to hire a lawyer...

Shirley: "A Tornado in high heels"
After seven years, Garbage returns to the stage



Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: Re: Obama can legally kill

You compare Obama's power to declare any American citizen an enemy and then order his/her execution
to a policeman's power to shoot a criminal, but there's one huge hole in your logic:
a policeman who shoots a suspect is going to be subjected to serious scrutiny after the event, by his superiors,
by Internal Affairs, by the media and the public. He is going to have to explain exactly what happened, and he
better have a damn good explanation or he himself will face serious legal consequences, up to and including
dismissal or even imprisonment.

That's what makes them think twice before opening fire, and that's a huge part of what keeps us
from devolving into a total police state (although many would argue we are already there).
I'm not sure, but I doubt Obama or any future president (of either party) faces
any such pressure to make sure he got it right before pulling the trigger.
 Jake in L.A.

 Jake, good point.
 I trust Obama on this but I wouldn't trust the Giggling Murderer.

          "Help me hold him down, Rummy, this one's still alive..."

 It's why we should elect serious candidates - candidates who don't giggle
 when talking about the lives they've personally ordered snuffed out.

 But, like Joe yesterday, you forgot to list a better alternative.

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You any good at song lyrics?


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Today's Mystery Car


Subject: last issue's Mystery Car       Link

Bart, that's a Chrysler DART designed and built by GHIA and if I recall, Virgil Exner
had a hand at it since he was Chief Stylist at Chrysler.  There were also other names for it
like ARROW, FIRE ARROW etc.  I really did like the early Firedome Ghia exercises. 

Sadly, a couple of them went down on the Andrea Doria,
 Yves in SoCal and Paul in Ogden UT    Link

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I Was Born in March/September Bart

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Today's Mystery Celebrity  is quite hot. 


Subject: last issue's Mystery Celebrity     Link 

that's the lovely Gina Lollobrigida, circa 1959.
Leo in Maryland

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Swan murders Chicago Man

  Police released this sketch...


An angry swan is being blamed for knocking a man out of his kayak in a Chicago pond and then
continuing to attack until the man drowned.

Anthony Hensley, 37, used the swans to keep geese away from properties and was in a kayak checking
on the animals Sunday morning when one of the swans swam at him, causing him to fall out of his kayak into the water.

The swan reportedly continued to chase Hensley after he fell into the water, and by the time rescuers
arrived he had drowned, The Chicago Sun Times reports.

Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: getting around the Buffett Rule

Bart, on taxing the rich, and how just raising the rate according to what’s called for in
the Buffet Rule, will only generate a miniscule amount, according to those that will pay it;
Bull Shit!

Clinton showed us how rich Republicans react when faced with paying higher taxes. They would
almost prefer to burn their money, rather than pay it back in to America, where they earned it.
If tax rates were raised these billionaire ‘patriots’ would quickly find new ways to spend those
taxable profits, instead of sitting on them, and concentrating them further. Higher taxes spur investment.
That’s a proven fact.

When rich Republicans are faced with having to pay, even an extra dime in taxes to ‘God Damn America’,
they have shown they will do anything to avoid that. Some, like Willard Mitt Romney for instance, will go
to great extremes and expenses to get around paying taxes to America, by seeking out and paying
anti-American tax lawyers to help find ways to get around tax laws us common folks obey.

Finding Hail Mary loop-holes, in order to not pay taxes back to “God Damn America” is Romney’s chosen
path and preference. Parking his American made millions in the Cayman Islands to avoid taxes, is preferable
to the patriots® of Romney’s ilk. But many others, as has been proven will simply, and more patriotically,
avoid those higher taxes by cleverly investing some of their profits back into their own businesses.
Or, starting another, new business. That is how and why higher taxes will again dramatically increase revenues
beyond what these greedy America-haters predict. The truth is, America will never recover from the intentional
Bush/ Republican self created economic disaster, until these greedy rich bastards face paying higher taxes.
Plain and simple.

Until then, Americans will continue to slide into corporatist ruled third world banana republic plutocracy.
Raise taxes and watch these ‘patriotic’, beloved by the right, ‘job-creators’ get motivated to ‘help’. 
Thanks for the laughs (that’s a compliment) through the years, Bartster. 
All the best,
  Kip in NJ.

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Subject: My Brush with Greatness


We need more Greatness stories

Wildlife Close-up  


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Today's Mystery City


Subject: last issue's mystery city

Bart, Last Issue's Mystery City is...   PITRAPERTOSA PAESINO DELLA BASILICATA, Italy.

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Today's History Mystery


Subject: last issue's history mystery

Bart, Last Issue's History Mystery ?

Ye gods, it's Vaughn Meader, who back in the day did a dead-on impression
of John F. Kennedy. He had the fastest-selling album ever, but his career came
to a screeching halt in November 1963--dropped from every booking, albums
pulled off the shelves, etc.

Unfortunately, the rest of his material just wasn't funny, and he ended up playing
country music in a bar. Lenny Bruce named him "Poor Vaugh Meader."

Yes, "The rubber schwahnn was miiine!"

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You know, if a few rich Democrats could throw $50-$100 my way
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Think of the tax deduction!

I hate to spend time every day trying to raise money.

If you're shopping online,
it never hurts to check prices.

TWA's Flygirl  Christina Ricci

   Check out  over 1900 sexy and tastefull photos of  Christina Ricci   in  BC Hotties

  Thanks to Blue in Seattle for helping me corral the hotties.

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Marty always has good stuff.

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