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Wednesday,  May 2,  2012    Vol 2869 - Scorched

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...

Arrow Our Timber-box Society
Arrow Breitbart Coroner Dead, Why?
Don't Look Now, Lefties Are Winning
Arrow King: Tax Me, for fuck's sake
Arrow Meet Your Marijuana Brain Module
Arrow John Edwards Trial Update 
Arrow The Amazing  Rachel Leigh Cook


Business slow?
Run a "Stop the War on Women" Sale!

Think how many people/companies have
left us since the Bush Bastards stole the Treasury.

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"If women, minorities, and those making under $200,000 a year turn out to vote,
  @BarackObama wins in a landslide. What's that say?
--  my buddy Corey in a Tweet

  Of course, he's right, but Democrats can't be bothered with victory.
  The poor COULD vote themselves free health care for life,
  but nobody told them to do that so they remain without.

  All a Democrat would need to do is say, "We spend more on defense than the next ten
  countries combined.
Why don't we spend 2/3 of that and give everybody free health care?"
  But no, Democrats can't get their heads around something that complicated.
 The GOP would call that "socialism" and that makes the poor vote for the super-rich because
  32 years after Reagan, Dems haven't learned how to rebut their phoney horseshit arguments.

  It's an atrocity that in America it's one man-one vote, but the super-rich win
  half the elections because the Dems can't sell life preservers to drowning people.

  Our Democrats can't sell pardons for a dime on Death Row.
  Democrats can't sell "affection" to horny troops returning from war!
  Sure, Obama has some talent, as do the Clintons, but that's about it.

  Democrats can't sell food to a starving person for a goddamn song.
  Our side can't sell water to a burning man - on f-ing credit!!!

  How is it possible for them to be this inept?
"What does inept mean?"

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Our Timber-box Society
  by Robert Reich


The world belongs to those collecting capital gains.
They're the ones who demanded and got massive tax cuts in 2001 and 2003, on the false promise
that the gains would "trickle down" to everyone else in the form of more jobs and better wages.
They're now advocating austerity economics, on the false basis that cuts in public spending - including
education, infrastructure, and safety nets - will generate more "confidence" and "certainty" among
lenders and investors, and also lead to more jobs and better wages.
None of this is sustainable, economically or socially.

We should make Obama a deal:
We help him get re-elected on his promise that he'll act like a Democrat in his second term.

If his main goal continues to be the coddling of the will-never-concede GOP, then we'll say,
after he's out of office, that he let the oppontunity of a lifetime (ours) slip thru his fingers
and he failed to pick up the gauntlet of history.


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Breitbart Coroner Dead, Poison Suspected
Was he killed to cover-up Breitbart murder?


Veteran Los Angeles coroner forensic technican Michael Cormier had died, apparently due to arsenic poisoning.
The 61 year old Cormier was discovered dead on April 20th - the same day the city officials had released their
preliminary autopsy report on the death of conservative media powerhouse Andrew Breitbart.
Cormier was “seemingly healthy,” yet “suddenly stricken” with a fatal condition – just like that prick Breitbart.
It’s the latest twist in the case of Andrew Breitbart’s untimely death that will surely fuel increased speculation
into possible foul play - in both cases.

I'll say it - Brietbart wasn't worth murdering.
He was a nobody - a gnat, a liar and a whore.

He wasn't a player, he was a do-anything-to-get-noticed publicity whore whose greatest feat
was recognizing the penis of Anthony Weiner and then re-tweeting it to thousands of people,
but that makes him a GOP hero!

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Don't Look Now, Lefties Are Winning
And we did it without help from Obama


Quick. What's the most important political trend of the past few months?
Bet you didn't say the resurgence of the Internet-empowered left.
The dogfight between Romney and Santorum got all the media oxygen, followed more recently
by endless nonsense about whether Obama or Dog-on-Roof was worse in the "war on dogs."
But step back and consider this impressive string of victories by progressives:
No SOPA for You!
Curing Komen's Cancerous Politics
Busting the vulgar Pigboy

Shaming ALEC
Rupert Murdoch's been labeled "Unfit" to run a media empire
Plus, a majority now are pro-gay marriage, which killed Kerry in 2004

Each of these victories underscores the lost opportunity of the Obama presidency.
The president never used his massive Internet-enabled activist base to seriously engage
on his top legislative priorities. Obama's movement, likened at the end of the 2008 election
as a many-million mouthed dog, was kept on leash.

Just think what we could've done if Obama had shown up to f-ing work.
Obama could've used his mountain of political capital to change America for the better

Instead, he tried to please the Bitch and the Boner.

That's a mistake President Clinton won't make. 

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Subject: guns

I'm a democrat and I am not afraid to use a gun.
I don't happen to have one but this is Arkansas so I could borrow one
in a flash from my democratic father in law, my best friend, lots of other
friends or my daughter, who just bought a AR15 with pink stocks.

And at my age (56), going out defending my people wouldn't be a bad way to go.
I know a lot of democrats with guns, believe me. Plus most of the Blacks, Latinos
and Choctaws I know are armed democrats. So there.

Ricky, thanks for that.

When the shit goes down, where do we meet?


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Marty has new stuff every day
on her fine, fine Entertainment Page

Marty's TV Listings are the best!

Marty always has good stuff.

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Stephen King: Tax Me, for fuck's sake
 by Stephen King


Chris Christie may be fat, but he ain't Santa Claus. In fact, he seems unable to decide if he is
New Jersey's governor or its caporegime, and it may be a comment on the coarsening of American
discourse that his brash rudeness is often taken for charm. In February, while discussing New Jersey's
newly amended income-tax law, which allows the rich to pay less (proportionally) than the middle class,
Christie was asked about Warren Buffett's observation that he paid less federal income taxes than his
personal secretary, and that wasn't fair. "He should just write a check and shut up," Christie responded,
with his typical verve. "I'm tired of hearing about it. If he wants to give the government more money,
he's got the ability to write a check - go ahead and write it."
Heard it all before. At a rally in Florida (to support collective bargaining and to express the socialist view
that firing teachers with experience was sort of a bad idea), I pointed out that I was paying taxes of
roughly 28 percent on my income. My question was, "How come I'm not paying 50?" The governor
of New Jersey did not respond to this radical idea, possibly being too busy at the all-you-can-eat cheese
buffet at Applebee's in Jersey City, but plenty of other people of the Christie persuasion did.
Cut a check and shut up, they said.
If you want to pay more, pay more, they said.
Tired of hearing about it, they said.
Tough shit for you guys, because I'm not tired of talking about it.

A shot of Chinaco for Stephen King.


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Sarah Palin Nude


Meet Your Marijuana Brain Module



Medical marijuana treats so many human illnesses so well due to its stimulation of the endocannabinoid system (ECS).

Why is this so?

Because the present day medical therapeutic application is based on the evolution of the endocannabinoid system
and the psychology of our species.

Together, there is nothing more natural than medical marijuana and how it works in the human body. Let me explain.

The validity of the medical use of marijuana rests on its proven ability to activate the homeostatic healing effects
of the endocannabinoid system, as proven by the owners of the only medical marijuana patent holder in existence
 -- The Obama Administration-- who refuses to share this miracle plant while people are dying!

"Pot and poker are America's most grave concerns..."

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Like I said, we help him get re-elected,
but then he has to act like a Democrat.

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You any good at Lyrics?


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Subject: Arianna and Obama's bin Laden ad


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"Now, obviously, in hindsight, it looks bad, right? I mean, why are you using a party credit card at all?
  Well, some of these expenses were because a travel agent had the number, the credit card number,
  and they billed it to that card instead of the other card. Sometimes, it was just a mistake, you know,
  literally just reached for the wrong card.”
--  Marco Rubio, on why he billed the GOP for his personal expenses,   Link

  Sure, Marco, and when you "accidentally" let the GOP pay for your personal expenses,
  it's just, you know, like, a mistake, right?

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John Edwards Trial Update


Edwards is accused of illegally using campaign donations to keep his mistress a secret.
If convicted, he faces up to 30 years in prison.

So, Bush & Cheney started  two trillion dollar wars and then they emptied the Treasury, and that's OK.
But if super-rich John Edwards wants pay to keep a girlfriend quiet, that's a big time felony?

American justice has no sense of proportion.

He got 15 years for surrenderingMoral: Never surrender, never do the right thing.
Defense lawyers suggested Tuesday that Cheri and Andrew Young were out to "get" Edwards
and "schemed" to make money off the scandal when they realized that Hunter was pregnant.

Young admnitted on the stand that he made $1M on this secret slush fund.
Why do you call that "a defense claim?"

In court, when you admit to committing a crime, that's no longer an "defense claim."

Edwards' defense in part is that the money was used to hide Hunter from his dying wife,
not to hide her from the campaign, and that the money was not campaign donations.

Part of that is super-stupid and part of it is clear as a  bell.

If this case rests on what Edwatrds was thinking at the time, he has to be found innocent,
unless you can a mind-reader to prove what he was thinking.

As far as the second part, we KNOW where the money came from.

If the check was made out to Edwards or the golddigger, there's no crime.
If the check was made out to the Edwards campaign, it should go to the jury.

But the Carolina Rethugs don't want this matter settled.

They want Edwards to rot in prison for cheating on his wife


they'll settle for salivating over talk about his penis for the next few weeks.

If Russert was still here, we know what he'd be doing...


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It's so much cheaper to see a show in Tulsa
than to drive to Austin for a cancellation.

Today's Mystery Car


Subject: last issue's Mystery Car       Link

Bart, the mystery car is another Chrysler Concept car designed by Exner - this one the 1960 Plymouth XNR.

He also did the 1955 Dart from earlier.
 Ole Zenferret.

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The GOP's War on Women

When Obama said, "Let's not double the interest rate on student loans,"
the GOP said, "Fine, we can take the money out of women's health."

They hate women.

We're fighting the anti-progress GOP - can you help?

You could PayPal something to

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PO Box 54466
Tulsa, OK  74155

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I Was Born in March/September Bart

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Today's Mystery Celebrity  is quite hot. 


Subject: last issue's Mystery Celebrity     Link 

your Mystery Celebrity is Tea Leoni, tomboyish sexpot.
She deserves to work much, much more than she is.
Scott Peterson (no, not that one)

Tea Leoni was married to David Duchovney until, apparently, his sex addiction broke them up.
Funny, both his TV successes have involved sex addiction - remember on X-Files he had a 
porn collection that took up so much space he had to sleep on his couch.

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The Last Day of the War

by Richard Fricker


Wildlife Close-up  



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Subject: Reagan Spock's ex-father-in-law - Er, no

Hi -
You've confused Jane Wyman, best actress Oscar winner
(Johnny Belinda ), 1st wife of Ronnie Raygun, insanely devout
Catholic (who never remarried) and life-long republican   
Jane Wyatt, TV-mom to Princess, Bud & Kitten, by her TV-husband, the future Marcus Welby (who gave a job to Barbra's future husband ),
and also Spock by another TV-husband, who in real-life was married to her husband for 65 years,
joined Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall  and other Hollywood stars on a flight to Washington
in 1947 to protest the House Un-American Activities Committee hearings, and was a life-long dem.
So, I guess that'd make Spock the step-son of Marcus Welby, and half-brother to Princess, Bud & Kitten.

 ha ha
And the LA 'CW' "network" has the syndication rights to "Two & A Half Men" for over-the-air-TV. 
Here in LA, they advertise it as 'The Original Two & A Half Men" and repeatedly emphasize it has 'Charlie'.

Click on the E!

Marty, thanks for that.
Did you know Patty Duke's TV dad was the bumbling bureaucrat in The Trouble with Tribbles?


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Today's Mystery City


Subject: last issue's mystery city

Bart, Last Issue's Mystery City is the back side of the cathedral that faces
 Jackson Square in the French Quarter in New Orleans.  The statute is of
Christ with its shadow thrown on the wall of the cathedral.  Was there in late
March and took the same picture.

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Today's History Mystery


Subject: last issue's history mystery

Bart, Last Issue's History Mystery     lol...I remember all of these actors and recognized
most of them immediately.  Geeeze, age has its perks.  Pictured from left to right are: 
Lee Marvin, Clint Eastwood, Rock Hudson, Fred MacMurray, John Wayne, James Stewart,
Ernest Borgnine, Michael Caine and Lawrence Harvey. 

That looks like John Wayne's birthday cake, c. 1969

Welthajane, you did good.

Most people got all but Harvey.


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Subject: donation

Thanks to Eddy the Oklahoma pillar!
I hope to have dinner with Eddy soon.

You know, if a few Democrats with jobs could throw $25-$50 my way
it would sure take the pressure off for the upcoming political season.

Think of the tax deduction!

I hate to spend time every day trying to raise money.

If you're shopping online,
it never hurts to check prices.

The Amazing  Rachel Leigh Cook

Check out  over 80 sexy and tastefull photos of  Rachel Leigh Cook    in  BC Hotties

  Thanks to Blue in Seattle for helping me corral the hotties.

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Marty always has good stuff.

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