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WELCOME TO BARTCOP.COM A modem, a smart mouth and the truthNews and Commentary NOT Approved by Karl Rove, bcause vicious extremists can NOT be appeased.


Memorial Day Weekend-Tuesday,  May 26-29,  2012    Vol 2882 - Ghost holes 

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...

Arrow Syria Spinning Out of Control
Arrow Benny the Rat's butler arrested
Radioactive Japanese Tuna is Here
Arrow They Rape Kids in... Colorado
Arrow Trump a "Bloviating ignoramus"
Arrow Obama high school stoner
Arrow Lingerie supermodel Josie Maran


If you are planning on taking classes, visiting, or working at
Ghost Ranch in Abiquiu NM, you need to read this website.
We've got a bunch of new letters that detail our gripes with management.

Check it out, then please sign our petition to replace the current ranch administrator
and her deputies and/or send us your letters and comments for print on the website.

Syria Spinning Out of Control
It's so bad, CNN won't show the pictures


The U.N.'s human rights office said that most of the 108 victims of a massacre in Syria last week
were shot at close range, some of them women, children and entire families gunned down in their own homes.

The massacre on Friday in Houla drew new international outrage, with more than half a dozen countries
including France and Britain expelling Syrian diplomats in protest.

"We are at a tipping point," said Kofi Annan, the most useless diplomat of our generation.
"The Syrian people do not want the future to be one of bloodshed and division."

I wish President Let's-Wait-and-See was a little more urgent about this.

How many thousands have died while he dithers?
If nothing else, get some drones in the air and when you see a
torch-carrying mob approaching a just-shelled town, "disperse" them.

Or, you could sit back and do nothing while Kofi Annan "pressures" Assad.


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Money-Laundering, Corruption, Burglary,
Scandal plagued tax haven crumbling
Benny the Rat's butler arrested hy Vatican

"This is not funny - stop laughing!"


The "Vatileaks" scandal has seriously embarrassed the Vatican at a time during which it is trying to show the
world financial community that it has turned a page and shed its reputation as a scandal plagued tax haven.

Vatican documents leaked to the press in recent months have undermined that effort, alleging corruption in
Vatican finance as well as internal bickering over the Holy See's efforts to show more transparency in its
financial operations. But perhaps most critically, the leaks have seemed aimed at one main goal: to discredit
Pope Benedict XVI's No. 2, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, the Vatican secretary of state.

The scandal took on even greater weight last week with the publication of "His Holiness," a book which reproduced
confidential letters and memos to and from Benedict and his personal secretary. The Vatican called the book
"criminal" and vowed to take legal action against the author, publisher, and whoever leaked the documents.

Damn, this reads a lot like the plot of Godfather III.

From Roger Ebert's Review:  Godfather III brings the Corleone family into the inner circles of corruption in the Vatican.
Actual events - the untimely suddenness of John Paul I's death, the scandals at the Vatican Bank, the body of a Vatican
banker found hanging from a London bridge - are cheerfully intertwined with the Corleone's fictional story, and it is
suggested that the Vatican lost hundreds of millions in a fraud. We eavesdrop on corrupt Vatican officials, venal cardinals
scheming in the vast Renaissance palaces that dwarf them, and we travel to Sicily so that Michael Corleone can consult
with Don Tommasino, his trusted old friend, to discover who is plotting against him within the Mafia council.

So, the world's largest organized Rape Ring is corrupt?

Who knew?

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Radioactive Japanese Tuna is Here
Why bother to fix the broker reactor?


Across the vast Pacific, the mighty bluefin tuna carried radioactive contamination that leaked from
Japan's crippled nuclear plant to the shores of the United States 6,000 miles away — the first time
a huge migrating fish has been shown to carry radioactivity such a distance.

"We were frankly kind of startled," said Nicholas Fisher, one of the researchers reporting the findings.

The levels of radioactive cesium were 10 times higher than the amount measured in previous years,
but scientists did not expect the nuclear fallout to linger in huge fish that sail the world because such
fish can metabolize and shed radioactive substances.

Who wrote that - Rush Limbaugh?

Fish know how to "shed" radioactivity so it's OK to eat tuna that glows in the dark?

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Birther wounded by death ray!

Subject: Romney's record at Bain matters

I keep seeing these weird stories coming out of the mainstream media titled,
"Romney's record at Bain Capital: Does it matter?" Are you kidding me?

Bain Capital is what Romney does! I'm one of those people who believes that
what you do is who you are. So if he's running to be president don't we want to
understand who he is, how he earns money, who he pals around with, and what
he's accomplished. So the obvious answer to the question is "YES - It matters!"
  Marc Perkel

This is what today's USA Today says about Romney's Vulture Capitalism.

Romney can do the same for America - if we let him.

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They Rape Kids in... Colorado

A Catholic priest in Colorado Springs has been arrested on sex abuse allegations.
Charles Robert Manning turned himself in Tuesday, following a seven-month investigation by police.

Police said the 77-year-old pervert was arrested on suspicion of alleged sexual assault on a minor
by a person in a position of trust and contributing to the defense of a minor.
Documents have been sealed and police didn't release any other details.

By all means, seal those documents and don't let anyone know about it.

Maybe the Church can write you guys a check and settle out of court?

There's certainly no reason for any headlines here...

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Trump a "Bloviating ignoramus"
 Even George Will gets this one right


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Maybe it's karma...

Sarah Palin Nude


Why not just call him "nigger'?
Why not just come out and say it?

Enough with the "Kenyan" code language. These people don't really care if Obama is a socialist,
a communist, an elitist, a U.S. citizen or from planet Earth. What does set them into a rage is his
skin color. The goal of these racists is to achieve a major breakthrough to other "moderate" racists.

The semi-subliminal message they want to convey is, "Don't vote for this ni**er." And, "Do you
want a ni**er in the White House again?" Or, "Why vote for a ni**er when you have a white guy
like Romney, who's just like us?" That's all this Birther crap is about: ni**er, ni**er, ni**er...

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Subject: Brush with Greatness


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Obama 'total stoner' in high school
Don't punish adults for your childhood mistakes



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Today's Mystery Car


Subject: last issue's Mystery Car       Link

Bart, that would be a 1973 Volkswagen Superbeetle.
Steve in Sacramento

I had one of those and it had the best factory air conditioner ever.

Even at low fan, it would freeze you right out of the car.

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Obama's Mess: Medical pot in Montana

Send Tom some encouragement on Facebook
and Friend him or Like him - whatever.

"I might get 20 years because our president
  has a problem with legal pot laws."


Tom Daubert, 59, faces a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison,
a $500,000 fine for following Montana's pot laws to the letter.

He did NOT count on Obama waging a jihad against his legal business
that was helping sick people.

So, what's the lesson here - don't follow the law?

Maybe second-term Obama will help overturn the craziness of first-term Obama.

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Today's Mystery Celebrity photo  is kinda hot


Subject: last issue's Mystery Celebrity     Link 

Bart, yesterday's Mystery Celebrit
y?   That would be Joan Crawford.
 Jen from Ontario

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Wildlife Close-up  


  Is it a dog? 

  Is it a bear?

  Or some unknown species?

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Subject: My Brush with Greatness


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Today's Mystery City


Subject: last issue's mystery city

Bart, Last Issue's Mystery City? that's the National Fisheries
Development Board in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India
  John S

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Today's History Mystery


Subject: last issue's history mystery

Bart, Last Issue's History Mystery That's Erle Stanley Gardner (July 17, 1889 – March 11, 1970)
an American lawyer and author of detective stories. Best known for the Perry Mason series
Rich in Fargo, ND


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Lingerie supermodel Josie Maran

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