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WELCOME TO BARTCOP.COM A modem, a smart mouth and the truthNews and Commentary NOT Approved by Karl Rove, bcause vicious extremists can NOT be appeased.


Tuesday,  June 5,  2012    Vol 2886 - Transit of Venus

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...

Arrow Wal-Mart Vote shows Dissent kinda
Arrow Sluts vs GOP, Pigboy
Cuomo: Let's Reduce Pot Penalties
Arrow AIG Settles WC Case for pennies
Arrow al Qaeda's No 2 killed by Obama
Arrow Happy to see 'House' End
Arrow Liz Hurley - still shaggalicious?


If you are planning on taking classes, visiting, or working at
Ghost Ranch in Abiquiu NM, you need to read this website.
We've got a bunch of new letters that detail our gripes with management.

Check it out, then please sign our petition to replace the current ranch administrator
and her deputies and/or send us your letters and comments for print on the website.

I don't get this - can somebody explain it to me?

Wal Mart was caught illegally paying $24M in bribes.
The boys back in Arkansas said they knew nothing of these multi-million dollar crimes.

That's not true.

Either they knew full well where that $24M went OR Wal Mart has the kind of accounting
where middle managers can steal $24M and the home office would never know about it.

How do you re-elect corporate officers who are either guilty of corruption or blind stupidity?


is this a nod-and a wink that everyone knows you have to commit multi-national,
multi-million dollars crimes in order to do business in many/most foreign countries?

If that's the case, let's rewrite the laws IF one has to break the law to do business overseas.

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Sluts vs GOP, Pigboy


Women's rights activists are banding together to "Rock the Slut Vote" in an online effort
to register women to vote and cast their ballots against Republicans in 2012.

"If the GOP thinks that throwing the word 'slut' at us at this point is going to silence women
they have another thing coming," said Susan McMillan Emry, the site's founder.

Vulgar Pigboy Rush Limbaugh thrust the derogatory word into the political arena in February
when he called a law student a "slut" for testifying before Congress in support of contraceptives.

Following the national backlash over the Vulgar Pigboy's childish name-calling, "Rock the Slut Vote"
is now aiming to "diffuse" the offensive term, Emry said.

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Cuomo: Let's Reduce Pot Penalties
He's very unlike our Democratic president


New York's Governor Andrew Cuomo is making a move that could drastically reduce the number
of people arrested for marijuana possession as a result of police stop-and-frisks.

The governor asked the state Legislature Monday to change state law reducing the penalty for
public possession of fewer than 25 grams of marijuana to a violation instead of a misdemeanor.

Cuomo called the proposal "long overdue."

Marijuana was decriminalized in New York State in 1977 but there are inconsistencies. Currently,
private possession of fewer than 25 grams of marijuana is a violation, even though having that
same amount out in the open becomes a misdemeanor that can result in arrest.

Cuomo called the current law and its enforcement inconsistent, as well as a larger problem
in the minority community, citing a 94-percent conviction rate.

Andrew Cuomo is a brave man who's willing to move forward on drug laws.

If only we had more Democrats in the Democratic party.

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Speaking of Ann Coulter...

Did you know she's getting free French Fries for life at McDonalds?

Years ago, in college, she helped Ronald out when he was a slump...


Subject: Romney gives Obama an "F" ?

I find it amusing that Romney pretends to grade Obama on the economy giving Obama an "F".

In comparison where would we grade Bush on the economy?
If Obama gets an "F" then Bush set the school on fire.

And what's Romney's solution to the economy?
He wants to go back and do the same thing Bush did.

In a Republican world where reality doesn't matter, where failure
is the new success, Romney and Bush would get an "A".
  Marc Perkel

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When you read that pack of lies, you have to substitute "stolen" for "misreported."

Those AIG bastards stole another $21 BILLION dollars and when mean, old Sheriff Obama
was done with them, they reluctantly agreed to give back $146M of the stolen $21 BILLION.

Question: Is Obama the worst negotiator in the history of the White House?

Bart's Law #2
Any time a person or entity makes a "mistake" that puts extra money (or power) in their pocket,
expect them to make that "mistake" again and again and again.

As long as Obama allows the crooks to keep making this "mistake" and profiting $20.8B from it,
AIG and other Banksters will CONTINUE to rob us over and over and over.

Third graders can see this logic - why can't our government?

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Subject: amazing dolphin rescue caught on film


Doug, on a beach in Brazil

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Spend Money to Make Money

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make more sales,
generate more income.

Two days just
One week just $75

If you don't advertise, your costomers won't
know you have what they can't live without.

I agree.

House was once a superior show that became a good show
and then it became a show that was difficult to watch.

Did you ever wonder why Gilligan never got off the Island?
Because the producers knew that would kill the reruns.

The producers of House weren't as smart as Gilligan's producers.
The last two years, Dr. House was an impossible prick.

What was once seen as semi-charming became dark and ugly.
It got so bad, he drove a car into Cuddy's home - right thru the dining room.

That's not "bad bahavior," that's an uncontrollable, psychotic rage.
Who wants to spend an hour with that psychotic, hateful man?

And could you believe that finale?
House "killed" himself  (switched his dental records) so he could do one
final roadtrip with Wilson for the last six months Wilson had to live.

House's saving grace was that he could save people when nobody else could.
That's why he couldn't stay in prison - because people would die without him.

Now, for the next 25-35 years of House's natural life, all those people will die.

Is that the best way to end a medical show?

Who knows?
Maybe FOX cheated them our of their rerun royalties
so they ruined the show for the viewers to get even.

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Marty has new stuff every day
on her fine, fine Entertainment Page

Marty's TV Listings are the best!

Marty always has good stuff.

Click on the E!

Sarah Palin Nude


al Qaeda's No 2 killed by Obama
They called him #2 because he was shit

"There are no virgins here - where are my virgins?"

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Subject: laying hands

Hey Bart!  Keith quotes from the New Testament, "they shall lay hands on the sick,
and they will recover" (referring to the Disciples).

Wow, I must be a Disciple...I have laid hands on the sick, and I have always recovered!

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Subject: Green Lantern comes out

Hey Bart!
Anyone else realize that the one thing that this Green Lantern is powerless against is...wood?
I wonder if anyone at DC Comics has realized it yet.
  Sergio in Akron

That explains a lot...  :)

I understand Marcus Bachamnn is also powerless against wood.

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Coupon Queen?

She only has two Cadillacs and five mansions,
13 servants and a monthly budget
of only $1.6 million dollars.

How did she manage to raise those five kids?

Best Mystery 'Car' Ever?


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Obama's Mess: Medical pot in Montana

Send Tom some encouragement on Facebook and
Friend him or Like him - Twitter his hashtag or whatever.

Let's get Tom 100,000 followers.  (He has 603 so far)

Tom picked up just 10 friends yesterday - can we do better?
Take a minute and send some encouragement to Tom.

He's probably feeling pretty alone,
waiting to see if he'll get the full 20 years.

"I might get 20 years in federal prison because
  our president has a problem with legal pot laws."


Tom Daubert, 59, faces a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison,
a $500,000 fine for following Montana's pot laws to the letter.

He did NOT count on Obama waging a jihad against his legal business
that was helping sick people.

If Obama loses in November, he'll have the rest of his life to wonder
what made him go so crazy on pot and poker that cost him the election.

Wait - let me guess:

Bob Shrum
told Obama it was a smart move to attack
everyday Americans who enjoy pot and poker?

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I Was Born in June/November Bart

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Today's Mystery Celebrity photo  is a lil' cowboy


Subject: last issue's Mystery Celebrity       Link

Bart, yesterday's Mystery Celebrit
y?      Jeez. I forget. That's Joan Baez.
Vietnam War deserter

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Wildlife Close-up  


Subject: last issue's wildlife

Bart, Last Issue's Wildlife  c'mon Bart, everybody knows the meerkat.
 Rich in Fargo, NDBart,

I've lived a very sheltered life...

Subject: last issue's wildlife

that’s a meerkat, they live in the Kalahari Desert.
  Suzanne B

Well no wonder I've never seen one of those...


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Thanks to Hal for the new graphic

Today's Mystery City


Subject: last issue's mystery city

Bart, Last Issue's Mystery City 

Bart I believe that’s the Romney compound Mittens 
inherited from his father, George Romney. 
They wanted to call it Rome, but it was already taken…
  Mike C

That's Boston's Back Bay seen from the Charles River Dam
and the Science Museum. In the foreground the Longfellow Bridge, to the left the old John Hancock
building, followed to the right by the new John Hancock, and then the Prudential Center tower.


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You'd think he'd already be there...

Today's History Mystery


Subject: last issue's history mystery

Bart, Last Issue's History Mystery  is radio broadcaster and record collector Dr. DeMento.


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Subject: donation

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Liz Hurley - still shaggalicious?

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