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Wednesday,  August 1,  2012    Vol 2914 - Unsuspended

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...

Arrow Romney's Disasterous Trip
Arrow "Romney will raise your taxes"
Poll: Obama up by Three
Arrow The Vanity of Perfectionism
Arrow Romney's Insult-the-world Tour
Arrow Twitter backs down, surrenders
Arrow Beauty & Beast's  Kristin Kreuk


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"We are a family-owned business, a family-led business,
  and we are married to our first wives. We give God thanks for that."
    --   That Chick fil-A gay bashing guy,      Link

  Wait, how can you be Republicans if you're still on Wife #1?

  Besides the Bush bastards, can you name a Republican still on Wife #1?

  The vulgar Pigboy and Newt have SEVEN WIVES between them.

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Romney's Disasterous Trip Overseas
At least he didn't torture his dog this time


Willard later today wraps up his foreign tour, a trip that drew a series of negative headlines and has left
many Republicans wondering what exactly the GOP presidential nominee was hoping to accomplish.

The assessments of the trip, which saw Romney visit London, Israel and Poland over the past week,
ranged from scathing to resigned among the Republican professional political class.

“I find this entire trip borderline lunacy,” said one senior Republican strategist speaking candidly.
“Why is he seeking to improve his foreign policy cred when there will not be a single vote cast on that subject?”

Ed Rogers acknowledged that the trip was something short of a unqualified success.

“Romney abroad is the same as Romney at home,” said Rogers. “His performance is uneven at times,
but overall, pretty good,” lied Rogers.    “Let’s face it, Romney can’t win, but Obama can lose.”

Romney can't win, you say?

Sounds like a good campaign slogan, Ed.

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"Romney will raise your taxes"
Obama throws a hard jab at the contender

Obama seized on a new nonpartisan study suggesting Mitt Romney’s tax plan would raise taxes
on most Americans in order to cut them for the very rich, accusing his opponent of favoring
millionaires over the middle class.

“Folks making $3 million a year or more, would get a quarter of a million dollar tax cut,”
Obama said. “But listen, it gets worse: under my opponent’s plan, who do you think gets
the bill for these $250,000 tax cuts? You do.”

Saying “you do not have to take my word for it,” Obama pointed to a new study which concluded
that even if Romney financed his reforms by eliminating existing tax breaks for the wealthy first,
the resulting changes would still raise taxes on the average family making under $200K by $2,000
while cutting taxes for the average American household making $3 million or more by close to $250,000.

“Here’s the thing: he’s not asking you to contribute more to pay down the deficit, he’s not asking you
to pay more to invest in our children’s education or rebuild our roads or put more folks back to work,”
Obama said. “He’s asking you to pay more so that people like him can get a big tax cut.”

Powerful stuff - who's going to vote to have less so the super-rich can have more?

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Subject: Another Sage Done Gone

Hi Bart,

With Gore Vidal now gone, who is left to tend the tribal fire of wit and wisdom?
Engineer with a Conscience


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Poll: Obama up by Three
I'd say the real figure is more like 6


While independent voters break strongly for Obama in Pennsylvania, they are closely split
in Florida and Ohio. Of the coalition that Obama built to win the White House, independent
voters remain a hurdle, with a little more than half in Florida and Ohio saying they disapprove
of his job performance.

But a torrent of television advertising in the states, particularly in Ohio and Florida, appears to be
resonating in Obama’s quest to define his goat-faced rival. The polls found that more voters say
Romney’s experience was too focused on making profits at Bain Capital, the private equity firm
he led, rather than the kind of experience that would help create jobs.

Obama holds an advantage of 6 points over Romney in Florida and Ohio.
Obama is stronger in Pennsylvania, leading by 11

So, the real race starts after Labor Day.

I'm ready for this movie because I think I'm going to like the ending.

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Marty has new stuff every day
on her fine, fine Entertainment Page

Marty's TV Listings are the best!

Marty always has good stuff.

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The Vanity of Perfectionism
Vote to contain the Romney damage
  by Robert Parry


We’re told that elections simply don’t matter, even if these right-wing Republicans will likely gut
what’s left of the New Deal and the Great Society; will further concentrate wealth at the top; will free
Wall Street from even the modest burden of the Dodd-Frank regulations; will drive more middle-class
families into poverty; will let thousands of Americans die prematurely without health care; will put
neocons firmly back in charge of U.S. foreign policy with plans to extend the Afghan War and start
possible new wars in Syria and Iran.
After all, Barack Obama has not been perfect on these issues. He has blood on his own hands.
He has made many compromises. He is far from the socialist that some Tea Partiers claim he is.
I’m often told by progressives that they are “disappointed” in Obama as if their feelings are the
most important part of this equation.
It does seem that some on the Left will only be satisfied with perfection.

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"I’ve been here 23 years. I’ve been here when it was glory hole days and I’ve been here when it wasn’t.
 And, so, having said that, I want me some glory hole. So I have that perspective.”
-- Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, missing those good old glory hole days 

  It gets worrse - I've seen Jerry fist his players.

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Romney's Insult-the-world Tour

 "Ha ha - I have more f-ing money than some nations..."

Willard isn't on an ordinary world tour. He's on an insult-the-world tour, during which he's constantly
trying to outdo his previous personal best. How else to explain the isiot's horribly offensive comments
about Palestinians during his trip to Jerusalem, so soon after the clunking insults levelled at his British
hosts in London last week?

Over a £16,000-a-plate campaign fundraiser breakfast with Jewish donors in Jerusalem, Romney aired his
deep thoughts on "the dramatic, stark difference in economic vitality" between the Palestinian and Israeli
economies. These thoughts were obtained by reading books, he prefixed, before surmising that Israeli
accomplishments were down to "at least culture and a few other things" – oh, and also, "the hand of
providence". So Romney thinks that Palestinians are screwed because Israelis have a better culture and
a better god. It's a shame he didn't add something about bad karma and the Palestinians not doing their
positive affirmations properly.

Romney went to Israel in an attempt to please Sheldon Adelson and win Florida.

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Subject: states' pot laws

Your comment reminded me of comedian Robert Klein's take
 on the disparity of criminal punishment between states:

"Smoke a joint in Texas, three life sentences without parole ... or visitors.
 Commit murder in Connecticut, you can't watch TV three nights."
    Eric in OH

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What is today's Mystery Car?

Subject: Last issue's Mystery Car   Link

Bart, this is a 1950 Studebaker Champion convertible.
We used to call Studebakers "Rutabakers"... a takeoff on the root vegetable, the rutabaga

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The Republicans and the oil companies are killing us.
Please don't let the bastards get away with it.

Twitter backs down, critic Tweeting again
They saw their error after the damage was done


Facing an Olympic-sized public backlash, Twitter lifted its suspension of Guy Adams,
a London's Independent
correspondent  who had been highly critical of NBC's Olympics.

According to Adams, the cowards at twitter—who whored out to NBC for these two weeks,
alerted him of the reinstatement via email.

"We have just received an update from the complainant (NBC) retracting their original request,"
Twitter cowardly wrote, according to Adams. "Therefore your account has been unsuspended."

How could NBC be this stupid?
How could Twitter be this stupid?

*I* would never do anything so stupid, and I'm somewhat smaller than NBC and Twitter.

Ever notice when a big network fucks up, it's ALWAYS NBC?
They screwed up the Carson-Letterman transfer of power.
They screwed up the Jane Pauley-Debra Norville turnover.
They screwed up the Leno-Conan
transfer of power.
They screwed up the Today Show Ann Curry-Savannah Guthrie turnover
Leno lost his late night dominance and Today is no longer #1 in the morning.
They're behind Telemundo in the ratings and they're making next to no money.
Now they've screwed the Olympic pooch AND proved they were petty bullies.

In Tulsa, f-ing Lemonade Stands are run with more professionalism.

NBC, thy name isn't just "whore," thy name is "stupid whore."

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Sarah Palin Nude


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 Subject: Brush with greatness


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Shopping for a State

Better question, how likely is Oregon to continue to  have sane pot laws?
I don't need to buy a house there and then have some handjobs start a recall election.

Is there anything that could stop me from getting a card?

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Obama's Mess: Medical pot in Montana


"I might get 20 years in federal prison because Obama
  has a problem with the legal pot laws in



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The GOP's War on non-whites

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I Was Born in July/December Bart

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Today's Mystery Celebrity photo 


  Subject: last issue's Mystery Celebrity    Link

Bart, that's my most favorite actress ever, Joan Crawford. 
She was a real beauty.

  Marsha the Librarian

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Today's Wildlife Photo...     


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Subject: Oregon

Bart, you will love the summers. Be prepared for the constant grey, drizzle and rain.
I have lived here for 35 years and I have not gotten used to the terrible four months
of November,December,January and February.
You will love the fact that we only have one republicon Congressman and the state has
not had a Republicon Governor since the1980's. We have a bottle bill, medical marijuana
and a strong foodie mentality.The opportunity to recycle is second to none here as well.
You will pay more for a house here than Oklahoma.
Another plus for you is that SW Ailines has a strong presence.
Our Governor, John Kitzhaber(a Medical Doctor) will be accepting federal money for our
own Oregon Health Plan.

We are also proud to have chased both Bushes, Quayle and Cheney out of town when they have visited.
Overall, Portland is better than Tulsa and my hometown,Columbus,Ohio.
Good luck with your decision! By the way,here is a picture of myself holding
a Bartcop sign at an anti war rally here in PDX.

Steve, thanks for that.

Right now a ton of rain sounds great.

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Today's Mystery City


Subject: last issue's mystery city

  Last Issue's Mystery City 

Bart, that is Hohenwerfen Castle Austria.
is the closest big city.
 Mark with no last name

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Today's History Mystery


Subject: last issue's history mystery

Bart, Last Issue's History Mystery 

I that is Nikita Khruschev looking at the goods tastefully presented by Jackie Kennedy
Paris, 1961.  Rose Kennedy is in the background.
   Jim W.

  Jim got the Rose Kennedy bonus question.

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Beauty & Beast's  Kristin Kreuk


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