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WELCOME TO BARTCOP.COM A modem, a smart mouth and the truthNews and Commentary NOT Approved by Karl Rove, bcause vicious extremists can NOT be appeased.


Thurs-Friday,  August 2-3,  2012    Vol 2915 - Hold the pickles

"Eat  mor  chik-fil-a..."

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...

Arrow Romney must Lurch right
Arrow Detroit votes on Legal Pot
Romney Attacks Auto Bailout
Arrow Constant religious gay-bashing
Arrow Chick-fil-A hates those faggots
Arrow Romney Disses Dying Dude
Arrow Thornberry's  Lacey Chabert



"It's not that Romney struck out against a major league pitcher.  He struck out playing t-ball.
 This should have been easy and it wasn't for him, apparently."
   --   Colin Kahl, former Deputy Secretary of Defense on Williard's Gaffe-filled trip,      Link

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Romney must Lurch right
Demand recently-emboldened teabaggers
who also claim they're not Left or Right


The stunning Texas victory of Ted Cruz, a young Teabagger over Gov. Perry's candidate for a Senate seat,
has already so emboldened the 'bagger movement that activists are warning Romney to get on board.

"These 'baggers are going to force Romney to the right," said Andrea Shell, a bagger spokeswoman.
"That is our entire mission."

Cruz won the Texas Republican primary Tuesday night. In Texas, Democrats don't even f-ing bother.
This new bagger is the latest in a string of bagger candidates to tap into we-hate-niggers faction within
the Republican Party and overcome the steep odds and deep pockets of more sane candidates.

Riding a wave of recent successes in the House and now also the Senate,  bagger groups are eyeing
control of both chambers, a prospect, they say, would force Romney, were he to win "to move to the right."

Romney, you'd better listen to these crazy teabaggers.
For them, your being an "extreme conservative" is not conservative enough.

You have to be bat-shit "Bachmann-style" crazy to please these handjobs.

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Detroit votes on Legal Pot
August 7 is election day

The Michigan Supreme Court has cleared the way for Detroiters to vote on legal pot.
The initiative will be on the August 7 primary ballot. The initiative would legalize the
possession of an ounce of marijuana by adults by amending the city’s controlled substances
ordinance to say that it does not apply to small-time pot possession by adults.

Sanity is breaking out in several states, causing me to wonder
why we've accidentally imprisoned ourselves in Redneck Country.

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Subject: Romney, show us the long form

By now we have all heard Harry Reid's interview in which he intimated that Romney
paid zero taxes for 10 years and that is why Romney can't release his returns.

It does pose an interesting question if true. Setting aside the whole offshore bank accounts
and the alleged tax dodging; there is a far more personal aspect to this that would affect
Romney and could subject him to great humiliation.

Romney is a Mormon.

Mormons are required, not requested or suggested, to tithe 10% of their income
in order to stay in good graces with the church. Mormons are a very strict sect.
They are not as forgiving to backsliders as protestants or Catholics.

Add to that Romney is an elder in the church.

What do you think would happen to his standing in the Mormon church (and his family)
if it was discovered that he had been holding out his true income?

Even though what Harry Reid did was low class, I think it did what it was actually intended to do.
Proven or not, the rumor is now out there. It's Romney's "show us your birth certificate" moment.
 Steven B


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Don't miss this one...


 You attack Obama for saving Detroit, but then complain he didn't save more of it?
 YOU would have tet those 2,200 dealerships and all the other dealerships DIE.

  ...and don't you love the last line of Team Obama's reply?

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Marty has new stuff every day
on her fine, fine Entertainment Page

Marty's TV Listings are the best!

Marty always has good stuff.

Click on the E!

Chick-fil-A: Bring it on, Queers!
If attacking the values of half the country was good for business,
don't you think every major company would've done that by now?


The brand once associated mainly with chicken sandwiches is now in the political cauldron.

Yes, and that means HALF your customers could easily leave you.
You think Huckafuck's little campaign can save you?
Enjoy your little boomlet while it lasts.

Chick-fil-A issued a statement three days after Cathy’s comments: “Going forward, our intent is
to leave the policy debate over same-sex marriage to the government and political arena.”

No, it doesn't work that way.
You can't say "Fuck you faggots" and then say "I take it back" afterwards.

“We are one country divided by politics,” says marketing consultant Laura Ries.
“Coming out strongly on one side or the other is hitting the third rail of branding.”

A spokesman for Domino’s Pizza said: “We’re not a religious company.
We’re not a political company. We’re a pizza company.”

True - Chick-fil-A is no longer a company that sells chicken.
They are the "fuck you, faggot" political company about to go out of business.

I might drive by the Chick-fil-A drive-in window today and place a dozen sandwich order
with mustard on six of the sandwiches and extra-ketchup on the other six - and then drive away.

By the way, what fucking year is it?

Why are some trogs still hating God's gay children?
Did God make a mistake when he created those awful gays, Dan?

"Hi, I'm Dan Cathy, President of Chick-fil-A.
  I hate faggots and you should, too. If my kid turned faggot,
  I'd kick her dyke lesbo ass to the curb, just like Jesus wants."

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 Hey asshole, NOBODY is asking you to "promote" any fucking thing.
 We're just asking you to tear down your Wall of Hate.

 If the Scouts didn't allow Blacks, you'd be OK with that too, I'll bet.
 And if they don't allow gays, how is calling that "an anti-gay policy" off base?
 Thank Koresh assholes like you are dying faster than you can reproduce.

 Protect the boys first?
 You assume gays are more likely to molest your kid than straights - not true.
 Medical science says a hetero is more likely to drag your kid into the bushes.

 YOU are putting your kid at greater risk by hiring heteros ONLY to play with your kid,
 but you say we shouldn't focus on that issue?   I'm glad you're not my Dad.

 The Boy Scouts didn't make this an issue?

 When a gay tries to sign up, they tell him "Gays need not apply,"
 How is that not making homosexuality an issue?

 One other thing - those assholes at Chick-fil-A?
 They're made their gay hatred into a Free Speech issue.

 Hey guys, who said you weren't allowed to be vicious gay-haters?

 Nobody, that's who, but since all you have is hate, you had to INVENT an issue
 to rally around so you decided to fabricate this Free Speech horseshit.

 Wait, let me guess:
 The people who won't allow you scream slurs at gays
 are the same people who prevent you from praying, am I right?

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"Col Sanders" slams gay-hating Chick fil A

Romney's Insult-the-World tour

Remember when Obama went to Europe in 2008?

It turned out a little different than Romney's recent diplomatic disaster.

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Subject: Portland


My husband and I moved from Chicago to PDX in 2004 and lived there for 3 years until
a job opportunity brought us back to Chicago.  We have regretted leaving Portland ever since.

I even miss the grey, drab October to May rainy period. Summer and early Fall are big payoff though.
I think that's why there are so many microbreweries! George H. W. Bush's staff dubbed Portland  "Little Beirut"  

Like any place else, you have your right-wing douche bags, but they are mostly outside of PDX.
You have beaches, mountains, desert, forests the whole package. We are saving up to return someday.
Take a long weekend - I'll bet you can even get a direct flight on Southwest to check it out.
Best of luck to you and Mrs. Bart.

We plan on doing that.  We'll have a realtor show us some homes, too.

I guess we should wait until the dreary rainy season to check things out.
"Dreary rainy season" sounds great when it's 113 and the lakes have dried up.

Subject: Portland

Hi Bart~ I think Portland would be a great fit for you and the Ms.

Although I live two hours north, near Seattle, there are many similarities between the two Pacific cities.
Great farmers markets, great restrauants, beautiful mountains and near proximity to the ocean.

The weather is mild....cloudy and drizzly during the winter and spectacular spring, summer and fall (usually)
Personally, I like the clouds, its easy on the eyes and the drizzle keeps everything green.
We had a friend visit from Tejas once, and she could not believe how green it was here.

You asked about insurance;  In Seattle we have Group Health (non-profit) and in OR
there is Providence (non-profit). Or whatever you get from your employer. What does Ms. Bart do?

Mrs Bart writes then types real estate contracts.
They have real estate in Portland, right?

Portland has a great Metro light Rail....called MAX, I'm sure you could google portland max
and check it out. I used to get from my suburban girlfriends house in Troutdale straight to downtown.

Also, in Oregon there is NO sales tax. I'm sure they have other taxes, though. Living in Seattle,
I just made it a day trip to go have dinner in portland and buy my big screen at an area costco.
Saving the tax paid for the dinner.

Your fans here in the Pacific Northwest are eagerly awaiting your decision.

I can't stay in this (literal) hellhole another summer.

Maybe we should move to Colorado Springs...

They're getting 81 degrees and thunderstorms?

 I'm so old, I remember when Oklahoma had rain...

This is usually one of the busiest stores in town, with not enough parking,
but when it's 113, people stay inside so the place was deserted.

Yes, it's 113 f-ing degrees in the city where Jim Inhofe lives.

"It summer - what did you expect?" says Inhofe.

Well Jim, I didn't expect to see new heat records set every day/week/summer/year.

If this keeps up, f-ing Portland will be in tripple digits in twenty years.

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What is today's Mystery Car?

Subject: Last issue's Mystery Car   Link

Bart, this is a 1937 Rolls-Royce Phantom III V12, 
with a recently built custom body by Classic Auto Rebuilding Service.

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The Republicans and the oil companies are killing us.
Please don't let the bastards get away with it.

Romney Disses Dying Medical Marijuana Patient


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"I’m frustrated by how much we — the Republican Party — are willing
  to give deferential treatment to our extremes in this moment in history,”
   --   Retiring Rep. Richard Hanna,      Link

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Shopping for a State

Better question, how likely is Oregon to continue to have sane pot laws?
I don't need to settle in and then have some handjobs start a recall election.

Is there anything that could stop me from getting a card?

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Beautiful Nature Picture

Obama's Mess: Medical pot in Montana


"I might get 20 years in federal prison because Obama
  has a problem with the legal pot laws in



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Today's Mystery Celebrity photo 


  Subject: last issue's Mystery Celebrity    Link

Bart, that is Katy Perry at a rooftop pool in Miami Beach, Fla. on July 27, 2012.

More Katy pool pics -

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Today's Wildlife Photo...     


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“Half of the American people have never read a newspaper.
  Half never voted for president. One hopes it is the same half.”

  -- Gore Vidal

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Today's Mystery City


Today's Mystery City is a tough one...

Subject: last issue's mystery city

  Last Issue's Mystery City 

Hi Bart,
My first reaction was St. Louis – but then I wondered why
St. Louis would have the London Eye in the background???

The riverboat most have got lost from the Mississippi to the Thames…

In the right background are the Tate Modern Gallery (used to be an Assyrian-style
power station) and the IPC building, where I once worked on the 27th floor.

I think the building to the lower left of these is the Daily Telegraph building,
purveyor or right-wing B.S. Oh, and the bridge is London Bridge.

There’s a rail station to the left of it; every morning hoards of commuters
stomp across it to their  banking jobs in ‘the City’…

This place is twice as crowded with the Olympics going on!
Keep swinging away,
  Marty in London

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Astrocat Bonus

Don't Look Down

Today's History Mystery


We don't have a History Mystery today.
I ran out of ideas at posting time.

You know what would really help?
If everyone reading this could send in one history mystery photo, one city mystery photo,
one celebrity mystery, one mystery car, a nature picture, a wildlife pictures, a don't look down,
I could save an hour or two every day.

If you see a great photo, grab it and put it in your "bart" folder and when you get a handful,
please send them in ONE e-mail.   You can send the photos or the links to the photos,

It would really help a lot.

Subject: last issue's history mystery

Bart, Last Issue's History Mystery 

That is Gary Cooper showing Frank Sinatra just how it's done for Frank's 1956 movie "Johnny Concho."
   John from Charlotte

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Subject: donation

Bart I see you are thinking about moving. Come to Detroit!
Houses are cheap in and around the city and its easy to find affordable waterfront.
 Robert in Dearborn

Robert, all options are open.
Thanks for that.

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Humor can get us thru the worst of times so we will keep on.  
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Thornberry's  Lacey Chabert


Check out  over 100 sexy and tasteful photos of Lacey Chabert 
in  BC Hotties

  Thanks to Blue in Seattle for helping me corral the hotties.

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Marty always has good stuff.

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