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Weekend-Monday,  August 4-6,  2012    Vol 2916 - Air Maroney

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...

Arrow The Coming Romney Implosion
Arrow Kansas City Priest Pleads Guilty
Theater victims'  health costs
Arrow Musclehead's new Tink Tank
Arrow Chick-fil-A Vandalized
Arrow Jermaine regrets Failed Coup
Arrow Fashion Guru  Lauren Conrad



"I call it hater appreciation day. It's very, very depressing."
   --   a gay Chick-fil-A employee, Andrew, no last name so he can keep his job,      Link

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The Coming Romney Implosion
and the power of leverage in campaigns


Not long ago, Rachel Maddow had Harvey Weinstein on her show. Rachel asked him why
wealthy Hollywood types were not giving more to Obama's campaign, as compared to the
Koch brothers on the right. Weinstein stated he and others of his ilk didn't believe panic was
warranted, that as long as Obama was ahead in the polls there was nothing to worry about.
If Obama were to fall behind, Harvey said they would contribute more to his coffers. Simple as that.

At the time when I first heard this, it all sounded a bit too disturbingly cavalier and dangerous.
However, I do get it. What Harvey was conveying was not just confidence in Obama, but more
so confidence in the belief that Romney is a greatly flawed and inferior candidate. Weinstein said
to Rachel, "you can spend all the money in the world, if you’ve got a bad product, it doesn’t matter.”

And here we are weeks later and Romney is proving Harvey right as Mitt was incapable of successfully
pulling off a simple overseas trip, instead making gaffe after gaffe and appearing to be in way over his head.

People don't like
Repugnants don't even like him, but he stank less than the turds he ran against.

Pundits talk about  "tomorrow's GOP stars" because today's stars suck donkey.

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Kansas City Priest Pleads Guilty
He was producing kiddie porn - what else?

"I like rape ...and I like filming rapes..."

You don't need the details because it's the same story, over and over.

Jerry Sandusky rapes a dozen kids and the uproar (rightfully) was heard around the world.

The Catholics have been running a professional, worldwide organized rape club for decades
or centuries and they get a pass from prosecutors "because they are holy men."

I was never attacked by any Catholic priests.
You can tell because my childhood church is still standing.

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Porn Stars for Willard

"When You're Rich, You Want A Republican In Office'
   --   Porn Queen Jenna Jameson, endorsing Richie Rich for President      Link

"Romney is a good man and such an amazing father."
   --   Porn Kingr Ron Jeremy, endorsing Richie Rich for President      Link

 I guess if anyone would know a good father it'd be Ron Jeremy.

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Theater victims'  health costs
You're not only shot, you're penniless, too


The night Ashley Moser was shot in the movie theater, she lost her daughter,
use of much of her body and her financial future.
Like many victims, Moser, whose daughter was killed in the shooting and who
suffered a miscarriage from her injuries, will face mental and physical trauma that
will lead to a lifetime of medical costs. Her family and others will have to sort
through dozens of victim funds and find their way through a maze of medical bills.
"It is going to cost a small fortune," said Moser's aunt. "She can't work anymore."
Caring for a gunshot victim for four to seven days can cost up to $56,000.
Follow-up care at an inpatient rehabilitation facility can cost as much as $240,000 a year.

Seeing a psychiatrist can cost $400 an hour, and medications can average $100 a month
even with the best co-pays and deductibles, he said.

So if Obama wins in November, Ashley Moser's costs will be taken care of.

If Romney wins, she'll get a voucher for 20% off her health care billls, meaning she'll only
have to pay $47,000 for the hospital costs, and $196,000 per year for rehab expenses,
and a mere $320 an hour for psychiatric help - so vote for Romney!

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Marty has new stuff every day
on her fine, fine Entertainment Page

Marty's TV Listings are the best!

Marty always has good stuff.

Click on the E!

Chick-fil-A Vandalized - by Repugnants?
It's pure Karl Rove - do the crime and have FOX blame the Left


Many conservatives blamed liberals, saying that their calls for tolerance ring hollow in the face of hateful graffiti.
"Liberals HATE getting beat at their own game so they stoop to vandalism & hypocrisy
 by spray painting Chick-Fil-A at night," tweeted one conservative blogger.

This reminds me of all the "damage" the Clintons did to the White House and Air Force One
as they were leaving office.

Too bad there were no cameras in Washington DC on Inauguration Day to record "all the damage."

Of course, FOX and talk radio immediately promoted those lies to "cold hard facts,"
and the laziest of media whores, CNN, went along for the joyride.

Yep, this smells to me like Karl Rove's work.

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Subject: Romney's income taxes

Dear Bart:

The thing that will crack Romney wide open:
Ask him directly in a news conference exactly how he has an income at that level,
and to explain how on Schedule D, capital gains tax computation schedule, his "carried interest",
the payments he still gets, how that qualifies for the capital gains rate. 

The amount he saves is about $5 million a year! 
He should be paying 8 million, and he only pays 3 million!

It's as plain as day to me.  His 16 million a year from Bain Capital should be very pertinent,
since he is still receiving so many millions of dollars each year.  Explain that, Mr. Romney!

If you'd care to disclose your tax returns now we could all understand it, couldn't we?
Please show us page 2 of Schedule D and attachments for the last 10 years, please Sir!

Whatever he's hiding, he scared to death that it might eventually slip out.
If it was only semi-damaging, he would've released them a long time ago.

BTW, did you see Jon Stewart attack Harry Reid over this? he worked for FOX News, calling Reid a very, very despicable person.

Hey Jon, why can't you stay on our side?
Are you trying to be "fair" so the Repugnants will do your show?

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"How do I pull off such grace and athleticism while looking so good?  Maybe it's because
  the Romneys spend $77,000 a year on my upkeep, and after Mitt Romney repeals healthcare
  and ships your job overseas, I daresay your life will not be nearly as pampered as mine.
  After all, you're not one of his horses."
   --   Rafalca, Romney's prancing horse in an Obama campaign ad,      Link

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Musclehead's new Tink Tank


Former bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger and Southern Cal announced they are partnering to create a policy "tink" tank.

The USC Schwarzenegger Institute will be funded with a Schwarzenegger commitment of $20 million,
which will include a personal donation as well as money from fundraising.

"We are going to study two tings - da tiddys and da dope."

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If the Humane Socity is really only giving back one percent,
If they are using our love of animals to steal money from us,
I say we run the bastards out of business.

Before we do that,
anyone know if the 1% charges are true?

Jermaine regrets Family Feud


Jermaine Jackson has called for an end to the public feud that has embroiled his family,
saying issues over the care of his mother and Michael's estate should be handled privately.

Yeah, that would've been the best option from Day One, Jermaine
Who in the world thought a public feud was a good idea?
Who decided kidnapping your mother was a good idea?

Jermaine wrote in a statement that he regrets the public turmoil that resulted from his mother
Katherine's 10-day "trip" to an Arizona spa.

So why did you kidnap your mother in the first place?
Who thought it was a good idea to separate her from her legal and family duties?
Who is the "brains" running your team, Jermaine?

The trip sparked a missing persons report and a videotaped driveway confrontation between
phone-snatching Janet and Michael's daughter at Mrs Jackson's home before a judge stripped her
of guardianship duties regarding Michael's three children.

Had she not been kidnapped, Katherine would never have lost custody of Michael's children.

"Mistakes have been made and irrational things have been said on both sides in a highly charged
emotional environment," Jermaine Jackson wrote. "It is time for us all to draw a line in the sand
and move towards peace, co-operation, love and healing."

Or, that could've been your position all along - again - who's the idiot in charge here?

The family is still raw from the death of the pop superstar three years ago, Jackson wrote,
and his mother has endured incredible stress and pressures since then.

...and kidnapping her was supposed to reduce your mother's stress?

He said he remains concerned about his brother's estate but is dropping support for a letter leaked
two weeks ago that called on executors of the estate to resign. Jermaine said his statement was prompted
after his son asked if he could no longer visit Mrs Jackson at her suburban Calabasas home.

"After much soul-searching, it is clearly time for us to live by Michael's words about love not war," Jackson wrote.

Yeah, which is what most families would've done from the start.
Having lost the public PR battle, surrender is your best option at this point.

Sidebar: Howard Stern theorized that the only reason Janet joined their little kidnapping raid
is because she was afraid the boys would go after her money if they failed to steal Michael's.

Maybe it's time the Jackson boys got jobs and left Michael's money to his kids.

...and a shot of Chinaco Anejo to the very brave Paris Jackson for saying
what needed to be said and doing what needed to be done.

This Just In...

Katherine was tricked into going to Arizona?
I think the FBI should investigate that, since she was taken across state lines.

And they took her phone and iPad to isolate her from the world?

That sounds like kidnapping to me, but I guess I can understand Katherine
not wanting to charge her money-grubbing children with kidnapping her.

Meanwhile back in LA, phone snatching Janet was trying to silence Paris Jackson?

Katherine is lucky to have powerhouse litigator Perry Sanders Jr on her side.

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Sarah Palin Nude


Subject: content

For two days now there has been no content on your website.
Please advise.

Joe, it's been so hot here in K-Drag, plus we've had all those wildfires,

...I gave the entire staff the weekend off.

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What is today's Mystery Car?

Subject: Last issue's Mystery Car   Link

Bart, the hubby says it’s a 62 or 64 Mercedes gull wing, is he right???
He wants to know if he got the year right, I just want the car, HA!
 Denise the hippie chick.

Denise, it was labeled a 1955 Gull Wing

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NBC: We're hopelessly stupid
Can't they do anything right?


NBC has gotten a whole lot of attention this week, and unfortunately for them, most of it has been negative.
The entire country has been riveted to the television every weeknight, taking in all the joy and heartbreak the
U.S. Olympic teams have endured, but it’s been difficult – to say the least – to avoid spoilers during the day,
because the games are on a 5-hour tape delay and it's not 1970 - it's the day of the Internet. That’s why, when
we all got a spoiler from the network themselves, it caused a huge backlash among Olympics fans.

The spoiler in question came moments before swimmer Missy Franklin’s 100-meter gold medal win last Monday
and showed the athlete celebrating with her parents for the first time since taking the prize, with a narrator saying,
“When you’re 17 and win your first gold medal, there’s nobody you’d rather share it with.”


NBC has released an apology.
“Clearly that promo should not have aired at that time,” read the statement.

Gee, ya think?
Isn't there anyone at NBC with a brain?

I'm not really following the Olympics, mostly because you can never tell what's on.

Too bad NBC can't afford a web site to tell us what's coming on and when.

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Are Boy Scouts Catholic?
125 times, predators raped AGAIN


Internal documents from the Boy Scouts of America reveal more than 125 cases
in which men suspected of molestation allegedly continued to abuse Scouts,
despite a blacklist meant to protect boys from sexual predators.

A Los Angeles Times review ( of more than 1,200 files from
1970 to 1991 found suspected abusers regularly remained in the organization after
officials were first presented with sexual misconduct allegations.

Predators moved from troop to troop because of clerical errors, computer glitches
or the Scouts' failure to check the "perversion files," the newspaper said.

No, predators move from troop to troop because that's what predators do.

Why do people continue to tolerate this kind of abuse?

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In Stillwater, OK temps got to 115 Friday.

Sunday's high was a mere 95 - it felt like a damn Fall morning.
I cooked burgers outside, it was so cool.

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Obama's Mess: Medical pot in Montana


"I might get 20 years in federal prison because Obama
  has a problem with the legal pot laws in



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Subject: Chick-fil-A and faggots


People who are panicked about homosexuals should simply come out
of the homosexual closet they are stuck in. It’s that simple.
They are upset and embarrassed at being gay.
   Marton in Europe

I have a question for those who insist this is a free speech issue.

What if Dan Cathy had said, "I believe in traditional restaurant seating,
meaning I don't think my white customers want to put up with a bunch
of uppity niggers
smacking their gums on my chicken."

Would that sound hateful to right-wingers?

Or would you continue to insist this is a free speech issue?

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The GOP's War on non-whites

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I Was Born in July/December Bart

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Today's Mystery Celebrity photo 


  Subject: last issue's Mystery Celebrity    Link

Bart, that is Hedy Lamarr, Actress and Physicist,
She was the original beauty with brains,

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Today's Wildlife Photo...     


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Subject: Oregon

Dear Bart,
From a long-time reader who cares deeply about your future mental and physical well-being,
let me join the chorus of admirers who say...
Come out to the West Coast finally, be among your own kind who respect and admire you,
and you will have a much better quality of life!

You will love Portland, Oregon- and I can pretty much guarantee they will love you back!

I'm ready to go today because my job stays the same.
She likes her job and her friends there - but that is subject to change.

For all we know, the boss she likes could quit tomorrow.
Our health insurance is also tied to her job but maybe Oregon can help with that.

I think we'll ride out this summer and check out Oregon in the Fall.
I looked at houses there (on the net) and they're all made of wood.

In Oklahoma, we have brick and rock homes - can we get that there?

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Today's Mystery City



Subject: last issue's mystery city

  Last Issue's Mystery City 

Hi Bart, the picture is of Panang Island, Malaysia just south of Georgetown. 
It looks like the picture was taken from the Continental Hotel. 
The bridge goes from the Island to the Malaysian mainland.
  J Palmer

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Today's History Mystery


You know what would really help?
If everyone reading this could send in one History Mystery photo.

Subject: last issue's history mystery

Bart, Last Issue's History Mystery 

That is Gary Cooper showing Frank Sinatra just how it's done for Frank's 1956 movie "Johnny Concho."
   John from Charlotte

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Subject: donation

Thanks to Pauline D, the best school teacher in Hayward, CA.

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