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Tuesday,  August 7,  2012    Vol 2917 - Lawn chaired

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...

Arrow Obama Fundraising Deficit - why?
Arrow Religion Destroyed my Party
Let's Bomb Syria
Arrow Washington Press?  Cabin boys...
Arrow No Palin at Nazi-Con 2012? 
Arrow Pink Panty "Carnival barker"
Arrow America Teen's Mackenzie Rosman



"Bristol's pregnancy wasn't unexpected. She and Levi planned it.
  They were trying to conceive a child for months."
   --   Levi's sister, in an interview,      Link

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Obama Fundraising Deficit - why?
Maybe it's because he's doing so well in the polls


Obama hits the magic 50 percent mark against Willard among likely voters in Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania,
with wide support for his plan to hike federal income taxes on upper-income voters, according to a new poll.

Florida: Obama edges Romney 51- 45 percent;
Ohio: Obama over Romney by a slim 50 – 44 percent;
Pennsylvania: Obama tops Romney 53 – 42 percent.

Support for Obama’s proposal to increase taxes on the super-rich is 58 – 37 percent in Florida,
60 – 37 percent in Ohio and 62 – 34 percent in Pennsylvania.

Damn, look at those numbers.

That "Nobody has ever won with unemployment above 48 percent" crap is just that - crap.
Willards plan to make the super-rich even richer is failing by 21 points in Florida,
23 points in Ohaio and 28 points in Pennsylvania.

The dog refuses to eat the brand of dog food Willard is selling.

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No, we can't "have neat things" because the super-rich stopped paying taxes.
When Kennedy announced his Moon mission,
the marginal federal tax rate was 91 percent
and America led the world in EVERYTHING.

Today, super-rich assholes like Romney pay 13 percent
and it's easy to see why America went bankrupt.

If Obama stays on that message he'll win handily.

Religion Destroyed my Party
A Republican looks at what went wrong

If the American people poll more like Nigerians than Canadians on questions of evolution,
scriptural inerrancy, the presence of angels and demons, and so forth, it is due to the rise of
the religious right and the consequent normalizing of formerly reactionary beliefs.

All around us now is a prevailing anti-intellectualism and hostility to science.
Politicized religion is the sheet anchor of the dreary forty-year-old culture wars.

The Constitution notwithstanding, there is now a de facto religious test for the presidency:
Half a century after JFK, the Republican Party has reignited the kinds of seventeenth-century
religious controversies that advanced democracies are supposed to have outgrown.

Put another way, a sane republican can no longer win a primary.
You have to be bat-shit Bachmann crazy to have a chance in tioday's GOP

Or is this all a trick to sacrifice Romney to pave the way for Jeb in 2016?

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Syria's PM flees 'terrorist regime'
Sure, now that he's about to fall...


Syria's prime minister defected Monday, becoming the latest among high-profile politicians
and rats to leave the sinking desert ship of Bashar al-Assad.

"I announce today my defection from the killing and terrorist regime and I announce that I have
joined the ranks of the freedom and dignity revolution. I announce that I am from today a soldier
in this blessed revolution," Riyad Hijab said in a written statement read on Al Jazeera.

Analysts described Hijab's departure as a significant symbolic blow for al-Assad's government
but noted that the former prime minister had been on the job for only a few months.

So why does Bashar continue to put chips in a pot where he's drawing dead?

It seems his choices are to stick around a few more weeks and kill a few more
hundreds or thousands of innocent people only ro get slaughtered himself...


he could take his billions and flee to a continuing lifetime of luxury - but they tend to stay.


Gadaffy and Saddam and Russert are in Hell playing Gin, but they need one more player.

Does Bashar play Gin?

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Subject: Romney's porn stars

Hi -
The Jenna Jameson loves Willard story was written by a lazy editor who swiped the Hedgehog's
quote from a previous item.  Unfortunately, the lazy editor also took Ron's quote out of context. 
From the original story: 
Mitt Romney had better ditch that trip to Poland and head back to the United States posthaste to
shore up his teetering adult film star base. He just lost Ron Jeremy's endorsement, and with it the
support of millions of Americans who turn to the porn legend for political guidance.

Jeremy told the Boston Herald this week that he will be casting his vote Obama.

Despite his decision to back Obama, Jeremy said nice things about Romney, calling him a "good man."

Ron Jeremy

BartCop Entertainment Archives - Tuesday, 31 July, 2012

Guess "A" in AP stands for 'Approximately'...

Marty, you're the best!


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Washington Press?  Cabin boys...


The weather here in Washington this week was hot and humid. That's on background, of course.
Do not quote me. You can use the information only if you attribute to "a beltway source who could
not be named because he is not authorised to speak about meteorology".
Here's what you can quote me on: such ridiculous, pusillanimous, deceitful attributions are a standard tool
of the Washington press corps, which as a group is too caught up in its own self-importance and petty
competition to understand it has become the cabin boy of the political class. In the name of supposedly
informing the audience, Washington reporters are co-conspirators in an ongoing fraud.
These are not whistleblowers being protected, or even insiders going out on a limb. The epidemic of blind
quotes [when interviewees don't want to say anything on the record] is a standard way of giving a platform
to officials speaking in an official capacity, yet with zero accountability. The practice is also supremely
manipulative, giving the most banal information the allure of forbidden fruit.
At its worst, the game can allow Cheney to leak phony intelligence to the New York Times and later
refer back to the leak as independent journalistic confirmation, leading to invasion and hundreds of
thousands of deaths and a trillion dollars in squandered treasure.
On the plus side, the Times scooped everyone.

If you saw Jon Stewart last night, he quoted Judith Miller, of all the people in the world,
saying "these leaks are damaging to America."

Have they no sense of irony?

Why not get a different idiot, like John Fund, to claim leaks are bad?

"Hi, I'm John Fund.
  I beat women - got any?"

Why go to the 5000-dead-soldiers Queen of All Leaks Lady?

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Marty has new stuff every day
on her fine, fine Entertainment Page

Marty's TV Listings are the best!

"I can't f-ing act!!    ...not a f-ing lick!!!"

Marty always has good stuff.

Click on the E!

No Palin at Nazi-Con 2012?
Bagger Queen is conspicuously absent from
a list of featured GOP convention speakers

                      "Young boys seem to like me..."


This morning brings another wave of Fascist convention speaker announcements – and still no mention
of a few of the party’s biggest names.  If there’s a true odd one out here, it may just be Sarah Palin.

She won’t be delivering the keynote nor is she on Romney’s V.P. short-list, so there’s no obvious reason
to hold back on announcing it now if Republicans plan to include her in their primetime lineup.

Asked about the Palin issue last night, RNC Chairman Reince Priebus (R-Fabulous) told Greta Van Sustern
that “I think a lot of her and hope she does speak,” a statement that can be taken a couple of ways.

Well sure - you can "hope" all day that she'll speak, but if she's not scheduled...

They should get the whole f-ing gang back - Bush & Cheney and Gramps and the bagger Queen,
unless you're hoping America will forget how you bastards bankrupted a Clinton-surplus America.

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Let's Bomb Syria
by McCain, Kissyface and Graham


When John McCain, Lindsey Graham and Joe Lieberman join forces, you can be sure of one thing:
It will involve state-sponsored violence. Today, they want us to arm Syrian rebels. Though, you know,
what they really wanted to call for was actually bombing the hell out of Syria, until there is freedom.
They’re just taking it slow.

The Senate’s three most predictable and least credible warmongering “moderates” frequently join forces
to publish joint Op-Eds or hold press conferences and the one thing they always, invariably want is for
the United States to have just a little bit more war than it currently has, somewhere far away.

I have an idea: Let's not start another war.
Instead, let's get in a time machine and go back to when Assad was just starting to attack
his innocent countrymen and tell him that anything that flies in Syria will have a noisy landing.

Since we failed to do that. Assad has flying machine guns taking out apartment buildings.

It's not too late to take that step now - except for those who died since then.

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Subject: Romney should release birth certificate

Since Romney continues to refuse to release his tax returns
maybe he should at least release his birth certificate.

Obama released his birth certificate.
Maybe if Romney released his birth certificate he would at least be releasing something.

We don't know anything about Romney except that he wants to cut taxes for rich people.
 Marc Perkel

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"Bart, I want you to feel the Oklahoma fire. You could have warned
 about the Frack but chose to believe in 200 years of energy..."
Bart's often-sane friend Russell at ecosutra, , in a Tweet      

 I did what?
 I should burn because I chose to believe what?

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Pink Panty "Carnival barker"



The man who proudly
calls himself America's Pink Panty Sheriff is the subject of a new article
in "Rolling Stone," and it's no "puff piece."
Intended to introduce readers to "America's meanest and most corrupt politician," the feature includes
around an interview and a tour of Pink Panty's jail, which is going into its 20th year of operation.
Early in the piece, writer Joe Hagan described Arpaio as "an unabashed carnival barker," saying
"his antics might be amusing if he weren't also notorious for being not just the toughest but the
most corrupt and abusive sheriff in America."
On Friday's "Good Morning! Arizona" Hagan told Kaley O'Kelley about his experience with Arpaio.
O'Kelley asked about what she referred to as "jabs" at the sheriff, including descriptions of him as
a "delighted gnome" and " short and portly, with a bulb nose and cauliflower ears."
"Do you think it's polite?" O'Kelley asked. "And I'm not asking you to be polite, but…."
"I don't get paid to be polite," Hagan quickly responded.
"I get paid to report what I see."

Damn, old-time reporting - I thought it was dead.

Funny, you can't trust Rolling SAtone when it comes to music: (N-Sync is the best "band" in America?)
but their political reporting is generally first-rate, unless Matt Tiabbi is raging against Hillary Clinton.

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If the Humane Socity is really only giving back one percent,
If they are using our love of animals to steal money from us,
I say we run the bastards out of business.

Before we do that,
anyone know if the 1% charges are true?

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generate more income,
get rich like that pig Romney
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What is today's Mystery Car?

Subject: Last issue's Mystery Car   Link

Bart, it’s a 1954 Oldsmobile Convertible 

Paul, pretty close.
That's a 1955 Olds Super 88.

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ha ha

Poor Jonah Goldberg.
His candidate is a walking gaffe-a-matic - what else can he say?

"Some gaffes are real, many are imagined."

ha ha

Yer boy's getting rolled, Jonah

Hotel replaced Bibles with 'Fifty Shades'
Who reads the Bible in a hotel, anyway?


The owner of a hotel in Britain said he replaced the room Bibles with copies of "Fifty Shades of Grey"
to reflect the modern secular society.
Jonathan Denby, owner of the Damson Dene Hotel said he decided to replace the Bibles with the
erotic novel because he decided the Bibles were "wholly inappropriate" for bedrooms in a secular society.
"I was thinking of putting in Ayn Rand's 'Atlas Shrugged,'" Denby said. "But because everybody is reading
'Fifty Shades of Grey,' we thought it would be a hospitable thing to do, to have this available for our guests,
especially if some of them were a little bit shy about buying it because of its reputation."

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CNN's Erin Burnett is a Wall Street analyst.

Why is she in Wisconsin interviewing shooting victims?

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Medical pot Mess n Montana


"I might get 20 years in federal prison because "the Feds"
  have a problem with the legal pot laws in



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Subject: Harry Reid

I like what Harry Reid is doing.
We are always complaining when Dems don't show any balls well that's what he is doing now.

I couldn't believe when Jon Stewart talked about that he should be ashamed.
I think Mitt should be ashamed, hes laughing in our face. Love you Bart

I also like what Harry Reid is doing.
Apparently, Stephanie Miller agrees that Jon's wrong this time.  (9:45 today, Sirius radio)

1. Reid didn't say he had a "secret list of Commies," as Jon Stewart would have you believe.
    Reid said he was told by a Bain insider that Romney didn't pay taxes for ten years.
    IF that story is true, should Reid help Romney and keep quiet about his crimes?

2. Tactically, it's a great move.  Every day the GOP spends screaming "dirty liar" at Reid
    is a day they're NOT talking about the millions of people who can't find a decent job.
3. It would be nice if Obama had a little more help from his team.

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The GOP's War on non-whites

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I Was Born in July/December Bart

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Today's Mystery Celebrity photo 


 Can you tell who this is?

  Subject: last issue's Mystery Celebrity    Link

Nobody got yesterday's Mystery Celebrity.
It was Rihanna, but you didn't recognize her because Chris Brown
beat her so badly her face was swollen beyond all recognition.

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Today's Wildlife Photo...     


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Subject: Oregon

Bart, you can probably find homes made of brick & stone, but Portland is earthquake country:
wood is more elastic & less crumbly in a quake. Besides, trees are a big resource.
Let me echo the people advising you to get out of that hellhole you're in asap!  But, be advised that
Portland is very, very gray & dismal in the Winter--seriously gloomy. On the plus side, the coast is
amazing even in dreary weather, and is close enough for frequent trips. And, all that rainy drizzle
makes for lots of green in Spring/Summer.
Portland and the Willamette Valley grow the best berries: strawberries, raspberries, marion berries,
logan berries, etc. Then there are the apple orchards (if you find Gravenstein's anywhere, they make
the best pies and applesauce)...yum!
Hubby grew up there, and I lived there several years until the Winter gray got me down.
We both miss the berries, the roses and rhododendrons and the coast, and your quest is making us a bit homesick.
 Deb in SW Montana, where the sun shines all through the dead of Winter
  (all 9 months of it--hey, it's a tradeoff and the job's here)

Deb, thanks for that.

  Send e-mail to Bart

Today's Mystery City



Subject: last issue's mystery city    

Bart, that is the Golden Gate Bridge.
Whoever took that picture was standing on the Marin County side of the bridge.

The city that you "can't" see in the background would be San Francisco.

It was a nice photograph

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Curiosity floating towards a landing on Mars.

Today's History Mystery


You know what would really help?
If everyone reading this could send in one History Mystery photo.
It would really help a lot

Subject: last issue's history mystery    Link 

That is  a very young William Jefferson Clinton modeling cowboy duds.

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Subject: donation

I got a self-addressed envelope from Trista in West Hollywood
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America Teenager's Mackenzie Rosman


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