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Debate Wednesday,  Oct 3,  2012    Vol 2948 - Roses and angel tears

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...

Arrow O leads in swing states - why?
Mitt didn't build shit
Who won Brown/Warren debate?
Arrow Afghanistan - Let's take their women
Arrow MSNBC's 'expert' political reporters
Arrow Michelle Beats Ann in Bake-Off
Arrow Oscar winner - Natalie Portman


  Pure Costumes for Halloween


“In debate, @mittromney should ask Obama why autobiography
  states "born in Kenya, raised in Indonesia."
       --  Trump the Moron


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Repugs love lying to themselves - and that's a serious fault.
Repugs will tell you that Bush, McCain and Romney are every bit
as smart as Obama, Bill and Hillary - but it's not true.

Science-denying, Jesus-rode-to-church-on-Dinosaurs Troglodytes
can't compete with our best - not even close. Your guys are f-ing morons
and until you nominate a sane Republican, our streak will continue - forever.

Go ahead - pretend Obama winning was some weird fluke of luck.
That makes winning 2016 and 2020 easier for the smart people.

The biggest difference - if we list the facts, we win.
You have to get America to buy the lie to win.
Good luck with that.

Obama leads in swing states - why?


Combined with his continued support among young people, minorities, and college-educated
women, these advances among blue-collar women have been enough to propel Obama to the
lead over Thurston in the most recent public surveys in all 11 states.

A Republican strategist familiar with the Romney campaign’s thinking agreed that Obama’s
improving position among these economically strained, often culturally conservative women
has keyed his rise in most battleground states. “The sheer weight of their advertising, and the
shows they targeted that advertising on, it is aimed at lower-income, white, working women,”
the GOP strategist said. “They are being pounded with this stuff.”

Hey, blow me - Romney has more money than Obama so we're all so sorry Thurston hasn't
figured out how to spend it as wisely. Maybe that's another reason to vote Democrat:
We've always had to work hard to make shit work where Thurston always just wrote a check.

The powerful new Obama ad that airs the audio of Romney’s hidden-camera “47 percent” remarks,
for instance, features three different images of working-class women, each of whom are shown
without men present. The spectral opening image shows a vulnerable-looking woman surrounded
by two children on a barren dirt road. The strong implication is that without the government support
Romney is denouncing in the voiceover, the family might be bereft.

Might be bereft?

Those Democrats - always acting like they're entitled to food...

  Send e-mail to Bart 

 Subject: Let's take all their women?

I like your idea but I don't think we can just TAKE Afghanistan's women. 
Isn't that genocide?  I think it'd have to be voluntary. 

So if 3/4 of Afghan women want to come to the U.S. when or before
the Taliban take over, I say free greencards for them :) :) :)
 Chris in Ohio

Chris, yes, that was poorly written.

I meant, we should treat them as battered women, that is,
give them the means to escape their nose-cutting husbands.

I just saw a story from Tunisia where a gang of cops raped a women,
then they arrested her for indecency.  If some Muslim women WANT
to live that way, then we can't save them but we can offer the sane ones
a ride into the future where there's no chance they'll be disfigured.

Thanks to "God's love," these poor women were born in a 16th century cave.
We can bring them 500 years into the future and protect them.

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“DrudgeExclusives - President Obama fathered two black children"
       --  LOLGOP

“DrudgeExclusives - Obama stole a white man's health care plan!!!!"
       --  LOLGOP

“DrudgeExclusives - Obama beat President Clinton's wife!"
       --  LOLGOP

 That Drudge - he gets the scoops.


  Send e-mail to Bart

 Subject: My Brush with Greatness


 Let's keep the "Greatness" stories rolling again.

 I know you have some stories you've yet to share...

  Send e-mail to Bart

Mitt didn't build shit
Daddy and government helped built Bain


Nothing makes the 1% angrier than any suggestion that anyone else helped them acquire their
beautiful, beautiful cash.   So I was a little surprised to find out from the New Yorker magazine
that one of Bain Capital's very first deals was buying "a small airline that ran military shuttles
between Tonopah, Nevada and Las Vegas."
In the mid-1980s Tonopah, also known as Area 52, was home to the newly developed,
top secret F-117A stealth fighter. Pilots and support personnel lived in Las Vegas and
spent their working week in the desert.

A $10m-a-year contract to shuttle them back and forth was the prize asset of a small
charter company called Key Airlines, which became a formative deal for Bain Capital…
So from the start, Bain Capital had support from the government. We all built that.
Just don't ever mention that in public, or come around asking Mitt and his billionaire friends
to kick in a little more so your aunt can pay for her breast cancer treatment or your 5-year-old
can have a good kindergarten teacher. That would make them very angry, and you wouldn't
like them when they're angry.

  Send e-mail to Bart

Thanks to the dozens who wrote to say Yale is in Connecticut
and Cambridge is a million miles away in England.  regrets the error

  Send e-mail to Bart

Who won Brown/Warren debate?


   Send e-mail to Bart

 Subject: How stupid can men be?


 Thanks to J. R.

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I Survived Aurora

I thought it was firecrackers at first -- kids playing a prank on the opening night of Batman.
Then I saw a smoke canister fly in front of the screen. A second later, the theater erupted
in screams, and I felt a shotgun blast slam into my face and neck and arm.

I survived the mass shooting in Aurora, Colorado. But 12 others didn’t. And as I lay
recovering in my hospital bed, I watched a lot of elected officials offer condolences
on the news. But condolences don’t stop bullets.

That’s why I recorded a personal message for Obama and Romney.
The time has come for action, and I’m asking them how they plan to
prevent such horror from happening to anyone ever again.

  Stephen Barton

I don't remember seeing anyone else tell the truth about this so I'll try.

Bottom line, America is OK with the every-other-month mass shooting.
Why? Because we (America, not me) like our guns.
America bought 100M guns in the last decade  - Aurora won't change that.
If we were in the movie "Loopers," we could go back in time and change
some gun laws, but we're not so that's not an option.

Democrats who say, "We should throw away all the guns" solve nothing.
I often wonder why they even bother to say something so unrealistic.

We have no choice but to deal with the facts and the facts are,
America loves guns and that's not going to change in our lifetimes.

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Sirius XM has moved Mike from midnight - 3 AM


“I love it when RWers try to claim Obamacare is causing them
  high premiums, less service, esp. since it won't be implemented til 2014."
       --  @MiltShook


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Don't Look Down


 This is just ridiculous.

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Humor from Romania

MSNBC's 'expert' political reporters

I've been watching a lot more of MSNBC lately, mostly to escape Douche Blitzer
but aren't we all embarrassed for them when to cut to Luke Russert for "expert analysys?"

Russert was born in 1985 so, at best, his memories go alllllllll the way back to Clinton.

Yes, his father was one of the most famous whores in the history of American journalism,
but how does that qualify Luke to to be an expert at any goddamn thing?

Obviously the NBC brass feels bad about Tim's early death, but what does that matter?
Are there cute pictures of  Luke playing under his whore daddy's desk, a la JFK Jr?
Is that how he got his job?

Not that I want to be on TV, but there's no way little Lukie knows half of what I do about politics.
At least my memories go back to JFK, not the kid who shook JFK's hand back in the sixties.

Like Romney, Luke was born on third base and his daddy happened to land a job
with a weapons manufacturer's TV network - that makes Luke a political expert?

I assume NBC's most treasured relic is Russert's chalk board from 2000?

I have nothing against Luke - I'm sure his daddy didn't come to him and say,
"Luke, I'm about to take some steps that'll make me wealthy,
  but I have to sell my soul to make it happen - what do you think?"

No, that didn't happen, but it just shows life isn't fair.

I wonder how many American soldiers died because Tim Russert
helped Cheney put a happy face on their illegal, profit-driven war?

There are the Bushes, the Romneys and the Russerts and then there are
the Clintons and the Obamas who f-ing BUILT THAT THEMSELVES.

As always, we can't mention Tim Russert without touching on his finest hour.


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Bishop Describes How The Church
Invented Hell To Control People
Some people still fall for it, all these years later



 Thanks to Carson, Director of the Monkey Collective.

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If you follow 'Bartcop' on Twitter/Facebook
you'll know when each new issue goes up.

Sarah Palin Nude


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 Get on twitter during the debate.

 If you're following the right people, it'll be a f-ing riot.

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        bart blog
Jane Stillwater's
Winners & losers in a war on Iran

Read all about it!

  on the Bart Blog!

Michelle Beats Ann in Bake-Off


The results are in and the winner is...Obama. As in Michelle.
She beat Ann Romney in Family Circle's 2012 Presidential Bake-Off.
The sweet showdown pitted Michelle Obama's recipe for Mama Kaye's White
and Dark Chocolate Chip cookies (with a decadent combination of butter and
Crisco, plus two kinds of chips) against Ann Romney's M&M cookies.

It was a narrow margin Obama's submission got 51.5 percent
while Ann Romney's recipe received 48.5 percent.

First, that sounds about right - Obama by three percent.

Second, maybe Ann shouldn't have had their personal chef bake the cookies.

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Today's Wildlife Photo



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Marty has new stuff every day
on her fine, fine Entertainment Page

Marty's TV Listings are the best!

Garbage on Jimmy Kimmel tonight.
Letterman has Tina Fey & Man-on-Dog...

Marty always has good stuff.

Click on the E!

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We do the repairs magically, over the Net.

Jordan the Tech is super-polite and he's a computer expert!
Watch Jordan work on your computer LIVE!

Or, you could call Best Buy and have them send out a kid
who knows half as much for twice the price and the creep
will get up all inside your computer, who needs that?

Why aren't Republicans arrested for voter fraud?
Did Obama tell the DOJ to "look forward?"


Today's Mystery Car Photo 


 Subject: last issue's Mystery Car    Link

Bart, that’s a Maybach Edition 125.
Maybach is Daimler-Bentz’s brand for those who don’t consider a Mercedes fancy enough.
It’s an old German make they took over. Maybach was an important supplier for the Nazi war machine.
 Olof in Finland

PS   Loved your solution to the Afghanistan dilemma, send all their women to the US!

  Send e-mail to Bart

What is This?


 Subject: Last issue's What is this?     Link


That is the 10-meter wide South Pole Radio Telescope,
which is located at the National Science Foundation's
Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station in Antarctica and
funded by NSF's Office of Polar Programs.

It just discovered a cluster of galaxies in August that's
causing astronomers to rethink how galactic clusters form
in the first place.  Pretty cool stuff.
 Big Boy

  Send e-mail to Bart

 Subject: Your last issue?

Just got notice of the latest issue and on facebook it said "Is this the last one?"
Is that the last one for the week or ever? I really look forward to reading you
and would be greatl disappointed if it was the last one ever.
Hope all is well and You stay healthy
 Geoff in Fayetteville

Geoff, thanks for that.
Did last issue seem a little rushed?
I was having chest pains as I finished it.

I have this iraational fear that I'm going to die with a page almost complete
and there's nobody left to upload that killer, last-ever issue.  I'm glad I made it.

I'm having my worst health week since 2004's Friday the 13th.
Flu-like symptoms, fever, chills, couldn't keep any food down.

Went to the doctor, gave them blood and chest x-rays.  I told him,
"Don't give me your garden variety anti-biotics,
I need something
  strong because I'm very drug-resistant."
He ignored me.

Doctors are so arrogant - they don't even take the time to listen.
He gave me the usual Z-Pak or whatever that's called, then things got worse.

The vomiting of blood, higher fever, chills, the nightsweats.
It got so bad I couldn't keep a tablespoon of water down.

Tuesday morning I woke up with chest pains, finished the page,
drove to the doctor's office where they gave me an EKG. and the
stronger anti-biotics I asked for in the first goddamn place.

I didn't have a heart attack - good news - and they have me set-up Friday
for a "Stress echo," whatever that is.

If this disease is going to beat me it'll have to sneak up on me.
If it fights me face-to-face I'll wrestle it to the ground and
bend it over and make it moo like it's name was Romney,

Should know more Friday.

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The GOP's War on women, the poor and non-whites

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Today's Mystery Celebrity Photo 


 Subject: last issue's Mystery Celebrity    Link

Bart, looks like that could be a young Kirstie Alley before she had
a chance to look like the Hindenburg, and then deflate temporarily.

Who remembers that Kirstie was in Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan?

  Send e-mail to Bart

Today's Mystery City



Subject: last issue's Mystery City    

Bart: last issue's Mystery City is Vegas, baby!
You’re looking to the north over NY/NY with
Rio and the Monte Carlo in the background
(will be there in a couple of weeks…woo hoo!)
  Richard C

Send e-mail to Bart

Today's History Mystery


Subject: last issue's History Mystery    Link 

Bart, that is sci-fi writer Isaac Asimov.
With those sideburns, who else could it be?

Bart, that's prolific author  Isaac Asimov whose books and articles 
I've been reading for over 60 years now.
 Tom B

Bart, that is the redoubtable science fiction write and futurist Isaac Asimov.
 Cal in VT

History Mystery is American author and professor of biochemistry at
Boston University, Isaac Asimov.
 John from Charlotte

The History Mystery:  Isaac Asimov

Finally someone I recognize!  That is Isaac Asimov (who, of course, named his
autobiography I, Asimov).  Judging by the hairline and color, and length of sideburns,
I'd put this photo somewhere in the early 80s (around 10 years before he died),
near the time he won the Hugo award for Foundation's Edge.
 Russ the Pillar

Isaac Asimov, PhD in biochemistry, author and polymath.
 Hawker Hurricane

That is Issac Asimov noted author of SF, Science, Mystery among other varied subjects.
  Charles F

Bart, that's science fiction writer Isaac Asimov.
 Paul H

Bart, that's Isaac Asimov.
Those sideburns are a trip!
  Glenn in Minnesota

Bart, that's the great Isaac Asimov, truly a prophet among writers. 
 Paul in Leon

Bart, your History Mystery is Isaac Asimov!  
I hardly ever get these, but this one I know.
 Mike N

Bart, Looks a lot like Iasaac Asimov, author of 100's
of books and originator of the laws of robotics.

That is the author of the Foundation Trilogy & I, Robot, Isaac Asimov.
 Andy from Takoma Park

Bart, that's Isaac Asimov, author of over 200 books.
  Clint S.

The man with the magnificent 'chops is Isaac Asimov, who wrote I, Robot
(among tons of other science fiction), and should not be blamed for what Will Smith
did to his story. For anyone who likes a good dystopian screed, read "Nightfall."
 Scott Peterson (no, not that one)

Bart, that is the late great Isaac Asimov. 
Most prolific science fiction writer of all time.
  Phillip R.

Bart, that's Isaac Asimov
Sci fi writer (the best) + many non fiction books + scientist Physics and more
Met him at a lecture at Cal Tech in Pasadena
My personal hero
  Paul in Carlsbad Ca

Bart, that’s Isaac Asimov
 Rob In Cleveland OH

Bart, that's the prolific author, scientist and proud atheist Isaac Asimov. 
 David B

Easy one, Bart.  Isaac Asimov!!
Best Regards,
 David in Dayton

That's prolific sci-fi and science author, Isaac Asimov.
 Joe D

Bart!  that is the great Isaac Asimov - my favorite author of all time. 
BOY could he write.  No author EVER has penned more books - over 400! 
My wife met him back in the '80s and (surprise!) he was a barrel of laughs. 
He died way too young.  We miss him. 
  George in Monroe, CT

Bart, that's Isaac Asimov.
 Mark with no last name

That dude is Isaac Asimov, noted science fiction writer, and sideburn carrier.
 Doug J

 Send e-mail to Bart

60 Seconds, safe for work

Subject: donations

Bart, don't send anything - just keep the page up as long as you can.

I'm waiting for thr tape to come out with Romney saying he doesn't
know what the fuss is about. "It's not like I said it was the niggers..."
 Lee in Monroe, NC

Lee, thanks for that.


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