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Weekend-Monday,  Oct 6-8,  2012    Vol 2950 - Spicey dust

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...

Arrow Romney: 27 lies in 38 minutes
What did we see in that Debate? 
Romney Closes Gap
Arrow Mining Exchange Motel - Haunted?
Arrow Hats off to Elizabeth in Austin
Arrow Michael Jackson's siblings  again
Arrow French Songbird  Alizee


  Pure Costumes for Halloween


“My Mom is way hotter than Julianne Moore."
       --  Bristol the publicity whore, begging for attention  Link

  First, what a dumb-ass comptetion to get caught up in.
  It may be true, but why would you want to invite the comparison?

  What are you going to say when someone says,
 "Your Mom is nowhere near as hot as Nina Dobrev."


  Then you're stuck saying, "Granted, she's hotter than my Mom, but I still love her."
  More likely, Bristol would lie and say, "My Mom is way hotter than Nina Dobrev."
  I realize Bristol is an inexperienced child, but that's no excuse.
  It's the reason why she needs to keep her foul mouth shut - she just can't do it.

  Second, Julianna Moore has the respect of (wild guess) 90 percent of her peers.
  Palin doesn't even have the respect of 50 percent in the GOP.

  Bristol is condemned to a lifetime is lying to herself, pissing people off and blaming others.
  She might even end up with money, but she'll always be the poorest person we all know.
  Seems daily, I'm reminded that I had the best parents ever.


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Romney: 27 lies in 38 minutes
It's hard to debate a guy with no positions


17) "Well, I would repeal and replace it. We're not going to get rid of all regulation.
You have to have regulation. And there are some parts of Dodd-Frank that make all
the sense in the world."

Romney has previously called for full repeal of Dodd-Frank, a law whose specific
purpose is to regulate banks. MF Global's use of customer funds to pay for its own
trading losses is just one bit of proof that the financial industry isn't responsible
enough to protect consumers without regulation.

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What did we really see in that Debate?
by Tally Briggs


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 Subject: My Brush with Greatness


 Let's keep the "Greatness" stories rolling again.

 I know you have some stories you've yet to share...

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Romney Closes Gap

Romney's surprisingly strong debate performance has resulted in a dramatic tightening
in the race, according to tracking surveys conducted since Wednesday.

Gallup reported that on three days of calling after the debate, their survey finds Romney
and Obama tied with 47 percent of the vote each among registered voters nationwide.
Gallup had Obama leading Romney by 5 prior to Obama's debate surrender.

Gallup typically reports findings on a seven-day rolling average, and their latest
such average gives Obama a 3-point advantage (49 percent to 46 percent).

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Mining Exchange Motel - Haunted?
Oh Lawdy Lawd - not ghosts!


For the first time in years, laughter and eager voices filled the Mining Exchange building,
a corner-stone structure indowntoen Colorado Springs, as they did in 1902. They are hotel guests,
not ghosts, but their presence has not dislodged the spirit of the building’s commissioner, gold-miner
millionaire Winfield Scott Stratton.
“Nobody has seen him, but you can sense him,” Murphy said.
Stratton’s spirit is not the only one hovering close to the downtown that he helped create.
Down the street, a murdered ghost lurks around the Pioneer’s Museum, Murphy said.
Around the corner at the Peak Theater, built in 1937, two ghosts haunt the back rows of the movie house.
“Needless to say, the city auditorium is haunted,” Murphy added.

Hmmm, in 2004, we spent the night in a "haunted" hotel, the Crescent in Eureka Springs, AR.

I don't believe in that stuff - but - shit happened that night that I was unable to explain.
Listen to Bartcop Radio Show #62, Part 2 for the full story

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Marty Entertainment Page has new stuff every day
Marty's TV Listings are the best!

Eva Longoria with her sister, Liza Longoria.

Why is God so terribly cruel?

Marty always has good stuff.

Click on the E!


“My conservative friends always get mad at me
  when I cheer good economic news."
       --  Scarborough Friday, letting the trith slip out

 Republicans hate Obama so much, they want America to fail.

 Scarborough admitted it Friday live on MSNBC


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Today's Wildlife Photo



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Bartcop's Computer Repair
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Jordan's been my friend for 6 years.
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All Holder can see is pot smokers and poker players.
Major crimes go unnoticed.

Sarah Palin Nude


Subject:  debate performance

Hi Bart,
I hope you have cooled your jets since your last page.

I couldn't possibly remain as angry as I was...

In a reality show framework, Romney owned the POTUS,
I think if voters are dumb enough to mistake bullying and lying
for leadership, they are already in the tank for the Mittster.

I saw President Obama calmly letting Mitt take enough rope to
hang himself, and the new round of ads are a fine tree limb indeed.

You likely already saw the Mitt cheat sheets to boot.

This first round begins a chess match.  Obama could have attacked
Mitt in many weak areas but held off.  Any attacks however effective
would have painted him as an arrogant and angry blackie McBlackie
who wants to end freedom and whatever other buzzwords cable jockeys
can come up with, instead, all Mitt's "success" will get him is the Snookie,
Kardashian, and Honey Boo Boo viewers' votes. 

And they are probably too stupid to find their polling place anyway.

I do think the campaign needs you, I do keep asking
Bill Maher to have you on his show too.

Julian, thanks for that.

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Today's Mystery Car Photo 


 Subject: last issue's Mystery Car    Link

Bart, that’s a 1955 Dodge La Femme, the first car made especially for women. 
Another big mistake from Detroit.  It was designed by men, so it contained
all sorts of patronizing garbage that pissed women off left, right, and sideways,
so they didn't sell very well.  They only made those in '55 and '56.
 David J

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 Subject: When is good news bad news?

bI ask the question, "When is good news for America bad news?"
When Republicans want to get elected. The job numbers came out
and unemployment is at 7.8% and the Republicans are freaking out
because it's good news. It reminded me of when Clinton was president
and there was good news all the time. They used to complain that the
economy is "overheating" and the Fed was trying to put the brakes on
to stop uncontrolled economic growth. And back then the Republicans
were freaking out over, "What are we going to do about the surplus?"

And then there was Bush and the surplus problem went away fast and
it was all bad news. Especially at the end what the whole economy was
collapsing and 4 years ago we were in a state of crisis. The Republicans
put us in such a deep hole that here we are 4 years later hoping to see
some light at the end of the tunnel.

Which brings us to today's news. Today we crossed an artificial line of
below 8% unemployment which is at least a symbol that we are finally
crawling out of the Bush hole and it's good news for Democrats and bad news
for Republicans. It seems to me that the choice in this election is clear.

If you like good news then vote for the Democrats and if you like bad news
then vote for the Republicans. Maybe we can send the Republicans a message
that preferring bad news is the wrong answer.
 Marc Perkel

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Sirius XM has moved Mike from midnight - 3 AM

Years ago, Mrs. Bart was watching Play Misty for Me, starring the chair molester
and she asked, "Can we use one of our free flights to visit Carmel?"

Since she never asks for anything, I give her everything she wants, so I said yes.

In the trip report, I had several shots of the California coast.

Bartcop reader Elizabeth M in Austin is a painter and she painted one of those photos,
framed it and sent it to me last week - isn't that cool?

She's a pretty good painter, too.

A shot of Chinaco for Elizabeth M in Austin.


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We lost our premier Blogger, R S Janes.
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R.I.P. Rick

Memorial for Rick Janes

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Today's Wildlife Photo



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 Subject: Mitt Romney--Hahahaa

Was anyone listening to what Mitt Romney was saying in the debate?

If he became president, he would turn medical assistance over to the private sector.
Let people manage their own medical needs. He never mentioned any special provisions
for the retarded, handicapped, disabled and aged who have difficulty managing everything
in their lives. He didn't even mention phasing this out. He was very arrogant when he said
this and it sounded like his plan was to just dump this on the people and let them figure out
how to handle it.

I don't know if people realize this or not but most of the people receiving Social Security and
Medicare benefits are living below poverty level. Every dime of the money they receive goes
back into the economy. Romney also said one of the first things he would do to save money
would be to stop funding PBS.....and this is part of his plan to reduce the trillion dollar debt
and boost the economy?

Three things he stressed in the debate: Everything said about him in the campaign is lies,
let the people handle their own medical insurance needs and stop funding PBS.
Thank you, Mitt Romney, for letting us know what a shallow person you really are.

Looking at the facts - Obama got bin Laden, saved the banks and saved Detriot.
Meanwhile, Romney is gunning for Big Bird.

How is this even a race?

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"Chelle the wonder cat" heading out for a bike ride.

Amber Tamblyn, David Cross tie the knot
 No wonder he was too busy to write



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Subject:  Pool shark

As a kid I watched as the pool sharks missed easy shots they would never normally miss
in order to make their opponent relax and feel more comfortable, loosening the grip they
had on their money. If we younger bystanders acted dumb and didn't give them away
they would sometimes reward us with a free soft drink.

I'm now watching the GOP being hustled, and I love to see it. Until this debate I was very
concerned that Romney might be replaced somehow, and I definitely didn't want to see that.

Anyone else would do better. He was dropping below 20 on Itrade, and remember, Intrade
was only off by less than .03% in the 2008 results. NOT 3%! Point Zero Three percent! 
They did far better projections than any of the top pollsters.

"Losing" the debate also served to stir up Dems who were falling asleep with confidence.
I think Obama just set the hook AND woke up the choir! I have long been convinced that
he is just that kind of smart!
 Tim in Muldraugh

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Today's Mystery Celebrity Photo 


 Subject: last issue's Mystery Celebrity    Link

Bart, I believe that is a very young Demi Moore.

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Michael Jackson's money-grubbing siblings
New book has one "shocker" after another


When Katherine Jackson was “abducted” from her home and held against her will
in Arizona by some of her kids in July, it exposed all the greed and backstabbing that
has consumed the family since MJ’s 2009 death.

Michael apparently used to put his money in black garbage bags, which he then hid under
the carpets at his home. Ronald Williams, who handled security, tells a new book that he saw
LaToya and her boyfriend stuffing black garbage bags into duffel bags at the house, which
LaToya denies (she says nearly all the money was gone by the time she arrived.)

Sounds like Latoya got away with just a few trash bags stuffed with Michael's kids' cash.

When it came time to bury their beloved cash cow, the scheming over money did not cease.
According to Sullivan’s book, Michael was not laid to rest until September 2009 (he died June 25)
because Janet would not allow it until his estate repaid her the $40,000 cemetery deposit
that she had ponied up to secure him a spot at Forest Lawn in Glendale, California.

According to an excerpt in Vanity Fair, Janet, Rebbie, Jermaine, and Randy, “were attempting to
gain a conservatorship over her, possibly by demonstrating her incompetence to serve as guardian
of Michael’s children. They hoped to gain control of their brother’s fortune, which would follow
Prince, Paris, and Blanket wherever they went.”

Have you ever seen such a viper's nest of slime and greed?

What a nightmare - an 82-year old lady has to watch her back around her own damn kids.

And, like the Arab Spring, Twitter stepped in to save the day when Paris alerted the world
that they'd kidnapped her grandmother.  Had Janet succeeded in stealing Paris's phone,
they might've gotten away with this multi-hundred million dollar kidnapping/extortion scheme.

I know my close friend Perry Sanders Jr. will protect Mrs. Jackson and the kids.


Send e-mail to Bart

Subject:  You suffer from the impulse to kick Democrats every chance you get

Sorry, Bart, but in your zeal to pin petticoats on Democrats, one of your favorite activities, next to drinking
Chinaco and playing Texas hold-up, which I think I can say as one of your regular readers over quite a few years,
you have once again grabbed the sow by the wrong teat by so roundly condemning Obama here.

In so doing, in the midst of your many right-on-the-mark verdicts, here you have joined with a vengeance
all the dummies who have been so ignorant of the importance of never rushing to make snap judgments
-- or paying attention to snap polls  -- instead of waiting a few days to see which way the wind is blowing,
and also for your mind to snap back to a more sensible shape.

I like to put my ideas in print before I read what others think.

Right now, a little over two days later, what I see are strong indications that Obama is coming out of this
smelling pretty rosy.   So far what little we see of the polls indicates that he isn't any worse off now than
he was before.  In fact he could be better off.   He is still drawing huge crowds with much more faith -- and
good judgment -- than you're showing (did you see the picture of those 30,000+ that swarmed to see him in
Wisconsin?), the unemployment sank to 7.8, Romney mainly showed his behind in the debates by his feverish
and schoolyard bully behavior that couldn't have sat at all well with that biggest proportion of the electorate,
the ladies, the biggest buzz that is going around is about all the lies he told, and above all, Big Bird, Kermit,
Oscar, and all the others are on his case!

Maybe you need to get out of the mind-blipping air of Oklahoma worse than you think.   Meanwhile you also
need to drop the dumb poker and instead start playing the game that really sharpens the mind, my game, chess,
though, if you insist on coming out with lapses like this anti-Obama garbage, it's too late.
      --Carl, aka Sofarsogoo

I don't think the Oklahoma air is the problem, nor is poker, which I haven't been
able to play in YEARS because Obama saw killing poker as a priority - something
that needed stomping out as fast as possible.

Maybe we'd be better off if Obama spent more time trying to create jobs
instead of ordering raids on legal pot stores and legal, one-dollar poker games.

I'm surprised Obama hasn't declared war on tequila.

I've printed 3-4 e-mails today from people say, in effect,
"Don't worry, Obama knows what he's doing."

I hope you're right.

    Send e-mail to Bart

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Today's Mystery City



Subject: last issue's Mystery City    

Hi Bart,
That’s Philadelphia from across the Schuylkill River.

Keep on swinging that Hammer§
 Kevin in France

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What is today's History Mystery?


Subject: last issue's History Mystery    Link 

Bart, that is Gregory Hines.  Great dancer.  Pretty good actor, too. 
Played with Bariyshnikov in “White Nights,” Josephus in Mel Brooks’
“History of the World, Part I.”  My favorite is the first film I saw him in. 

He played a very hip coroner’s assistant in the great suspense movie, “Wolfen.” 
Best line?  He moons Albert Finney as he looks through a  night scope and says,
“Black Moon over Manhattan.”  Funny.  Talented.
  Phillip R

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Subject: donations

Bart, I bet on thre Dallas Cowboys to beat the "world champion" Giants
so here's your cut.

Of course, if you think it's dirty money you don't have to cash this check.
 Scobber in Ft Woerth

I do NOT consider that "dirty" money.
Not only did I get a donation, I got a good laugh, too - thanks,


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