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WELCOME TO BARTCOP.COM A modem, a smart mouth and the truthNews and Commentary NOT Approved by Karl Rove, bcause vicious extremists can NOT be appeased.


Tuesday,  Oct 9,  2012    Vol 2951 - Bunny sighting

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...

Arrow Romney up by Four, or Even
Did Romney "win" that debate?
Obama Regains 5-Point Lead
Arrow Thurston as Eddie Haskell
Arrow Obama playing rope-a-dope?
Arrow             Mongo sick
Arrow Political powerhouse  Beyonce


Great daily resource for '08 -'12 election parallels.
See more at


“I wish the GOP's coordinated, unpatriotic attempt to prevent people
  from voting got as much attention as a gaffe -- for just one day.
       --  LOLGOP in a tweet


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Polls: Romney up by Four, or Even


In the first national poll to be conducted entirely after the debate, Romney leads Obama by 4.

The Pew poll shows Romney leading Obama among likely voters nationwide, 49-45.
That's a stark contrast from mid-September which showed Obama up 8 points among likely voters.

The dramatic 12-point swing in Pew's poll from Obama to Romney is perhaps the strongest piece
of evidence that the president has paid a political price for his listless performance in the Denver debate.
But the complete suite of post-debate surveys from national pollsters is only beginning to emerge,
and the early indications are of a less dramatic shift than Pew is showing.

Republican-leaning Rasmussen found Romney leading by 2 points in its Saturday release. 
But in Rasmussen Monday's poll, the two candidates were tied again.

I liked it better when Obama was a runaway freight train.

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Did Romney "win" that debate?
by Robert Parry


Romney was shiftier than Dick Nixon in 1960 and less coherent than George W. Bush in 2000,
but the TV pundits, including on MSNBC, overwhelmingly declared him the winner.
When I tried to follow Romney’s logic, I couldn’t. Somehow the federal government was supposed
to rein in rising health care costs but his only idea for doing so was to let the free-market work when
it is clear that – whatever the shortcomings of “Obamacare” – the old model of health insurance was broken.
In the debate that I saw, Romney seemed to be on the defensive, in large part, due to the incoherence
and incompleteness of his arguments. And that reflected itself in his body language. He shifted nervously,
blinked rapidly and displayed a forced smile. It looked like he was about to tear up during his closing remarks.

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 Subject: My Brush with Greatness


 Let's keep the "Greatness" stories rolling again.

 I know you have some stories you've yet to share...

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Obama Regains 5-Point Lead Over Romney
Polls are all over the place since last week...


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Thurston as Eddie Haskell
 by Robert Parry



In the first debate in 2000, Gore famously sighed in frustration over the ill-informed
comments from Bush - and the national press corps went wild saying that Gore's sighing
proved that he was an obnoxious know-it-all. 

I was reminded of that history when I watched the instant analysis - that Romney beat Obama
in the debate. Yet, Romney had presented all the oily charm of Eddie Haskell, the sneaky sidekick
on "Leave It to Beaver."   Romney offered one squirrely prevarication after another.
With his eyes blinking and his weight shifting, Romney was cleverly shielding his own lies
behind the preemptive attack of telling the American people that the other guy was the liar.
It seems that Eddie Haskell has grown up - and he is Mitt Romney.

If you younger kids don't know exactly what "an Eddie Haskell" is, it's when you stop
planning your crimes long enough to, let's say, compliment your friend's mother.

"That's a lovely dress you're wearing, Mrs. Cleaver," 

before returning to his plans to boot stomp some kittens.

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Marty Entertainment Page has new stuff every day
Marty's TV Listings are the best!

Marty always has good stuff.

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Romney surges, but not in Swing States

Gallup shows the race in a dead heat, tied at 47 percent for both candidates.
Rasmussen  showes a close race, with 48 percent of support for each candidate.
Reuters/Ipsos shows Obama leading by 2.
Obama’s numbers in the battleground states remain strong. In Virginia, Obama's up by 3.
In Colorado, Obama is up by one point, according to Rasmussenl.  A Pennsylvania poll
shows Obama up by 2.  Romney’s favorables climbed to 48 with 42 percent favorable.

I don't care if Obama wins by a single vote.

Let's hope Obama shows up at the next debate.

Not sure I could handle President Thurston Howell III and his Teabagging
congress of anti-science, anti-compromise rubberstamping handjobs.
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Subject:  Obama

Sorry to hear of your medical difficulties, I hope things work out.
I am thinking the stress of watching Obama make a fool of himself
debating that bastard Romney had a negative effect on your health.
Take care.
  Doug and Barb

Doug and Barb, thanks for that.

Let's hope Obama comes alive in debate #2.

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Sarah Palin Nude


Subject:  Obama

Hi Bart, I share your frustration.
Last week they were asking if Romney really wanted to be president.
Debate night, I wondered that about Obama.

What a display! It's been said before, you should be on
his team of advisers as the ultimate counter-puncher.
 Peter in New Zealand

Peter, that was nice - thanks.

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Today's Mystery Car Photo 


 Subject: last issue's Mystery Car    Link

Bart, tha
t's a 48 DeSoto four door. 
Should have a script saying DeSoto across they front of the hood, 
but that would make the mystery a lot less of a mystery.
  David P

David, sometimes I cover the name.

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Reminder: When you make a purchase from
the donation money comes from them, not you.

 Subject: Elizabeth's painting

WOW, Bart. Trust me, Elisabeth M in Austin painted you
a personal, and very beautiful piece of impressionistic art.

What a gift!

Your readers love you.

I realize I am a very lucky man.

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Sirius XM has moved Mike from midnight - 3 AM

Subject: catching up

Bart, It's a pleasure to do what little I can to help the cause.
Please take care of yourself, you are the the fun voice of sanity on the web.

I just wish more people would put their money  where their messages are. 
If everyone just contributed the price one would pay for a monthly magazine,
I am sure it would add up to quite a tidy sum.

Hope the scan solves your problem.
All the best,


Carolyn, thanks for that.
I'm in the middle of dodging three bullets.

The EKG showed I did not have a heart attack.
I think I did great on the treadmill Friday.
   He wired me up and I got on the treadmill and he said,
  "Every five minutes, the speed will increase and the angle will steepen."
   I said, "Every five minutes? How long will I be running" and he said,
  "Until you can't run anymore," which is what I/d call a non-scientific answer.

   So I said, "Should I run until I get chest pains?" and he barked at me.
  "No, I didn't say you should run until you get chest pains!" and I'm thinking,
  "Step back, Dude, *I* am not the one with the poor communication skills.
   You're the expert - you should have your schtick down pat by now."
   So I'm running and running.
   When my heartrate got to 122, a beeper went offf and he said, "We have enough
   for the test, but the longer you run, the more info we'll get so try to keep running."
   That was cool, I was doing OK.
   Then the five-minute buzzer rang and it got faster and steeper.
    I ran for a while longer and Tech boy started giving me funny looks.
    He started dropping hints that maybe it was time to end the test
    and I saw that I was at 135 so I told him I'd go to 140.
    When I hit 140 he stopped the treadmill and he hit me with the goo stick (ultrasound?)
    From his chip 'n cheery demeanor, I'm thinking I did better than expected.
    The nurse called, they they don't have any results yet - she'll let me know. 
I have one more BIG one - the CT scan.   I've had pneumonia so many times,
    my chest x-ray looks like a Winslow painting.  If I get past that OK, I'm going on a cocaine
    and hooker binge that would embarrass Charlue Sheen... or maybe I'll just settle for a shot
    of the good stuff.   One thing's for sure:  I'm not dying with a couple of ounces of
    Herradura Suprema Selecion still in the damn bottle (2006).

    If I have to, I'll finish that in the ambulance on the way to the hospital.

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New Feature - Know your Supermodels


 Subject: last issue's Know your Supermodels    Link

Bart, that’s Elaine Irwin. John Mellencamp recently dumped this beautiful woman
(after 18 uears of marriage) for has-been actress Meg Ryan. Has he lost his mind?
  Bryan R.

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Today's Wildlife Photo



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 Subject: Tally

As always, Tally nails it.
Dan L

Tally's problem is she doesn't hve any passion.

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Was Obama playing rope-a-dope?
by Steven Jonas - probably not a Jonas Brother


The general consensus from the right, left and middle was that Obama really messed up.
Chris Matthews went almost apoplectic.  Ed Schultz got depressed.  William Rivers Pitt
laid into Obama in his characteristically strong but literary way (4).  A good friend of mine
put it this way:  “Watching that debate made us ill."


Obama very carefully and cleverly set up a rope-a-dope trap into which Romney merrily walked. 
“Rope-a-dope” was a strategy worked out by Mohammed Ali, for use against George Foreman in 1974. 
Ali would intermittently lie along the ropes of the ring in a defensive position and let Foreman put it
all out there.  Foreman eventually wore himself out and Ali won by a knockout.

The President may just have lured Romney into just the position he wants him to be in. 
Then we shall see who is truly on the ropes.

Santa, I only want one thing this year:
I want the Rope-a-Dopers to be 100% correct in their assessment of Obama's strategy.

  Send e-mail to Bart

Subject:  Donation

Hi Bart,
Aftyer the debate, you wrote "If you were looking for a reason
to withhold that donation, you'll probably find it today."

Absolutely not! Today is the day TO make a donation!
Keep hammering! and get well!

Cheryl, that was very nice - thank you.

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Today's Mystery Celebrity Photo 


 Subject: last issue's Mystery Celebrity    Link

Bart, I believe that is model and actresss Elsa Pataky.
  John from Charlotte

Note: Elsa played the hot girl in Fast Five.

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Mongo sick


The entire Detroit Lions family is deeply saddened to learn of the news regarding the condition of
one of our all-time greats, Alex Karras," Lions president Tom Lewand said. "Perhaps no player in
Lions history attained as much success and notoriety for what he did after his playing days as did Alex.
The 77-year-old Karras was drafted by Detroit in 1958 and he was a standout for 12 seasons.
Karras may be even better well known for his work as an actor.  He also played the role of Mongo
in "Blazing Saddles," in which he said, "Mongo only pawn in game of life," and punched out a horse.

You HAVE 1:48 for Mongo?

 (Not entirely safe for work)

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Subject:  ATTN

This is from the email account investigation agency, we where set up by the U.N
working under the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) Bodies, our duties is to monitor
and investigate email addresses and mails to prevent individuals from getting scam.
You are hereby required to forward to this office via email;
every mail and content of anyone you are dealing any transaction with online or paying money to,
or any email you suspect to be scam, so we can investigate them and let you know the legitimacy,
and if any is to be Fraudulent, we shall immediately send the FBI after them, and charge them for Fraud
Our duties is to fight against scam and terrorism.
Yours Sincerely
Capt. Jeffry Adams
Investigation officer

Capt Jeffry, you are required to blow me.

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Today's Mystery City



Subject: last issue's Mystery City    
Hey Bart
That's my home town, Sydney, looking south into Circular Quay.

Cheers from Down Under


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What is today's History Mystery?


Subject: last issue's History Mystery    Link 

Bart, that is the English Mathematician, Logician and Philosopher, Sir Bertarnd Russell (1872-1970). 
He was a lifelong anti-war activist, and vigorusly advocated rationality and detachment from dogma in human affairs.

 Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: donations

Keep up the big hammer, Bart.
Yesterday was my 72nd birthday so here's my annual donation.
(good grief, I've been reading you for 12 years!)

Sam, thanks for that and Happy Birthday!

Twelve years is a long time to be in a Treehouse :)


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Political powerhouse  Beyonce

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