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Thurs-Friday,  Oct 18-19,  2012    Vol 2957 - Blood don't lie

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...

Arrow Women Make or Break Obama
Women: Romney Lied About Us 
Housing is Up - Way Up
Arrow Can't Meet Same Mitt Twice
Arrow Romney's no 'Perry Mason'
Arrow How the Press Helped Romney
Arrow Barefoot crooner Joss Stone


Great daily resource for '08 -'12 election parallels.
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"We're bankrupt, this country is bankrupt,
  and people just don't want to admit it."
     --  Sen Tom Coburn, on why the super-rich need that trillion dollar tax cut    Link

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Women Make or Break Obama


Romney’s awkward comment that he had received “binders full of women” as governor
when he requested more female job candidates went fully viral Wednesday, drawing snickers
from voters but also fueling a broader fight between the two campaigns over the key support of women.

Romney’s remark was just a sliver of the discussion Tuesday night about issues relevant to women,
with the candidates tussling over subjects such as contraception and unequal pay. The battle escalated
on Wednesday, as Obama worked to reclaim his advantage among women — and as the Romney camp
returned to its core argument that women-haters will take better care of women.

Campaigning in Iowa, Obama ridiculed his opponent.

“I’ve got to tell you, we don’t have to collect a bunch of binders to find qualified, talented,
 driven young women, ready to learn and teach in these fields right now,” he said.

So, will women vote for their best interests?

Or will the smooth-talking stranger win them over with his lies?

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 Subject: Lance Armstrong

Bart, I can clarify one thing about the case that you missed. 
In fact, not everyone who testified against Armstrong was a convicted doper when they testified. 

Several of the folks who testified in the grand jury case ended up implicating themselves (by choice)
when they testified.  This resulted in a ban for them as well. (They were not offered amnesty in return
for their testimony.)  But, they were not already caught when they testified. 

Particularly damning was the testimony of George Hincapie who had long been considered
Armstrong’s top lieutenant and chief confidant.  He was the only person who was on
Armstrong’s team for all seven Tour de France victories.  
  Andy B

Andy, the central point remains:
Lance never flunked a drug test, yet they "got him" on illegal drug use.

This nutjob USADA never caught any of the 21 champions who were ALL doping?
Their standard of proof should be a mile f-ing high, not rumors and innuendo.

Last night CBS said Armstrong gave half a billion dollars to charity.
Yeah, let's string that fucker up because rymors are rampant.

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...and the ones who survive lose their homes
their jobs, their savings and a reason to live.

Women: Romney Lied About Us
Mitt keeps getting caught - does anyone care?


Here’s how Romney told the story on the debate stage Tuesday.

“We took a concerted effort to go out and find women who had backgrounds
that could be qualified to become members of our cabinet,” he said. “I went to
a number of women’s groups and said, ‘Can you help us find folks,’ and they
brought us whole binders full of women.”

An anonymous Romney official went into more detail with to CBS News,
acknowledging that Romney took the MassGAP pledge and saw their list of women.

The Romney source said he hired around 10 women to top gigs in his administration
and “roughly two or three” of them were on MassGAP’s list.

CBS declared Romney’s statement at Hofstra “misleading.”

Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: Romney and Binder Women

I watched the second debate and I'm not sure what's worse.
The thought of Romney's binder women or the idea that he's probably making that story up.

Turns out that when Romney left office only 25% of his staff were women.
I suppose that's a lot for a Republican.
  Marc Perkel

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  Pure Costumes for Halloween

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Housing is Up - Way Up


In yet another positive economic indicator, the housing recovery surged in September,
fueled by a rate of home building at its highest point since 2008. Housing starts in the
U.S. grew by 15 percent from last month as 872,000 homes began construction.
Building permits swelled by 11.6 percent relative to August, at an annual rate of 894,000.
Mortgage rates are now at record lows, and with the Fed's plan to buy $40 billion in
mortgage-backed  securities each month indefinitely — rates will likely remain low in the near future.
The latest report from the Department of Commerce is a boon to the labor market, which will
likely see construction jobs slowly tick back to pre-recession numbers. Construction employment
suffered particularly as a result of the housing bubble that popped in 2007.

Will the Democrats remember to mention this?

"Good news is here - let's not go back to Bush's Third Term - Vote Obama!"

  Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: Why would a woman vote for Romney given Todd Akin's line?

Here are some possible explanations:

(1) She's not aware of Akin's position.

(2) She doesn't realize the significance of Akin's position.

(3) She doesn't think Romney goes along with it.

(4) She thinks her chances of getting raped are slim.

Here are my answers:

(1) She needs to get informed.

(2) She needs to think.

(3) With the way Romney keeps changing his positions, she's foolish to bet on anything he might say.

(4) Even if she doesn't get raped, some relative or friend of hers might. How would she feel then?

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You Can Never Meet The Same Mitt Romney Twice
  by Gene Lyons

To a skeptic, the most remarkable aspect of Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign has been
how so flexible a politician can represent so dogmatic a party. Contemporary Republicanism is
ideological to its core. Everybody who watched the GOP primary debates between Mitt and the
Seven Dwarves (or were there nine? I forget) understands that there’s a black-and-white party
line on almost every imaginable topic from tax policy to global warming.
Romney, on the other hand, appears to have no firm convictions at all. How anybody purports
to know what he actually thinks about any issue other than the size of his own offshore bank
accounts beggars my poor imagination. That most Republicans have temporarily persuaded
themselves to trust him reflects mainly their fear and loathing of President Obama.
Equally remarkable, however, is the way the Obama campaign has let Romney get away with it.
How can his evasiveness not be an issue? For that matter, how can it not be THE issue? Early on,
a strategic decision was apparently made to depict the GOP candidate as the “severely conservative”
politician he affected to be during the Republican primaries.
Well, it ain’t working.


  Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: Asked you before reply asking you again

Bart, this was on your page:

Which are  you a 1.Republican leaching from Dems
...or a Drug addled loser who would do anything for a fix.

Go ahead call this Monkey Mail and explain the Romey ad

Mitt, as a rule, when you grab the spotlight and scream, "Everybody look at me,"

and then you attack a guy, you might want to be sure you're on solid ground.

Yes, I'm a Republican who's been fooling Democrats for 16 years.
So far, only you have been smart enough to catch me.

What's that like, Bookie?  Being the only smart guy on the Innertubes?

I used the Monkey Mail graphic because you, Bookie, are a Monkey.

You can't even fathom the possibility that we've told Google 1,000 times that
we'd like Left-leaning ads, but that multi-billion dollar, 25-cent  lemonade stand
have the collective brains to read their advertiser feedback.

But why ask a simple question when you can act like a dick, instead?

One other thing:  Some people, you for example, read every day
but not everyone is in a position to be able to contribute - thus the ads.

I'm sure YOU work for free, but that's just cause you're
lucky enough to enjoy blowing dudes at the bus station.

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Romney's 'Perry Mason' Moment
Obama made him look like Ham Burger


It was to be Romney’s “Perry Mason” moment, pouncing on Obama’s insistence
that he had denounced the attack on the Benghazi consulate as a “terrorist” attack
on the day after the lethal assault. Romney told the audience to take note of Obama’s
supposedly false statement, proof that Obama was the real liar.
It was also the moment when the “reality-based community,” which a senior Bush aide
once famously mocked, collided with “right-wing world,” where every formulation
denigrating Obama is accepted as true, no matter how baseless and loony.

When Obama countered by saying he had gone to the Rose Garden the day after the
attack to say “this was an act of terror,” Romney went in for the proverbial kill,
highlighting to the national jury of voters that the President’s remark was a lie.
It was as if the TV's “Perry Mason” was about to unmask a murderous villain.
“You said in the Rose Garden the day after the attack, it was an act of terror?”
Romney asked incredulously, as Obama nodded in the background. “I want to
make sure we get that for the record, because it took the President 14 days
before he called the attack in Benghazi an act of terror.”
“Get the transcript,” responded Obama.
At that point, moderator Candy Crowley interceded, telling Romney,
under her breath, “He did in fact, sir.” Romney then began to blubber,
as Obama added, “Can you say that a little louder, Candy?”

 ha ha

Gotta give Obama credit for this one.
When Romney came in for the coup de grâce (that's French for butt-reaming)
Obama was giving him,
"Please don't hurt me, mean Mr. Romney."

Thurston, falsely-smelling fear, went in for the kill and was made to eat it.

ha ha

Will that comeback be what saves Obama's second term?

Was that the moment when people made up their minds?

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Bartcop's Computer Repair
We can fix your computer

We do the repairs magically, over the Net.

Is that why Mitt refused to release his taxes?
Because he gained millions from that which he condemns?

Today's Mystery Car


 Subject: last issue's Mystery Car    Link


That's a 1956 Plymouth Belevedere 4-dr sedan, when Chrysler
was touting the forward look that imitated the F86 Sabre jet,
  Doug J

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How the Press Helped Romney


Analyzing the first debate, Mark Halperin wrote that Romney's sudden "rush to the center"
politically had emerged as the key topic -- "the central tactical issue"-- for Obama's team to address.
Halperin stressed it would be a challenge for Democrats because Romney's "brazen chutzpah knows no bounds."
How odd. At the first debate Romney had so brashly reinvented himself by shifting his position on taxation,
immigration and health care away from the Republican Party, that the onus was on Obama to counter
Romney's slick maneuver. In other words, Romney's flip-flops, according to Halperin, were a major
problem for the Obama campaign, not for the Republican who late in the game unveiled a new
political persona. (Farewell "severely conservative.")
Halperin considered Romney's makeover into a moderate to be the campaign's dominant issue.
Yet one week earlier on the night of the first debate when Halperin graded both participants,
the pundit made no reference to Romney's "rush to the center." In real-time, Halperin heaped
praise on Romney's style "(Started strong, level, and unrattled -- and strengthened as he went along")
as well as his substance ("He clearly studied hard.")

Final grade, Romney: A-


  Send e-mail to Bart

 Subject: Mitt's IRA


I had thought the problem's with Mitt Romney's IRA were gone, but apparently they are
still bothering some people, who say, "How can you possibly get $100M in an IRA if the
maximum amount you can contribute is $5k/year?"  Well, if you include the "if" phrase,
you can't.  But that's not the only way to get an IRA. 

For example, I worked at a company that had an ESOP (employee stock ownership program)
as its main retirement plan.  Around 10% of my salary was contributed every year to invest in
company stock.  When I left the company, that stock was sold and rolled over into an IRA. 
For me--a middle-class working grunt--that meant that, after seven years of employment,
I had a $40k rollover into my IRA, in addition to the $5k I was allowed to contribute every year. 
I was also allowed to roll over my 401k plan, worth over $60k.

Let's scale here.  Mitt made at least 200x what I made every year.  If he had the ESOP and
the 401k, he would already have had $20M in seven years.  Now add that he was at Bain for
longer that that, and that an ESOP grows with the value of the company stock.  I see no reason
why he wouldn't have had $100M in combined ESOP and 401k -- and then rolled them into
an IRA when he left Bain.

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Sirius XM 

Midnight - 3 AM

Loser Bristol kicked off "Dancing"
Everybody's tired of seeing her on TV


 Maybe it's time this unwed 22-year old got a damn job.
 If Romney's going to condemn people who never work,
 he should start with the meth-crazy chinchillas from Wasilla.

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Know your Supermodels


 Subject: Last issue's supermodel     Link

It's Liv Tyler.  Her dad, of course, is Steven Tyler. 
I don't think her mom was a hobbit, but Liv was an elf,
Arwen Undómiel, in the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

peace out,
Carol B. in Austin

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Today's Wildlife Photo



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Today's Mystery Celebrity Photo 


 Subject: last issue's Mystery Celebrity    Link

Bart, that's Joan Jett as a sophomore at Wheaton High School in 1974.
  - Mr. Mestes

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Today's Mystery City



Subject: last issue's Mystery City    

Bart, that is Mont Royal Park in Montreal.
  Mark with no last name


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What is today's History Mystery?


Subject: last issue's History Mystery    Link 

Nobody recognized Olympic Gold Medal Winner Lindsay Vonn?

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Subject: donations

Bart, thanks for fighting the good fight.
My daughtrer and her friends all read your page now.
 Larry in Olive Branch, MS

Larry, thanks for that.


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