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WELCOME TO BARTCOP.COM A modem, a smart mouth and the truthNews and Commentary NOT Approved by Karl Rove, bcause vicious extremists can NOT be appeased.


Weekend-Monday,  Oct 20-22,  2012    Vol 2958 - Totally modular

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...

Arrow Obama Regains Lead in Poll
Obama's edge, Mitt loses Bounce
Obama has small lead in Ohio
Arrow George McGovern, 1922-2012
Arrow Tonight, Benghazi & Arab Spring
Arrow What do Women Really Want?
Arrow Serial dater - Katy Perry


Great daily resource for '08 -'12 election parallels.
See more at



"During my years in Congress and for the four decades since, I've been labeled a
'bleeding-heart liberal.' It was not meant as a compliment, but I gladly accept it.
My heart does sometimes bleed for those who are hurting in my own country and
abroad. A bleeding-heart liberal, by definition, is someone who shows enormous
sympathy towards others, especially the least fortunate. Well, we ought to be
stirred, even to tears, by society's ills. And sympathy is the first step toward action.
Empathy is born out of the old biblical injunction "Love the neighbor as thyself."
     --  George McGovern, American Hero,    Link

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Obama Regains Lead in National Poll
Yet some polls have Thurston up by 7


Just hours before the final debate, we’re unveiling a new Democracy Corps poll that shows the
president with a three-point lead. But we have a lot more to say than that. We explore in detail
just why we think our new national survey means more than many others — especially the Gallup
poll that shows Romney ahead – and exactly how Obama can close the deal in tonight’s showdown.

This is video of Carville explaining things.

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Obama's edge, Thurston loses Bounce
Who will have MO two weeks from tomorrow?


Romney’s first debate bounce has evaporated and Obama once again has taken a slim lead in
The Washington Times/Zogby Poll released Sunday night — though the survey showed Romney’s
backers are far more energized about him than the president’s backers are about their candidate.
Obama leads 49.7 percent to 47.3 percent over Romney, the Republican nominee.
Just as striking, however, is that Mr. Obama’s air of inevitability is slipping, with 49 percent saying
they expect him to win re-election — the first time that number has dropped below 50 since August.
Another 38 percent say Mr. Romney will win. That 11-point gap is down from 22 points two weeks
ago and down from 27 points in late September.

Why do they bother giving us the national figures?
It doesn't matter who wins the popular vote, (just ask President Gore) so why do they track that?

There are 100 counties that decide who the most powerful man on Earth will be
and most of these counties are in OH, PA and FL.

Just give us the news that counts - please?

Send e-mail to Bart

I'm sure the Democrats will file a motion on Nov 3 to ask a judge
to rule that Romney not be allowed to influence the election.

As he does every four years, the judge will rule that
the Democrats waited too long and dismiss their case.

Democrats - they never change.

Subject: Mitt's IRA  (from last issue)


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The Hottest
Halloween costumes 2012 Ideas

Obama has small lead in Ohio


The latest tracking surveys continue to show a remarkably close race between Obama and Thurston,
with Obama leading in crucial battleground states like Ohio that will likely decide the election.

Eight new national tracking polls released since Saturday reinforce the conclusion that the race for president
remains at a near deadlock nationwide. Three of the surveys give a slight edge to Romney, three give the
edge to Obama and two show an exact tie, including the latest from NBC News and the Wall Street Journal.

Can you imagine how horrible it must be to watch a lot of TV in Ohio?

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Subject: Thanks

Bart. I read you every day and enjoy your mysteries and many times I have re-posted
your - I'll call them posters - for want of a better name - on facebook. But the thing I like
the most is the way you are able to call out the monkey shit. You have given me the guts
to call it out when I see it.  Thanks for showing me how to swing a hammer.
Redwood City

Mary, it's easy to argue and win when you're a Democrat.
Chimps can do it - I'm proof of that.

All you have to do is list the facts and the Rethugs look stupid.

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George McGovern, 1922-2012
He was braver than all chickenhawks combined

George S. McGovern was 90 when he died early this morning.

He is best remembered for his disastrous 1972 presidential campaign against Richard Nixon,
in which he only won a majority of votes in Massachusetts and the District of Columbia.
Less than two years after his defeat, however, McGovern saw Nixon wave goodbye as he
was helicoptered away from the White House after resigning in disgrace over Watergate.
One popular bumpersticker of the time read: "Don't blame me, I'm from Massachusetts."
That same year, 1974, McGovern won his third and final term in the U.S. Senate.


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"Something very, very big concerning the president of the United States.
  It’s going to be very big. I know one thing — you will cover it in a very big fashion.”
     --  Trump, desperately trying to get somebody to pay attention to him,    Link

  Hey Donald, grab Sarah Palin's ass the next time she's in public.
  That should get you both some great press.

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Subject: I love early voting

I love early voting. I wish they wouldn't call it absentee voting because the word implies that
early voting is only for people who can't make it on election day. I started voting by mail a
few elections ago and I'm never going back.

What I like about early voting is that I can take my time voting in my own home. I can sit there
with my laptop and do research online while I'm voting. I already know who I'm voting for for president,
but when it comes to the ballot issues I need time to think those through. There are also lesser candidates
like judges and school board members running who I don't know it it allows me the time to make a good choice.
If I want to take a few hours or a few days to vote I can do that.

When I vote at the polls I feel like I need to hurry up and get done so that the people in line aren't waiting on me.
I also have to not vote or skip the elections where I have no idea who these people are running for school board.

Voting at home actually helps those who vote at the polls because when I've already voted, I'm one less person
in line to hold up everyone else. And if you are in an area where there are long slow lines, voting at home might
allow someone else a chance to vote at the polls because that's just one less person standing in line.

It is also good for the county clerk's office because they can start counting the early votes at the beginning
of election day and will have less ballots to count after the polls close. That gets the results out there sooner
so we can all know who won.

So I encourage everyone out there - if you never voted early - try it.
Once you try it you'll be amazed like I was. It's like WOW!
I'm never going back to standing in line again.
 Marc Perkel

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Marty's Entertainment Page
has new stuff
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Marty's TV Listings are the best!

Marty always has good stuff.

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What do Women Really Want?
Abortion, contraception, equal pay, jobs?


What do women want?

Aside from not being relegated to binders (just kidding!), the answer may very well
determine the outcome of the election. And so far, Obama and Romney are banking on
very different sets of priorities held by the women they’re hoping to win – by which we
mean primarily blue-collar, suburban so-called “waitress moms,” who are economically
strapped but also tend to be socially moderate on issues like abortion.

Thurston is hoping that those women care about jobs and not about being raped or forced
to have their rapist's baby. Although he’s been skipping around like a Kansas City Geiger counter,
saying in a recent interview that he did not know of any anti-abortion legislation he would
push for, he’s really urging women to put so-called “women’s issues” on the back burner
and trust that he's not lying like the world says he is.

Whatever women want, they won't get it from Romney unless
what they want is condescension, disdain and being ignored.

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Bartcop's Computer Repair
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We do the repairs magically, over the Net.

Today's Mystery Car


 Best Mystery Car we've had in a long time...

 Subject: last issue's Mystery Car    Link

Hey Bart,
That's a '73 Plymouth Roadrunner.

Beep Beep!
 Kevin of Buffalo

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Tonight, it's Benghazi and Arab Spring
Can Obama successfully defend his inaction?


Benghazi has become the focal point of a fierce debate over what role the United States
should seek to play in shaping the new order emerging from the revolts of the Arab Spring,
an issue that is expected to be a flash point in Monday night’s foreign policy debate.

Yet Benghazi has entered the American political lexicon with contradictory meanings.

To Romney, the city has become shorthand for the growing threat to the United States from
Islamist militants — and what Romney advisers call the Obama administration’s “passivity” in
the face of the menace. To Obama, Benghazi is also the place where moderate Islamists took up arms
to defend American diplomats from extremists, a democratically elected president rushed to express
his solidarity with Washington and thousands turned out to mourn an American envoy.

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Subject: US troops in Afghanistan

Bart, I'm writing about a new set of pictures of our troops in Afghanistan--and the real meaning of the
term GOD, often used by politicians, as stated by Andy Maxwell in the comments--GOD (GAS, OIL DRUGS).

Use this link:

Hang in there, my friend.
Don, Pillar, Shingle Springs 

  Send e-mail to Bart

 Subject: Lance Armstrong

Bart, the USADA is releasing their findings this week or next I think,
so we will soon know more about what they know..  BUT what seems
to be the big deal is not that he passed all of those tests, it is instead
how he managed to do it..  Check this out:   Link

Vince, I'm running late, didn't have time to check the link,
but unless they have video of him, shooting up before a race from a bottle
that says
"STEROIDS" in five-inch high red letters. I doubt I'll believe them.

How do you bust a guy in 2012 for 1999 doping?

What if the cops knocked on your door right now
and said you were driving drunk on New Years in 2002?

How do you prove your innocence?

Seems to me the statute of limitations on doping charges ran out
the day after he took the test that determined his urine was clean.

For some reason, EVERYBODY in cycling wants Armstring taken down
and I'm not hearing any honesty about why.  Maybe it's because everyone
in the world knows who Armstong is and NOBODY knows who #2 is

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Know your Supermodels


 Subject: Last issue's supermodel     Link

Bart, that's Rod Stewart's ex-wife - Rachel Hunter.  I always loved her,

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Today's Wildlife Photo



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Today's Mystery Celebrity Photo 


 Subject: last issue's Mystery Celebrity    Link

Bart, that's Deanna Lund, from a while ago.
  - Mark with no last name

Apparently she was big, back in the day...

Land of The Giants, Batman, etc.

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Today's Mystery City



Subject: last issue's Mystery City    

Bart, it's Salzburg, Austria.


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What is today's History Mystery?


Subject: last issue's History Mystery    Link 

Hey Bart,
That's Papa Hemingway getting a refill, in Pamplona, I'd say, by the bandannas.
 -Brad in Houston

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Subject: donations

Bart:  I've been lurking on your blog for about a year and thought I would provide support.
I live in Georgia, but am commute to Tulsa on a weekly basis for a programming gig at Spirit Aerosystems.

I seem to be the only white male around that isn't a Republican or reactionary.

Kent, thanks for that.
When in Okieland, keep your cards close to your chest and trust no one.

There are too many bumper stickers here that say, "Save America - Hang a Liberal!"


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Serial dater - Katy Perry
This week, it's John Mayer


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