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WELCOME TO BARTCOP.COM A modem, a smart mouth and the truthNews and Commentary NOT Approved by Karl Rove, bcause vicious extremists can NOT be appeased.


Victory Wednesday,  Nov 7,  2012    Vol 2968 - Thanks, Chris

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...

Arrow Thurston goes down in Flames 
WA, CO: YES to Legal POT
World loves Obama victory
Arrow Obama was better gambler
Arrow Bush voted for Obama
Arrow Karl Rove vs FOX News
Arrow Dancing w/ Brooke Burke


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"We lost because Romney wasn't a true conservative."
-- the vulgar Pigboy, who is so mad he's spitting nails today - ha ha

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Hate, Mitt go down in Flames
America shows rare flash of sanity

How did a horrible salesman with an even horribler product get so close?

Was it ever close?
Was Obama 100 electoral votes ahead the whole time?

Was Tally right all along?

Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: Tea Party not working for Republicans

In 2008, Mitch McConnell declared that the number one goal for the Republican Party will be to
make sure that President Obama is a one term president. They had one goal and that failed.
America has suffered because of it. 

Last night America denied McConnell his goal and we reelected President Obama. So now it's time
for Republicans to give up the crazy nonsense and get to work doing their jobs. I'm hoping that
Republicans learn something from this and they follow Governor Chris Christie's example as a
new template for Republican behavior. It's time for Republicans do what's right and argue over
who gets the credit rather than do what's wrong and fight over who gets the blame.
  Marc Perkel

Marc is kidding.
He knows these guys will never change.

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WASH, COLO say YES to Legal POT
Plus, Mass approves pot with prescription


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Subject: Dems elect gay senator

Democrat Rep. Tammy Baldwin will become the first openly* gay U.S. senator, CNN projects.
Baldwin beat former governor Tommy Thompson to win the Senate seat for Wisconsin.

 *Sen. Lindsay Graham (R-Fabulous) is still in the closet.

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Karl Rove vs FOX News
Who do you root for in this fight?


The most exciting matchup of the night was between Karl Rove and the Nazis at Fox News.

A little after 11 p.m., Fox News and every other news outlet called the race for Obama.
Rove, the divisive prick who won two races for the biggest moron in history, didn't buy it.
Rove was in extreme denial that Mitt Romney had lost, saying there were too many outstanding
votes in Ohio to give the state to Obama, tipping the race in his favor.

No one else at Fox took his side. And to prove him wrong, Megyn Kelly put her clothes back on
and walked to the "decision desk" that called the race and interviewed the men in charge.

Their response was essentially that while some counties haven't reported all the Romney votes yet,
there are too many votes unreported in Democratic territory like Cleveland that it wouldn't matter.
"There just aren't enough Republican votes left for Mitt Romney to get there," said Chris Stirewalt.

After a commercial, they came back and Rove was as defensive as ever. Rove was saying that all
the votes in Ohio's Hamilton County needed to be cast. The projection, he said, was a "very early call."

It was Megyn Kelly who turned the page.
"They are not listening to Karl," she said. "They don't care what Karl said."

 ha ha

Does it get any better than that?

Send e-mail to Bart

 Subject:  the World Dodged a Bullet

I reackon the world dodged a bullet today.  Fortunately, they will never understand
the scope of the disaster that would have occurred had Romney won.
I was at the office this afternoon when the news came in that Obama had been re-elected. 
I had tears in my eyes, and I made no effort to disguise it from my co-workers. 
To a man, they were all for Obama!
I am emotionally exhausted, as I am sure you are as well.
Keep on hammering!
  Ron in Australia

 Subject: tweets

Bart, I enjoyed your tweets last night.
Your Megyn Kelly comments were priceless.
You made a great night even better.

Thanks for that.

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Bush is still sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo stupid
Tried to vote Mitt, voted for Obama, instead

"Them Texas ballots is tricky..."


George W. Bush accidentally voted for Barack Obama near his Crawford, TX home.
Bush said he was confused by the instructions on his ballot and mistakenly cast a ballot he intended to discard.
Witnesses say Der Monkey Fuhrer argued with poll workers for several minutes afterwards in a effort
to redo his giant fuck-up, but in accordance with state law they ultimately denied his request.

The embarrassing incident may have gone unnoticed if it weren't for a local newspaper reporter who was in the next booth.
Suzanna Everet of the Waco Times witnessed the entire ordeal and crafted a cunning scheme to make it public.

Barred by ethics rules from using knowledge gained within a polling station, Everett waited for Bush to leave
the facility and ambushed him with a trick question designed to fool him into revealing the news himself:

"Mr. President Fox News  ha ha is reporting that you voted for Obama. Would you care to comment?"
Thinking that his massive fuck-up had already been found out, Bush sought to minimize the damage:
"Yes unfortunately because of the incompetence of the folks who designed the ballot,
my vote counted for the other guy," Bush responded.

ha ha

Isn't that the best story ever? Millions of Texans voted with no problem,
but Bush managed to fuck it up and then he blamed someone else - typical.

Thanks to Miamitrucker02 for the best second-best news of the day.

  Send e-mail to Bart

  Subject: was Diane Sawyer drunk on the air last night?


The excuse:
"Diane’s been up for days and she’s had many sleepless nights. She was covering
the hurricane and then preparing for the election broadcast. If you knew Diane
you’d realize she’s one of the hardest working people on television..."

Yeah, she's so professional, she stayed on the air when she was incoherent.

Send e-mail to Bart

 Subject: What Should They Do Now

I have been watching the news and all the Pundits are asking what happened and what should the
Republicans do to fix there problem. Not one of them has spoke the truth on what they need to do.

Number 1 The Women of this country really dont like a bunch of old fat rich white guys telling them
what they can and can not do with there bodies. LISTEN to the women and stop doing that.

Number 2, You cant take away Health coverage for over 40 million Americans with pre existing conditions
then say they dont deserve to have insurance because the insurance companies arent making enough of a profit.
That really pisses people off.

Number 3 Stop the HATE    If your marriage is so fragile that people of the same sex who love each other
and deserve the same rights as every other citizen has, then you have a pretty shitty marriage. Divorce each other
and find happiness.

Number 4 Stop putting Corp. Profits over people   Nothing much to add to that.

Number 5 whether You like it or not the country is changing there are more educated minorities and guess what:
They VOTE   Stop trying to send their parents back to a place where they can't live a healthy happy life with their
AMERICAN born children.

NUMBER 5 stop trying to force your religion down MY throat, I really dont care what You believe and quite honestly
I think that talking to zombies and ghosts is a little crazy.

Number 6 If You ever get the chance to govern again remember the 300 million people who You are charged
with Governing not the 1% that really dont care anything about You or Your loved ones. You're a pawn in their game
to get more wealth and power period nothing more nothing less.

Number 7 Learn to be gracious and caring. If the pundits would tell them this instead of making excuses for these
PIGS then maybe just maybe they will get the chance to govern again if they stay on the latest course then they
can kiss their GOP ass goodbye.

  Send e-mail to Bart

World loves Obama victory
How can 55 million people be so smart?


"Congratulations to Barack. I've enjoyed working with him, I think he's a very successful
U.S. president and I look forward to working with him in the future."— British PM David Cameron

"Your re-election is a clear choice in favor of an America that is open, unified, completely engaged
in the international scene and conscious of the challenges facing our planet: peace, the economy and
the environment." — French President Francois Hollande.

Pope Benny the Rat sent a message to Obama expressing hope that "ideals of liberty and justice, blah, blah, blah..."
— Vatican spokesman the Rev. Federico Lombardi.

"When you were elected in 2008, you inspired the world with a call to take responsibility for the problems
we face as global citizens. Since then, you have made earnest efforts to live up to that great hope and trust
placed in you by the American public. I believe you have been re-elected now in recognition of that effort."
— the Dalai Lama.

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Today's Mystery Car


 Subject: last issue's Mystery Car    Link

Bart, back in the day...  I had a 1967 Chevy Nova,
Med Blue, black rolled interior, Shock towers cut to fit
a 454 Big-Block, fenderwell headers, 12-bolt 3.73:1 read Turbo 400 auto w/3500 stall-speed convertor.
Doing my best Tim-The-Tool-Man Taylor impersonation and salute.

PS - Nova was the car that replaced the Corvair and my Nova was truly "unsafe and any speed." 
Had Corvair too - Hated Ralph Nader then and even more now.  Wrong about the Corvair - Wrong for Florida.
Keep swinging - Blue in the red state of GA  

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Obama was the better gambler
Romney bet like it was 1984


Barack Obama and Mitt Romney made sharply different bets about who would vote this year.

It turned out that Americans who cast ballots looked collectively much more like what Obama
had envisioned — a diverse tapestry that reflected a changing America — than the whiter, older
electorate Romney had banked on.

Younger voters and minorities came to the polls at levels not far off from the historic coalition
Obama assembled in 2008. The reality caught off-guard Republicans who banked on a more
monolithic voting body sending them to the White House — and who had based their polling on that assumption.

The outcome revealed a stark problem for Republicans:
If they don't stop the hate, they'll never win another election.

The GOP message was hate gays, hate the poor, hate Blacks, hate Mexicans, etc.

There aren't enough old, white Republicans to carry that message in 2012.

  Send e-mail to Bart

Subject:  Election 2012

Dear Bart,
I can't believe how fast the Networks called it for Obama. Makes my cynical ass suspicious.

Don't get me wrong, I wanted Obama to win, but I thought the obvious voter suppression by
the criminal elements of the GOP would result in an Obama loss.  And if Obama were to
somehow win, then the Corporate Media's suck-e-ness would result in a weeks long tizzy
which would further the years long effort of delegitimizing our President.

I am bewildered and befucked by this strange turn of events.
Still, I am pleased!

Love you Bart. Stay strong my brother.
Hammer ON! 

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New Feature:
Spot the Heron


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Know your Supermodels


 Subject: Last issue's supermodel     Link

Bart, that's model and actress Josie Maran, who does loads of ads for Maybelline.
 Joe D, Norristown, PA


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Today's Wildlife Photo



Last Issue's Wildlife Photo


Bart:  Looks like a young squirrel to me. 

That is a Japanese dwarf flying squirrel.

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Today's Mystery Celebrity Photo 


 Subject: last issue's Mystery Celebrity    Link

Bart, that’s Betty Brosmer, the highest paid pin-up girl of the fifties.
  Alice B

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Today's Mystery City



Subject: last issue's Mystery City    

Nobody got Montevideo, the biggest city in Uraguay


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Jesus done crushed my leg
Amputation follows "accident"


A deeply disturned man in New York who believes a church's giant crucifix cured his wife of cancer
had his own leg amputated after the same crucifix collapsed on top of him.

The accident occurred when David Jimenez was cleaning the 600-pound crucifix, which was allegedly
held up by a single screw. Jimenez has been a frequent visitor to the Church of St. Patrick in Newburgh, N.Y.,
where he made regular stops to pray for his wife, who is now cancer-free.

Jimenez's attorney Kevin Kitson says Jimenez is suing the church for $3 million.

Dude, first of all, the Church doesn't have $3M.
All their money goes to payoff and silence their child-rape victims.

Second, aren't you really suing Jesus, who "cured" your wife?

Third, why were you cleaning a statue that belonged to the child-molesters?

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What is today's History Mystery?


Subject: last issue's History Mystery    Link 

Bart, that is the martial arts/Kung Fu maestro Bruce Lee
in aviator sunglasses around the time of the filming of Enter the Dragon.
  Monish in Springboro, OH

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Still listening to the fuming Pigboy.

He just can't believe they lost.

"Romney was at 52% in the Gallup Poll over the weekend!
 All the victory signs were there for us!!"

 ha ha

Suck it, Pigfoy.

 Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: donations

Thank you BC. Was going to do this on my birthday later this month,
but decided today was better. Don't need any stickers. Just thank you.
 Steve in columbus ohio

Steve, thanks for that.


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