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WELCOME TO BARTCOP.COM A modem, a smart mouth and the truthNews and Commentary NOT Approved by Karl Rove, bcause vicious extremists can NOT be appeased.


Weekend-Monday,  Nov 16-19,  2012    Vol 2974 - Candy Tangerine

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...

Arrow Petraeus Testifies, McCain Quiet
Can Republicans Evolve?
GOP wants fewer Todd Akins
Arrow Gingrich: "Romney is nuts"
Arrow New Mexico's Killing Contest
Arrow Karl Rove, big fat ...criminal?
Arrow Former JAG-ger  Catherine Bell


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"Republicans need to stop making assumptions, and they need to start talking to younger people,
  people of color, and ask them--not talk to them--ask them, What is it that we can do better?
  How do we earn your vote? How do we earn the ability for you to see that we can be the party
  that will make your life better and that of your children?"

--  New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez, (R-Sane) proving how
           out-of-touch she is with the party of snarling dogs          

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Petraeus Testifies, McCain Shuts Up
 by Joe Conason


On Friday the Republican politicians who had so angrily demanded the testimony of David Petraeus
about Benghazi got what they wanted - and what they deserved - when the former CIA director set
forth the facts proving that their conspiracy theories and witch-hunts are dead wrong.
Appearing behind closed doors on Capitol Hill, Gen. Petraeus answered questions from legislators
concerning the tragic Sept. 11 assault that left Ambassador Chris Stevens and three others dead.
When the session concluded, Petraeus was spirited away. And Senator John McCain (R-Depends),
whose criticism of the Obama administration over Benghazi has verged on hysterical, emerged from
the hearing room with very little to say to the reporters waiting outside.

I don't under stand why McCain is so hysterical over this.
I heard 12 hours of CNN/MSNBC Friday and nobody there has a clue, either.

The explanation might be as simple as McCain wants
to get a head start on Biggest Asshole of 2013.

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Can Republicans Evolve?

Or is that against everything they stand for?


“We’ve lost the country. We’re outnumbered and we are losing ground.” So railed flaming
gasbag Rush Limbaugh after Obama put Romney on the roof of his limo. Limbaugh, the lying,
Nazi whore, was ready to start gobbling pills again when Obama won handily in both the
electoral and popular ass klicking.
Self-deluders like Limbaugh and Karl Rove seemed positively gobsmacked and poleaxed by
Obama’s victory, and Charles Krauthammer — a Fox News psychiatrist — jokingly offered
his fellow conservatives “prescriptions for anyone who needs them right now.”  Krauthammer’s
conservative cohort seem to suffer from “Obama Derangement Disorder.”
While many on the right engaged in hand-wringing and hissy fits after Romney's reaming at
the polls, GOP strategist Alex Castellanos warned of “a repudiation of the Republican party”
and crazy handjob Bill Kristol conceded that “it won’t kill the country” if taxes are raised on
American millionaires and billionaires.

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 Subject: to Ed in Mesa, AZ

Hey Ed in Mesa, AZ,
Nothing personal, but try straightening out your own state's problems before coming after Floriduh.
Some of us who live here work very hard every election to either keep or elect Democrats in office.
Right now, I don't know who's worse, your Gov. Bone Finguhhhh, or our Gov. Freddie Krueger.
  Doug in DeLand, FL

"You don't talk to white people that way..."

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GOP wants fewer Todd Akins


In the wake of the GOP’s Election Day beatdown, influential Republican senators say
enough’s enough: Party leaders need to put the kibosh on the kind of savage primaries
that yielded candidates like Todd "legitimate rape" Akin — and crippled Republican
prospects of taking the Senate in two straight election cycles.

It’s time, they say, for Washington bosses to be more assertive about recruiting and then
defending promising candidates. They argue that it’s critical to start enlisting local conservative
activists as allies and to ease the tea party versus Washington dynamic that’s wreaked havoc on the party.
All easier said than done, of course. Tea party types have relished showing the chosen
candidates of the Washington establishment a thing or two — and it’s hard to see them
laying down arms overnight. But after a sure-bet election in 2012 turned into an electoral
disaster, Republicans say resolving their primary problem is, well, their primary problem.

So, the inside-the-beltway GOP brass know your area better than you do?

I thought they said local control was always better.

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 Subject: If Hostess was smarter....sigh.....


Yes, Hostess has asked to "go out of business" and have an asset sale where they
sell off everything the company owns--including brand names--for pennies on the dollar. 

What do you want to bet the CEO, together with whoever has been funding his obscenely
high salary, shows up and buys all the corporate assets, to use them at a "new" company? 

Believe it or not, there are actually businesses that have this as their business plan;
they start out, make money, pay their top officers well, accrue debt,
increase their officers' salaries, then go bankrupt (canceling their debts). 

They then show up at the asset sale and buy back everything for around
10% of its value, and start a new company doing the exact same thing.

Obviously, either the corporate bankruptcy laws need to be changed or the Supreme
Court needs to rescind its rulings that corporations have the same rights as people.

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Gingrich: "Romney is nuts"


Like several other prominent Republicans, Newt the serial adulterer slammed Mitt Romney's
assertion in a conference call with donors last week that he lost the election because of "gifts"
Obama gave to blacks, Hispanics and younger voters during his first term in the White House.

"It's nuts," Gingrich admitted on ABC's "This Whore" with Judas Maximus.
"First of all, it's insulting. This would be like Wal-Mart having a bad week and going,
'The customers have really been unruly.' I mean, the job of a political leader in part is to
understand the people. If we can't offer a better future that is believable to more people,
we're not going to win."

Last week, the cheating nutjob admitted he was "dumbfounded" by Obama's victory
--and Romney's poor performance at the polls.

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 Subject: see your (or any) home

A U.S. Social association created this little entertainment:
You need to type the address in the magic ball (Number, Street, City or Post code)
( or an address anywhere in the world) and shake it... The house appears in the snow.

  Shake the Ball

 It works - try it.

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Today's Mystery Car


 Subject: last issue's Mystery Car    Link

Hey Bart, I'm sure that's a 1955 Chevy Nomad.
It was my favorite hot wheel car when I was a kid. It was even the same color.

From one of the densely populated blue counties in Florida.
Solitaire Steve

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"Quit despising the American people, particularly because a lot
  of what they're despising them for are Republican policies.
      --  George Will (R-Moron) advising Romney to STFU          Link


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New Mexico's Killing Contest
Let's kill some coyotes and call it a f-ing sport


A gun store-sponsored competition in which hunters shoot and kill as many coyotes as they can
has sparked outrage among activists in New Mexico who have called it a "heinous killing contest."

Animal Protection of New Mexico posted a petition on its website, rallying against the contest,
which is sponsored by Gunhawk Firearms of Los Lunas.

"The organizers of the contest have consistently claimed that any criticism of this event is an
infringement upon gun-ownership rights and hunting privileges," Animal Protection of New Mexico
wrote on its website. "However, on our petition against the contest, over a third of signees have
self-identified as gun owners, and a tenth are hunters or anglers."

Mark Chavez, owner of Gunhawk Firearms says he planned to destroy 50 coyotes and sell the pelts
for $50 each, with the money going to a scholarship fund for some unnamed "agriculture student."

"This is not a waste," Chavez alleged. "I would like to raise about $2,500.
I think that would be a nice scholarship for someone."

Well sure, poacher, that makes your random killings not a waste.
Then tomorrow you could kill some snow leopards and sell their coats.

Why do some men like to kill animals for a hobby?

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Know your Supermodels


 Subject: Last issue's supermodel     Link

Nobody got Rebecca Romijn?

She was married to John Stamos and currently to Jerry O'Connell.
She was in three X-Men movies and Ugly Betty and Just Shoot Me.


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Today's Wildlife Photo



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Today's Mystery Celebrity Photo 


 Subject: last issue's Mystery Celebrity    Link

Bart, that's Michael Caine & Nancy (boots are walkin) Sinatra
  Paul in Carlsbad

 Nancy Sintra was quite a package back then...

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Subject: Bart, I have an offer for you 

Yo Bart,

Semi-good news.  Got the bill from the Mayo clinic for the spine surgery and the insurance
covered nearly everything.  So I have an extra $250 to donate.
I will match anyones donation up to that amount in the next 10 days

That should get folks attention and maybe move them to get going.
I do all donations anonymously.  So just say I am just a long time fan.

You have done a great job inspiring all of us out here in the informed electorate. 
I tell everyone of my friends about your site.  BTW, good idea of the Amazon tie in.

I will send the $250 by Paypal in the next few days.

Keep hammering and hang in there, you are an inspiration to
the majority of the sane folks out here on the internet.

  Long time fan

Long time fan - thanks for that.
That's the biggest donation I've had in many years.

Fundraiser to Keep Going

It's been a while since we had a fund-raiser.
Subscribers are way off, donations are way down, but we still have a lot of readers.

Back in the old days, when people had jobs, we raised $6,000 once.
Today, I'd be satisfied with a $2,000 fund-raiser.

(It kills me to see other Lefty sites appeal for money:
 "We need $30,000 by Friday - can you help?") is worth saving, right?

Times are tough, and I realize people can't contribute like they used to
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Even the purchases on are down - waaaay down.
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I will make you this promise: I won't disappear suddenly.
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Today's Mystery City



Subject: last issue's Mystery City    

Bart, that's San Juan, Puerto Rico. 


Send e-mail to Bart

Karl Rove, big fat ...criminal?


The non-partisan Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) filed complaints
Thursday with both the FEC and the FBI alleging that Karl Rove and his bullshit Crossroads GPS
violated election law and may have engaged in a criminal conspiracy to do so.
Under campaign finance law and FEC regulations, 501(c)(4) groups, like Crossroads GPS, can raise
unlimited funds from wealthy individuals and corporations without having to disclose their donors.
The only time donors to these secretive groups must be disclosed is when donors give more than
$200 explicitly "for the purpose of furthering an independent expenditure."
According to CREW, Rove expressly asked for and received millions of dollars in contributions
specifically to fund an independent expenditure effort in support of Ohio loser Rethug Josh Mandel:

Tara Malloy, senior counsel at the Campaign Legal Center, told ThinkProgress:
"The allegations are troubling… One would hope the FEC might investigate this matter."
Crossroads GPS may also be in hot water for its apparent failure
to register as a charity in Virginia, as required by law.

Best way to handle? Throw that bastard Rove behind bars until authorities
list and catagorize his crimes to see which charges need to be filed.

  Send e-mail to Bart

AT in Stanchfield, MN sent a donation and asked
if I'd run a picture of her Abyssinian children.

Do you have a cute pet that everyone needs to see?

What is today's History Mystery?   


Subject: last issue's History Mystery    Link 


That's Rolling Stone Brian Jones and Jimi Hendrix at Monterey Pop, June 1967. 
I was there, saw Brian introduce Jimi's Experience, and was totally mind-blown by
the performance and Jimi burning his guitar at the end of Wild Thing. 

I actually also saw them walking together too, with the crowd creating
a space around them like the bigger than life idols they were. 

I always wondered what real beer drinker Brian thought of that Budweiser he had.
 Matthew in El Granada, CA

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Send me a photo of your gas prices.

Subject: donations

Bart, here's $50 for your fundraiser.
Sheesh, if you can find only 119 more people to donate $50, you'll have $6,000.
Surely there are that many people who can afford it as a
token of gratitude for getting us through the Bush years??
 Sam D

Sam, thanks for that.
$50 is a lot of money in tough times...


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Former JAG-ger  Catherine Bell

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