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Wednesday   Jan-16,  2013    Vol 2999 - Juke Girl

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...

Arrow Obama Outwits the GOP Right
Time to Grow Up, GOP
Clooney's Tequila =  Horny
Arrow GOP doesn't trust the GOP
Arrow Let's Lie about Pot
Arrow Amazon Helps Tequila Treehouse
Arrow Vamp Slayer - Sarah M. Gellar


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"We in the media rarely lie to you."

    -- John Stossel, one of the biggest liars at FOX News,    Link

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Obama Outwits the GOP Right
   by Gene Lyons


I’m persuaded that the budgetary hostage crisis currently obsessing the nation’s capital
holds little fascination for the general public. Wasn’t that what last month’s “fiscal cliff”
deal was all about? Government by televised melodrama appears to be losing its ability
to hold the nation in thrall.
To start with, there have been too many of the damn things. Promoted for ratings-building
purposes by cable news networks, by politicians eager to garner TV face time, and by
Pundit-Americans to enhance our own self-importance, these theatrical showdowns have
succeeded mainly in undermining respect for democratic institutions.
Too bad, because if Obama keeps playing his cards right amid Republican bluffing and
liberal panic, the outcome of the upcoming debt-ceiling showdown could end up restoring
that respect, if only in the sense of reminding everybody of something he said in 2009:
elections do, indeed, have consequences.

Translation: Obama is no longer folding winning hands.
In case after case, the facts were always on his side, but then he'd surrender for no reason.

He's stopped doing that (at least lately) so maybe that will continue.

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Time to Grow Up, GOP
by that idiot Jonah Goldberg


A conservative journalist or activist can now make a decent living while never once
bothering to persuade a liberal. Telling people only what they want to hear has become
a vocation. Worse, it's possible to be a rank-and-file conservative without once being
exposed to a good liberal argument.

Ironically, the institution in which conservatives had their greatest success is the one
most besieged by conservatives today: the Republican Party.

The Rockefeller Republicans were purged from the GOP decades ago.
In 1960, Sen. Barry Goldwater proclaimed, "Let's grow up, conservatives!"

It's still good advice. It's not that the GOP isn't conservative enough, it's that it isn't
tactically smart or persuasive enough to move the rest of the nation in a more conservative
direction. Moreover, thanks in part to the myth that all that stands between conservatives
and total victory is a philosophically pure GOP, party leaders suffer from a debilitating
lack of trust -- some of it well earned -- from the rank and file.

But politics is about persuasion, and a party consumed by the need to prove its purity
to its base is going to have a very hard time proving anything else to the rest of the country.

I have no idea what that idiot Jonah Goldberg is trying to say.
I read the column several times but it never made sense - so why run it?

I enjoy running the toon of his mother being LBJ's Monica.

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Clooney's Tequila makes You Horny
No Anejo yet, but he's trying...
  Link  < See Clooney's Bed-Hopping Video

George Clooney just got busted in bed with Cindy Crawford ... in an ad for his new tequila.
The actor teamed up with longtime friend Rande Gerber – husband of supermodel Crawford
– to develop the new tequila, Casamigos.

Clooney and Gerber’s idea to develop a liquor brand was indeed born from many tequila-filled
nights among friends. Casamigos translates to getting away with buddies.
“We love tequila,” Clooney and Gerbar said. “On the rocks, by the shot, at times straight from the bottle.”

BTW, George, your bottle sucks.
You have to get a bottle that looks like a tequila bottle.

We can't get Casamigoes in Oklahoma - can you, the reader, get some in your town?

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Subject: Emancipation Proclamation

Bart, you wrote:

> Maybe it's time women had their own Emancipation Proclamation.

do you actually think it would be passed by Congress or signed by a male president???


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Today's Sarah Palin Nude Photo


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Subject: Lance Armstrong

Lance is totally fucked.
A while back a British newspaper did a story that he was doping,
and he said they were lying and sued. And won something like $500,000.00.

They are now filing suit aginst him for 1.5 million dollars,
and if the dumbass confessed on tv, it looks like a slam dunk.
Good riddance.
  Sergio in Akron

Lance is more fuct than you know. He signed a $12M deal with the Post Office
(think feds) that had a clause that said he would be dope-free.

He's offered them $5M to settle.

Who's giving Lance career advice - Janet Jackson?

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GOP doesn't trust the GOP
 by some idiot named John Hawkins


Movement conservatives often don't feel represented by the Republican Party.
It's a natural reaction to the Republican establishment that has its hands welded
to many of the GOP's levers of power. The Republican Party may be mostly
conservative, but there are a multitude of reasons that you can't trust the
establishment Republicans as far as you can throw them.

1) They have supreme confidence without supreme competence.
2) They always prefer moderates to conservatives.
3) They stick with the same failed leaders - Bitch and Boner - why?
4) They're incessantly looking for excuses to jettison conservative principles.
5) The Republican establishment doesn't produce results.
6) Where's the urgency? Where's the fight?
7) They don't represent the values of conservatives in key areas. Ronald Reagan
actually compromised quite a bit with the Democrats. So, why do conservatives today
revere Reagan, but not trust the establishment Republicans when they want to compromise?
Simple; conservatives knew Ronald Reagan was one of us and had our best interests at heart.
The same can't be said of Mitch McConnell, John Cornyn, Peggy Noonan, Kathleen Parker,
John Boehner, David Frum, Mike Murphy, Steve Schmidt, Joe Scarborough, John McCain,
Lindsey Graham, Reince Priebus, Karl Rove, David Brooks, Megan McCain, Bob Dole,
Chris Christie, Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush

Maybe this John Hawkins isn't as big an idiot as I thought.

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Subject: fund-raising with art
If you want to sell any cartoon that you have run on the site, I will send them an autographed original.

Wo;f. thanks - that's a lot of toons.

Here are four of Wolf's latest toons.

So, what would you bid for this Wolf Grulkey original art?

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Let's Lie about Pot
by Paid-to-Lie Rachel Alexander


Legalizing marijuana is not so black and white of a decision as its supporters claim.
Marijuana legalization proponents claim that marijuana is not dangerous like alcohol.
The facts reveal otherwise.

There is not one chance in 10,000 that that statement is true.
That's one big problem the GOP hasd: When you get caught lying,
some people remember and they refuse to trust you next time.
Think I'm kidding? Ask President Romney.

15 percent of shock-trauma patients who were injured in car accidents had marijuana
in their blood, and another 17 percent had both marijuana and alcohol in their blood.

So, if you're stoned and riding a bus, and the bus is in an accident, blame pot?
She didn't say DRIVERS had pot in their system, "patients" did.

33% of fatally injured drivers who were tested for drug use had drugs in their system;

"Drug use?"  You mean like the vulgar Pigboy's Oxycotin?
How does Pigboy using Oxy affect marijuana use?

Marijuana is the second most commonly found psychoactive substance among drivers
after alcohol. In 2009, 376,000 emergency room visits nationwide involved marijuana.

I don't believe this liar.
ER visits "involved" marijuana?

There is a strong correlation between marijuana use and crime.

If that's true, it's only because pot is still (mostly) illegal.
If you bust someone for having a joint, that's a  "crime" that involves pot.

60% of those arrested across the U.S. test positive for marijuana.

I don't believe that, either.
If you get busted for say, burglary, they test you for pot?
I'm not buying it.

This isn't just crime related to drug use, there is a positive correlation
between chronic marijuana use and increased risk of violent behavior.

Pure horseshit - absolutely pure.

In fact, there is a stronger correlation between property crimes and frequent
marijuana use than there is with alcohol use or other illegal drug use...

This has descended into farce - but it proves one point:
Republicans refuse to live happy lives.
Their goal is to find someone who's happy with life and rail against them.

GOP views are being rejected in droves at the voting booth and their choices
are to knock off the hate and possibly win more elections or double-down on
the hate and continue to lose - which is what I'm certain they will do.

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Today's Mystery Car


 Subject: last issue's Mystery Car    Link

Bart, the car is a 1968 (390 cubic inch) Highland Green Mustang
replica of the car Steve McQueen made famous in the movie "Bullitt".

I watched "Bullitt" live and in person at a theater in Tulsa, Oklahoma back in the day.

"Bullitt" had the best movie car chase scene at that time, and maybe of all time. a 19 Sedan.

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Know Your Classics


 Subject: last issue's Classic    Link

Hey, Bart,

It's the first line from Rebecca, by Daphne Du Maurier,
  Rob L


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Remember, Jan 19th is Gun Masturbation Day

Today's Don't Look Down Picture


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Know your Supermodels


 Subject: Last issue's supermodel     Link

Nobody got Richard Gere's wife, former Law & Order star Carey Lowell?

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Today's Wildlife Photo



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Today's Mystery Celebrity Photo 


 Subject: last issue's Mystery Celebrity    Link

Nobody got _____ _____?

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Today's Mystery City



Subject: last issue's Mystery City    

Last issue's Mystery City was Monte Carlo.
  Mark with no last name

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What is today's History Mystery?   


Subject: last issue's History Mystery    Link 

Bart, that is Marlon Brando, being made up to play “Don” Corleone
in the Francis Ford Coppola (seated background) movie classic, “The Godfather.”
  Phillip in Saco

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Vamp Slayer - Sarah Michelle Gellar

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