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WELCOME TO BARTCOP.COM A modem, a smart mouth and the truthNews and Commentary NOT Approved by Karl Rove, bcause vicious extremists can NOT be appeased.


March 19, 2013    Vol 3029 - Bidarka

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...

Arrow 'New GOP' Falls on it's Face
Bill O's Ugly Catholic Divorce
Big Medicine Plays Us for Suckers
Arrow Lindsey Vonn with ...Eldrick?
Arrow The ALASKA Trip Report  Pt 1
Arrow Amazon Helps Tequila Treehouse
Arrow Hot mess defined - Amanda Bynes


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“HISTORY channel has the highest respect for President Obama. The series was
  produced with an international and diverse cast of respected actors. It's unfortunate
  that some asshole made this false connection."
      --  The History Channel talking about Glenn Beck    Link

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'New GOP' Falls on it's Face
Rance Priebus doesn't know what to do

"On the one hand, we're screwed...

...and on the other hand we're screwed."

  The Whore AP

This was to be a roadmap for a new, more inclusive GOP: attract minority voters, support
immigration reform and embrace "welcoming and inclusive" attitudes on gay rights.
But minutes after unveiling the proposal on Monday, the party chairman distanced himself
from it, and some conservatives and tea partyers balked.

It all illustrated the GOP's precarious balance as it works to unite battling factions.

"This is not my report," GOP chairman Reince Priebus told reporters, describing the contents
as simply recommendations by a five-person panel - even though he was the person who had
commissioned the self-audit after the party lost five of the last six popular votesl. He made the
comments immediately after declaring Monday "Day One" of the party's push to change perceptions
the audit uncovered - that the GOP is "narrow minded," ''out of touch" and "full of assholes."

Conservative and tea party criticism was immediate, a sign that the prescriptions may end up
widening existing divides rather than building new bridges in an evolving GOP.

ha ha

Don't you just love it?

They have to change - but they can't.
They have to stay on the road to Loserville or their crazy base will desert them.

The GOP's future needs to include abortion rights and gay rights - but they won't allow such
"abominations" so they have no connection to today's voters.  The future is passing them by.

A shot of Chinaco to the death of the GOP dinosaurs.

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 Subject: Glad you're back


Glad you and the Mrs. are back. 
Missed your page while you were gone. 
Hope you had a great time in Palinslovakia.

Bluedeer, thanks for that.
Palinlovakia actually has some nice scenery.

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Midnight - 3 AM

Bill O's Ugly Catholic Divorce

Will he bribe them like Teddy K did?


Fox liar Bill O’Reilly has been in a nasty custody battle for the better part of two years,
and the animosity between O’Reilly and his ex-wife Maureen McPhilmy appears to have
reached a boiling point. Gawker says O'Reilly is dragging the Catholic Church into the mess.
ha ha
Nothing like having gay child molesters helping with your ugly divorce.

O’Reilly has been going to extreme lengths to punish his ex-wife, including barring
McPhilmy from accepting communion at her Catholic church.

They didn't say how he got that power...

As a result of their separation, courts declared that O’Reilly and McPhilmy needed a
therapist to “act as a neutral mediator” says Gawker. But O’Reilly put the crooked therapist,
Lynne Kulakowski, on his payroll. His lawyer did not deny these charges in court.

Yes, we should drag alllll of this liar's personal problems into the spotlight.

Let's do to O'Reilly what they did to Clinton back in 1998.

...and is there some way we can get Nancy Grace involved?

   "All men are guilty pigs!"

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Big Medicine Plays Us for Suckers
by Gene Lyons

In Steven Brill’s Time magazine article, it’s the staggeringly expensive, grotesquely inefficient
and inhumane way Americans pay for medical care.
“In the U.S.,” Brill reminds us, “people spend almost 20 percent of the gross domestic product
on health care, compared with about half that in most developed countries. Yet in every measurable
way, the results our health care system produces are no better and often worse than the outcomes
in those countries.”
Obamacare or no Obamacare, ever-increasing prices show few signs of abating. For all the fear
and uncertainty the president’s health insurance reform will eliminate from people’s lives, it’s
almost incidental to the overall question of costs.
Moreover, had the law attempted to seriously restrain profiteering hospital chains,
pharmaceutical companies and medical equipment manufacturers that Brill depicts
as largely responsible for the current morass, there’s no way it could have passed.

If you have time, Gene's articles are always worth reading in their ertirety.


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Subject: you are wrong about drones


Brew wrote back but I ran out of time.
Look for this feature to continue next issue.

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Lindsey Vonn with ...Eldrick?
Vonn to get $200M up-front from Eldrick
Rihanna says, "How could you?"
Bart says: "Gag me with the Big Dipper!"


If there is one thing Tiger Woods is great at, it's golf.

ha ha
Stop it!

If there is one other thing, it's keeping his private life extremely private.

ha ha
Stop it!

Woods posted pictures of himself and Lindsey Vonn, saying:
Something nice that's happened off the course was meeting Lindsey Vonn. Lindsey and I
have been friends for some time, but over the last few months we have become very close
and are now dating. We thank you for your support and for respecting our privacy

Yes, we all respect Mr. Showboat's privacy.
We all respect Mr. "Girl in every port" Woods.

What do you think Tiger told her?   "That's the old me?"

I can't say for sure, but I'll bet once you've had a decade or two of your choice
of any woman at the party, leaving that lifestyle behind is a real Lynn Cheney.

Good luck with him, Lindsey

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Alaska Trip Report - Part One


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Know Your Classics


 Subject: last issue's Classic    Link

Bart, that's the first line of "The Red Badge of Courage" by Stephan Crane.
  Tom C

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Today's Scary Don't Look Down Picture


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Life would be so much easier...
Chris G

Yes, but there's no money to be made
with two common sense "commandments."

Remember, the NRA isn't in the gun business,
they're in the money-making business.

FOX News isn't in the news business,
they're in the money-making business.

Religions aren't trying to get you to Heaven,
they're in the money-making business
(with a little rape on the side.)

Know your Supermodels


 Subject: Last issue's supermodel     Link

Bart, that’s Claudia Schiffer, who was David Copperfield’s beard for a few years.
 ~ Tony in Philly

Did everyone know Copperfield was gay but me?

I remember Copperfirled once made the Great Wall of China disappear.
Actually, he just turned the Great Wall camera off, but some people bought it!

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Dax and Cat Tricks

I realize everybody has an adorable pet who does cute things.
We have two cats, Rusty and Dax.

Mrs Bart suggested the name Dax when then told us he was a pterodactyl.
No, wait, they said he was a polydactyl

That means he's a Rembrandt cat with six thumbs and seven toes.

We adopted him as a special needs kitty - you see, ...he'd lived ...a life in kitty porn.
Yes, it's true, we saw the evidence ourselves...

It didn't matter, we love him no matter what.

But now he has a new trick and that's what I'm writing about.
I've only known five cats well, but Dax has the most incredible timing.

When we approach the refrigerator and open the door, there he is - IN the refrigerator.
He times his jump perfectly and it seems as tho he's been in the frig all day.

Finding your cat inside the refrigerator can be startling after a cocktail or two.

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True, Bush/Cheney couldn't steal billions in peacetime
so they phoneyed up that war that killed 5,000 soldiers.

Today's Wildlife Photo



Send e-mail to Bart

 Subject: Drones


What no one seems to be mentioning is that we have officially declared war on Al Qaida,
and that during times of war the President has powers beyond normal times.  The only
difference here is that we have declared war on an enemy that is not a nation, but an
international group working from many different locations; and there are known American
Citizens who are part of this group.  Before we joined WWII there were many German
Americans who wanted us to support the Nazis instead of the British!    Link

Charles Lindbergh was one of them.

If people do not want the President to be able to kill ‘randomly’ around the world – trying his
best to not risk American troops and to minimize collateral damage, just declare the war over. 
People talk about this like during any time frame can the President execute so and so… 
But we are officially at war, and the rules differ during times of war.

During WWII, once we joined that war, people suspected of helping the enemy could be detained,
or executed, without question.  Yes what was done to the Japanese in California was wrong, and
after the war was over there was an investigation and people were punished, but if while in Germany
or France some American was caught diverting munitions or plans to the enemy, they could be killed
without reprimand.

Rand Paul wasted time getting the answer – no, an American not in combat on American soil
would not be executed…  But no one seems to me to be connecting the fact that we are at war
to the scenarios of when it is OK to kill Al Qaida members.  I think the best solution is to end the
war on terror, which was started under Bush Jr., and let the domestic police force be in charge of
policing attempted acts of terrorism locally, with coordination through the FBI and/or the CIA. 

They have already blocked many terrorist’s plots both before and after 9/11. 
But (I wish people would) stop trying to claim the President does not
have the authority granted to all Presidents during times of war.


Israel, it's hard to take your opinions seriously
because you failed to call me Hitler or Cheney :)

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Today's Mystery Celebrity Photo 


She's someone you know....

 Subject: last issue's Mystery Celebrity    Link

Bart, that's Lisa Hartmann, the former Mrs. Clint Black (and Knots Landing star).
(Doesn't ANYBODY in showbiz stay together or in love?!)
Hammer on, Bart! Looking forward to the ALASKA TRIP REPORT.
(Glad you're back, brother. You definitely were missed!)
Gino in Isanti, MN

Subject: Issue 3027's Mystery Celebrity    Link

Bart, the picture is of Gloria DeHaven and not Aunt Bea.

Here is the proof:

Dr. David,
Psychoanalyst  regrets the error.

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Today's Mystery City



Subject: last issue's Mystery City    

Bart, that is Anchorage Alaska with a little color help from the photographer.
  Mark with no last name

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Name the Star AND their Mystery Car


 Subject: last issue's Mystery Car    Link

Bart, that’s John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara in a 1914 Stutz Bearcat.
  Rick P

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What is today's History Mystery?   


Subject: last issue's History Mystery    Link 

Bart, that's Johannes Dietrich Eckart, Hitler's mentor.

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Hot mess defined - Amanda Bynes
Bi-polar or just self delusional?

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