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March 21-22, 2013    Vol 3031 - Dicey hot

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...

Arrow Why Women hate the GOP
Hillary Crushes Rubio In FLA
Feds Almost Shot Ahmahandjob
Arrow GOP Caving on Immigration
Arrow Jimmy Fallon to Replace Leno
Arrow Amazon Helps Tequila Treehouse
Arrow Tennis Great - Anna Kournikova


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“Twitter is now 7! Only six more months it would be eligible
  for President Newt Gingrich's child janitors program."
      --  LOLGOP in a tweet

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...but have you ever heard a Democrat mention that?
If only we could get them to list the damn facts.

Why Women hate the GOP
As if you have no clue...


On Monday, the GOP released a report detailing the reasons for the party’s 2012 defeat
and posits strategies for winning future elections. It is clear that the GOP attributes its
loss to a failure in style, not substance. The report details the party’s inability to reach
women, immigrants, young people, and people of color.

In other words, everyone but wealthy white straight men.

It largely ignores the possibility that what motivated voters to give Obama a second term
was an aversion to the GOP’s outdated vision for the nation.

They ignored this, too.

For non-mothers, the biggest thing to enter their uterus is a probe forced
in there by an overbearing Republican party - but they want your vote.

Acknowledging that Obama won the single women’s vote by a “whopping 36 percent,”
the report suggest ways the party can be more inclusive of this critical voting bloc:
Making a better effort to listen to female voters before telling them to shut the fuck up:
fighting against the Democratic rhetoric against the “so-called War on Women”;
stopping the War on Women would help to accomplish that;  doing a better job
communicating the GOP’s policies and employing female spokespeople to do it;
and using Women’s History Month to “remind voters of the GOP's historical role
in advancing the women’s rights movement.”

That reminds me of the vulgar Pigboy.
Whenever today's GOP takes steps that hurt Black voters, Rush says,
"But remember, Lincoln the Republican freed the slaves 150 years ago."

But all Rush was doing was remind Blacks that it's been 150 years since the
GOP did anything to help the Blacks, but he still considers that a smart move.

They hate women, they hate Blacks, they hate the poor and they hate Latinos
and they can't figure out why the people they rail against won't vote for them.

If she runs, Hillary could win even in they catch her with a dead girl.

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 Subject: Alaska Trip

Bart, did you see Russia while you were in Alaska?

Geo, no matter what Pub Ho claims, you can't see Russia from mainland Alaska
but we saw mile-high, snow-covered mountains "floating" in the ocean that looked like icebergs.

I'll work on the Trip Report after I finish today's issue.

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I think everyone needs a nuclear device that tells weather.

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...but Iraq wasn't a year from having nukes.

Hillary Crushes Rubio In FLA

She's ahead 22 points with FL Hispanics


Many Republicans no doubt hope that Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fake Resume) will help the party
make inroads among Hispanic voters and turn Florida red in 2016 after losing in the last two
presidential elections. A new poll suggests that Hillary could easily kick his ass in 2016.

Fifty-two percent of Florida voters prefer Clinton 41 percent gave the nod to the liar.
Hillary draws a big boost from Hispanic voters in the state, crushing Rubio 57 to 35 percent.
Clinton also kicked Jeb's ass in the poll by 32 points among in-state Hispanics and 11 points
among voters overall.  Clinton is much more personally popular in Florida, particularly among
Hispanics, than either Rubio or Bush.  Obama beat Romney by 21 in the Hispanic vote.

But does she want the job?

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 Subject: Michelle Shocked

Michelle Shocked is crazy.  Not in the wild sense, but in the mentally ill sense.

 Carol B

I've heard her name, but Idon't know any of her songs.
But sure, anyone who'd go to San Francisco and start screaming "God hates fags"

probably has a lot more problems than the public is aware of.

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Feds Almost Shot Ahmahandjob
I guess it wasn't our turn to get lucky


In September 2006, during the UN General Assembly, Der Monkey's daily intelligence brief
contained a particularly chilling item. It scared the hell out of the White House officials cleared
to read it.  It began, “A U.S. Secret Service agent, in an apparent accident, discharged his shotgun
as Iranian President Ahmahandjob was loading his motorcade at his hotel yesterday.”

The agent was adjusting the side-mounted shotgun on one of the motorcade’s cars when it discharged.
“Everyone just stopped. The Iranians looked at us and we looked at the Iranians. The agent began to
Ahmahandjob just turned his head and got into his car.” And that was it.
The Iranians told no one. Their silence led several White House aides to begin to see
in a new light. Here was evidence that maybe Iran was acting strategically, and therefore cautiously.

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 Subject: Not Hate Mail about Jodi Arias Trial

Bart, you hit that one on the head.  We're allowed to have "News" on in the office during the work day,
and HLN is what my coworkers choose to listen to, and it's been nothing but hate for Jodi. 

I know she did it, she admitted it, but that crime was not "1st degree murder".  That was a unplanned,
unpremeditated rage fueled assault, whether in desperate self defense or as a jealous fit I don't know. 

Jail her for 2nd degree murder, get the poor woman some psych counseling, and by the ten billion
names of Gawd put some actual news that might actually affect my life on, HLN!
Be Seeing You,
 Hawker Hurricane

Figuring someone might check it out, I turned on HLN after I hit "send" yesterday.

First thing I saw was they had footage of Casey Anthony (is that her name?) crying on the stand
and along side that, they put up footage of Jodi Arias crying on the stand with the words,
"These two criers are liars."

And like I wrote yesterday, they went from one panelist to the next and they all agreed the
dirty c-word needs to rot in hell.

Remember where Nancy Grace got her big shot at stardom?

It was the Scott Peterson trial, and every day Larry King would have Nancy Grace and some
other hyenas on to slander Scott Peterson BUT they also had on my good friend Mark Geregos
and every time Grace got done lying and slurring, Mark would laugh and ask her what planet
she was from and then Geregos would explain the many lies and exaggerations Grace told,
but on HLN, her lies and exaggerations go unrefuted and, thus, they are true.

Trust me, FOX News needs to watch HLN to bone up on their hate skills.

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Know Your Classics


 Subject: last issue's Classic    Link

Bart, that line is from "Stranger in a Strange Land" by Robert Heinlein.
 Steve Brown

 Send Classic Lines to Bart

 Subject: Nancy Grace

Hey, Bart

Nancy Grace is far from being an "expert" on legal matters and was a far from adequate prosecutor to boot.
Please note the attached where Nancy was sanctioned by the court numerous times.

Note the other attachment which outlines more of her "inequities." 
Its no wonder she left the legal profession for television.  Note the legal action
being taken against her in another "legal" show where she performed as an arbitrator.

Patty Caruso was co-developer of Grace's HLN show and was unceremoniously
dumped by Grace.  Caruso is suing Grace for this action and will probably win.

The Family of Melinda Duckett sued Grace for wrongful death and settled out of court for $200,000
Duckett appeared on the Grace show and was badgered and humiliated resulting in suicide the next day.   
Third attachment tells the story.

In another story, Nancy was accused of drug/alcohol abuse
in addition to allegations child/husband abuse as well. 
She was ordered to have supervised visits with their twins.

Best Wishes,
Chuck Hovey

Damn, she can't see her own kids without a responsible adult present?

  Send e-mail to Bart

Remember how the ENTIRE American whore media was in for thr ride?
They fired Phil Donohue and Martin Sheen off TV for SUGGESTING
it might be a bad idea to invade, but nobody would listen.

Today's Scary Don't Look Down Picture


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Know your Supermodels


 Subject: Last issue's supermodel     Link

Bart, that’s Magdalena Frackowiakller.
  Dewayne in Miami

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Jimmy Fallon to Replace Leno
Moving Tonight Show to New York, too


Live from New York, it’s…the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon?
Ye, Fallon has reportedly received an offer to take the Tonight Show in 2014
 — and to move the show back to the east coast in the process.
They say NBC has quietly begun work on a new studio at 30 Rockefeller Plaza as the
home for the new Tonight show.   Leno has been taking jabs at NBC’s ratings woes and
even called network execs “snakes” in recent monologues, a likely sign that he knew this
succession plan — and its leak to the media — was brewing.

Great idea getting rid of Leno.
Leno is comedy stagnation and he can't interview people.

The bad news is switching the show to New York.
The ONLY reason Leno ever beat Letterman in the ratins is Dave would have some
nobody Broadway star and Jake Johansson as guests.  Meanwhile, Leno would have
the hottest stars Hollywood has to offer - and they're going to give that up?

Another rumor has Letterman stepping down 6 months after big-jaw Jay.
So what does that mean?

Jon Stewart takes The Late Show after Fallon?
I doubt it. Jon should stay right where he is, buit now that's he gone "director" on us,
maybe he's looking for a change from the killer job he's got right now.

And Howard Stern isn't going anywhere.
I figure he's getting $60M a year from Sirius Satellite radio
so he's not giving that up for the mere $15M Leno was getting to work nights.

Conan and Kimmel are stuck in their contracts and Craig Ferguson goes where?
Takes Dave's place?  Who else is there?
What will late night TV look like 18 months from now?

  Send e-mail to Bart

Today's Wildlife Photo



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GOP Caving on Immigration - Why?
If they lose Tejas they lose everything


Republican opposition to legalizing the status of millions of illegal immigrants is crumbling
as they scramble to halt eroding support among Hispanic voters — a shift that is providing
strong momentum for an overhaul of immigration laws.

Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky, a crazy man, became the latest to embrace a kinder, gentler
approach, declaring to the dirty broen people that if they want to work, “we will find a place for you.”

While he never uttered the word “citizenship” and said a secure border must come first,
Mr. Paul strongly implied that citizenship would eventually be available to them.

Republican opposition to Brown people has been crumbling in after the Thurston disaster.
But Mr. Paul’s lies show that the rising generation of conservative leaders is turning against
the Republican argument that those who enter the country illegally should be denied the
chance to become permanent residents.

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"Sometimes you have to get all "Jerry Springer" on the mascot of your favorite sports team."
Tommy Mack

I think he meant "Geraldo."

Got two minutes?

Today's Mystery Celebrity Photo 


 Subject: last issue's Mystery Celebrity    Link

Bart, that's Susan Dey.  When you say "TV's best show of its time,"
I can't entirely be sure whether you meant as Laurie Partridge on the Partridge Family
or as Grace Van Owen on L.A. Law.

I was thinking LA Law.

LOTS of people wrote to ask why I thought Patridge Family was TV's best.

  Send e-mail to Bart

 Subject: Chrome vs IE

Just a heads up - lots of your pictures don't load on Chrome.
They are there on IE, but lots of people don't browse with IE.
 Michael R.

Michael, thanks, but why use a browser that doesn't load all the pictures?

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Today's Mystery City


Subject: last issue's Mystery City    

Bart: I don't know what that city is...but my bullshit detector is buzzing like crazy! 
The wonderful thing about Google Earth is that the truth of this photo should be easily verifiable.

I know you've seen some tough times like the rest of us. Thanks for keeping it going Bart. 
Sometimes your page is the only bright spot in my day. Hopefully one day in about 3 years
I will be able to contribute again.  Let's just call that day "Chapter 14" if you get my drift.

Hi Bart,

Isn't that a picture of Mumbai in India, not a major American city?

Nathan, turns out you are correct.
Yesterday, I was looking thru skyline pictures when I saw this:

My bullshit detector went off, too, but then I remembered that West Virginia is probably our poorest state
so I figured maybe Virginia was just as fucked and heartless as their western neighbor.

Note to self: cannot be trusted.

Send e-mail to Bart

Name the Star AND their Mystery Car


 Subject: last issue's Mystery Car    Link

Bart, that’s Cecil B deMille with his 1937 Cord and some aspiring actress. 
  Jim Dot

Jim, good work (unless you cheated :)

Note: It's legal to cheat on the mysteries.

 Subject: last issue's Mystery Car    Link

Bart, that is Cecil B. DeMille with actress Marsha Hunt in his 1936 Cord Phaeton.


Congrats on getting both.

  Send e-mail to Bart

What is today's History Mystery?   


Subject: last issue's History Mystery    Link 

Who:  Wilt "the Stilt" Chamberlin, Arnold Schwarzenager (sp?  who cares) and Andre the Giant
What:  On the set of Conan the Destroyer
Why:  To show Arnold what a puny man he really is.
 Tom C

 Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: donation

Hey Bart, So happy you got away. I haven't been on vacation in 11 years.
I know you had enough tequila for the both of us.

Sorry you have to come back to the same ol' crap.

 Sara upstate NY

Sara, that was nice - thanks.
I had some of Mark Cuban's Avion Anejo while in our 49th state.

If I had 3 billion dollars like Mark,
I'd have my own tequila line, too.

Humor can get us thru the worst of times so we will keep on.  
As my buddy Ray Coleman used to say, "Never quit!!" seems to be my best bet to stay on the Tubes
if you shop with them, you might even save some money.

Please remember the Bartcop Portal when you shop online.

It never hurts to check prices.

Tennis Great - Anna Kournikova

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