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Tuesday, April 2, 2013    Vol 3037 - Family Pot

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...

Arrow GOP Troubles Here to Stay
That Mess in Steubenville, Ohio
14 States Have Decriminalized Pot
Arrow Kristen Bell changes Hollywood
Arrow Climate Deniers are Cautious
Arrow Amazon Helps Tequila Treehouse
Arrow Glee Hottie - Dianna Agron


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"Your argument that marriage is for child-rearing isn't an argument against same-sex marriage.
  It's an argument to let gay parents marry."
       --  LOLGOP in a Tweet

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GOP Troubles Here to Stay
Can a party of dicks change their DNA?


Asked to name the single thing that they disliked the most about the Republican party,
one in five people said the GOP was “inflexible” and “unwilling to compromise."

That’s bad — but it doesn’t capture the full magnitude of the brand problems that GOP has.
Two other numbers in the Gallup survey do that.
One in four Republicans saying their party is too dick-ish.
The second, and more important data point, is that 14 percent said they're "not dick-ish enough."

Rock, meet hard place.

 ha ha

They have nowhere to go but "We Love Gays" and that's killing them.

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 Subject: Michelle Shocked

Bart, did you not notice that ++>NOBODY<++ had a direct quote longer than one sentence
from whatever she said in SF? I mean, really, that's the kind of crap journalism that Murdoch's
goons do. I expected better from the smartest man in Oklahoma.

It goes without saying that if we disagree, I'm either Cheney or Bush or Rush or Murdoch.

In a world where everydamnthing winds up video'd on Youtube, I haven't seen any clips of her "rant."
The only direct quote I saw was her prediction that people would misquote her on Twatter.
And she was right about that.

I guess the lesson is that the only thing anyone can say on LGBTQSPWZ rights is,
"Yes. I agree. You're absolutely right." and if you deviate you're going to be pilloried.
  Robert Mac

Maybe the lesson is people don't like it when you quote hate-shit from Fred Phelps.

She admitted saying it - "The reason I said 'God Hates Fags' is..." and then she
gave the stupidest answer since, "I'm not gay, I have never been gay."

Maybe you didn't read that piece very closely?

I guess we're going to disagree on this one.

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I read one story, might be this couple, where the survivor
had to pay $180K extra in federal taxes because Uncle Sam
refused to recognize that they were married.

Sounds like discrimination to me.

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14 States Have Decriminalized Pot
Of course, OK will be the last state


Rhode Island became the 14th state in the union to decriminalize marijuana Monday.
In these states — unlike Washington and Colorado, which legalized pot by voter referendum
— people who use pot can be punished under state law, but only by some means other than
prison time. Typically, offenders will receive a violation akin to a traffic ticket.
Even state legalization doesn’t solve the conflict with the federal law that still prohibits any use
of the drug. However, it does make a dent in hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of Americans
imprisoned for nonviolent drug crimes. And based on the 2012 election, it seems that more states
will be pursuing the path of legalizing recreational use of the drug in a manner similar to alcohol.
The lack of a coherent federal policy makes enforcing state laws complex, and it also hinders
a national policy to deal with the actual dangers of marijuana use, including dependence.

Because President Marble Mouth can't be clear on his intentions.
What is he afraid of?

Why can't he figure a way to muster the courage to do the right thing?

"Eric, raid some more dispensaries...
  and find some poker games to raid, too!"

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 Subject: yesterday's OMG! Don't Look Down photo

I want some fat old man in a dress to tell that young lady she lacks the
ability to decide for herself what she can or cannot do with her own body.




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That Mess in Steubenville, Ohio
Is rape legal for football players?
by Gene Lyons


If I were attorney general of Ohio, prosecutions in the Steubenville rape case wouldn’t end
with the conviction of two high-school football players. In interviews, Mike DeWine indicated
that he might seek additional charges, possibly obstruction of justice and failure to report child abuse.
Too bad Ohio has no law against criminal stupidity, or he could indict that Steubenville football coach
who allegedly told a New York Times reporter, “You’re going to get yours. And if you don’t get yours,
somebody close to you will.”
No wonder his players acted like louts. The guy sounds like he’s auditioning to play
Coach Knuckledragger in Fast Times at Neanderthal High.  ha ha
But the adults I’d really like to see brought to justice are those who helped a bunch of kids get
knee-walking drunk and provided them unchaperoned party houses to do it in. Alas, for reasons having
to do with our willfully shallow national conversation about “gender issues,” as the deepest thinkers style
them, it’s considered controversial to point out that both the victim and her assailants were drunker than…

These drunken morons not only raped the passed out girl,
they took photos of the crime and sent them to everyone they knew.

The Attorney General MIGHT bring additional charges, that is, if he's tired of his job. 
The "good" people of Ohio know those football players were "just being kids" and that
little drunken whore was probably wearing a short skirt, anyway.

No need to bust up a good football team over a few rapes...

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I got an e-mail from Al in the Phillipines, so I asked him what he was doing there.

 Subject: The Phillipines


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"God gives fewer miracles to people who believe in science."

       --  Pat Robertson, trying to keep his story straight,    Link

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Climate Deniers are Cautious
60 percent of doubters favor preparations

"Biggest. Lie. Ever."


Some Republicans still insist that climate change is a hoax, but the vast majority of Americans
believe the globe is warming, a new survey finds — and they want to prepare for the worst.
In fact, even 60 percent of climate-change doubters favored preparations, the survey found.
The survey asked about climate-change beliefs and support for adaptation strategies to help
coastal areas cope with the rising sea levels and frequent, intense storms that a warmer world
could bring. The results showed that 82 percent of Americans are in favor of preparation.

They KNOW Earth is getting warmer, but they still deny the facts because they're crazy.
They KNOW oil is doomed to the past, but they won't let us move on to something cleaner.
They KNOW renewable energy is our future, but they won't let us go there.

If only we had a Democrat in the White House...


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Liquid Drop Art

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Non Sequitor...

You know the character "Q" from Star Trek Next Generation, right?

I was listening to a Stern repeat where Howard had sent one of his minions in
to interview (meaning mock) the attendees for paying for celebrity autographs.

They said John de Lancie (Q) told the crowd that his "Q" character was based on Howard. 

If you think about it - it makes a lot of sense.

Q was always explaining to the others how "superior he was" and how "nobody
else matters" etc,
which is some schtick Howard often does on his show.

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Marty's Entertainment Page
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Marty's TV Listings are the best!

Marty always has good stuff.

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Kristen Bell changes Hollywood
"Veronica Mars" movie produced by fans


There will be a "Veronica Mars" movie, because on Wednesday some 30,000 fans (and counting)
pledged $2 million (and counting) via Kickstarter, the popular crowd-funding website, to make it so.

"Veronica Mars" was canceled in 2007 after two seasons on UPN and one on the CW.
It was quite thrilling to watch the money, or the promises of money, pour in: At one point Wednesday
afternoon, by my monitoring of the online tote board, the project was raising $1,000 every 20 seconds.
By 9 a.m. Thursday, Thomas had exceeded his stated goal by nearly $700,000, with 29 out of 30
fund-raising days left to go. By Sunday morning, 55,000 backers pledged more than $3.5 million.

So. maybe the movie studios will soon crumble like the record companies and NBC.

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Subject: Social Security AND disabled veterans...

Yo, Bart...
The same "chained-CPI" that affects Social Security recipients also has the same affect
to those service-connected disabled veterans that receive compensation from the VA.
Such as myself, dagnabbit!

Mr. President: Don't give me that "Shared Sacrifice" BS when you
are letting so many corporations get away with paying little or no taxes.
"Question Authority"

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Know Your Classics


 Subject: last issue's Classic    Link

Bart, that's from a book that features warlike rabbits.  Watership Down by Richard Adams.
 Pete in KCMO     It's all in the light!


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Today's OMG!  Don't Look Down Picture


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 Subject: The Following

He's right - this show is waaaay too stupid.
They claimed it was the new "24" so we thought we'd take a chance.

The star of the show has a drinking problem, which I guess is
his excuse why he keeps getting out-witted by the bad guy.

I stopped watching when I saw the previews for episode three.
Facing an evil genius with an army of devoted we-will-kill-for-you crazies

and they don't even think to play a little defense with their families?

Even moronic mice should be smarter than that.

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Know your Celebrity Mansions


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Today's Wildlife Photo



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We haven't talked about North Korea
mostly because the liberals who believe
self-defense is wrong don't want to hear it.

Today's Mystery Celebrity Photo 


 Subject: last issue's Mystery Celebrity    Link

I think that’s Goldie Hawn; there's no mistaking those eyes.
  RCB in Wyoming

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Today's Mystery City


Subject: last issue's Mystery City    

Bart, that's city is Detroit!
Hudson’s Department store gives it away. 
The city’s streetcar system is still operating - in Mexico City!

Hudson’s downtown is long gone, and all the suburban stores are now Macys.
  Sue in Michigan

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Name the Mystery Car


 Subject: last issue's Mystery Car    Link

Bart, that is a rear (where the engine is) view of a 1965 Chevrolet Corvair Corsa 140 Coupe
Michael, OR

Bart, I'm guessing a 1966 Corvair Corsa. 
A sweet higher powered, better suspension version of the earlier Corvair. 
Color is Regal Red (had a '66 Impala that color).  However nice, it couldn't save
the Corvair, damaged by Nader's book and the record of the earlier models.
  Tom in Fallbrook

The photo said it was a 67 model.

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What is today's History Mystery?   


Subject: last issue's History Mystery    Link 

That's Vietnam Veterans Against the War protesting in Washington D.C. in 1971.

They were the first war veterans locked out of Arlington National Cemetery.
They also lobbied their Congresspeople, John Kerry testified before Congress,
and they threw medals and other mementos onto the congressional steps.

I first learned of the group while I was in Vietnam. The Playboy ad was known everywhere.
I was still in the Army when this demonstration was held, but it gave me courage and strength
to finish my commitment. I was discharged in June '71.
 John Z

I believe that is Ron Kovic (Born on the Fourth of July),
being helped up the capitol steps during an anti-war protest.
  Rick P

That's who I assumed it was.

Is Tom Cruise's movie career over?

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