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Wednesday,  April 24, 2013    Vol 3050 - Obama's Pot Jihad 

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...

Arrow NRA Helps Mass Murderers
Ryan Intern's Nude Blackmai
Obama's Jihad against Pot
Arrow Do you have a Computer virus?
Arrow Idol Tried to Dump Mariah Carey
Arrow Amazon Helps Tequila Treehouse
Arrow Best Actress Winner Mila Kunis


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"The GOP is against big government the way muggers are against women holding purses."
       --  LOLGOP, in a tweet

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NRA Helps Mass Murderers
Democrats are so pitifully helpless

The intense hunt for the Boston bombers illustrates another way that the NRA helps mass murderers
by delaying how quickly they can be identified.
The inability to quickly track the gunpowders in the Boston bombs is due to government policy designed
and promoted by the NRA, which has found a way to transform every massacre associated with weapons
into an opportunity to sell more guns, gunpowder and bullets.
The price for such delays was put on terrible display Friday morning when the two brothers created
conditions so unsafe that the 7th largest population center in America spent Friday on lockdown.
But for the NRA-backed policy of not putting identifiers known as taggants in gunpowder, law enforcement
could have quickly identified the explosives used to make the bombs, tracking them to retail sale. That could
well have saved the life of Sean Collier, MIT cop who was gunned down Thursday night by the scumbags.

Democrats are so helpless - they're like little children.

If *I* ran the goddamned DNC, I would've shamed the GOP into dropping their opposition
to tagging explosives because it's a common sense idea that saves lives.

In America, there are two political parties - the evil bastards and the surrender monkeys.
NOBODY votes FOR the surrender monkeys, they vote against the evil bastards.

If there was ANY other place to go, I (and millions of others) would've gone there decades ago.
But we're stuck with the little-girl surrender monkey Democrats and it makes me f-ing sick.


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Great photo by Astrocat!

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Ryan Intern's Nude Blackmail Scheme
They only hire the weirdos at the RNC


An intern who worked for Romney and Ryan during their failed 2012 campaign has been
arrested by the FBI on allegations that he illegally obtained naked pictures of 15 women and
then blackmailed them for more.
Adam Savader, 21, has also interned for Newt Gingrich.
If convicted, he could face five years in jail.
According to an FBI report, Savader reportedly sent texts to 15 women threatening to send
nude pictures of them to their friends and family unless they sent him more nude photos.
To prove he wasn't lying, he sent them links to nude photos of themselves.

Maybe this would happen less if women would stop posing naked for cell phones?

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Obama's Jihad against Pot


Obama’s drug czar has spoken out against recently-passed state laws in Colorado and Washington,
condemning legislation that legalizes the possession of marijuana in small amounts.

Gil Kerlikowske, director of Obama's Hardon for Pot, told an audience on Wednesday that
Obama will NOT honor the wishes of oters in Colorado and Washington.

Kerlikowske says the White House will rely on the longstanding "Reefer Madness" insanity
that puts pot in the same category as heroin, cocaine and other Schedule I narcotics.

Well, I asked for clarity from President Marble Mouth and I have it.

Obama says, "Fuck the wishes of the majority of the voters."

One the subject of pot (and poker) Bush was better than Obama.
Candidate Obama was against criminalizing harmless flowers that help.

Why can't he just f-ing chill?

If the Republicans succeed in impeaching Barry,
I could live with President Biden all f-ing day.

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"Fuck 'em," right, Barry?

 Subject: Carlos Arredondo

I need a shot of something just to read that story.  I have tears in my eyes. 

I met Carlos at a big anti-war protest in Washington DC, right after Hurricane Katrina. 
Carlos’ son had been killed in Iraq just the year before and he came up to me in the crowd,
handed me a photocopy of his son’s last letter, and pleaded with me not to forget his son
 – to share the news of that stupid war.  I had that letter on my refrigerator for years. 

Last year his only other son committed suicide, and when I saw the name “Arredondo”
in the news last week, I shuddered and hoped it wouldn’t be this same tragic man. 
But he’s not tragic – He’s the most wonderful type of person there is. 

Thank you for showcasing him. 
He’s an immigrant from Costa Rica. 
Gee, welcome to our country, Carlos.
  Debbie from Milwauke

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Glenn Beck's Boston Conspiracy
Where would he be without one?


Glenn Beck says the Boston bombing is a coverup conspiracy and
yesterday he revealed the "facts" that supposedly support his case.
Glenn Beck is alleging a coverup and conspiracy in the Boston bombing in the
case of the Saudi national named Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi. Alharbi was
supposedly in violation of the Immigration and Nationality Act, citing “security
and related grounds” and “terrorist activities.” The Saudi was was cleared of
involvement in the bombings, but it was also discovered that his visa to stay in
the US had expired, and ICE may be readying to deport him on those grounds.

Glenn Beck isn’t the only one watching this. Congressman Jeff Duncan (R-Handjob)
expressed concerns that the Saudi national was being deported “due to national security
concerns.” Duncan says, “I’m not saying it’s related to Boston, but he is being deported.”

So, if Obama's ICE deports an alien with an expired visa,
that's proof Obama was in on the Boston bombing conspiracy?


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I've avoided mentioning this until now, because I'm semi-in the computer virus repair business,
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I'll get an e-mail from my good friend, say "Bill," who I know and trust, which reads,
"Bart, you're going to love this" and then there's a link to some spam site.

So if you send me a link, you have to write more than, "Bart, check this out - it's great!"

I assume you can check your "Sent" folder to see which contacts you've been spamming.
My super-tech Jordan can fix this - might cost you $80-$100 - but while he's in there
he'll give you a tune up and fix whatever else is broke.

This isn't techinically a commercial for Bartcop Worldwide Computer Repair,
but the fake e-mails have really gotten out of hand and (I assume) Perkel's filter
isn't stopping the spam e-mails because they always come from my friends.


Yesterday I received several more spam e-mails from friend and subscribers.
One guy wrote to say he had the CONDUIT virus and he just got it cleaned.

Bartcop's Computer Repair 
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 Subject: Carlos Arredondo

Mr Bart Cop,
There's more to the story of Carlos Arredondo.
I've known of him for several years through his anti-war actitivies,
especially the excellent Veterans For Peace (of which we are both members).

Carlos even has a wikipedia page.
The kind of immigrant that makes the USA a great place to live.
Born in Kansas, now in Queens New York

Dude, thanks, and congrats on escaping.

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Today's OMG!  Don't Look Down Picture


Crazy people live in this world...

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Boston, Friday night:

So far, this is the funniest thing I've seen all year.

Idol Tried to Dump Mariah Carey
Even Jennifer Lopez would be better


A new report claims that American Idol producers recently mulled a drastic attempt
to boost its flagging ratings: Bring back departed judge Jennifer Lopez mid-season
to replace Mariah Carey.
The Hollywood Reporter says that Idol producers began negotiations with Lopez
to join the show asap. But Carey soon got wind of the plot and threatened to suearlos

Don't get me wrong - I like Mariah Carey.
She's one of the best singers of all time AND I was proud of the way she overcame
Hollywood's attempt to paint her as insane - remember that from a few years ago?

But as great a singer as she is, she's a terrible, terrible judge. She's dull and lifeless and
has nothing to say, and when she speaks, she says stuff like, "That was perfection, Dahlink"
which makes her sound like she's doing a dumb accent for some SNL skit.

Nicki Minaj is the best (only?) reason to watch Idol, but for some reason,
they're trying to blame Idol's ratings crash on her.

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Why doesn't Obama  have a press conference and show graphs like this?
When America taxed the super-rich, WE OWNED THE WORLD.

Now the super-rich own America (because they pay no taxes)
and the middle class can't afford their homes.

Know your Celebrity Mansions


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Know Your Classics


 Subject: last issue's Classic    Link

Bart, that's Waiting for Godot by Samuel Beckett
b c

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Today's Wildlife Photo



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Today's Mystery Celebrity Photo 


 Subject: last issue's Mystery Celebrity    Link

Only one person got last issue's Mystery Celebrity - but I lost the e-mail.
It's Pauley Perrette from NCIS.

If she was on a TV show with more viewers,
maybe more readers would've recognized her?

How do I lose these e-mails?

If someone sends a one or two word correct reply, I set it aside because if I use it, the next
person will send the correct answer along with a great personal story or interesting comment
so I have to erase the simple answer and put the more fun answer in.

In this case, only one person knew the answer (unbelievable) but now I can't find it.

If you'd like to see your correct answer on the page,
send more than one or two words but don't send a thousand extra words.

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Today's Mystery City


Subject: last issue's Mystery City    

That's the Manhattan Bridge under construction in New York in 1909,
bridging the East River between Canal Street in Manhattan's Chinatown
(foreground) and Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn (background).

Michaelgy was the only reader to get it right.

Everyone else guessed Brooklyn Bridge.

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Name the Mystery Car


 Subject: last issue's Mystery Car    Link

Can anyone get this exactly right?   It's a looong name.

bart, that's a Labourdette Rolls-Royce Phantom III Vutotal Cabriolet 1939/47

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What is today's History Mystery?   


You won't find ANY American history books without his name in it.

Subject: last issue's History Mystery    Link 

Bart, that's Andrew Johnson, who some say was the worst President in US History.
Until, of course, George W. Bush came along.
 John in Sacramento

That is President Andrew Johnson, 17th President of the US, who is from right here in
Greeneville (with the extra “e”) Tennessee.  Everyone ‘round these parts knows about him. 
He wasn’t’ as bad a president as everyone thinks. He was the first president impeached,
but he was acquitted like Bill Clinton.  He also went on to become a successful US senator
after he was president.
  MAG in TN

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SAG Best Actress Winner Mila Kunis
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