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Tues-Wed,  May 21-22, 2013    Vol 3065 - Moore and More 

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...

Arrow GOP learned Nothing in 2012
Rolling Stone, Hall of Fame, Jokes
Should Feds Help Oklahoma?
Arrow Blitzer, God and Tornadoes
Arrow Golf Rules Against Champions
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Arrow Still at it - Britney Spears


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"The real reason the GOP hates ObamaCare? Taxing the richest
   to expand Medicaid keeps the poor out of ERs--and prison."
      --  LOLGOP in a Tweet


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GOP learned Nothing in 2012 Loss
That's good news for our bumbling Democrats

While Republicans are busy comparing everything President Obama does to Watergate,
they’re not only showing their complete lack of historical knowledge, they’re also ignoring
the remarkable decline of their party.

A new CNN poll also finds that the Republican Party now has the highest unfavorable rating
in the 20-year history of that poll.

There are a number of explanations for why the GOP is getting less popular every day.
The most positive spin is that the party is experiencing growing pains as Republicans
are making progress on one of the party’s top “outreach” priorities — immigration reform.

But the reality is that when the Republicans are honoring unrepentant birther Donald Trump
— who recently blamed sexual assault in military, which mostly affects men, on women being
allowed to serve — with invitations to speak, it’s clear the GOP of 2013 is the GOP of 2012.

The same self-destructive GOP that elected Romney to run against his own health care plan
is further purifying its ranks, driving away anyone who isn’t absolutely committed to denying
climate change and/or opposed to compromising with President Obama. Instead of broadening
their audience, they’re speaking only to themselves.

So the only question is, can the sure-to-win Democrats
find a way to turn certain victory into defeat in 2016?

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Rolling Stone, Hall of Fame, Jokes

I've said this before - and it's so strange:
You can trust Rolling Stone for politics, but not music.
We found that out when they named N-Sync the "best band" in the world.
I guess this happens every year the frauds hold their Hall of Fame inductions,
but when you see the latest list, it makes you wonder just how crooked the system is.
Right now, Flavor Flav is in Rolling Stone magazine's nutty-ass Hall of Fame,

but The Doors, Cheap Trick, Jethro Tull and Chicago are not?


Also missing from the Hall of Fame are The Doobie Brothers, Yes, Foreigner, Steve Miller and The Cars.

Flavor Flav is in the ROCK and ROLL Hall of Fame,
but Bon Jovi, KISS, Journey, Ozzy and Def Leppard are not?

Steve Miller, Willie Nelson, The Guess Who, ELP and Joe Cocker, all shunned by Jann Wenner.
No Red Hot Chili Peppers, Blue Oyster Cult, Scorpions or Judas Priest?

Wait, really?

Stevie Ray Vaughn wasn't goof enough to get in the ROCK and ROLL Hall of Fame,
but Flavor Flav was good enough to get in?

I guess Stevie should've worn a giant clock.

Got Scandal Fatigue?

The only known cure is Extra Strength Funny:
Absurdity Today with Julianna Forlano; Episode 39

 Subject: Should Federal Government help Oklahoma?

Should the federal government help Oklahoma after this weeks tornadoes?
Normally I would say absolutely yes.

However, both of Oklahoma's Senators, Jim Inhofe and Tom Coburn have repeatedly
voted against funding FEMA and voted against relief for other areas of the country.
They both voted no for Hurricane Sandy relief.

So now comes Oklahoma with their hat in their hand wanting money from the government
after they said no when the rest of the country needed help. Shame on you! Shame on you!

So - should we help them?
Yes - we are America and we take care of each other in times of disaster.
But if I were a senator I would tell Coburn and Inhofe that I'm not going to support
disaster relief until they begged for forgiveness on the floor of the Senate.

And I would make them pledge to never vote against disaster relief again.
There just has to be a price to pay for that level of hypocrisy.
 Marc Perkel

Oklahoma's governor is Teabagger Mary I-Hate-Government Fallon.

She seems to have put away her government hate for a day or two.
She HATES health care, too - she'd rather poor Oklahomans stay sick
than get help from you-know-who.

Let's hope she doesn't use the N-word when talking to Obama.

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Blitzer, God and Tornadoes
He asked an atheist survivor is she thanked God


Wolf Blitzer had an awkward moment with an atheist on Tuesday afternoon.

The douche was surveying the damage in Oklahoma and interviewed a woman who had survived
the tornadoes. The woman, named Rebecca, managed to escape her home with her young son
shortly before it was destroyed by the tornado.

To Blitzer, this was obviously a work of God.

During his closing comments, Blitzer goes on a blessing bing and asks the woman
if she “thanked the lord” after escaping the house unharmed.

Blitzer said: “You’re blessed. Brian your husband is blessed. Anders is blessed…
I guess you got to thank the lord, right? … Do you thank the lord for that split-second decision?”

Rebecca told Blitzer that she was an atheist but then added: “I don’t blame anybody for thanking the lord.”

I wish Rebecca had said the obvious:
Why did God send this tornado to kill kids in small town Oklahoma?

You can't have it both ways - either God runs the universe or he's a lowly spectator like we all are.

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 Subject: Benghazi

Which of the embassy/consulate attacks during the Bush years was 5 hours in duration? 
I didn't see that.
F-22s and 15s stationed in Italy could have been sent. 

Special ops soldiers were ready in Tripoli and were sent stand down orders. 
Just because Bush was a douche in his second term is no reason to defend our current douche.
 Steve Shorthand

Steve, first thing, Bush was always a douche, not just in his second term.

You seem to know more about military readiness than the generals at the Pentagon.

They say yes, they could have sent attack jets to Libya, but they would then crash into the ocean
because the refueling tankers were stationed in England and they fly reeeeeeeeeeeeally slow and
there was no way they could get to Libya in time to help.

Also, I did some digging and that "order to stand down?"
Here's what I found:   Link

But an officer received a phone call telling them to stand down before they left for the airport,
according to excerpts of his account made available to NBC News on Monday.

"An officer" received a stand down phone call from someone - really?
That's your "proof" that Obama is guilty?

If you're ready to condemn Obamaover some non-sourced NBC rumor about an
alleged phone call from some mystery caller, then you were ready to condemn Obama.

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Today's OMG!  Don't Look Down Picture


Subject: last issue's Don't Look Down Mystery

Bart, my guess is the Eiffel Tower.
That looks like the Seine below and the buildings look like Paris.
  Ken D

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Subject: David Gregory & Karl Rove

I know why you have to post that photo of those two douches but,
I just have to let you know that every time I see it, I feel like puking.

Love your site. Some green coming real soon.
 Dave, Cincinnati

Dave, you're supposed to feel sick, watching America's whore press
dancing with the goddamn soldier-killing, home-stealing BFEE.

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American Idol Finale
Mariah lip-synced - isn't that a crime?

She's on the show because she's one of the greatest singers in history
and she has to fake it when it comes to a live performance?


Also, Aretha sang a medley of her greatest hits with the Idol girls.

I'll bet I have an Aretha Franklin story you never heard.

When the Yardbirds were breaking up in 1968, Jimmy Page owned The Yardbirds name.
They had a 4-5 more gigs booked as the Yardbirds, so Page needed a band to play those gigs
so he had to form a band - real quick - so that's what he did.

John Paul Jones's wife saw a thing in British Billboard  (whataver)
that Jimmy Page was looking for a bass player and she insisted he audition.
He got the job.

Needing a singer and drummer, Page heard of a tall, cool dude up North.
He discovered Robert Plant and offered him the singing job on the spot.
Now they needed a drummer.

Plant said, "Nobody's better than my drummer, John Bonham," and after hearing him play,
Jimmy booked a place to practice and he asked, "Who knows 'Train Kept a Rollin'?"
a song the Yardbirds were famous for and everyone knew so they nodded yes.

They say before the 3 minute song was over they knew.

They were waaaay into the next dimension of music and musical history had an orgasm.
OK, so they now have a band, what's next? The next hottest band in the world needed a label.

Tha Yardbirds were signed to somebody, maybe Decca, but Jimmy Page's Yardbird's contract
said he wasn't obligated to Decca, so Peter Grant took the Zeppelin Master Tapes to New York
and played them for the people who were running Atlantic Records at the time.

At that point, Ahmet Artegen said,
"OK, we'll sign you, and for BIG bucks, too!
 You'll be the  hottest group on ATCO Records."

And Peter Grant said, "WTF? ATCO Records?"

And Artegen said,  "Well sure, that's the ROCK arm of Atlantic Records,"
and Peter Grant, on orders from his bosses said,
"No, we want to be on the same label as Aretha f-ing Franklin or it's no deal."

and that's how the mighty Zeppelin ended up on Atlanic Records.

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Golf Rules Against Champions
Change designed to help Eldrick win again?


Golf's governing bodies approved a rule Tuesday that outlaws the putting stroke used by
four of the last six major champions, a move opposed by two major golf organizations
that contend long putters are not hurting the game.  Rule 14-1b will take effect in 2016.

The new rule does not ban the long putters, only the way they commonly are used.

ha ha
I smell a rat here.

Golfers no longer will be able to anchor the club against their bodies to create the effect
of a hinge. Masters champion Adam Scott used a long putter he pressed against his chest.
British Open champion Ernie Els and U.S. Open champion Webb Simpson used a belly putter,
as did Keegan Bradley in the 2011 PGA Championship.

''We strongly believe that this rule is for the betterment of the game,'' the USGA President said.
''Rule 14-1b protects one of the important challenges in the game  - the free swing of the entire club.''

They should call this the Relief so Eldrick Can Win Again rule.

Four of the last six winners have to learn a new style of putting, to help Eldrick.

Golf is as crooked as boxing and "rasslin'".

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Know Your Classics


 Subject: last issue's Classic    Link

That would be Last of the Mohicans, by James Fenimore Cooper. 
This one was easy as I can see the Mohawk River from my porch and the Hudson is just down the road.
  Keith Moon

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Subject: Apple avoiding taxes?


I have been a constant supporter of Apple's tax system, given that they pay nearly 30%
of their profits in US taxes (plus more overseas); this compares with about 22% as the
average in the computer industry.  I will reduce my support a bit, given that they appear
to have found ways to get credit for paying foreign taxes without actually having paid them. 

But the Senate questioning is just stupid.  John McCain asked if Apple wasn't being unfair,
since they were taking advantage of tax law that helps them since they are an international corporation. 
Yes, I believe that the law supports certain types of action by US companies, such as selling
their products overseas.  Apple, at least, has not rented a PO box in a tax-free country,
claimed that as their headquarters, and avoided the taxes they should pay as a domestic
corporation; Haliburton has done so, but no one is questioning them.

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Today's Wildlife Photo


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 Subject: Moore tornado

My wife was in Moore High School working her school nurse gig as the 2 1/4-mile
wide tornado (as reported at that time) passed a few blocks away yesterday. 

Of course, cell towers were down and/or overloaded.  I breathed a huge sigh of relief
when I was finally able to receive a text from her that she (and THAT Moore school) was OK.

On a slightly lighter note, here’s a couple of pictures I took from the hail we got the day before. 

Here are a few hailstones we saved (the largest was at least 3” in diameter). 
A pillar

Eddy, glad you guys survived that.
(He lives ten miles south of Moore.)

That school didn't have a tornado shelter so they moved the kids to the basement.
The basement flooded and seven kids drowned.

Why didn't they have a tornado shelter?
Because the federal program that puts shelters in schools ran out of money.

Sure am glad the super-rich got their massive tax cut.

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Today's Mystery Celebrity Photo 


 Subject: last issue's Mystery Celebrity    Link

That’s the sexiest 90 year old I know:  Betty White.

  Patrick C

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So, God killed those kids because they didn't pray enough?

Today's Mystery City


Subject: last issue's Mystery City    

My guess is Greenland.
 Nick in Surrey, BC

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 Those who do not learn from the past

Not sure where Destinio's going with this.
The only time Obama turns into Nixon is when the subject of pot comes up.

Non-sequitor: Nixon financed his first congressional campaign with his poker winnings.

Name the Mystery Car


 Subject: last issue's Mystery Car    Link

Bart, that is a 1969 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia
  Tom C

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What is today's History Mystery?   


Subject: last issue's History Mystery    Link 
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She's still at it - Britney Spears 

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