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WELCOME TO BARTCOP.COM A modem, a smart mouth and the truthNews and Commentary NOT Approved by Karl Rove, bcause vicious extremists can NOT be appeased.


Weekend-Monday  June 1-3, 2013    Vol 3070 - School haters 

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...

Arrow Watergate Amnesia And Other Lies
The Elimination of Jobs
GOP Civil War: Taking Obamacare
Arrow Eldrick's Worst day as a Pro
Arrow Dude Plans to Create Pot Brand
Arrow Amazon Helps Tequila Treehouse
Arrow Pop Music Princess Katy Perry


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"That was the scariest moment of my life. I had never been through
  anything like it before, and my life passed before my eyes."
      --  The Weather Channel's Mike Bettes, after Friday's tornado picked up his car and
           threw it the length of two football fields before it crashed back to earth    Link



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Watergate Amnesia And Other Big Lies
  by Joe Conason

Let’s state this very simply, so everybody will understand. The notion that Obama is “Nixonian”
— or that his administration’s recent troubles bear any resemblance to “Watergate” — is the
biggest media lie since the phony “Whitewater scandal” crested during the Clinton presidency.

Fraudulent as it is, we have listened repeatedly to versions of this bogus comparison uttered by
figures as diverse as Dick Morris and Bob Woodward, alongside a phalanx of Republican politicians,
including Senator Lindsey Graham (R-Princess) and Mitch the Bitch – whose latest attack ad
directly links Obama with Nixon.

Only in a country afflicted with chronic historical amnesia could they issue such accusations
without shame or embarrassment. Only under those circumstances could the Republicans
continue their fitful fabrication of a “Democratic Watergate” without fear of being laughed
off the stage. It is a project that they will never grow tired of pursuing.

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The Elimination of Jobs
Corporations reduce the power of the middle class


So-called "job creation" is NOT in the interest of the corporations. Job "elimination",
at least elimination of jobs supporting a politically active middle class, is their goal.
This is why a priority of the corporatocracy is the destruction of the union movement
which historically has provided the working classes with the ability to move into the
middle class and become politically active.

The main source of corporate power is the control they have over economies.
The big commotion by the right wing over federal deficits is a distraction over the
real problem, namely, the loss of manufacturing jobs and the resultant trade deficit.

The endgame is the total impoverishment of America and its reduction to colonial
status to the multinational corporations.

A recent report says women are now the only or primary breadwinner in 40% of homes.

Looks like corporate America saved money by firing the men and hiring women since
women only get paid 80% of what men get - which should be a crime but Obama's got
more important criminals to chase - like pot smokers and poker players.

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GOP Civil War: Taking Obamacare
Some GOP Govs are accepting Obamacare - Oh no!


It's Republican versus Republican in the latest round of political battles over health care.

Conservative Republican legislators in major states are trying to block efforts by more
pragmatic governors of their own party to accept health insurance for more low-income
residents under President Barack Obama's health care law.

Unlike their congressional counterparts, who've misfired in repeated attempts to torpedo
the law, state Republicans may well sink the expansion of Medicaid in populous states
such as Florida and Michigan.

That would mean leaving billions of dollars in federal matching funds on the table
and hundreds of thousands of the poor uninsured.

Overall, 23 states plus the District of Columbia, are planning to expand their Medicaid programs.
About a dozen are undecided.

The nine GOP governors supporting Obamacare's expansion are Jan Brewer in Arizona, Rick Scott
in Florida,
Terry Branstad in Iowa, Rick Snyder in Michigan, Brian Sandoval in Nevada, Chris Christie,
Susana Martinez in New Mexico, Jack Dalrymple in North Dakota and John Kasich in Ohio.

Does that mean these not-quite-as-insane Republican Governors will get Teabagged?

Can they win re-election after telling millions of low-income voters,

"It was against my principles to allow that Kenyan to give you health care?

Do they want to keep their jobs or be good Republicans?

Or will Democrats find a way to screw-up this can't-miss gift from Baby Jesus?

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Subject: Vatican walks back on Atheists can go to Heaven

Dear Church of Reality Members,

Last week I wrote you that I was giving a +1 to the new Pope Francis for saying that
if Atheists are good people they get to go to Heaven. Now it appears a Vatican spokesman
has taken it back. So we're all going to Hell again. So I wrote this letter to the editor and
sent it to a couple thousand newspapers.

Last week I praised the new Pope for reaching out to the Atheist community by saying that
Atheists can be good people and that we could also go to Heaven. I praised him for sating that
everyone had a duty to be good people. But now Vatican spokesman Rev. Thomas Rosica
says not so fast, Atheists are still going to Hell.

So now we in the Reality Based Community are confused about what Catholics believe are
the final resting places of our eternal souls. The reason we are confused is that the Pope is
supposed to be the Vicar of Christ, in charge of the church, and infallible. So - what's up
with the Vatican spokesman reversing what the Pope says? It looks to us on the outside
like someone is pulling the Pope's strings.

Are we to believe that its God's will that priests who rape children are going to Heaven
but Atheists who live good lives are going to Hell? Seriously? Seriously? Are you kidding me?
 Marc Perkel   See the rest of Marc's letter  HERE

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Did Portia de Rossi purchase a new face?
She now looks more like Katrina Bowden than Portia de Rossi.

Eldrick's Worst Round as a Pro
He tied for 46th in yesterday's golf wank


In case you missed it, Woods shot eight-over-par 44 on his opening nine during
third-round play at Jack Nicklaus’ tournament in Dublin, Ohio.

It was Woods’ highest nine-hole score since he turned professional in 1996 with that
introductory “Hello World” news conference quip in advance of the Milwaukee Open.

Saturday, it was more like “Hello Nightmare.”

Woods’s score of 44 was his worst half-a-round since shooting 43 in 2010 at Quail Hallow.

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Marty's Entertainment Page
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Marty's TV Listings are the best!

Saw her sing at that Empower Women concert last night.
She was lip-syncing, of course.

Marty always has good stuff.

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Subject: Big Brother in the White House

I don’t understand all the panty-bunching over the DOJ snooping through emails and tapping phone lines and such:
The PATRIOT ACT gave the DOJ and the President far-reaching powers to do just exactly that – and more.
After 9-11 most people were falling all over each other to allow Bush to suspend some of our civil liberties
in order to “keep us safe” and our congress, in a panic, gave us the Patriot Act. Read a pdf version of it here.
Now that a black Democrat is in the White House they don’t like that idea so much anymore.
Of course, some of us – those of us who have read a little history as well as some George Orwell - didn’t like it at the time, either...
Barack Obama should just come right out in a press conference and say it:
“What the fuck, folks? Right after 911 you all thought giving us these powers was a great idea.
 So now that we’re exercising them What did you think we were gonna do?”

Obama hasn't just come right out and said anything since I've known who he is.

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Dude Plans to Create Pot Brand
Ex-Microsoft Manager Seeking Investors


A former Microsoft executive plans to create the first U.S. national marijuana brand,
with cannabis he hopes to eventually import legally from Mexico, and said he was
kicking off his business by acquiring medical pot dispensaries in three U.S. states.

Jamen Shively said he envisions his Seattle-based enterprise becoming the leader
in both recreational and medical cannabis - like Starbucks is with coffee, he said.
Shively said he was soliciting investors for $10 million in start-up money.

The use of marijuana remains illegal under Obama's Reefer Madness Policy.
Two U.S. states have, however, legalized recreational marijuana use and are
among 18 states that allow it for medical use.

"It's a giant market in search of a brand," Shively said of the marijuana industry.
"We would be happy if we get 40 percent of it worldwide."

A 2005 UN report estimated the global marijuana trade to be valued at $142 billion.

"Eric, arrest this Shively fella and make an example of him.
  What charges?  I don't know - think of something!"

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Subject: Michele Bachman

Hey Bart,
Am I the only one that thinks Bachman sounds exactly like Rocket J. Squirrel?
I think if someone could get her to say “Hey Bullwinkle!!”, then everyone born
before around 1964 would recognize it instantly.
  Boston Dave

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Mexican Ex-Pres Praises Pot Dude
Vincente Fox is no Obama, that's for sure


Washington state businessmen who say they're trying to create the first national brand
of marijuana received some heartfelt support from the ex-president of Mexico, Vicente Fox.

Fox appeared at a news conference in Seattle, where he recounted how the war on drugs
has ravaged his country and praised the states of Washington and Colorado for voting to
legalize the recreational use of marijuana last fall.

"This historic step today is to be observed and evaluated closely because it is a game changer,"
Fox said. "I applaud this group that has the courage to move ahead. They have the vision,
they are clear where they're going, and I'm sure they're going to get there."

"Eric, prepare in invade Mexico!
  Bring me the head on Vincente Fox!"

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Subject: Start saving for Bartfest 2014 in Colorado Springs

Isn't Colorado Springs the epicenter of right-wing, super-crazy Christian evangelical weirdness?
They've co-opted the Air Force Academy which lives there too. And that scares the shit out of me.
But maybe it would be good for you to bring a little reality to visit them.
 Dan L

Once things are legal in Colorado, we'll party like bandits
and we'll invite Ted Haggard to say the opening prayer :)

I wonder what it's like to pull up next to a cop at a red light and hold up your weed
and smell it and then say, "Officer, this dope I have is f-ing killer trip-weed!"

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Corporations are paying 90% less in taxes and our Democratic president
says we need to cut spending, meaning cut benefits to the poorest Americans.

Today's Wildlife Photo


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Today's Mystery Celebrity Photo 


 Subject: last issue's Mystery Celebrity    Link

That is Denny Doherty, Cass Elliot, John Phillips and Michelle Phillips, The Mamas and Papas.

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By my good friend Richard Fricker

Click to Order
Paperback just $12.95

Richard Fricker has a long, brilliant history of being a fine writer of non-fiction
and his short stories are refreshingly original and thought-provoking.
His multi-cultural experiences provide him with a global
perspective that makes these stories unforgettable.

Today's Mystery City


Subject: last issue's Mystery City    

Hi Bart,
That is Seville
  Tom, San Francisco

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Name the Mystery Car


 Subject: last issue's Mystery Car    Link

Bart, that would be a 1958 Buick Special Riviera Estate Wagon, Model 49D.
 Michael in Cannon Beach OR

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What is today's History Mystery?   


Subject: last issue's History Mystery    Link 

That is celebrated attorney, Clarence Darrow,
the loser in the Scopes Trial in Dayton, Tennessee, in 1925.
  Jim W.

Bart, that’s Clarence Darrow, the lawyer who tried to
defend John Scopes in the 1925 “Monkey Trial”.
  Eddy, pillar in tornado country

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Subject: donations

Bart, I just retired at age 72 from a technical job, and didn't want to forget you in the euphoria.
Thank goodness for both a decent pension from a not-for-profit (not a multinational corporation)
and for Social Security and Medicare.

Sam, thanks for that.

Humor can get us thru the worst of times so we will keep on.  
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Pop Music Princess Katy Perry 

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