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Tuesday  June 4, 2013    Vol 3071 - Faceplant

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...

Arrow The Real Manning Defendant
Billionaires Dumping Stocks
Dems Reject Hillary in 2016?
Arrow Rape: Can the Military Stop?
Arrow Military Rape Battlelines Drawn
Arrow Amazon Helps Tequila Treehouse
Arrow Brit Singer Louise Redknapp


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"The idea that gay people wanting to make a family
  threatens your family makes me worry about your family.
      --  LOLGOP in a Tweet


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The Real Manning Defendant
  by Daniel C. Maguire for

Bradley Manning is the accused but the real question is who is guilty, the accuser or the accused,
the truth-teller or the secrecy-keeper, Private Manning or the U.S. government? In this case
Manning is charged with truth-telling portrayed as a criminal act.

Intrinsic to a democracy is the tension between openness and concealment. In fairness to the
government, truth-telling may be treacherous, even criminal. But in fairness to Private Manning,
truth-telling may be an act of heroic patriotism.

The ethical definition of a lie tells why truth-telling is not always a virtue:
A lie is when you deny the truth to someone who has a right to it.

Someone who was bringing food to Anne Frank is asked by the Gestapo if he knows the whereabouts
of the Frank Family. He replies “no” and says they left Amsterdam a long time ago. All of that is false,
but is it a lie? No, because the Gestapo had no right to the truth regarding the Frank family.

In ethics this is called an issue of “supervening value.” In other words, ethics is a venue of competing values.
Life-saving is more important than truth-telling in the Gestapo case. Telling the truth to the Gestapo would
have been a lethal and immoral act.

What I know of the Manning leaks was embarrassing to the government,
but I didn't see anything that was dangerous to our military or helpful to
the enemy besides the damage that he truth sometimes causes.

If you shoot someone in cold blood and someone films you doing it,
the guy with the camera isn't the problem.

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Will Dems Reject Hillary in 2016?
  by Keef Koffler

It looks like the Hillary Clinton inevitability bandwagon is up and running again.

Just as in the ramp-up to 2008, Hillary has again scored a victory in the Political Prognosticators’ Primary,
vanquishing the prospective Democratic field, in the eyes of the cognoscenti, by pre-spanking her opposition
with her imposing résumé.
But what those who tout Clinton as a nigh unstoppable force for the 2016 nomination
fail to realize is that Hillary Clinton is the most overrated politician of her generation.

That's the Democratic Party I know.
The Republicans have all but given up hope in 2016.
Pundits say many Republican women are ready to vote for Hillary - so let's stab her in the back.

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Billionaires Dumping Stocks
Economist Knows Why


Despite the 6.5% stock market rally over the last three months, a handful of billionaires are quietly
dumping their American stocks . . . and fast.

Warren Buffett, who has been a cheerleader for U.S. stocks, is dumping shares at an alarming rate.
Buffett has been drastically reducing his exposure to stocks that depend on consumer purchasing habits.
Berkshire sold roughly 19 million shares of Johnson & Johnson, and also sold its entire stake in
California-based computer parts supplier Intel.

Unfortunately Buffett isn’t alone.

Fellow billionaire John Paulson is clearing out of U.S. stocks too. Paulson dumped 14 million shares
of JPMorgan Chase. The fund also dumped its entire position in discount retailer Family Dollar and
consumer-goods maker Sara Lee.

Finally, billionaire George Soros recently sold nearly all of his bank stocks, including JPMorgan Chase,
Citigroup, and Goldman Sachs. Between the three banks, Soros sold more than a million shares.

So why are these billionaires dumping their shares of U.S. companies?

That's sounds kinda scary - anyone know if any of that is true?
If the billionaires are dumping American stocks like crazy, wouldn't it be a bigger story?

Yes, I could take the afternoon off and play detective on this story but somewhere out there is a person
who follows the stock market (and Buffett) so if you could drop me an e-mail, that'd be great.

BTW, I saw this on Politico, and it had Newsmax (liars!) involved but the link is from

Are they a reliable source for financial news?

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Rape: Can the Military Stop?
Will the GOP stop legislation to stop rape?


Determined to stop sexual assault in the military, Congress is spelling out for the services
how far lawmakers are willing to go in changing the decades-old military justice system.

The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Martin Dempsey, and officers heading each
branch of the military were to testify Tuesday on Capitol Hill, but it will be members of the
Senate who will provide clues as to whether Congress embraces a far-reaching approach to
limit the authority that commanders have to discipline the forces they lead.

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y., wants legislation that would remove commanders from the
process of deciding whether serious crimes, including sexual misconduct cases, go to trial.
That judgment would rest with seasoned trial counsels who have prosecutorial experience
and hold the rank of colonel or above.

The military has serious reservations about Gillibrand’s plan, concerned that stripping
commanders of some authority would make it difficult for them to maintain good order
and discipline. Not so, say some lawmakers, who argue that the military’s piecemeal
approach clearly hasn’t been the answer.

Sounds to be like the military is saying, "If you take rape away, what do we get in return?"

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Subject: Personal question

Whats your thoughts on Penélope Cruz doing a Bond Film?

It's OK with me - she certainly has that exotic thing going on,
but I think she said she hasn't been asked - yet.

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Military Rape Battlelines Drawn
Guess who likes the legal-rape system?


It’s a battle between tradition and change, and it could decide how far Congress is willing to go
to make the Pentagon confront a growing epidemic of sexual assaults in the ranks.

Top Democrats and a few Republicans want to take the cases out of the traditional chain of command
 — where an accuser might be reporting the crime to the very person she’s accused.

Military hawks say no way. Commanders need to maintain authority over their troops.

On the rape-is-wrong side of the fight are Sens. Kirsten Gillibrand and Mark Begich, who argue sexual assault
cases need a separate lane in the military — even if that threatens the top-down culture of the Pentagon.

On the other side are the rape-is-a-perk nutjobs like Sen. Jim Inhofe and Rep. Buck McKeon, who argue
the chain of command is fundamental to leading our good ol' boy military machine and shouldn’t be tampered with lightly.

While senators like Gillibrand are grabbing headlines for keeping the cause front-and-center in Washington,
they will still need to win over pro-rape Republicans reluctant to impose such an unpopular law with the rapists.

If you're ever not sure about how you feel about some political issue,
just find out how Inhofe feels and you'll know just what not to do.

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Subject: 9-11 conspiracy is true

Well, they aren't Stephen Hawking but here is some celebs that agree:

Woody Harrelson
Mos Def
Willie Nelson
Tom DeLonge (Blink 182 singer)
Marion Cotillard
Jesse Ventura
Rosie O’Donnell
Janeane Garofalo
Charlie Sheen

 Chuck out West

Dude, you should always lead with Charlie Sheen - just kidding.

In that group only Jesse Ventura (Navy Seal) had any experience with explosives.

But you could be right.
All we know for sure is the Bush bastards covered up something.

If you get a blowjob you have to talk about it under oath and on TV.
If 3,000 people die and you covered-up the reason, that's OK with our Democrats.

     "It's not right to question the President..."

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Today's OMG!  Don't Look Down Picture


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Subject: Perkel's Vatican Rant!

Bart, use THIS link for Perkel's Vatican Rant!

The one you provided is to his Church o' Reality site & is very BUSY.
I was getting riled up because I couldn't find the rest of Marc's,
"Child Rapists Go to Heaven but Even the Kindest Atheists Go to HELL! No Exceptions!" letter
to the editors with that link. I GOOGLED Marc Perkel, and the letter is the first thing on his personal web page.
 Gino in MN
If you've never been to Marc's pages, they are very entertaining and educational.

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Assange: Media, Blame Yourselves
Failure To Defend Him Emboldened DOJ


The U.S. media made themselves vulnerable to attack by the Department of Justice by standing aside
as WikiLeaks and Army Pfc. Bradley Manning were targeted several years ago, Julian Assange said from
the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, where he is holed up fighting extradition to Sweden.

"All rights are fought for and maintained," the WikiLeaks founder said. "As soon as organizations or people
stop demanding that their rights be protected, then they are overrun and the current situation results."

Ecuador has offered Assange political asylum, but Britain is threatening to arrest him once he leaves the embassy grounds.

Michael Ratner, Assange's U.S. lawyer and the president of the Center for Constitutional Rights, noted the
parallels between the case against Fox News reporter James Rosen and Assange, both of whom have been
accused of soliciting classified information by the U.S. government.

How are we supposed to have an opinion on this?

Did Obama's DOJ go too far with that Rosen character?

The Patriot Act made all government snooping legal, didn't it?

Nobody has seen the Rosen evidence - how do we know if they over-stepped?

  Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: that Mystery City

Hi, Bart,

I went to Seville once about a dozen years ago and I went to see what I called the “Harp String Bridge”
which spans the Guadalquivir River.  Because it is so beautiful and looks like a harp, it was worth it to
take a side trip to see it.  I don’t think the picture in your City Mystery is it, which makes me wonder if
you are sure this is Seville, Spain.  If it is, chalk it up to my being too old to keep my memories and reality
on the same wavelength.

One looks like this

And the other modern bridge looks like this

So I was wondering how sure you were that THIS is Seville?
 Geoff in the Mountains

Geoff, I'm not sure of anything.
Seville was the only guess I got so I went with it.

I guess that will remain a mystery...

Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: Eldrick's worst 9-holes

Yee haw! Remember Bart, that the US Open begins in two weeks
so your best efforts at putting on the hex are needed.
 M Lamont

I'll be there, screaming "Hex on thee!" each time he swings a club.

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Today's Wildlife Photo


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Today's Mystery Celebrity Photo 


 Subject: last issue's Mystery Celebrity    Link

Bart, t
hat is Sally Field, TV's Gidget (before she learned to fly for Khan....)
 MIT Russ

That photo is a publicity still of Sally Field, from the short-running 1965 TV series Gidget. 
It has to be a publicity still, because it was against the rules to show a woman's navel on TV
before about 1970, so set stills of Sally in swimwear will all have high-top bikini bottoms or
she will be in a one-piece, covering her navel.
 Big Boy

Old-timers might remember that on the Dick Van Dyke Show,
Rob wasn't alowed to sleep in the same bed as his wife.

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By my good friend Richard Fricker

Click to Order
Paperback just $12.95

Richard Fricker has a long, brilliant history of being a fine writer of non-fiction
and his short stories are refreshingly original and thought-provoking.
His multi-cultural experiences provide him with a global
perspective that makes these stories unforgettable.

Today's Mystery City


Subject: last issue's Mystery City    

Bart, that’s a shot of downtown San Antonio, Texas.
On the right is the Tower of the Americas and HemisFair Park.
 John with the CHFA

We visited San Antonio when I was a child.
They served Mexican food on those floating barges.

Do they still do that? And if so is the food any good?

Send e-mail to Bart

Name the Mystery Car


 Subject: last issue's Mystery Car    Link

Bart, that might be a 57 Pontiac.
In Canada it was called a "Parisianne."
 Ray B

In America, they called them Bonnevilles.

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What is today's History Mystery?   


Subject: last issue's History Mystery    Link 

Nobody got Eugene Hasenfus, the CIA employee who was running cocaine to Oakland
and trading the coke for arms to
illegally deliver back to the Nicaraguan Contras,
His plane was shot down over Nicaragua and the pilot and two others died. Hasenfus was
supposed to die, too
but he smuggled a parachute onboard and this was taken alive and they
found out who he was
and the Iran-Contra crimes were discovered.

In most realities, funding a secret war
with cocaine to benefit nun-raping terrorists is a crime.
But Rep. Lee Hamilton, in the fix with the Bush bastards, pronounced everyone innocent.

Of course, the Democrats did not object to any of this.

     "It's not right to question the President..."

Eventuially, Bush the Smarter pardoned the guilty BEFORE THEIR TRIALS to bury their crimes forever.

Then they impeached Clinton because he had sex.

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Brit Singer Louise Redknapp 

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