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Wednesday  June 5, 2013    Vol 3072 - Party of evil

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...

Arrow Bloomberg's Gift to Mark Pryor
Tea Party Less Popular than GOP
Gillibrand vs Pro-Rape Military
Arrow Super Storms the New Normal
Arrow Amazon Expands into Grocery
Arrow Amazon Helps Tequila Treehouse
Arrow What happened to Mandy Moore?


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"Shame on TN lawmakers for passing the Ag Gag bill.  If Gov. Bill Haslam
  signs this, he needs to expect me at his front door. Who's with me?”
      --  Carrie Underwood, getting into politics again - Good for her       Link


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Bloomberg's Gift to Sen. Mark Pryor
Right-wing Democrat is an NRA-loving gun-nut
 by Gene Lyons

In the unlikely event that Mark Pryor wins re-election as Arkansas’ senior U.S. Senator in 2014,
he should send New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg a thank-you gift. Something like a sugary
44-ounce Big Gulp or a case of Dr Pepper. Offering His Honor a 30.06 deer rifle would be churlish.

Unlike liberal groups who scared up a primary opponent for former Arkansas Sen. Blanche Lincoln
in 2010, predictably helping her lose to a cookie-cutter GOP conservative, Bloomberg’s group
Mayors Against Illegal Guns has given the beleaguered Democrat, well, a target to shoot at.

Angered with Pryor’s Senate vote against broadening background checks for gun sales — one of four
Democrats to do so — Mayors Against Illegal Guns has been running TV ads in Arkansas citing the
murder of state Democratic Party chair Bill Gwatney by a deranged gunman in 2008.

The commercial expresses the disgust of just about every Arkansas Democrat I know with what they
saw as Pryor’s cowardly vote. “The Caspar Milquetoast of Arkansas politics,” one columnist dubbed him.

I wish Obama could do a better job of corraling his Democrats. 
Obama says,
"Go ahead and lead the revolt against me, that's OK. I'll even campaign for you
  if you want and you can keep all your commitee assignments."

That's no way to run a party, Barack.

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Tea Party Less Popular than GOP
And the GOP is pretty damned unpopular

Obama’s approval rating is up slightly and his popularity steady, but both the GOP and the Tea Party
still have negative perception with voters, says an NBC News/Whore Street Journal, poll.

Only 32 percent of Americans have a positive perception of the GOP, with 41 percent negative, a net of -9.
For Teabaggers, only 26 percent report having a positive perception while 38 percent feel negatively, a net of -12..

The IRS’s singling out of Tea Party groups that applied for non-profit “social welfare” status has renewed interest
in the Tea Party movement. Since then, Republicans seem to have re-embraced the Teabagger movement.

If Obama had Clinton's cunning, I'd suspect him of fabricating this IRS "scandal"
to send the GOP running back into the arms of the even more-unpopular Teabaggers.

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Gillibrand Chides Pro-Rape Military
Soldiers clinging to their rape culture


Tuesday’s Senate Armed Services Committee hearing on sexual assaults in the military took a
drastic turn Tuesday when Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) asked military leaders about her
proposed legislation that would take sexual assault reporting out of the chain of command.

Military leaders completely rejected any measures that would insert non-uniformed personnel
into assault investigations.

“It is imperative that the chain of command is fully engaged and part of the solution. …
Removing commanders, making commanders less responsible, less accountable, will not work,”
General Ray Ordierno, the Army’s Chief of Staff, responded.

“Not all commanders are objective,” Gillibrand said.  “Not every single commander necessarily
wants women on the force, not every commander believes what a sexual assault is, not every
single commander can distinguish between a slap on the ass and a rape because they merge
all of these crimes together.”

“You have lost the trust of the men and women who rely on you,” she added.

Meanwhile, Senator Saxby Chambliss (R-Pro-rape) attributed rape in the military to a
“hormone level created by nature” and suggested the Pentagon not allow women in combat roles.

Yes, blame the women for getting raped. Rape is normal, rape is good, right, Saxby?
A steady diet of rape keeps the soldiers' moral high, is that what you're saying?.

If those women were pregnant and barefoot in their kitchens at home
they wouldn't be getting raped by our hormonally-challenged soldiers.

Georgia voters must be a lot like Oklahoma voters (not a compliment).

Subject: not Monkey Mail

Here's what I don't get. Sometimes I notice this with the mystery questions,
that I answer questions and the next day learn that all questions the day before
are different from those I answered. I'm confused.

Well, I screw up a lot.

Often times on Tuesday, you might be reading the Monday issue
while I'm working on Wednesday's page so yeah, I screw up a lot.

Keeping things straight makes my brain hurt.

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Super Storms are the New Normal
OKC tornado biggest in history, winds of 296 f-ing MPH
by Thom Hartmann


Eleven days after a deadly tornado hit Moore, Oklahoma, five more tornadoes hit that state,
killing at least 13 people, and injuring more than one hundred. Among the lives lost were three
Discovery Channel storm chasers. The storms hit just as roads and highways were jammed with
rush hour traffic, leaving many people stuck in the path of approaching twisters. At least one of
the tornadoes was classified an EF3, with winds up to 165 miles per hour.

Thom is wrong.
It was an EF-5 tornado with winds of 296 MPH - I'm certain of my figures.

For years now, scientists have been warning us to expect massive storms fueled by warmer weather
and higher levels of moisture in the atmosphere. While environmental experts will not link any one
storm directly to global warming, they agree that these super hurricanes, devastating floods, and
monster tornadoes are the undeniable result of climate change.

Scientists warn that if we continue to pump more and more carbon pollution in our atmosphere,
these storms will continue to grow in power and frequency. This is the new normal, and without
immediate change it will it get even worse.

When we bought our tornado shelter in 2011, they said Texas A&M had run tests on it.
They fired a 2-by-4 at the shelter at 200 MPH and the steel walls held.

But what if the new 2013 tornadoes have winds of 300 MPH?
That the fuck happens then?


"Those big storms are lying! They are liberal small storms
  with an agenda to masquerade as bigger storms!"

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Subject: re Perkel's Vatican rant

Why would atheists need the nod of approval from child rape enablers
about going to  a place they don’t believe in anyway?
For a long, long, time I’ve been saying the world is getting stupider
and I know I’m not getting smarter. 

This is just another brick in the wall supporting my opinion.
I thought we were witnessing a rare flash of sanity when the infallible Pope said that.
But then they said the infallible Pope didn't really say what he said.

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Subject: Mystery bridge

Hi Bart,
I thought I saw this bridge once before and did some digging. 
Its the Da-jhih Bridge in Taipei, Taiwan ROC. 
It is the first cable stayed stayed bridge with a single cantilever. 
820 meters long it was opened to traffic in 2003 with 8 lanes.
 Steve K in Waterville

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Subject: 9-11 conspiracy

Regarding the email from 'Chuck out west' and your comment that "the Bush bastards covered up something".

Unfortunately at this point the mere mention of 9-11 conspiracy is almost universally dismissed,
but I would like to remind people of the absurdity of the investigation.

Think back: Bush and Cheney were allowed to testify together, not under oath, and privately
behind closed doors, with no recording or transcript made.

Does anyone who laughs at "truthers" have a problem with that?

Reality: the first thing Police Officers do in an investigation is question the players individually
to ensure congruity of testimony, or discover incongruity.

This "investigation" was a joke.

"The Bush bastards covered up something" for sure, but we'll never know what i
f we continue to swallow the bullshit that we've been fed.
 Steve in AZ 
The whipped bitches who call themselves Democrats had no problem with that charade.
I mean, it was only 3,000 dead people - why take it seriously?

"It's not polite to question the President."

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Amazon Expands into Grocery
Care for some eggs and milk?

  Link is planning a major roll-out of an online grocery business that it has been quietly
developing for years, targeting one of the largest retail sectors yet to be upended by e-commerce

The company has been testing AmazonFresh in its hometown of Seattle for at least five years,
delivering fresh produce such as eggs, strawberries and meat with its own fleet of trucks.

Amazon is now planning to expand its grocery business outside Seattle, starting with Los Angeles
as early as this week and San Francisco later this year.  If those new locations go well,
the company may launch AmazonFresh in 20 other urban areas in 2014,

There is one grocery chain that pretty much owns Tulsa.
I wouldn't mind if they had some competition.

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Subject: Pot - Tiger, who cares?

Hey Bart,
I've been a loyal follower for many years and will continue to do so and think you're the greatest.
BUT, I guess I think this thing about pot that is constantly on your site is a little overboard. 
It would be nice to see a poll of "who cares?".  Legal? - great. Not Legal - it gets smoked anyway and great. 

You seem to be dedicating a lot of page space to this every day and to me, I just skip over it.

The entire pot issue is at a tipping point.
I never thought we'd get here, but America is changing; they're turning pro-pot.

This year is the most important year ever because two states have legalized it.

The problem is our "change" president is mired in the bullshit of the past.
He's embracing stupidity and superstition and that drives me crazy.
He's an intelligent man who's acting very stupid when it comes to drugs.
We have a chance to change America for the better so I'm pushing that.

Also Tiger Woods - I like Tiger, lots of folks don't - again... who cares? 
BUT, it is your page, and you have every right to voice your personal peeves and I will still be a loyal follower. 
Just some input that may be shared by others, since I like to think of myself as another liberal "average Joe". 
Keep the hammer going. Take care!

Matt, thanks for that.
I think Tiger only gets mentioned when he loses at golf or commits a crime (like sleeping in the street)
or gets caught banging a dozen waitresses at a time - I find humor in that.

You made a great point about skipping over what you're not interested in.
Most pages have about 80 components so there should be something for almost everyone.

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Today's Wildlife Photo


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Today's Mystery Celebrity Photo 


 Subject: last issue's Mystery Celebrity    Link

Bart, t
hat’s Stevie Nicks, and I believe you have run that one before!
 Steve in the ATL

I don't remember running Stevie before but then, I screw up a lot.

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Today's Mystery City


Subject: last issue's Mystery City    

Bart, Klamath Falls is closest decent sized city to Crater Lake.
Klamath Falls is south/southeast
Or closet city is Medford, which is to the southwest of Crater Lake,
 Dan M.

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Name the Mystery Car


 Subject: last issue's Mystery Car    Link

That is a 1970 Plymouth two door pillared hardtop.  
The rear windows could flip out at the back if you ordered that option.
Most of that body style were Roadrunners though a few Belvederes were made.
 Mike C.


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What is today's History Mystery?   


Subject: last issue's History Mystery    Link 

Bart, that’s Dick Gregory – comedian, civil rights activist.
Keep hammerin,

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Subject: donations

Bart, here's a little something to keep the wolves away.
Don't send anything - just keep the hammer chipping away.
I don;'t agree with everything you write
but I would miss you if you went away.
 John in Milwaukee.

John, thanks for that.

Humor can get us thru the worst of times so we will keep on.  
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