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WELCOME TO BARTCOP.COM A modem, a smart mouth and the truthNews and Commentary NOT Approved by Karl Rove, bcause vicious extremists can NOT be appeased.


Weekend-Monday  June 8-10, 2013    Vol 3074 - Helltown

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...

Arrow Ed Snowden is the NSA leaker
NSA access built into Windows
Hamilton: Wish I knew Then...
Arrow Glenn Beck Regrets Being an Ass
Arrow 5 Myths about Legalizing Pot
Arrow Amazon Helps Tequila Treehouse
Arrow Death Cab for Hotties


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Republicans, always "helping" women with reproductive decisions.
If men could get pregnant,
abortion would be a sacrament.


"If standing for liberty, if standing for free market principle and the Constitution 
  makes you a wacko bird, then, then I am a very proud wacko bird,”
      --  Ted Cruz (R-Cunty) very proud to be a wacko bird    Link


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Ed Snowden is the NSA leaker
Former undercover spook unmasked himself
Will he get the Bradley Manning Treatment?

Edward Snowden, a 29-year-old former undercover CIA employee, unmasked himself Sunday
as the principal source of recent Washington Post and Guardian disclosures about top-secret NSA programs.

Snowden, who has contracted for the NSA and works for the consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton,
denounced what he described as systematic surveillance of innocent citizens and said in an interview
that “it’s important to send a message to government that people will not be intimidated.”

Snowden said he understands the risks of disclosing the information but felt it was important to reveal.

“I intend to ask for asylum from any countries that believe in free speech and oppose the victimization
of global privacy,” Snowden told The Post from Hong Kong, where he has been staying.
Do we agree that every Top Secret NSA program does NOT need to be exposed?
Why call it a "national security" program if everyone knows every move they make?

What if Edward Snowden knew we were going to raid bin Laden's compound tomorrow.
Would it be his "journalistic duty" to blow the whistle on that, too?

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NSA access built into Windows

A careless mistake by Microsoft programmers has revealed that special access codes
prepared by the US National Security Agency have been secretly built into Windows.
The NSA access system is built into every version of the Windows operating system now in use,
except early releases of Windows 95 (and its predecessors). The discovery comes close on the
heels of the revelations earlier this year that another US software giant, Lotus, had built an NSA
"help information" trapdoor into its Notes system, and that security functions on other software
systems had been deliberately crippled. 

The first discovery of the new NSA access system was made two years ago by British researcher
Dr Nicko van Someren. But it was only a few weeks ago when a second researcher rediscovered
the access system. With it, he found the evidence linking it to NSA.

Computer security specialists have been aware for two years that unusual features are contained
inside a standard Windows software "driver" used for security and encryption functions. The driver,
called ADVAPI.DLL, enables and controls a range of security functions. If you use Windows,
you will find it in the C:\Windows\system directory of your computer.

This spying issue has made some strange political bedfellows.
You have Obama and Princess Graham saying "This is no big deal," while Rand Paul
and former president Al Gore say "This is a terrible overreach by the government."

One thing that would help is if the Obama folk knew how to frame an argument.

Obama says this is ONLY used on foreign calls and NO Americans are being targeted.
That makes sense - why NOT meta-track calls from Yemen, Pakistan and Somalia?
But the TV talking heads say Obama is tracking every call and every e-mail by every American.

Sometimes when Obama explains something, he uses 200 words when ten would do.
For a great orator, he can be a really lousy communicator.

I have no problem with this. No terrorists are calling Casa de Bart
so the NSA can track whomever they want, as far as I'm concerned.

If you weant to flip out over something, try this:
Think how easy it would be for the phone company to electronically take your phone off
the hook and use it as a microphone to listen to your private conversatins inside your home.

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Subject: Why do I care? I have nothing to hide.

In response to government spying on all our phone calls some people have said to me,
"Why do I care? I have nothing to hide. So what if the government is tapping into everything we do?"
Obama says, "We're going to have to make some choices as a society."

The 4th Amendment of the Constitution says. "The right of the people to be secure in their persons,
houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no
Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly
describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized." Obama is saying that a
secret court has determined that all Verizon customers are criminal suspects, including me.
That is just plain crazy on its face.

Obama and the member of Congress took an oath that includes, "I do solemnly swear that I will ...
preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States." That oath has now been broken
by the President and every member of Congress that supports government by secret courts and secret laws.

So an answer like "I have nothing to hide.", misses the point. I don't recall anything in the Constitution
that says that you can amend the Constitution by deciding to ignore it. I don't recall a rule that says that
if a Republican president and a Democrat president both break the same law that the law becomes nullified.

What they are doing is declaring that the Constitution itself, the document upon which all laws are founded,
is void. Obama and Congress have declared that the rule of law no longer applies in America. Without the
rule of law and the Constitution the America we knew no longer exists. It is wrong and it rises to the level
of treason against the Constitution.
 Marc Perkel

I disagree with my close friend, Marc.
Couldn't you make the same argument about motorcycle helmets or taking your shoes off at the airport?

Doesn't the Fourth Amendment guarantee us the right to keep our shoes on?
I'd rather take my shoes off - IF it increases the chances of the plane landing in one piece.

To me, it's a little like gay marriage.
If Obama tracks suspected terrorist's calls and e-mails, how does that affect me?

Or does having this opinion make me "another Cheney?"


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Hamilton: Wish I knew Then...
Bush's White Washer pleads stupidity...
  by Robert Parry


Former Rep. Lee Hamilton, who oversaw two congressional investigations into Reagan’s secret dealings
with Iran, says a key piece of evidence was withheld that could have altered his conclusion clearing Reagan’s
1980 campaign of allegations that it sabotaged Carter’s hostage negotiations with Iran.

In a phone interview on Thursday, Hamilton responded to a document that I had e-mailed him revealing that
in 1991 a deputy White House counsel working for Bush was notified by the State Department that William Casey
had taken a trip to Madrid in relation to the so-called October Surprise issue.

Casey’s alleged trip to Madrid in 1980 was at the center of Hamilton’s investigation in 1991-92 into whether
Reagan’s campaign went behind Carter’s back to frustrate his attempts to free 52 American hostages before
the 1980 election, popularly known as the “October Surprise.” Hamilton’s task force dismissed the allegations
after concluding that Casey had not traveled to Madrid.

“We found no evidence to confirm Casey’s trip to Madrid,” Hamilton told me. “We couldn’t show that. …
Bush White House did not notify us that he did make the trip. Should they have passed that on to us?
They should have because they knew we were interested in that.”

Hamilton said yes, because the question of the Madrid trip was key to the task force’s investigation.
“If the White House knew that Casey was there, they certainly should have shared it with us,” Hamilton said,
adding that “you have to rely on people” in authority to comply with information requests.

Well guess what, Lee?
The guilty rarely hand over proof of their guilt to investigators.

You were in charge of this investigation and you didn't know that?

No wonder Bush put you in charge of the 9-11 Commission.
You're as stupid as any investigator in America's history.

Subject: Please ask people NOT to knock Carrie Underwood...

I am not sure about Carrie Underwood's animal rights thing;
but do you know what she did for Moore tornado victims?

She donated ALL of her latest concert tour money, every last dime,
to the Moore tornado victims. That amounted to just over a million dollars!
That does not sound "stupid" to me, at all.


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Glenn Beck Regrets Being an Ass
Now that he's got no audience...


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Subject: that levitation trick

Bart, I can refer you to a You Tube site 

It does not take much engineering thinking to realize that flexible
harnesses and detachable mechanics can accomplish what you saw.

Most secrets to stage magic illusions can be bought

 I wish the slick tricks of the Extremist Far Right could so easily be revealed…

Obviously I didn't think this was real magic because that doesn't exist.
If you're going to believe in magic you might as well believe in God.

That video you sent - that guy was connected to a large and clumsy-looking metal frame.
The guy on AGT (pictured below) seemed to have no metal frame hidden under his clothes
when he talked to Nick the AGT host and then walked out in front of everyone live.

Plus, his stick lied on the ground while he was settng up. For this trick to work, AGT stagehands
would've had to help him incorporate his metal harness into their stage.
And when he falls, there seems to be no metal frame behind his back.

Anyone can sit on a large metal frame and pretend they're levitating.
But Special Head made it portable that that was a clever trick.

Better question: Why do red states get MORE money back
from the federal government than sane states?

Why don't we stop doing that?

Hollywood Creativity


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Subject: my dogs

Bart, this is Takoda, (white) and his half-sister, Cali. They will be 4 & 3, come November. (God willing)

They are Native American Indian Dogs. (NAIDs)
They are highly intelligent, friendly, and sensitive. Just  like us :)
 Be well, Kip in NJ.

Put your pet's photo on  for just $10

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Subject: NSA Spying


Obama criticized Bush for ignoring the law and spying on us without a warrant
and without a FISA Court review.  There is no evidence that Obama is doing that now.
All he did was renew an existing court order. There are lots of reasons to complain
about NSA spying, but portraying Obama as a hypocrite is not one of them.
 Jim Adams

They also say EVERY member of congress knew about this so all their
catterwalling about "how awful this is" is just fodder to rile up the Teabaggers.

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"Fox News must hate the NSA story since it demolishes the
  right-wing narrative about Obama being a liberal monster."
      --  Eroc Boehlert in a tweet


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5 Myths about Legalizing Pot
Do facts count with drug hysterics like Obama?


1. If pot is legal, more people will use it.
    Some studies suggest usage drops after legalization.
2. Law enforcement officials oppose legalization.
    Since marijuana prohibition drives the drug war,
    these huge costs would end when federal cannabis law changes.
3. Getting high would be the top revenue generator for the cannabis plant.

    A New Mexico Department of Agriculture report says that “within 10 years of the end
    of the war on drugs, we’ll see a $50 billion domestic hemp industry.”
4. Big Tobacco and Big Alcohol would control the legal cannabis industry.
    It's a win for Big Alcohol and a win for the pot micro-grower. Big Alcohol might
    control the corner store, but not the fine-wine shop or the farmers’ market.
5. In the heartland, legalization is a political nonstarter.
    Colorado is heartland-y. There, 40 percent of Republicans chose to legalize pot.

 So all we need is for Obama to stop blocking progress.

 We have to stamp out this pot menace or you know what could happen to those ne'er do wells?
 They might end up running the free world like our last three presidents.

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Subject: RE: Obama's In-Your-Face Appts

I'm not convinced that these recent so called "in-your-face" appointments of Obama's mean diddily squat.
It's a blip, a flash, a comet with no tail.
It's also too late.

I'd love to stand on the sidelines applauding this new found agressiveness of the President.
If anyone has a right to be frustrated, it's Obama. The treatment of him by the GOP has been appalling
 - not the mention a double standard(created by the GOP) for him and any preceding  (white) President.
But the GOP is still holding the reins. And Democrats are still afraid.

You say Obama's wasted the last 5 years trying to court/appease the GOP.
Well I see even more of his second term being wasted. Nothing meaningful
will pass-unless Dems continueto give up MORE of their priorities.

In the meantime, Dems will cross their fingers and hope for better days after 2014.
(I am afraid they will be disappointed).
This may all sound very gloom and doom, but it reflects what I feel these days.
I'd love to be wrong!
 Mary Lou

He might continue to be President Mouse,
but, unlike Bush, Obama actually has the ability to learn.

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Today's Wildlife Photo


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Subject: Our infrastructure needs fixing. We get a D grade


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Today's Mystery Celebrity Photo 


 Subject: last issue's Mystery Celebrity    Link

Wow! That's Rona Barrett! Gossip queen way before TMZ!
 Stefanie M

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Today's Mystery City


Subject: last issue's Mystery City    

Hi Bart
That's Brisbane in Queensland, Australia taken from
Mount Coot-tha around 4 miles west of the CBD
Cheers mate
Colin in West Pynble

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Name the Mystery Car


 Subject: last issue's Mystery Car    Link

That is a 1956 Chevrolet 210 2-Door Post w/ aftermarket tube grill
  Eddy the tornado-dodging Pillar

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What is today's History Mystery?   


Subject: last issue's History Mystery    Link 

That's Annette Kellerman, first actress in 1916 to do a nude scene in a film, "A Daughter of the Gods."
She was born in Australia and is credited for inventing the sport of synchronized swimming.
Most of her films are considered lost, but this survived:

Mike, you are correct, but what I was going for is she was arrested
in 1901 for indecent exposure for wearing that cover-everything swinsuit.

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Bart, it's not a lot but it's what I can do right now.
I enjoy your site every day so I feel I need to support you when I can.
  Dave in Portland, OR

Dave, thanks for that.

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