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WELCOME TO BARTCOP.COM A modem, a smart mouth and the truthNews and Commentary NOT Approved by Karl Rove, bcause vicious extremists can NOT be appeased.


Tuesday  June 11, 2013    Vol 3075 - The anti-Eisenhower

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...

Arrow Snowdon is Saving America
Here’s How it Works:
LOLGOP Leading Amash in Poll
Arrow Pot Brings Hope to Little Girl
Arrow Obama: Stop Calling me "Bush"
Arrow Amazon Helps Tequila Treehouse
Arrow Death Cab for Hotties


Before you read today's issue...

There's a lot of talk about Obama "spying" on us.
Try to remember
nobody has any facts, here.
This isn't like racism or guns or school prayer - we have no facts.

Obama says he's not spying, his Democratic critics say he's lying.

Before we throw his presidency in the trash, remember we have no facts
and it's possible we'll never have the facts - so keep that in mind.

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Michael Moore and Glenn Beck have the same hero.


"Republicans already had their 'How do we make this about Hillary?' meeting!"
      --  LOLGOP in a tweet


  Send e-mail to Bart

Snowdon is Saving America
says Daniel Ellsbegr, famous leaker

Legendary Pentagon Papers leaker Daniel Ellsberg has written a supporting article
in the Guardian about Edward Snowden, the man behind the recent leaking of the
NSA’s secret program to spy on Americans without a warrant.

Obama says that's NOT happening - is he lying?
How can we debate this when nobody can agree on the facts?

There has not been in American history (How dramatic!) a more important leak than Edward
Snowden’s release of NSA material – and that includes the Pentagon Papers 40 years ago.
Snowden’s whistleblowing gives us the possibility to roll back a key part of what has
amounted to an “executive coup” against the US constitution.

That seems wildly bombastic - "an executive coup against the constitution?
Isn't that what Wayne La Pierre says about reasonable gun control?

Since 9/11, there has been, at first secretly but increasingly openly, a revocation of the bill of rights
for which this country fought over 200 years ago. In particular, the fourth and fifth amendments of
the US constitution, which safeguard citizens from unwarranted intrusion by the government into
their private lives, have been virtually suspended.

Democrats rightly say, "The founding fathers didn't know about automatic weapons in 1776."
Couldn't the same point be made about nukes?

The government claims it has a court warrant under Fisa – but that unconstitutionally sweeping
warrant is from a secret court, shielded from effective oversight, almost totally deferential to
executive requests. As Russell Tice, a former National Security Agency analyst, put it:
“It is a kangaroo court with a rubber stamp.”

What if those Boston bombers had access to nukes?
Would we want their privacy to be respected AT ALL COSTS?

Remember,  it's hard to debate this since nobody has the facts but Obama.

 Send e-mail to Bart

A drop of honesty in an ocean of bullshit.

Breaking News

CNN says Snowdon's employer says he made $122K a year, not $200K.

Does that mean Snowdon is telling tall tales?
Between Snowdon and Obama, who do you trust?
We've known Snowden since last weekend.

I'm going with Obama until THE FACTS say I shouldn't.

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Don't let Bush's recession kill your business.

Fight back!

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Here’s How it Works:
  by Tally

You really want your privacy? Fine.
Empty your bank account, cancel your credit cards and cable/satellite TV/internet,
and move to the sticks, to a property with a well, and land that’s self-sustaining.
All communication devices are voluntary. Plenty of people don’t have phones,
cell or otherwise, just like Bin Laden. And make sure you have solar power,
and a rain cistern with a hose and pump so you can try to save your house from
burning down when it’s struck by lightening. Living in a community has it’s perks,
and is also voluntary.

 Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: Government Spying is Treason

America was a government founded by the people and for the sole purpose of serving the people.
We were created as a government that had a constitution and the rule of law. During the Bush
administration they threw out the rule of law and laughed at the Constitution. For 8 years since the
2000 election was stolen we endured the Bush occupation of the presidency. Finally in 2009 when
Obama became president we all thought the nightmare of lawless government was over.

But not so fast. Now Obama and the Democrats are doing the domestic spying and they too have
embraced the lawlessness started under Bush. In fact it's even worse. Now Democrat senators like
Feinstein are covering up for Obama and there are no longer any good guys left to stand up for the
rule of law and the rights of the people.

Domestic spying is evil. America is little more than a brand name now.
America's soul is dead. It's all just so fake and dishonest. I would go out and burn the flag
but I don't think it's worth burning because it no longer has any meaning anymore.
I feel incredibly disappointed and betrayed.
 Marc Perkel

  Send e-mail to Bart

This toon is flat-out calling Obama a goddamned liar.

Is that the official Democratic position now?

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So, Glenn Beck and Arianna Huffington have the same hero?
Has everyone thought out their positions on this?

I wonder what Obama and the Princess think about that?
I wonder what Rand Paul and Al Gore think about that?

LOLGOP Leading Amash in Poll  


Public Policy Polling (PPP) released a poll today that, among other things, asked the question,
“If the candidates for Senate next year were Democrat LOLGOP and Republican Justin Amash,
who would you vote for?”

The answer? LOLGOP won 23% to 22%.

Think about that just for a minute. Justin Amash is losing to a Twitter handle.   ha ha

It is perhaps a sign of how dim GOP prospects in national elections are in Michigan that one of
the party’s leading potential candidates for the Senate next year would trail in a hypothetical match up
with a twitter handle. The person behind LOLGOP lives in Ann Arbor and we find that LOLGOP
would lead Congressman Justin Amash 23/22 in a head to head match. That sort of climate for Republicans
may be why it’s been hard to get top tier candidates into the race for the open Senate seat there next year.

Subject: You are wrong

Hey Bart, I am sorry, but you are wrong about the Prism.  
First of all, you left out the most consequential of the “strange bedfellows” you list: 
“George W Bush and Barak Obama”.  Right?  

Edward Snowden made a careful case as to why he made the leaks, which frankly makes
your case against look like a clumsy straw man. 


Snowden is an American hero.  So is Manning.  If the people in power are not held accountable, it is bad. 
Obama said he welcomes a debate on this, but that is bullshit.  He never would have had to say had it not
been for the whistle blowers.   So yes, total bullshit.  It is a bad thing when the government works in secret. 

We need more transparency, no matter how benign you might think the program is.  
President Obama would probably think Senator Obama was a pot smoking hippie. 
You know what O does with them. 

But I still like you.

First, thank you for not calling me "another Cheney."
That's the standard response for anyone who doesn't fall in lockstep with liberal dogma.

You seem to be saying that the United States cannot have ANY nartional security secrets.

Unlike most of my political positions, I'm not locked into this. It's too new.
For one, the sides can't even agree on what the facts are because they are secret.

Obama's version of what happened is light-years away from "tapping every American's phone."
IF you think Obama is lying thru his fucking teeth, about something THIS impostant,
then he should be impeached, right?

Either Obama is guilty of serious crimes or he's not.
I say he's not.

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Pot Brings Hope to Little Girl
Medicinal marijuana stops seizures


They'd done all they could to control the seemingly endless, violent seizures that hit six-year-old
Charlotte Figi
20, 40, 60 times a day. They put her on an extreme diet. They tried at least a dozen
medications, many with harmful side effects. Despite some promising starts, nothing worked. And the
rescue medications they were giving her to stop the seizures in fact stopped her breathing. CPR brought
her back to life more than once.

After years of watching a cruel, incurable genetic disorder called Dravet Syndome rob their daughter of
her basic bodily functions and send her into convulsions that caused head injuries and broken teeth,
they had reached the end.

"This is not a life for her. This is torture. She is suffering all day. I'm not OK with this. She wasn't
even human anymore. She'd lie in my arms drooling, seizing, screaming and crying," her Mom said.
Then her husband Matt suggested a radical approach to Charlotte's treatment.

"We need to try cannabis for Charlotte," he told Paige. "We live in a compassionate state."

Fifteen months later, the little girl with the DNR order is standing in the kitchen of their Colorado home
with her mother getting her Pull-Ups changed, cuddling in the arms of a visitor, playing with toys and
strategically pushing the buttons on her "talker," an device that communicates when Charlotte can't.

Her seizures have dropped from 1,200 a month to three, and the ones she has are shorter in duration
and less severe. She's off all the other medications with their troubling side effects. And, as one of the
youngest medical marijuana patients in Colorado, her dramatic turnaround is starting to draw national
attention, with a CNN report on the horizon.

"Eric, do something!  Arrest somebody!  Do something!"

 Our Democratic president would take Charlotte's seizure medicine from her?\

 How about a little "less government" Mr. President?

 I know Charlotte and her parents would appreciate that.

  Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: A marijuana miracle.

The harvest method should definitely put any naysayers to shame.

Bart -- what do you think -- if everything good could be extracted -- would that be enough to shut everyone else up?
Or is it going to be another drug oligarchy?
 The Pizza Stock Guy

One thing we know about Obama: He's damn stubborn.

If Hillary runs I doubt she'll make the same mistake.
I mean, why be on the wrong side of history?

Civil rtights, women's rights, gay rights, legal pot - it's all going the same way - to the Left
but Obama wants to play the historical anti-progress role of a George Wallace?

  "No pot yesta-day, no pot today and no pot faw-evahh!  - as long as I'm president!"

 So Obama is the anti-Eisenmhower - using federal troops to hold freedom back.

  Send e-mail to Bart

Isn't that the bottom line?

Hollywood Creativity


Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: Do you believe this?

So now the government is telling us with regard to domestic spying,
"Yes - we are lying to you. We have been lying to you for years. We have to lie to you.
But it's for your own protection.", and they expect us to "believe" them? Really? Really?

If you believe that you're a "Patriot". If you don't believe it
- we're watching you - and we know where you are.
  Marc Perkel

I continue to disagree with my close friend, Marc, on this.
"The government" isn't lying to us. If anyone is lying it's Barack Obama.

Since this program was discovered in 2006, should Obama remind us that it continues?
How often should he remind us - monthly?  Weekly?  Daily?   

If you own a smart phone, Apple or Google knows where you are.
Is that acceptable?    Do you trust Apple more than Obama?  
Send Bart your answer to that

This meta-gathering program was in place before Obama took the oath.
If Obama shut that program down and New York was then hit with a dirty bomb,
Obama would be called The Worst President in History and it'd be 40 years before
another "soft-on-terrorism" Democrat was elected as president. 

Personally, I DON'T CARE who knows I went to McDonald's for breakfast.

I DON'T CARE who knows I went to the Post Office at 2 PM.
I DON'T CARE who knows I went to the grocery store after the Post Office.

People say I'm "wrong" about not being outraged about this.

For me, so far, this boils down to shoes at the airport.
If you would risk your life for the right to keep your shoes on at the airport,
that's OK with me but I'll wait and take the "shoes x-rayed" flight.

  Send e-mail to Bart

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Today's OMG!  Don't Look Down Picture


 This one will make you want to hug your kids.

 Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: Obama

Obama is a bit lackluster in this term.  Wish he’d man up.
He’s too quiet on his accomplishments, and a bit tone deaf in other areas. 
I was really hoping HC would have gotten the nod.  Hopefully she’ll run and put some hurt on the boys. 
They need a lesson in politicking…

Oh well, back to work.
  Danny W

If Hillary is our next president, I can give you my Nancy Grace Guarantee
that she won't waste her first term trying to get the rabid dogs to like her.

  Send e-mail to Bart

Mystery Quotes

"The president outlined last week that these were important national security programs
  to help keep Americans safe, and give us tools to fight the terrorist threat that we face.
  The president also outlined that there are appropriate safeguards in place to make sure
  that there's no snooping, if you will, on Americans here at home."
      --  Who said that?

  If he's with the president on this, he must be a Republican, right?


  Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: Reality

Bart, I agree with Marc and will add that this transparency into our lives and the opacity
of the ruling class lives is a means of social control. They are unassailable, we are vulnerable.
How can the small ruling class dictate?

So, you're saying you want to keep your shoes on at the airport
because you fear terrorists less than you fear Obama and his ilk?

Not me, not yet.
If I see evidence that Obama has lied about these very serious charges
he might need to be impeached - but what if he's telling the truth?

One way is to know every thing about you and surreptitiously wreck your life if you are a threat to them, politically.
This also opens up the door to human tendencies such as vindictiveness, fundamentalism of any type, jealousy, greed
and so on to give these mental dwarfs to mess with whom ever they choose with impunity. I have observed humans
using these tactics before when given a little power.

Anti authoritarianism is in my blood. I do not like them. I feel a much greater threat from them than any terrorist.
A terrorist attack is like a massive stroke, bam your dead. These cretins feeding on us is like a slow flesh eating fungus
with no cure. Give me the aneurysm.
 Bring on the fungicide meanwhile.

Somebody might have a great argument that proves Obama is lying and why he can't be trusted
and should probably be impeached - but I have yet to see that argument.

If Obama had a f-ing clue of how to defend himself
this "scandal" might not look as bad as some Democrats see it.

  Send e-mail to Bart

Obama: Stop Calling me "Bush"

  Moonie Times

The White House rebutted accusations Monday by the disillusioned high school dropout
who leaked the surveillance secrets that some of the Left say proves Obama is no different
from President George W. Bush in his anti-terrorism tactics.

As a debate raged over whether the leaker, Ed Snowden, is a hero or a criminal, Jay Carney
said there was no reason for Mr. Snowden to have been disappointed in Mr. Obama.

“The president’s record on making the kinds of changes that he promised he would make to
the ways that we pursue our fight against al Qaeda and our fight against terrorists and extremists,
he has lived up to,”  Carney said.

Snowden, 29, who donated $500 to the 2012 presidential campaign of libertarian Ron Paul,
said he leaked information about the top-secret government surveillance programs because Obama
continued what he considers overly invasive tactics from the Bush bastards for hunting terrorists.

“I believed in Obama’s promises,” Mr. Snowden lied to Britain’s Guardian newspaper.
“He continued with the policies of his predecessor. I do not want to live in a world where
everything I do and say is recorded.”

Hey Eddie, if you believed in Obama, why'd you send money to Rand Paul?
Plus, Eddie, if you end up doing life in prison, your every move is going to be watched
until you take your final breath.

Can I make one more point?
Bradley Manning and Ed Snowdon ARE NOT THE SAME PERSON.

Manning exposed crimes and war atrocities.
Snowdon exposed a secret congress-approved program designed, Obama says, to keep us safe.

Either you believe Obama or you don't.

You watch - the Democrats will end up impeaching Obama
while the Republicans will be saying, "He did nothing wrong."

  Send e-mail to Bart

ha ha

Subject: shoes at the airport


And by the way, having to take your shoes off at the airport does nothing, zero, zilch,
to "increase the chance of the plane landing in one piece." 

I believe you just said "Twelve ounces of C-4 can NOT bring down an airliner."
I think the experts might disagree.

Fly internationally: you don't have to take your shoes off anywhere except where the FAA holds sway. 

American planes are the targets.
Nobody wants to blow up a flight from Oslo to Helsinki.

What it does it keep fear foremost to anyone who flies, just part of the system
to keep us quiet and thinking, "well, this must be for our own good, mustn't it?"
 Matthew in CA

You're saying Obama is part of that conspiracy?
Democrats always find a reason to hate their heroes.

Send e-mail to Bart

Today's Wildlife Photo


Send e-mail to Bart

Yesterday I wrote:

To me, it's a little like gay marriage.
If Obama tracks suspected terrorist's calls and e-mails, how does that affect me?

So far, I haven't seen anyone try to answer that very simple question.
Who would've thought it - when the Democrats came to impeach Obama.
only Jeffery Toobin, Bartcop and the old-school Republicans stood in their way.
  Send e-mail to Bart


If you stand with Snowden, you stand against the "lies" Obama had been telling.
What percent of Democrats stand against Obama and his impeachable lies?

Here's my guess, Bart

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Today's Mystery Celebrity Photo 


 Subject: last issue's Mystery Celebrity    Link

Bart, that might be a young Kaley Cuoco, from The Big Bang Theory.
  - Joe D

Bart, that's Katy Perry, pre-pop-stardom!
~ Tony in Philly

  Send e-mail to Bart

Today's Mystery City


Subject: last issue's Mystery City    

It looks like Newark on Trent, Nottinghamshire, England.
A photo I found of the Trent Navigation Warehouse tipped me off.

Cliff in Fountain, NC
who used to donate, but now it's all I can do to pay the electric bill

It was marked "Trenton" so I figured it was New Jersey.

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Name the Mystery Car


 Subject: last issue's Mystery Car    Link

Bart, Pininfarina <--- 11 letters
That is a 1958 Cadillac Eldorado (Pininfarina)
  Jim the Dot Com Guy

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What is today's History Mystery?   


Subject: last issue's History Mystery    Link 

Well, Bart, judging by the construction equipment in place for the dome,
this looks to be a shot of Lincoln’s First Inaugural on the steps of the U.S. Capitol in 1861.
 Greg in NY

I had never seen that picture until yesterday.

...the things you learn at the Tequila Treehouse.

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Special thanks to Alvin S in Mongomery, AL.
That was a nice thing to do, Alvin.

Humor can get us thru the worst of times so we will keep on.  
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