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Wednesday  June 12, 2013    Vol 3076 - Strawberry 5

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...

Arrow Google Snoops More than NSA
How Civil Liberties Got Mugged
Levin Sides with Military Men
Arrow How to Thank Ed Snowdon
Arrow Marijuana Arrests Are Racist
Arrow Amazon Helps Tequila Treehouse
Arrow Death Cab for Hotties


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"The biggest mistake we made was trying to make the program younger."
      --  Nigel Lythgow, on why Idol lost so many viewers,   Link

  ...which is why you featured Dionne Warwick, Harry Connick Jr, and Smokey Robinson.

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Google Snoops More than NSA

Brent Scott said his email is being spied upon, but the culprit isn't the government -- it's Google.
Scott is part of a nationwide lawsuit that charges Google with the "unlawful interception" of his personal emails.
Brent Scott is participating in a nationwide lawsuit that claims Google unlawfully monitors its users' emails.

"I just started thinking about the personal emails ... I guess not what they can use them for, but what they read,
which was strictly for the receiver's eyes only. So my heart sunk," Scott said.

For years, Google's computers have scanned the content of millions of Gmails in order to figure out what ads
the users might respond to. Many users don't realize they've given Google permission to eavesdrop in the
agreement that opens their account.

But that means Google is monitoring the emails of almost 50 million Gmail users in America.
It's also recording everything you type on the Google search engine and, if you own a smartphone,
Google is probably recording where you are.

Knowing human nature, people won't mind Google invading their privacy...

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How Civil Liberties Got Mugged


OK, so Obama says he welcomes the debate - so where do we begin?
Bottom line we're talking about more freedoms vs more safety.

Just to throw a number out there, maybe I'm a 6 on the Safety side. Maybe Obama is, too.
If the mail was indicative of my readers' moods (it's not) you'd think most of my readers were
perhaps a 6-7 on the Freedom side, willing to give up a margin of safety to maintain their rights.

This is where the debate belongs.

Take this chart:

Let's say that line at the bottom is the U.S. Constitution.
And from 229 to 273 and to 341, etc, each time we take a step farther away
from the Constitution, that many more lives were saved.

If "lives saved" bumps head with the Constitution, who should win?

Sure, you can say "the Constitution" as a knee-jerk kind of answer, but every time? 
The "lives saved" side never gets to win one?

Yes, let's have that debate.
And let's let Obama be president while that debate takes place.

 Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: Privacy and the NSA

Bart, you make a valid argument that the gov't. needs to do something to monitor terrorists,
but the reason people are up in arms about this is the potential for abuse. Suppose that instead of
leaking to the public, Snowden had decided to use PRISM to do a number on his ex-girlfriend.

That would be a crime and he should do time for that if found guilty.
And couldn't any half-ass hacker cause that same damage? (Screwing with the ex, I mean.)

Now suppose that you're the ex's new BF, and you like to do shit that Obama disapproves of,
like smoking pot or playing poker online. Now do you see the problem? It's not as if anybody
thinks Obama himself is listening to millions of phone calls, after all. It's low-level peons doing
the gruntwork , and how many of them can be trusted for how long?

Are you saying Obama doesn't understand those thoughts?
Or are you saying he does understand them, but then decides that the good out-weighs the bad?
Put another way - do you lean more towards Obama being misquided or possibly criminal?

What do you think there's really more of---actual terrorists, or innocent saps who might
somehow manage to piss of or annoy low-level intelligence contractors?

Think about it.
Keep Hammering,

So, you'd be OK with Prism if the judges who granted warrants were more independent?

If the monitored calls were "all incoming, from suspicious places" (Obama used similar words)
would we be OK with that or would we still be outraged over the principle of it?

Spock might ask: Do the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few?

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Subject: Amazon
What’s up big dog?  How about my Blackhawks!
I tried to order from amazon thursday from your site and here’s what happens.
I first searched amazon outside of your site (and I’m not logged in so it won’t “remember” my order). 
Find my product.  Copy paste the name of that product as it appears on amazon into
your link on your site.  I then see your name in the hyperlink. a
nd then as it progresses thru
the order process, I never see the bartcopcom in the address bar…  Do you still get the credit for it?

I bought the grill in the above link for $499 so let me know if you get a few pennies..
Keep hammering.
Chitwon Dan

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Levin Sides with Military
Rapes will continue to be "handled' in-house


In a striking showdown between Senator Carl Levin, the chairman of the Armed Services Committee,
and a member of his own party, Mr. Levin said on Tuesday that he would remove a measure aimed at
curbing sexual assault in the military from a defense spending bill.

Senator Kirsten E. Gillibrand, Democrat of New York, offered a measure that would give military prosecutors
rather than commanders the power to decide which sexual assault crimes to try, with the goal of increasing the
number of people who report crimes without fear of retaliation. Mr. Levin, Democrat of Michigan, said he would
replace Gillibrand’s measure — which has 27 co-sponsors, including four Republicans — with one that would
require a senior military officer to review decisions by commanders who decline to prosecute sexual assault cases.
Although Levin’s measure would change the current system, it would keep prosecution of sexual assault cases
within the chain of command, as the military wants.

Levin’s decision to support military rapes sets up a confrontation between himself and a relatively new female
member — one of a record seven women serving on the committee — who has made sexual assault in the
military a signature issue.

“They basically embrace the status quo here,” said Barbara Boxer, a co-sponsor of Ms. Gillibrand’s bill.
“It’s outrageous.”

Yes, why is Levin helping the rapes continue?

Subject: NSA Spying


I'm not sure Snowden is a's complicated, but hopefully I won't need much <snippage>:

Snowdon might go down in history as the hero who exposed that evil, over-reaching,
power-hungry tyrant, the Black Guy from Kenya who tried to destroy America for al Qaeda.

FYI - I'll
print letters from both sides - I like a good, bloodless fight.
I'm not cherry-picking these except for size and conciseness and all that jazz.

If someone has a longer, more complex presentation they want people to read,
post it somewhere and send me the link.

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How to Thank Ed Snowdon
  by Norman Solomon

In recent days, as news exploded about NSA surveillance, a breakthrough came into sight.
Current history may not be an immovable wall; it may be on a hinge. And if we push hard enough,
together, there’s no telling what might be possible or achieved. The gratitude that so many of us
now feel toward Edward Snowden raises the question: How can we truly express our appreciation?

A first step is to thank him — publicly and emphatically. You can do that by clicking here to sign the
“Thank NSA Whistleblower Edward Snowden” petition, which my colleagues at
will send directly to him, including the individual comments.

But of course saying thank-you is just one small step onto a crucial path. As Snowden faces
extradition and vengeful prosecution from the U.S. government, active support will be vital
— in the weeks, months and years ahead.

Signing the thank-you petition, I ventured some optimism:
“What you’ve done will inspire kindred spirits around the world to take moral action
despite the risks.” Bravery for principle can be very contagious.

It was "brave" of Snowdon to expose how the NSA tracks terrorists?
I hope we don't handcuff the NSA to the point where they can't do their jobs.

Then, when that dirty bomb eventually goes off, we can all scream at Obama for his
incompetence for failing to connect the dots and allowing that terrorist attack to happen.

  Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: Help us Stop Military Rape

Dear Bartcop,

The fight to end military sexual assault is at a critical moment. Today, Wednesday, a key Senate committee
is set to vote on the Military Justice Improvement Act, which would take prosecutions for rape in the military
out of the chain of command.1 If this proposal does not pass the committee, we could lose our best shot at real reform.

This is deeply important. 26,000 service members were sexually assaulted last year.
Currently, 92% of all reported sexual assaults are never prosecuted. Ever.
Senator James Inhofe needs to hear from you right away.

Sen. Inhofe - (202) 224-4721

Thanks for speaking out,
Nita, Shaunna, Kat, Malinda and Karin, the Ultraviolet team

Why write to Inhofe?
Carl Levin, a Democrat, is helping the rapists police themselves.

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Hollywood Creativity


Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: Do we trust Obama or not?


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 Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: Your Simple Question

Bart, you wrote:

> If Obama tracks suspected terrorist's calls and e-mails, how does that affect me?
> So far, I haven't seen anyone try to answer that very simple question.

Because that very simple question isn’t the problem.  If Obama were only tracking suspected terrorist calls and emails,
no one could have much of a problem with it.  However, everyone admits that this is NOT what the government is doing. 
What the government is doing is sweeping up everything and then promising to sort it out later following the letter of the law.

...and that hurts you how?
How does your life change knowing a traffic cam taped you crossing Pennsylvania Ave at 8:30?

What you and the other pollyanna’s seem to be saying is that we can trust
our government not to overreach and abuse their power to know everything about you.

Yes, the problem is I'm pollyanna.

Bart, when it comes to trusting our government not to overreach and abuse power
I have one simple question for you (courtesy of Dr. Phil) –

How has that been working for you?
 Dennis in DC
I live a great life.
ody has more fun than Ol' Bart.

I'm sorry I'm not as angry as you are about Obama inheriting a spy program.

If I could manufacture fake outrage I'd be a rich Republican.

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"The last thing in the world we need now is someone who will go down to the United States Senate
  and support Ted Cruz and (Rand Paul). Think about this.  Have you ever seen a time when two
  freshman senators are able to cower the bulk of the Republican Party in the Senate?
  I called 17 senators out, 9 of whom were Republicans. Not one of offered an explanation on the
  merits of why they couldn’t vote for the gun background check. But almost to a person, they said,
 ‘I don’t want to take on Ted Cruz. I don’t want to take on Rand Paul. They’ll be in my district.’ 
 “I actually said, ‘Are you kidding? These are two freshman,’ "
      --  Joe Biden, just now finding out how sacless the pussies in the senate are    Link

  Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: but I'll wait and take the "shoes x-rayed" flight

Hi Bart,

I trust Obama much more than Apple on that one too.
I trust Al Franken when he recently agreed with Obama's position.
It's funny (not exactly "ha, ha" funny) how the shitpapers call Al some "freshman congressman"
like he is an idiot. That sucker is a Harvard graduate, and much more savvy that any of the
bluespaper assholes I've read recently.

It's been a long time since I've been able to send a love check. My wife and I are getting hammered
by Bush's Depression. We'll find something soon and send it along to the BartCat fund.

all da beast,
 cm in nyc

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Marijuana Arrests Are Racist
And they cost us billions of dollars


According to the ACLU, a person is arrested every 37 seconds in the United States
for marijuana-related offenses. Between 2001 and 2010, there were more than 8 million pot arrests in the U.S.
Enforcing stupid marijuana laws costs U.S. taxpayers around $3.6 billion a year.

To pile prejudice upon injustice, the ACLU’s report notes that the application of marijuana laws continues
to be undeniably racist. African Americans are 3.7 times more likely to be arrested for marijuana possession
than whites, despite the fact that both racial groups use weed in virtually identical percentages.

“In 2010, the black arrest rate for marijuana possession was 716 per 100,000, while the white arrest rate
was 192 per 100,000,” noted the report, “a disparity that increased 32.7 percent between 2001 and 2010.”


  Send e-mail to Bart

 Subject: Snoopy and Pals

What the Government is trying to say is that disclosure of metadata—the details
about phone calls, without the actual voice—isn't a big deal, not something for
Americans to get upset about if the government knows. However:

They know you rang a phone sex service at 2:24 am and spoke for 18 minutes.
They know you called the suicide prevention hotline from the Golden Gate Bridge.
They know you spoke with an HIV testing service, then your doctor, then your health insurance company
They know you received a call from the local NRA office while it was having a campaign against gun legislation,
They know you called a gynaecologist, spoke for a half hour, and then called Planned Parenthood.

Sorry, your phone records—oops, "so-called metadata"—can reveal a lot more
about the content of your calls than the government is implying.


But I don't make calls like that.
Maybe that's why I'm not that angry.

  Send e-mail to Bart

List the three presidents who harmed America the most.

"Agreed, but not in that order."

Subject: Privacy issue simplified response.

Privacy is no different from my right to congregate, to speak freely,
to a fair process and to have an odd assortment of weapons etc.....
They are all required to keep a democracy. Each freedom helps to
hold the others in place, I can't spell it out any simpler than that. 

ha ha
I appreciate you trying

Some places require shoes before service, shoe removal at the airport
is in a way the just opposite.....want service remove your shoes.
Comparing my right to privacy to taking a shoe off for a few seconds
is an incredibly lame argument.

That's what those of us without valid points have to stoop to.

Obama says this keeps America safe, you agree and thus want him
to continue. I'm certain he holds a similar veiw on pot...
 Angry Michael

Well, you've certainly made your position clear.
Each freedom helps the other - keeps them in place - can't refute that.

And if the government forces you to take your shoes off,
that's not a violation of privacy, that's a violation of.....

And Obama sees pot just the way I see unwarranted, intrusive violations.

It goes without saying that if we disagree, it's because I don't understand
because nobody took the time to break shit down into simple-enough terms
that the low-IQ moron from Oklahoma could grasp.
Got it!

Send e-mail to Bart

Today's Wildlife Photo


Send e-mail to Bart

  Subject: Bill of Rights

Looks like Marc Perkel is finally getting the idea that our "government" has pretty much
thrown out most of the civil liberties type amendments to the Constitution and managed to
keep only the 2nd Amendment, the one that should have been inactivated with the passage
of the 13th Amendment.

The 2nd Amendment was only passed to ensure legality of the slave patrol militia in the
slaver states, i.e., militias to hunt down escaped slaves. They had to do this to get agreement
from racist states like Georgia to pass the whole Bill of Rights. However when the 13th
Amendment was passed outlawing slavery all the states, someone forgot to get rid of the
2nd Amendment.  However the 13th Amendment nullified the purpose of the 2nd.

1863 would have been the best time for the Union to have gone around collecting weapons
from the non-military citizenry, but they simply forgot to do this, not having the benefit of
foresight that these weapons would be causing society a lot of problems in 150 years.


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Today's Mystery Celebrity Photo 


 Subject: last issue's Mystery Celebrity    Link

 Nobody got Cameron Diaz - she's an actress.

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Today's Mystery City


Subject: last issue's Mystery City    

Hi Bart, that's Edinburgh, Scotland. 
The two buildings in the foreground are the Royal Scottish Academy and the Scottish National Gallery. 
The road (now pedestrian-only) in front of them is The Mound.  The baroque construct with the flying
buttresses and spires is the Sir Walter Scott Monument on Princes Street.  The pillar at the left with the
guy on top is the Melville Monument.
 Paul A


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Name the Mystery Car


 Subject: last issue's Mystery Car    Link

Bart, That is a 1970 Mercury Cougar Eliminator, equipped with a killer 428 Cobra Jet engine.

My info said a 1970 Mercury Cougar Eliminator Super-Cobra.

They stopped making the Killer Cobras in 1969 :)

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What is today's History Mystery?   


Subject: last issue's History Mystery    Link 

Bart, that's BB King, but that sure ain't Lucille! 
Must have been a publicity photo.  I can't imagine him playing that bizarro guitar.
 Ed Krens

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Bart, this is way too little, way too late but I hope
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 Sandman in WI

Sandman, thanks for that.
I got a donation and a compliment.

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