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Thur-Friday  June 13-14, 2013    Vol 3077 - Flea, with pants

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...

Arrow Baggers Stomp on GOP Branding
Rubio: Screw my Immigrantion Bill
The NSA Debate Rages On...
Arrow Clinton: Can't Ignore Libya
Arrow High & Black? Not in These States
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"I welcome this debate,” said the president whose administration has done
  everything possible to keep the public from knowing it should be having one. "
      --  Evan McMurry, with the dumbest of attacks against Obama,   Link

  Howard Kurtz had the same clever remark - because he's Howard Kurtz.
  So, you want to know why Obama didn't want to debate THE SECRET COVERT
last week when nobody knew about it?
  You can't figure that one out?
  Evan McMurry has no idea what the word "secret" means?

  You can't fathom that maybe Obama meant, "Now that the secret has been revealed,
  and now that my
closest allies are calling for at least an investigation, and perhaps
  my impeachment, I have nothing to hide
so I'd be glad to sit down and explain how
  this program works and the good it's doing to keep us safe."

  When you attack him over something this stupid, it makes me wonder why
  you didn't attack on the many possibly-valid arguments that don't suck so much.

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Baggers Stomp on GOP Branding
"Hep me!  Hep me!   I Cain't hep myself!"
House Republicans recently passed an immigration amendment, pushed by bigot/racist diehard Steve King,
that would effectively mandate the deportation of the “DREAMers” who were taken to the U.S. as children.
House Republicans are planning a vote next week on a measure that would ban abortions after 20 weeks,
after defeating amendments that would exempt cases of rape or incest. And yesterday, House Republicans
approved a version of a bill that The Advocate calls “three controversial, antigay amendments, one of which
is aimed at delaying repeal implementation of don’t ask, don’t tell.”

What do these three things have in common? They would seem to run directly counter to the obvious thought
that the party needs to move beyond old, white, straight Protestants to remake itself as a party that's not about hate.

That much-ballyhooed RNC “autopsy” into what went wrong in 2012 declared that the Republican Party needs
to improve its outreach to Latinos, women, and gays and young voters. Analysts have similarly determined that
their failure to improve their appeal among these groups would soon kill the party deader than bin Laden.

  ha ha

Wish I'd said that.

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Good idea - take this child who was born in Denver
and knows only English and send her "back" to Mexico
because her parents wanted a slice of The Dream back in 2002.

Rubio: Screw my Immigrantion Bill
If it helps gays, he'll vote against himself


Marco Rubio, a co-author and key proponent of the Senate immigration bill, said he will
revoke his support if an amendment is added that allows gay unauthorized immigrants
to claim foreign same-sex partners as family.

"If this bill has something in it that gives gay couples immigration rights, it kills the bill. I'm done,"
Rubio said with a big huff Thursday.


This is the GOP's bright shining star for 2016?
"Screw the immigrants, screw the gays, screw everyone - I'm done!"

Subject: NSA Spying


     I think the problem here is people do not know what ‘metadata’ is.  There are billions
of phone calls every month!  Do you really think there are people actively listening to them? 
Recording them?  The whole point of the metadata is that they get huge lists of just the phone
numbers, and what numbers those numbers called, and what duration those calls lasted; with
no names attached.  They scan that database for any connections to known suspicious numbers
and then if they see number A called a suspicious number five times for a total of two hours,
then they will investigate what real person is behind the number A. 

No one is tracking unimportant day to day lives, there are too many people to do that with.

    And as for emails, the email providers already scan all your emails for ‘key words’ for
advertising purposes – the whole point of providing you with free email services is to gather
information for advertising purposes.  The NSA just asked the email providers to also key on
certain words or phrases implying bad intentions.  If you write an email with certain key words
implying terrorist connections, then that may be tagged and if multiple messages from the same
source or sent to know suspicious sources occurs then that will be gathered and investigated
by real people, but the key word scans of all emails is not done by people reading your messages,
it is done automatically by computers who have always been scanning them for ‘pizza’ or
‘need a new car’, since day one, and if you do not use any suspicious words then no one
reads your email, and everyone knows or should know that the internet is not private,
if you do not want someone reading you email, send real mail.

   I forget where I heard it, but on TV there was this guy pointing out that is was established
in the 1970’s that phone records are not yours in the first place, that AT&T or Verizon or
Sprint or whichever service you pay for owns those records, not you.


I thought the Democrats were very quick to turn on him.
Benefit of the doubt?  Not in this party.

Obama needs the Left talking impeachment
like bin Laden needed a hole in his head.

And if Obama killed that program and then New York got hit?
Rand Paul and Ted Cruz might rule America for the next dozen years.

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Clinton: Can't Ignore Libya
Dithering rarely solves problems...


As Obama dithers over whether to arm Syrian rebels, Bill Clinton increased pressure for
a stronger U.S. role in Syria's civil war, short of sending in U.S. troops, according to a report.

"Nobody is asking for American soldiers in Syria," Clinton said, according to Politico.

"The question is: now that the Russians, the Iranians and Hezbollah are in there head over heels
... should we try to do something to try to slow their gains and rebalance the power so that these
rebel groups have a decent chance, if they're supported by a majority of the people, to prevail?"

I believe Obama is about two years behind on Syria.
A no-fly-zone in 2011 might've helped a lot and cost next to nothing.

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Subject: Lives saved: as a value

Finally we get to talk about the value of a life.
For some reason the snoop supporters believe that a life gains immense value when it is taken by a terrorist,
and that a life becomes almost incalculably valuable if it is taken by a Muslim terrorist.

You've already lost me.
Why not tell me what YOU believe and we'll let the "snoop supporters" speak for themselves.
I suggest you ask the dead body in your local morgue that got there after a stupid traffic accident
if it agrees with this value calculus.  Ask the family whose father died because he didn't have access
to reasonable Health Care.

Are we talking about the same thing?

Stack up the dead bodies that resulted from violent acts within the last 15 years.  Put the terrorist-created
bodies in one pile, and the rest in another.  Explain why America's government has decided to devote trillions
trying (and failing!) to solve the terrorist issue, and yet refuses to implement health care, gun controls,
stem cell research and all the other rational scientific ways to save lives.

Now the snooping also has failed to solve the terrorist issue. 
Why would any rational person allow his privacy to be shredded, contrary to the American constitution,
just so that some creep can go through all your stuff if he feels like doing so?

"Privacy shredded" in that your phone number might be on a computer list with ten million other phone numbers?
If I asked how you were harmed by that, you'd probably call me pollyanna.

Finally, if you accept that snooping is OK, why doesn't the gov't thwart more straightforward criminal activities
such as the insider trading and mortgage derivatives scam that destroyed Wall St. in 2008?  Far more people
have had their lives destroyed by that disaster than anything the terrorists have actually accomplished.

Fear makes everybody stupid and, it seems, self-destructive.
 Doug J
Orbitate the Obvious
Profundify Simplicity
Obfuscate to the Max!

It sounds like you're asking, "Why isn't the world different - or better?"
That's a good question and you've made some good points.
And yes, dead is dead BUT a drunk-driver running a red light doesn't ignite the sheer terror
of losing your legs watching a race or watching an airliner getting knocked out of the sky.

If you're this upset about an out-of-control America under Obama,
how will you cope with an out-of-control America under a Teabagger?

  Send e-mail to Bart

Hollywood Creativity


Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: Edward Snowden should be pardoned and welcomed back to USA

Whether you believe that NSA leaker Edward Snowden is a hero or traitor he should be given full immunity
and brought back to the USA. Rightly or wrongly Snowden believes that he is protecting America's interests
and freedoms by what he's doing. His intent is clearly to be the good guy.

If we bring him back we prevent him from defecting to or being captured by China or Russia and giving them
the details of what he knows. It is also clear that Snowden knows a lot more about what is really happening in
the spy program than what the NSA is telling Congress.

If Snowden is given immunity and returned he can testify before closed sessions of Congress and tell them
what is really going on. Supposedly Congress is supposed to be overseeing the spy program, but the NSA has
already admitted they are lying to Congress. The director of national intelligence James Clapper has already
admitted lying to Congress saying that he gave them the "least untruthful" answers.

If Snowden is given immunity then Congress can get the real story about what is going on and maybe
have some real oversight over the NSA spying program. Wouldn't it be better to have him tell our Congress
what's going on than to tell it to the Russians or the Chinese?
 Marc Perkel

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Marty always has good stuff.

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Excellent toon!
Once we take Tejas, they'll never win again.

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Today's OMG!  Don't Look Down Picture


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Really? Your God punishes the innocent with birth defects?

Subject: That's it, I am done with Bartcop

You think smoking pot is a-ok, but don't have a problem
with your govt's spying on people on a massive scale.

I'm not sure how those are related.

Yes, I think pot laws are stupid.
On the other, how much outrage would satisfy you?
I keep asking questions - can't get any answers.

Did Obama commit treason against America?
Should Obama be impeached?
Is he telling us the whole truth?
Do Democrats feel Obama can no longer be trusted?
Should senior Democrst ask Obama to resign?

Do you have these answers, Pauli?

You have more conservative views than I can stomach.
Why don't you get a job flying those drones you love so much.
My views are similar to Obama's - that makes me out of the mainstream?
Instead of running asway, why not state your case and straighten me out?
I'm not locked into any hardcore position, this is all too new.

Obama says this is a good program that's helping the government to save lives.
I have no evidence that that's a lie.  Do you have evidence that he's lying?

Yes, I might make more money if I join the crowd who wants to impeach Obama,
just like I could've made more money if I'd joined the Obama bandwagon early in 2008.

This thinking for myself clearly isn't working for me.

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High & Black? Not in These States  But don't click - they trap you in an endless loop

The ACLU has published an astonishing report on the racist enforcement of our nation's marijuana laws.
While pot is consumed at nearly equal rates by black and white Americans, blacks are 3.7 times more likely
to be arrested for possession – a ratio that can soar above 8:1 in individual states. Here are the seven states
with the most outrageously racist patterns of enforcement, each with an arrest ratio of worse than 5:1.

How Much More Likely Black People Are To Be Arrested for Pot White People

1. Iowa: 8.34 times more likely
2. Washington, D.C.: 8.05 times more likely
3. Minnesota: 7.81 times more likely
4. Illinois: 7.56 times more likely
5. Wisconsin: 5.98 times more likely
6. Kentucky: 5.95 times more likely
7. Pennsylvania: 5.19 times more likely
(Source: 2010 FBI/Uniform Crime Reporting Program Data, ACLU)

So why doesn't somebody sue under the Equal Protection clause?
Racist states are arresting Blacks because of the color of their skin.

  Send e-mail to Bart

 Subject: Angry Michael

I like the way the guy thinks.

Lots of people do.

I just got off the phone with Marc Perkel and he's really angry at Obama.

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Today's Wildlife Photo


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Today's Mystery Celebrity Photo 


 Subject: last issue's Mystery Celebrity    Link

 Nobody got Kim Basinger.

 She was a popular actress, once marrried to Alec Baldwin
 and she played Vicki Vale in Tim Burton's big Batman movie.

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Today's Mystery City


Subject: last issue's Mystery City    

Hi Bart
That's Sydney, Australia, my beautiful home town, taken from
The Rocks precinct and looking south-east across Circular Quay
Cheers mate
 Colin in West Pymble

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Name the Mystery Car


 Subject: last issue's Mystery Car    Link

Bart, That is a 1969 Mercedes-Benz 280SL Pagoda.
 Paul in VA

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I need more toons

What is today's History Mystery?   


Subject: last issue's History Mystery    Link 

Bart, that’s Willard Scott, playing the original version of Ronald McDonald.
He even did a TV ad (available on Youtube) with the costume.
Apparently the original concept was just too bizarre and scared the kiddies.

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