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Wednesday July 17, 2013    Vol 3093 - Buffadonks

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...

Arrow Putin puts U.S. above Snowden
The GOP is so Stuck
The Right's Racism is Showing
Arrow Obama is Just Like the Nazis
Arrow Bachmann in a Prettier Package
Arrow Amazon Helps Tequila Treehouse
Arrow Former hottie - Lindsay Lohan


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"Instead of cutting deals with the president's liberal allies, we should be opposing them every step of the way,"
     --  Demon Cheney's bad seed Liz, running for the senate,   

Yes, that's perfect.
 "Elect me and I'll block everything the president you elected wants to accomplish."

  BTW, isn't Liz the gay one?
  The President's "Liberal allies" just gave Liz and her partner legitimacy
  while the party she's running with calls her "God's abomination."

  I guess she's in it for the money and power.

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Putin puts U.S. above Snowden


Vladimir Putin says he will not let Edward Snowden derail Russia's relations with the United States.

Snowden, who is wanted on three felony counts, is seeking temporary asylum in Russia after
spending more than three weeks at a Moscow airport trying to fly to a country that will shelter him.

Allowing the American to stay in Russia even temporarily would upset Washington. But a refusal
would open Putin to criticism at home that he has not stood up to Moscow's former Cold War enemy,
even though he has refused to extradite Snowden.

So, when Snowden uses the restrooms at the Moscow Airport, do you think
he drags those four stolen computers of NSA secrets into the stall with him?

Or does he ask a stranger walking by to "keep an eye on them?"

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I'll bet he's used that word more than
Richard Pryor and Chris Rock combined.

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 Subject: Snowden could cause "worst damage in history"

I must have missed something Bart.
Why wasn't any of this a problem to this asshole during the Dubya administration?
Political party motivation?

And you're correct. I'd rather the NSA be bored to tears listening to my conversations
than be attacked by Taliban freaks again. JMHO.

Apparently Snowden donated to Rand Paul.

Does that make Snowden a Teabagger?

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The GOP is so Stuck
  by Erica Seifert


As Congress returns from recess this week, we would like to believe that it will finally get down
to the business of governing — but that would be too optimistic, even for us.  Instead, the GOP Congress
remains unprepared to address the real issues facing students, working women, and underemployed families. 
Most likely, the GOP’s top priority will be grinding government to a halt.

Republican leaders may believe that American voters don’t notice, or hope that their constituents will blame
Obama and the Democrats for the dysfunction in Washington.  But if they do, the GOP will have severely
underestimated the electorate.

Our recent battleground survey in the most vulnerable Republican districts and focus groups in two
Republican-controlled states find that the GOP’s approach to “un-governing” has marginalized the party, even in red states.

Take these examples:

—In our recent battleground survey, 69 percent of voters in the most vulnerable Republican districts said
that they wanted their representative to work with President Obama to address our problems.  Just 26 percent
in these districts would prefer that their representative try to stop the president from advancing his agenda.

—In the same survey, two of the top concerns among voters in the most vulnerable Republican-held districts
were that the Republican Party is “so uncompromising that Washington is gridlocked,” and that the GOP is
“only focused on blocking Obama’s agenda.”

 Subject: Snowden

Hey Bart,

You're absolutely dead wrong about Snowden being a traitor.

BTW - I'm here in Durban South Africa this week.
I'm at an ICANN conference with 90 countries represented
and a lot of people are giving the US hell over the NSA spying.
  Marc Perkel

Marc, thanks for being a civilized adult about this.

Notice Marc isn't screaming "YOU'RE TOO STUPID TO GET IT!!!" because we disagree.

Personally, I think threatening to "bring America to her knees" is pretty good evidence
that Snowden is a traitor. I also think threatening to tell terrorists HOW we spy on them
and how they can avoid detection is further evidence of Snowden being a traitor.

Plus, there's that little matter of stealing four NSA cvomputers and running them to
China and Russia but I'm not going to turn on an old friend over a difference of opinion. 

  Send e-mail to Bart

 Subject: Give Peace a Chance

Bart, you wrote:

> because unarmed 17-year olds are always wanting to confront older, bigger guys in the dark.

No, but that seems to be exactly what happened in this case.

Only if you believe Zimmerman's version of the story.
When you murder someone, you eliminate the other guy's version of what happened.

Most of the testimony and all of the forensics were consistent that Martin was the aggressor.

...because Trayvon wasn't there to give his side of the story.

Zimmerman said all along that Martin attacked him.

Maybe he called Trayvon "a punk-ass faggot nigger" twenty times - we just don't know.

From the pictures taken in the police car and at the police station it appears as though someone attacked Zimmerman.

If I just shot a kid dead, I might slam my own head on the concrete so I could claim there was a terrible fight.

As for who was ‘bigger’, Martin was 5’11” and Zimmerman is 5’7”.
Martin weighed 160, Zimmerman 185.

I dispute those weight numbers, but the facts are the kid went to the candy store and the
older guy was armed and "coon hunting," so how does that make Trayvon the aggressor?
Because the murderer said so?

I know that no ‘fancy dan’ facts will deter people in their racist witch hunt. 
But, I watched most of the trial and followed it online pretty closely and I did not pick up
that Zimmerman’s primary motivation was racial hatred or that Martin was innocently munching Skittles.

When you arm yourself and get into your truck to hunt "those assholes who always get away"
how does the other side become the perpetrators of "a racist witch hunt?"

From what I could tell, we should not be shedding too many tears for Martin or Zimmerman. 
One had his life ended, the other had his life ruined because each felt justified in confronting the other.
  Dennis in DC
Again, you are assuming Zimmerman is telling the truth.
You're dead sure that the armed aggressor was the innocent victim.

Hard to see how you got there but I'm not going to insult you for having a different opinion.

  Send e-mail to Barta

The Right's Racism is Showing
  by Robert Perry


If there remained any doubt about the connection between American racism and “small-government conservatism,”
 the Tea Party-dominated House Republican majority helped remove it last week in its handling of the farm bill.
The Republicans larded on extra money for agricultural subsidies benefiting mostly white-owned agribusiness and
then lopped off the food-stamp program entirely. It, after all, benefits a disproportionate share of blacks and other racial minorities.

In this exercise of government favoritism for wealthy whites and cruelty toward the poor (many blacks and other
minorities), the pretense of free-market economics was even stripped away. If “libertarianism” were not just a
polite cover for racism, the House Republicans would have killed agricultural subsidies, too.

But the Republicans didn’t. They seemed fine with various forms of taxpayer giveaways to white-owned agribusinesses,
but they were determined to inflict as much pain as possible on blacks and minorities who already have suffered the
most from the Great Recession. There was even a cruel vindictiveness to the process.

  Send e-mail to Bart

 Subject: Trayvon

Trayvon was on top of Zimmerman and had smashed his head into the cement pavement three times.

Note: Zimmerman claimed his head was smashed 20-25 times.
The doctors said the wounds were consistent with 1-2 "smashings."

How many times must his head be smashed into the pavement before he is allowed to shoot? 
What if Zimmerman had died from his head smashing injuries? Doesn't he have the right to live?
You act as tho Zimmerman was watching TV when some uppity Black broke his door down
and started assaulting him and the poor guy just wants a chance to survive.

Truth is, Zimmerman went coon hunting and he succeeded and told a good story afterwards.

  Send e-mail to Bart

Obama is Just Like the Nazis
   by some German dude


Send e-mail to Bart

 Subject: Snowden


I would be interested in hearing you defend East Germany's treatment
of its citizens who objected to their government spying on them. 

You have a long wait coming.

In particular, how is it that you believe such actions are OK when the US government does it? 
Are you really OK with the government spying on everything?

My life hasn't changed and neither has yours.
You've chosen to become hysterical over this and you can't explain why.

Why do you think the government should not be in Federal Prison
for setting up a system that allows this to happen?

Obama says this is a good program that helps to keep us safe.
I chose to believe him, you chose not to.

And what is the harm that might happen if the whole world knows how the US is spying on them?

You don't think al Qaeda should be spied on?
You think telling al Qaeda HOW we spy on them is what, "fair?"

Is it anywhere near the harm the world suffers when the same thing happens in secret? 

My life hasn't changed and neither has yours.
You've chosen to become hysterical over this.

ie American corportions get the skinny on everybody and use it for blackmail & profit,
but nobody's allowed to fight the surveillance?

It is definitely a sick, disgusting world you support and thus advocate.
  Doug J

Doug, you've decided you live in a sick, disgusting world, so you do.

The world I live in is great and wonderful and I couldn't be happier.

Sometimes life is what you make it.

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Subject: Bart the shooter

Yo, Dude...
Once again, I have yer "Six" on the subject...
'Ceptin' my choice of HDW is a Mossberg 500A 12 gauge pump shotgun with an ATI
collapsible pistol grip stock and 18 1/2" cylinder bore barrel (the shortest, legally) loaded
with 00 buckshot (that's 9 - .31 caliber balls per shell).

No, I am not a "gun nut". When I was in the Coast Guard, we always had a 12 gauge pump
armed boarding party member if appropriate. Usually, the biggest dude we had available, but we
all trained regularly with 'em and were qualified. We had a saying, "Everybody speaks shotgun".
The sound of that pump chambering a round (we boarded un-chambered) was considered
a 'warning shot' and it gets peoples' attention, I'm here to tell ya.
Am I ready for the consequences if someone invades my house and I have to use it? 
You answered for me... but, I'll say it anyway... "You bet your ass"
BTW, we were also trained to shoot until the target drops...
... and I hope I never have to do that.


  Send e-mail to Bart

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Marty always has good stuff.

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 Subject: Fashionable to hate America

You don't have to hate America to try to improve what America is.
Are you so satisfied with the way things are? I really don't think you are.

I have a great day every day.
Nobody has more fun than Ol' Bart.
My whole life has been nothing but constant fun and that hasn't changed
because I-lived-in-Paradise Snowden was super-desperate to become famous.

Some people are more dissatisfied than you are. There are people on both sides
of the political fence the resent being spied on  and lied to by a government that
does not have the common man's interest as a priority.

If someone wants to be outraged that their phone number is on some hard drive in Utah,
along with 600 million other phone numbers, I will not try to stop them. But screaming
"traitor" at Obama gets President Cruz closer to the White House and that scares me.

Are you so secure with what you have done in your past that you wouldn't mind
if anyone who wants to can dig into and disseminate it to anyone ?

Does everyone have deep dark secrets that will destroy them if they get out?
Does everyone have three girls chained in their basement?

I enjoy your site but disagree with your opinions quite often.
It's good to hear someone else's opinion.
It gives me more faith in my own.

Donald, if you see something you disagree with, write and tell me where I'm wrong.

  Send e-mail to Bart

Bachmann in a Prettier Package
Jenny McCarthy Joins 'The View'


On Monday morning, Jenny McCarthy was officially named the new co-host of "The View."
By that afternoon, she could unofficially be called the series' most controversial addition yet.
McCarthy's got an unusual resume for a mainstream talk show host: Playboy Playmate,
MTV game show host, parody film star, parenting author, and one of the biggest public
opponents of childhood vaccines. It's that last line on her resume that's sparking the outrage
bubbling up on social media after the announcement.  

"Sickened that @theviewtv is going to give anti-vaccination zealot Jenny McCarthy a bigger platform,"
tweeted Feminist author Jessica Valenti.

"ABC and the View should be ashamed of themselves. Jenny McCarthy deserves to be on
some History conspiracy show, not network television," tweeted The Guardian's Harry Enten.

Comedian and TV writer Julie Klausner, meanwhile, re-imagined the network's boardroom
decision process:  "'Hmm. Child killers, child killers. Is John Wayne Gacy...? Not female.
Susan Smith? Out of the demo. Ooh! Jenny McCarthy!' — The View casting"

This is dangerous stuff.
Kids could die because The View hired Jenny McCarthy.
When you say, "Child vaccinations cause autism," some mothers will panic and skip the vaccine.

They should at least have McCarthy say, "I have no medical evidence to support my opinion,"
because lives are at stake.

  Send e-mail to Bart

 Subject: Traitors

Hey Bart, Just my 2 cents on both Manning and Snowden.

Manning swore an oath and broke it, when he went into custody he confessed to breaking enough laws
to put himself away for twenty years. That is called stepping up for your beliefs. Every federal employee
swears the same oath. As a contractor, I'm not sure if Snowden shares that oath.

I'm sure he does.
He was trusted with national security secrets.
You think any employer will ever trust him again?

Nevertheless, it is my opinion that if he believed in what he was doing he would at least have the courtesy
to reveal the information he is in possession of. As it is he's acting like a typical military contractor and grabbing
what he can. No better than KBR. The NSA spying apparatus is probably small potatoes to the Russians anyway.

I imagine Russia knew we were spying on them
but I'll bet they were shocked at how well we were doing it.

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Subject: Hey Bart

You know I fuck with you constantly, and your global warming religion drives me nuts,
but I like you a lot and if ever my poor street musician libertarian ass makes any money
you will be the first person I give money to so you can piss me off on a damn near daily basis.

Peace and just say what you believe in. It's all I ask.

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 Who's the Mystery Sticker Holder?


Subject: yesterday's Mystery Sticker holder    Link

that's our good friend Zendaba Jim holding the Bartcop sticker.
The much more famous person next to him is Al Franken, a benator from Minnesota.
 Tom the Pillar in Pontiac

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 Subject: last issue's Mystery Celebrity    Link

Bart, that's none other than Vanna White, when she was a model.
(Right before she was hired by Merv Griffin for "Wheel Of Fortune.")

She posed in much more revealing stuff, and was featured in an issue of Playboy.
She was also briefly topless in a 1980 movie, "Gypsy Angels."

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Subject: last issue's Mystery City    

Bart, that's Charlotte, NC. I lived and worked there for 17 years.
 Mark Taylor

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Name the Mystery Car


 Subject: last issue's Mystery Car    Link

Bart, that was the Ford Edsel design team's next project, a 1960 Mercury Comet. 

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Subject: last issue's History Mystery    Link 

Bart, that is Michael Jordan during his freshman year in his dorm room at UNC.
Keep hammering

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