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Tuesday July 16, 2013    Vol 3092 - Randy and the Raiders

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...

Arrow "worst damage in history"
Zetas Drug Boss Captured
The GOP could Learn from W
Arrow Reid: Congress versus North Korea
Arrow 'Promiscuous Men' like Obama
Arrow Amazon Helps Tequila Treehouse
Arrow Anna Karenina's Keira Knightley



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“The verdict was ridiculous but not surprising.  I feel nauseous.  I am just sick that this guy
got off and his lawyers are going to shamelessly be doing victory laps on TV.  I also feel so
terrible for Trayvon Martin's parents who had to live through that clown show just to see
this punk Zimmerman walk. But right now my burning issue is with all of the police officers
that defended this idiot from the beginning.  As a cop of 11 years, this burns me deeply."
     --  by "militant apathy" over at Kos,    Link

I feel bad for the Blacks in super-racist states like Texas and Florida
  who can't afford to pack up and move to less-racist states.

  I saw some Black parents on MSNBC talking about how every Black parent has a talk with
  their about-to-be-teens sons about not running in public or even walking fast because some cop
  or vigilante gun nut will decide you're guilty and make a move against you.  But after Trayvon,
  you can't walk slow because THAT looks suspicious, too.

  Blacks have to figure out the correct speed to walk in an attempt to avoid being murdered.

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Greenwald: Snowden could cause "worst damage in history"


Edward Snowden possesses enough information to cause more damage to the United States government
than "anyone else has ever had in the history" of the country, according to Glenn Greenwald

Greenwald says that the U.S. government should exercise extreme care with Snowden because he has
the potential to do further damage to the country.

"But that's not his goal," Greenwald claims. "His objective is to expose software that people around
the world use without knowing what they are exposing themselves to, without consciously agreeing to
surrender their rights to privacy. He has a huge number of documents that would be very harmful to
the U.S. government if they were made public."

Greenwald says Snowden's stolen documents would "allow somebody who read them to know exactly
how the NSA does what it does, which would allow them to evade that surveillance."

So, Snowden is threatening to help terrorists evade detection by the NSA?

I think Snowden's goal was to become famous.
He's certainly accomplished that and it only cost him his freedom and his American citizenship.

Don't you think that was George Zimmerman's goal, too?
I think Zimmerman wanted to be known as "the hero who caught the Black burglar."

Funny what some people will do to get into the spotlight.

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 Subject: Ideology and Religion Shit List


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Zetas Drug Boss Captured


Miguel Morales, the notoriously brutal leader of the feared Zetas drug cartel, was captured Monday
in the first major blow against an organized crime leader by a Mexican administration struggling to
drive down persistently high levels of violence, officials announced.

Morales, 40, was captured by Mexican Marines who intercepted a pickup truck with $2 million in cash
on a dirt road outside of Nuevo Laredo, which has long served as the Zetas' base of operations. The truck
was halted by a Marine helicopter and Morales was taken into custody along with a bodyguard and eight guns.

Sanchez said the Marines had been watching rural roads for signs of Trevino Morales, who is charged
with murder, torture, kidnapping and other crimes.

The Zetas leader and his alleged accomplices were flown to Mexico City, where they are expected to
eventually be tried in a closed system that usually takes years to prosecute cases, particularly high-profile ones.

If Mexico would legalize all drugs, the cartels would go broke and be out of business overnight.
At any given time, they have multi-millions in drug inventory that would be worthless the next day.
They'd have no more money to make payroll, the goons would be out of jobs, just like that.

But God spoke to several insane people and He told them He wants
those 1200 innocent kids killed every month, so the violence continues.

 Subject: Zimmerman Verdict

Had the teen been white and the man black, how do you THAT trial would have ended?

Mark O'Mara, Zimmerman's attorney who said Trayvon was as stong as The Hulk and faster
than The Flash, said if Trayvon had been the shooter, he wouldn't even have been arrested.

You know that's true because there are no Black men in American prisons.

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 Subject: Snowden - naive as can be

Like a child discovering where babies come from, Edward Snowden seems amazed that as a
Systems Administrator for the NSA he " also had the capability without any warrant to search for,
seize, and read your communications. Anyone's communications at any time."

Back in the day it would be like the phone guys in the switching center being surprised that with
a couple of alligator clips and a handset they can listen to anyone's phone in the city.
Stop the presses, the 4th amendment might be violated..

There is a difference between having the capability and acting on it. That's where the 4th amendment
comes into play, both in the old days as well as today. Another big factor is trust in the individual, 
part of that whole  background check for security clearance and signed non disclosure statement activity.

Probably better that this nimrod told the tale of what system admins can do instead of actually
carrying out that activity  by violating someone's  privacy .  Whatever he was snooping around
for will come out in the system logs when he is finally brought to trial.

Also, no freaking way the Russians and Chinese did not clone those hard disks.....
Hammer on,
I agree and so does Gene Lyons.

"No, they aren't listening to your calls, and when the histrionic Mr. Snowden says
  he could have eavesdropped on anybody in the USA, he leaves out that doing so
  would have landed him in Federal prison, where he probably belongs."    Link

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The GOP could Learn from W
  by Joe Conason


Following the 2006 midterm election, when voters returned a Democratic majority in the House,
Bush reached out to Ted Kennedy to try again on immigration, along with John McCain.
Their reform bill included all the important elements of the previous legislation, including “a tough but
fair path to citizenship for law-abiding immigrants who had been in America for a number of years.”

Ultimately the Kennedy-McCain effort died, amid a furious right-wing radio barrage Bush describes as
a toxic “blend of isolationism, protectionism, and nativism.” When a cloture vote failed, “Senators went
home and listened to angry constituents stirred up by the loud voices on radio and TV. By the time they
came back to Washington, immigration reform was dead.”

Today that same description applies to the troglodyte Republicans in the House, who ought to pay close
attention to the leader they once lionized instead of heeding bad advice from Bill Kristol and Rush Limbaugh.
The learning process that inspired Bush to promote reform would benefit them, their party, and the nation.
The salient fact is that Bush attracted nearly 45 percent of the Latino vote, while Romney got only 29 percent,
as their prospects of national success continue to diminish.

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 Subject: Republican legislators revel in their power

They revel in their power to deny women abortion, then they revel in their power to deny
children support after they're born, and they never stop reveling in their power to exhibit hypocrisy.

A woman voting GOP is like a chicken nominating Colonel Sanders for the Presidential Medal of Freedom.
 Eckhard Festag

  Send e-mail to Bart

That should say, "Welcome to Texas,
where women are told what to do."

Reid: Congress vs North Korea
Writer says technically, he's not entirely right


"Does anyone believes that what`s going on in the Congress is good? Our approval rating is lower than North Korea`s.”
  -- Harry Reid on NBC’s “Meet the Whore July 14, 2013
This line by Harry Reid is a good one, earning him headlines as he made the case for rules reform in the Senate,
but it almost seemed too good to be true. Is Congress really held in lower esteem than North Korea?

Reid spokesman Adam Jentleson pointed us to two different Gallup polls. One found that confidence in Congress
was at 10 percent. The second found that the favorability for North Korea was at 12 percent.

Given the margin of sampling error in such polls (3 percent in first; 4 percent in the second), the difference between
10 and 12 percent is statistically insignificant. But there is a bigger problem, the polls measured different things.

“Gallup ask about ‘favorable’ opinions of North Korea,” Clement said. “Reid’s office is comparing favorability
of North Korea to confidence  in Congress, which are not comparable, since the word ‘confidence’ may refer to
specifics of ability and effectiveness rather than basic likeability (akin to job approval).”

So, if you stand on a chair and lean far enough out the window, you can see a way that Reid's
comparison of North Korea and a Teabagging congress aren't exactly parallel to each other.

But do you get his larger point?

Send e-mail to Bart

 Subject: Snowden


From your obvious disdain for Snowden I would assume you would have also been
really pissed off at another traitorous whistle blower who happened to blow the whistle
on one Governor Thomas Hutchinson.  That would put you in the Tory camp.
 Vince & Terry Coyle

I don't know the story of Governor Thomas Hutchinson so I can't answer that.

Snowden is saying he stole secrets "that could bring America to her knees."

Is it fashionable now to hate America THAT much?

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Subject: Trayvon and poverty pimps



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'Promiscuous Men' like Obama
American Handjob Association is all about the hate


Robert Jeffress of First Baptist Dallas spoke about his role in the anti-choice demonstrations
in Austin, Texas, yesterday with the American Handjob Association’s Sandy Rios, who in turn
shared with Jeffress the real force behind abortion rights: promiscuous men.

“It is generally, from my opinion, the promiscuous white men who are pushing abortion,” Rios said.
“I would even say the promiscuous black ones like our president, oh forgive me I shouldn’t say that,
but they’re the ones who want sexual license, they do not want responsibility; abortion has always
helped men more than it helps women.”

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Today's OMG!  Don't Look Down Picture


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Today's Hollywood Gossip


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Subject: Bart the shooter

Bart - are you ready for the consequences of firing your Glock if someone,
especially a young black man, invades Casa de Bart?

You bet your ass.

Will you aim to hurt him, or aim to stop the threat he poses to you and your family,
even if that means killing him, intentionally or not?

I imagine I would keep firing until he fell.

Will you carry his wounded body to the ambulance, as de la Rionda suggested,
in his closing argument, Zimmerman had the obligation to do to Trayvon?

I doubt the ambulance personnel would need my help.

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Today's Wildlife Photo


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 Who's the Mystery Sticker Holder?


Subject: yesterday's Mystery Sticker holder    Link

that is Susan McDougal, who refused to lie about Clinton regarding Whitewater. 
She was tormented and sent to prison for standing up to prosecutorial excess.

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Today's Mystery Celebrity Photo 


 Subject: last issue's Mystery Celebrity    Link

Bart, that's Susan Walters from The Vampire Diaries,
 Sue in Michigan

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Today's Mystery City


Subject: last issue's Mystery City    

Bart, that city would be Reykjavik, Iceland.
A very nice place when I visited last century.
  Stan in Durant, OK

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Name the Mystery Car


 Subject: last issue's Mystery Car    Link

Bart, that's a 1956 Ford Victoria.  The Crown Victoria’s had a
chrome band in front of the rear windows, going over the roof of the car.
  Jim W.

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What is today's History Mystery?   


Subject: last issue's History Mystery    Link 

Nobody got Ascanio Sobrero, the Italian chemist who discovered nitroglycerine.

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Subject: donations

Hey Bart, I think Obama ought to send a big thank you card to
the Supreme Court Five, and maybe another to Rand Paul.
They've accomplished something the Democratic Party has failed to do,
they've energized the base. Just say NO in 2014! Keep the hammer flying,

MadSat, thanks for that.

Humor can get us thru the worst of times so we will keep on.  
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