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WELCOME TO BARTCOP.COM A modem, a smart mouth and the truthNews and Commentary NOT Approved by Karl Rove, bcause vicious extremists can NOT be appeased.

Wednesday Aug 7, 2013    Vol 3105 - Nature's Way

And as we wind on down the road...

Arrow GOP is Pro-Violence for Women
Arrow "We're NOT Spying on You"
Obama Cancels Moscow Summit
Arrow For Pigboy, the Damage is Done
Arrow Women Raped by Texas Troopers
Arrow Amazon Helps Tequila Treehouse
Arrow Barefoot singer Joss Stone

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"Rick Santorum. Because America needs to punish whistleblowers, if you know what I mean."
     --  LOLGOP in a tweet

  ha ha

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GOP is Pro-Violence for Women
'Slap Hillary' game shows their true colors


A Republican Super PAC has put out a new online "game" where they ask you
to virtually slap Hillary Clinton across the face. No, we're not joking.

The Super PAC is known as The Hillary Project and is an anti-Hillary Clinton group
that lists Christopher Marston-- Bush bastrd--as its treasurer.1

Almost more disturbing is that the staff of this Super PAC are proudly promoting the game
- emailing reporters to ask "Have you slapped Hillary yet today?"

It's disgusting, it's outrageous and--regardless of where you fall on the political spectrum --it has
no place in our politics. Reporters are just starting to get word of this "game." If we can show them
that there is a wave of grassroots anger spreading over it, we can create a media firestorm so strong
that the Super PAC will have to pull their website and apologize. Can you sign the petition demanding
The Hillary Project pull down this game and apologize for advocating violence against women?

 Sign the Petition

This harks back to the "good old daysd" when a woman was under a man's control
and if she got out of line, you'd slap her a few times to force her to submit.

You think you can pull that on Hillary?

And they wonder why women won't vote for them.

 Send e-mail to Bart

 Subject:  Who wants to keep arguing about the NSA...

At least I’m not ignoring it Bart...or pretending the danger isn’t real.
And I’m not the only one either, not by a longshot.
Snowden isn’t the issue, but playing feel good about dragnet warrantless spying IS.
If there was anything Mittens and Big O could agree on, this was it. 

Agreeing about what kind of cage the people should live inside isn’t
even close to my idea of bipartisanship.  Maybe yours, but not mine.
 Justin who can't let it go

You are correct!

We ALL live in a cage now, and life's not even worth lving.
We should probably end it today because there's no reason to go on.

This NSA thing is as bad as you decide it's going to be.
If you see this as a 10 on the 1-10 Hell Scale, then yes, you're in Hell.

If pot's legal where you live you should get a prescription for anxiety.

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For Pigboy, the Damage is Done
  by Eric Boehlert


One week after it was first reported that Cumulus Media might cut ties with Rush Limbaugh
and pull his show from 40 of its stations nationwide, the end result of the contractual showdown
remains unclear. But we do know this: The damage has been done to Limbaugh and his reputation
inside the world of AM radio as an untouchable star.

By opting to publicly negotiate its contract and making it clear the broadcast company is willing to
walk away from his program, Cumulus has delivered a once unthinkable blow to Limbaugh's industry
prestige. (Cumulus is also threatening to drop Sean Hannity's syndicated radio show.)

Even if Limbaugh wins in the end, he loses. Even if Limbaugh manages to stay on Cumulus' stations,
Limbaugh comes out of the tussle tarnished and somewhat diminished.

Pigboy was unhappy with Cumulus. Angry that its CEO had been noting in the press how many advertisers
Limbaugh had lost over the Fluke firestorm (losses that continue to accumulate), a Pigboy source said Rush
was so angry he might walk away from Cumulus when his contract expired at the end of the year.

Last week Cumulus called Limbaugh's bluff, plain and simple. And now Rush appears to be scrambling
to make sure his show remains with Cumulus. But again, the damage is done. If Limbaugh really were an
all-powerful source in AM radio, he would walk away from Cumulus. But he's not, and he can't.

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I currently teach high school math in California of 25 plus years. I have uploaded over 300
of my lessons in Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, Pre-Calculus, and AP Statistics.

 I started doing this for my absent students, or any student who needed to hear the
lesson(s) again, then decided to upload them all. Just visit,
scroll down to “Playlist,” to find the subject you need.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, send me an email,
and I will either find it, or make it.

Take care.
Mr. Bullock

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Obama: "We're NOT Spying on You"
President pleads his case on Leno


When Obama sits down Tuesday with Jay Leno, he'll be following a trail blazed by many a politician.
Obama's contribution: In 2009, he became the first sitting president to do late-night television.

Obama defended the National Security Agency surveillance program he inherited.

"We don't have a domestic spying program,"
Obama said, describing the NSA efforts as
"mechanisms that can track a phone number connected to a terrorist attack ... That information is useful."

To the dozens of Democratic Obama critics out there, can you please take a clear stand on this?

Obama's either lying or he's f-ing not.


 ha ha

 Do you see me throwing my life away in an attempt to be famous?

My good friend Neil might be crazy, but at least he has a point of view.

The people who are insane with rage over the spying thing who AREN'T
calling for Obama's impeachment are the ones I can't figure out.

If Obama broke the law and raped the Constitution and destroyed America and turned
our once-great country into a giant police state gulag he should be impeached, right? 

 Subject: Snowden

Bart -- Read what you've ben writing about Snowden when you're in a rational state. 
It'll cause you to toss away the weed and tequila forever. 

I really don't think I was insulting you -- I merely tried to point out
how badly flawed your thinking has been on this subject

It was mighty nice of you to point that out.

  Send e-mail to Bart

'Obama, Talk Over the GOP'
  by Gene Lyons


Fat lot of good it’s done Barack Obama to pose as The Great Compromiser. The more
“Grand Bargains” he’s proposed, the further Republicans have fled in the opposite direction.
Is it really possible that Obama mistook the U.S. government for the Harvard Law Review,
where his reputation as a fair-minded mediator earned him universal respect?

With yet another round of budgetary hostage-taking and government shutdowns threatened
this autumn—throwing Americans out of work and stifling the economy—isn’t it time Obama
adjusted to GOP radicalism?

Historian Rick Perlstein (the author of Nixonland) put it this way to MSNBC’s Steve Kornacki:

The reason Obama’s rhetoric and his whole strategic approach to his presidency fails is because
going back six years or more, he fundamentally misunderstands the Republican Party. He doesn’t
understand [how] they behave, this kind of Leninist cell waiting in the mountains, waiting for the
final apocalypse…

Barack Obama is constitutionally incapable of saying, ‘we have adversaries.’ That every time a
Democratic president comes in that they handle the government more effectively. Every time a
Democratic president comes in, they create more jobs than the Republicans. But to say that
would be constitutionally impossible for Obama because he needs to tell this story about
reconciliation—there is no Red America, there is no Blue America.

You know I agree with Gene.
Obama wasted the first few years of his presidency trying to get the barking dogs to like him.

They're barking dogs, Barack, and that's all they'll ever be.

Don't try to reason with them, go around them.

  Send e-mail to Bart

 Subject: Swedish Vodka

For my gay friends who are boycotting Russian Vodka,
may I recommend Svedka a Swedish vodka.
It is a very good Vodka and reasonably priced.

I don't believe you will find a country more gay friendly than Sweden.

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Free Math Tutoring


I currently teach high school math in California of 25 plus years. I have uploaded over 300

 of my lessons in Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, Pre-Calculus, and AP Statistics.
I started doing this for my absent students, or any student who needed to hear the lesson(s) again.

Just visit,
scroll down to “Playlist,” to find the subject you need.

1 minute, SFW

Obama Cancels Moscow Summit
He'll go, but won't meet with Pooti


In a rare diplomatic rebuke, President Barack Obama on Wednesday canceled his Moscow summit
with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The decision reflected both U.S. anger over Russia’s harboring of Snowden and growing frustration
within the Obama administration over what it sees as Moscow’s stubbornness on other key issues,
including missile defense and human rights.

Obama will still attend the Group of 20 economic summit in St. Petersburg, Russia, but Obama had
no plans to hold one-on-one talks with Putin while there. Instead of visiting Putin in Moscow,
the president will add a stop in Sweden to his early September travel itinerary.

Obama said he was “disappointed” by Russia’s move to grant Snowden asylum for one year.
But he said the move also reflected the “underlying challenges” the U.S. faces in dealing with Moscow.

“There have been times where they slip back into Cold War thinking and a Cold War mentality,”
Obama said in an interview on NBC’s “The Tonight Show.”

White House deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes said, “We’ll still work with Russia on
issues where we can find common ground, but it was the unanimous view of the president and his
national security team that a summit did not make sense in the current environment,” Rhodes said.

  Send e-mail to Bart

 Subject: Medical cost image

Where can you get an angiogram for $798? 

Once again, I failed to research the toons.

If I had $600,000, I could hire a dozen librarians to scour
for spelling errors, factual errors and produce a much more professional product.

So if someone would send that $600K I'd get right to work on that.

I was in the cath lab at St John in Tulsa some 9-10 times between Easter 1998 and Easter 2000... 
the cheapest bill was $18,000 and that was for the angiograms before my bypass surgery in June 98 & April 2000.
 Bob S,  Orlando, FL

  Send e-mail to Bart

Subject:  Why the NSA is important

Hi Bart - PLEASE repost this link this way:

"The data on three-quarters of the machines on the main computer network of Saudi aramco
had been destroyed. Hackers who identified themselves as Islamic and called themselves the
Cutting Sword of Justice executed a full wipe of the hard drives of 30,000 aramco personal
computers. For good measure, as a kind of calling card, the hackers lit up the screen of each
machine they wiped with a single image, of an American flag on fire." ".....many current and
former government officials took account of the brute force on display and shuddered to think
what might have happened if the target had been different: the Port of Los Angeles, say, or the
Social Security Administration, or O’Hare International Airport. Holy shit, one former national
security official recalls thinking—pick any network you want, and they could do this to it. Just wipe it clean."

Snowdon said the NSA "can use this system to go back in time and scrutinize every
you've ever made, every friend you've ever discussed something with."

That is pure FICTION. The NSA doesn't have a TIME MACHINE, and unless it's something you did
ONLINE, ELECTRONICALLY, which you agreed to all the privacy settings before doing it, then NO.
There is no bug in your house, or chip in your head, and there's no way to scrutinize you for asking
Carol to the prom in High School, or making a crank call when you were 11.

Most of what Snowdon has said is histrionic BULLSHIT, and many people who aren't hysterically
paranoid, have figured that out.

What isn't fiction: Hackers can destroy the hardware of your computer, and your BANK'S computer system.
Why are the people who are against the NSA incapable of seeing the big picture, and looking for bad guys
who want to ruin your life? Or would you prefer waking up to a country where all bank accounts were empty,
and all your financial history destroyed, as long as you have your privacy?

  Send e-mail to Bart

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Women Raped by Texas Troopers
They recorded it on their dash-cams for later self-abuse

Video  Not Safe for Anywhere

These two women were pulled over, for allegedly throwing a cigarette out of the car window.
They were given full body internal searches. Gloves were not changed between anal and
vaginal probes, nor were they changed between women.

Under Texas law, this is considered sexual assault/rape.

And after all of that - no ticket was issued.
The incident happened
last December on a public road, for anyone driving by to see 
and the women are now filing suit

Now this is something I could really get pissed off about.

  Send e-mail to Bart

 Subject:  GOP threatens CNN, NBC

Hi Bart,
I loved your response ("Blow it out your ass, prettyboy")
Here's another one:
"Hillary Clinton has been an active First Lady, a Senator, and Secretary of State. 
 She's accomplished a lot.  Maybe YOU should try accomplishing something and
 then someone may produce a miniseries about you, too!"
Your eternal fan,
  Peter F
Peter, yours was more civilized, mine was more fun :)

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Today's Wildlife Photo


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 Who's Holding the Bartcop Sticker?


Subject: Last issue's Bartcop Sticker holder    Link

Bart, that's Kathleen Blanco, former governor of Louisiana.
The Bush bastards allowed her state to suffer for five days before any help was sent.
Then blamed her and rgw democrats for that.

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Bart, that’s
Amanda Righetti – rhymes with spaghetti?
Grace Van Pelt from “The Mentalist”

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Today's Mystery City


Subject: last issue's Mystery City    

Bart, I saw this a while back in a magazine, it is an escalator
built into a hillside slum in Medellin, Columbia.


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Name the Mystery Car


 Subject: last issue's Mystery Car    Link

Bart, that is a Chrysler Diablo (body by Ghia) first
showcased to the public at the 1958 Chicago Auto Show.

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Subject: last issue's History Mystery    Link 

Bart, that's Roald Amundsen, the first man to reach both the North and South Poles.

That's Roald Amundsen, a Norwegian explorer of polar regions.
He led the Antarctic expedition to discover the South Pole in December 1911
and he was the first expedition leader to reach the North Pole in 1926.
 Leo in Maryland

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Barefoot singer Joss Stone

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