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WELCOME TO BARTCOP.COM A modem, a smart mouth and the truthNews and Commentary NOT Approved by Karl Rove, bcause vicious extremists can NOT be appeased.

Thurs-Friday Sept 12-13, 2013    Vol 3121 - Unknown trouble

And as we wind on down the road...

Arrow No Chance Russia's Plan Works
Arrow Obama Fails Lincoln Test on Syria
Obama Faces 'Fresh Risks' ha ha
Arrow Victory Fires up Gun Nuts
Arrow Legal Marijuana in Colorado
Arrow Amazon Helps Tequila Treehouse
Arrow TV Gals w/Guns - Kristen Bell

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"If voting didn't change anything, North Carolina Republicans wouldn't mind if black people did it."
     -- LOLGOP in a tweet        
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There's Almost No Chance Russia's Plan
for Syria's Chemical Weapons Will Work

Except for the fact that it already has


Russia's proposal for Assad to place his chemical weapons under international supervision and then
destroy them is quickly gaining steam. Assad's government accepted the plan this morning. A few hours
later, Obama, Britain's Cameron and French President Hollande announced that they'd seriously explore
the proposal. It already has the backing of United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and a growing
number of influential lawmakers from both parties. There's just one problem: the plan would be nearly
impossible to actually carry out.

Experts in chemical weapons disposal point to a host of challenges.

They can point to any goddamn thing they want.
The important fact is Obama's OUT of the hot seat and Putin and Gas Boy have taken his place.

In Assad gasses no more, Obama is the guy who forced Putin and Assad to chill.
If Assad gasses again, Obama can slap him without getting permission from congress because
"the immediate threat must be neutralized and there's no time to wait on this do-nothing congress."

This couldn't have worked out any better if Obama had found a bottle washed up on the beach,
rubbed it and had a goddamn Genie fly out of it and announce that he'd grant him three wishes.

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Obama Fails Lincoln Test on Syria
  by Matthew Pinsker


Obama quoted from the Gettysburg Address when he first announced his decision to seek congressional
authorization for using military force in Syria. In Tuesday night’s speech, Obama continued to argue that
“democracy is stronger” by striving to live up to Abraham Lincoln’s noble ideals.

Yet Abraham Lincoln understood something about war powers that Obama has ignored. They are not easily shared.

Lincoln was a thoughtful skeptic of presidential actions he considered unconstitutional or unnecessary.
Nonetheless, Lincoln also believed in following one leader at a time. In 1849, he warned against allowing
the “public mind” to become fixed with the idea that the president was “a mere man of straw.” Lincoln observed
that all presidents “must occasionally say, or seem to say, ‘by the eternal,’ ‘I take the responsibility.’”

By deferring to Congress on Syrian intervention, Obama is leaving himself open to the impression
that he has become “a mere man of straw.”

I don't think this guy understands Democrats.
Democrats don't want a leader to make tough decisions.

They want their president to call for a committee whenever there's a tough call to be made.
If Obama had handled Syria two years ago - before it got teeth - he would've been successful but the
"fighting is always wrong" Democrats would've impeached him for "war crimes" or some such crap.

Some Democrats are odd ducks.

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Subject: Why is it warm enough for us on this planet?

It's warm enough for us because of the greenhouse effect, caused by the presence of carbon
dioxide in the atmosphere. Now we're releasing a lot of additional CO2 on a relatively short
time scale. Any reason why this should not increase the heat content near the surface,
regardless of where the heat is going? If it goes into the oceans and/or to melt ice, it need not
show up as an increase in air temperature.

The main point is that there is more heat reaching the Earth than being radiated out into space,
resulting in a heat imbalance. Increase in temperature may be delayed by heat going into oceans
and/or ice, but eventually it will (re)appear. In the meantime, albedo is being reduced, meaning
more heat absorption, less reflection, and the oceans are becoming more acidic, which scientists
tell us is already harming sea life. The climate is also being altered in such a way as to make
storms not more frequent, but more severe when they occur. Think of that recent Oklahoma tornado,
which was stronger than probably any past tornado in the state.
 Echhard Festag


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Obama Faces 'Fresh Risks'
Claims the paid-for clowns at WaHoPo


It’s been said there are no do-overs in life. But Obama may be getting the closest thing to it
with his abrupt turn toward diplomacy on Syria. Still, it is a path as fraught with problems and
risks for the president as was his inability to win public and congressional support for targeted strikes.

Obama's path is fraught with problems and risks?  Where?
I imagine he was giggling too hard on the inside to be worried about your imaginary "risks."

When Obama spoke Tuesday night, he was in the middle of a dramatic and unexpected pivot.
Given what had happened in the previous 36 hours, he had to make an awkward rhetorical transition
from arguing for military intervention — to arguing to give diplomacy a chance.

It wasn't awkward at all - he had showtunes going off in his head all f-ing night.
(Poker term, meaning he was having a great time.)

The president can now pursue diplomatic efforts to...

No, he doesn't have to persue anything.
He's off the hook, out of the box, home free, standing in tall cotton - with f-ing bells on.
Sure, he can still find a way to screw this up, but all he's go to do is do nothing at all.

Failing that, he could then go back to Congress with a stronger case to make that he has exhausted
peaceful attempts and that military action is the only course left to deter the Syrians from using those weapons.

He doesn't need to do that.
If Assad behaves, mission accomplished without firing a shot.  Obama wins.
If Assad gasses again, Obama makes a phone call and Assad's assets go boom.
It's a win-win - as long as Obama doesn't do something super-stupid, which IS still a possibility.

But Obama got to this place more by accident than design.

It doesn't matter.
All the pins fell down - you don't have a choice - you have to call it a strike.
You don't have a choice, Washington Whore Post, looking for drama where there is none.

BTW, when that young Bush bastard was born in third base, did anyone at the WaHoPo say,
"Bush got to this place more by accident than design."

No, you bastards acted like Bush EARNED the White House, lying sons of bitches.

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by Rebecca Bartlett

In 1855, a young lady’s most precious possession is her reputation. Unfortunately, sixteen-year-old Georgia Marsh
has lost hers and faces a grim future with no prospects of marriage. Her fortune changes when a mysterious stranger
asks her to wear an ancient pendant for a week —a pendant which grants great power, but only for those able to carry it.
Most young women would buckle under the burden of such an object, but Georgia has a pure heart. She becomes
the pendant's new bearer and the keeper of the awesome power it contains. But a pure heart is little protection against
magic transferred through an act of trickery. Tied to an object that won’t obey her and won’t let her pass it on,
Georgia must explore the history of the pendant and unlock the secret of its creation if she is to save herself.

Amazon Kindle

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Nook Link

That Colorado theater shooter killed 12, I think, and wounded about 60.
He was able to do that because he had 100-round drums of ammo.
He brought 6,000 rounds of ammunition to the theater with him.

Colorado just voted for more of that.
Colorado, the progressive, pot-legal-in-110-days Colorado did that.

We live in a fucked-up country, where the religiously insane have great power.
If anyone tries to limit gun deaths, they are fired by the voters and sent packing.

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Subject: Obama, Syria

To explain Obama to most people I would have to paraphrase Jessie Pinkman
who was describing Walter White to Walt's brother in law:

Obama's smarter than you, he's luckier than you and however you
see it going down will be the total opposite of what really happens.
  Joe in Maui

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5 things to know about legal marijuana in Colorado

Here are five things to know about the regulations:

1. Sales are legal starting Jan. 1.

Shit, that's all I need to know.

That's 110 days from now - should we start planning a Fest?

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Why didn't Obama fix this when he had the chance?
They came begging for money and Obama said, "Sure, what do you need?"
He could've said, "Sure, right after you break into ten independent banks."

When the next crisis hits?
It could happen again?
Why didn't Obama fix this when he had the chance?

It could happen again?
And next time could be worse?

Why didn't Obama fix this when he had the chance?

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Today's Hollywood Gossip


  Subject: Last Issue's Hollywood Gossip answers


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 Subject: Sarah

As I have said since Mrs. Palin was named McCain's VP choice:
Or have we forgotten when Paris was on a publicity and pr roll?

She's just kidding, Paris.

We know you're lots smarter and nicer than Sarah Palin.

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Is it hot where you are?

Today's Wildlife Photo


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We all got 'em and for you Mark Perkel serves you well as the Man in The Little White Hat
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Peace out,
 Chris in Nevada

Chris, thanks for that.

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It's been a while since we heard from Dr. Laura's son, Dehryche.

Anyone know if he's still alive?

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Bart, that's a young (and cute) Jane Fonda.
 hammer on,

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Subject: last issue's Mystery City    

Bart, it's Shanghai, China.
  Rick the world traveler

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Bart, that is a 1942 Nash Ambassador Sedan.
 Paul in VA

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Subject: last issue's History Mystery    Link 

Bart, that's
is Gus Grissom, Ed White and Roger Chaffee training in June 1966 for the first manned Apollo mission.
All three died in January 1967 during tests at Cape Canaveral in the real Apollo capsule.    Link

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Yeah, that's right.
Obama is going to spend a trillion dollars
bombing Syria FOR A f-ing DECADE.

Why do Democrats hate their winners so much?

Why did they work so hard to elect an evil, war-mongering monster?

Subject: donations

Thanks to Kimberly in Eugene Oregon.

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TV Gals w/ Guns - Kristen Bell

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