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WELCOME TO BARTCOP.COM A modem, a smart mouth and the truthNews and Commentary NOT Approved by Karl Rove, bcause vicious extremists can NOT be appeased.


Tuesday,  Oct 8, 2013    Vol 3134 - Kenyan boomerang

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...

Arrow Nine GOPs who WANT to Default
Five Times Too Many People
Megyn Kelly, Slutty In GQ
Arrow FOX Caught Telling More Lies
Arrow 'Business Insider' Blames GOP
Arrow Shopping Amazon Helps!
Arrow Nashville's Hayden Panettiere


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"The Republicans want me to be the first American president
  to give in to blackmail and I refuse to allow that to happen."
     -- What I'd like to hear Obama say

  Once he says that, what can they counter with?

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Nine GOPs who WANT to Default
They're the crazies in a party of crazies


The United States will reach its federal debt ceiling in T-minus 10 days, and it's looking increasingly plausible
that we might be blow through it.   Economists of every stripe agree that a U.S. default would be economically
catastrophic. But there is a subsection of Republicans who say that hitting the ceiling isn't a big deal.

Rand Paul says: 
"If you don't raise the debt ceiling, what that means is you have a balanced budget."

Rep. Joe Barton says: "I don't think paying the secretary of energy's travel expenses have to be paid 100 cents on the dollar."

Sen. Tom Coburn says:  "There is no such thing as a debt ceiling in this country because it's never been not increased...."

We're been waiting years for the sane faction of the GOP to reign in the crazies.
Most of them quietly retired instead of fighting for their country and their party.

If you love your Republican Party, why turn it over to Ted Cruz?

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  Subject: God is punishing America with Shutdown

When you vote for stupid people then you get stupid results.
I believe that the government shutdown is just God's way of
punishing America for electing Republicans.And I'm an Atheist.
 Marc Perkel

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Isn't that all you need to know about Obamacare's popularity?

Of course, you'll never hear a Democrat list that fact, that FIVE TIMES the people
they expected tried to register to get their new health care from the government system.

Why do Democrats always refuse to list the facts that would make their case?

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 Subject: making the rounds on Facebook.

Oct 2008: "You'll never get elected and pass healthcare."
Nov 2008: "We'll never let you pass healthcare."
Jan 2009: "We're gonna shout you down every time you try to pass healthcare."
July 2009: "We'll fight to death every attempt you make to pass healthcare."
Dec 2009: "We will destroy you if you even consider passing healthcare."
March 2010: "We can't believe you just passed healthcare."
April 2010: "We are going to overturn healthcare."
Sept 2010: "We are going to repeal healthcare."
Jan 2011: "We are going to destroy healthcare."
Feb 2012: "We're gonna elect a candidate who'll revoke healthcare NOW."
June 2012: "We'll go to the Supreme Court, and they will overturn healthcare."
Aug 2012: "American people'll never re-elect you-they don't want healthcare."
Oct 2012: "We can't wait to win the election and explode healthcare."
Nov 2012: "We can't believe you got re-elected & we can't repeal healthcare."
Feb 2013: "We're still going to vote to obliterate healthcare."
June 2013: "We can't believe the Supreme Court just upheld healthcare."
July 2013: "We're going to vote like 35 more times to erase healthcare."
Sept 2013: "We are going to leverage a government shutdown into defunding, destroying,
       obliterating, overturning, repealing, dismantling, erasing and ripping apart healthcare."

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Megyn Kelly Poses for GQ
Pictures show FOX anchor at her sluttiest

Fox News darling Megyn Kelly posed for a slutty photo spread in GQ.
Kelly showed some skin for a shoote by Greg Veis.

In the accompanying article, Kelly joked about rumors that she'd had an affair Brit Hume
and defended her lies about the New Black Panthers Party story earlier this year.


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 Subject: Miley Cyrus

Bart, I suspect that considering who this young lady had for parents, being pimped is nothing new for her.
Old has-been (never was?) Billy Ray was more than willing to ride her coattails when she was doing her time
at Disney's Tweenieslut University and I couldn't help but laugh my ass off when she started doing nude
photoshoots while still a kid in most people's eyes and he pretended to be all dismayed by it.
I frankly find her act disgusting but don't really blame her considering the number of people, including her parents,
who were looking for nothing but to get rich from her talent and did everything in their power to exploit her from the get go.


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FOX Caught Telling More Lies
They want you to think Obama's a Muslin


A Fox News liar apologized for falsely saying that Obama had offered to pay for the operation
of a museum of Muslim culture "out of his own pocket" during the government shutdown.

Anchor Anna Kooiman made the remark Saturday on "Fox & Friends" during a discussion about
closed facilities. She didn't cite a source, but a satirical news site called "National Report" had
posted a story headlined: "Obama Uses Own Money to Open Muslim Museum."

The fake story said that Obama had "held a press conference" to announce he would use his
own money to reopen the International Museum of Muslim Cultures in Jackson, Miss.

Kooiman said Saturday she didn't think it was fair that World War II veterans faced a closed
Washington monument honoring people killed during that conflict.   She said. "President Obama
has offered to pay out of his own pocket for the Museum of Muslim Culture."

On Sunday, she said on Twitter that she had made a mistake after receiving flawed research.
"My apologies," she tweeted. "Won't happen again."

Fox will correct the mistake on the air this Saturday.
Fox's policy is to correct mistakes on the same show where they are made.

This way, that intentional lie can bounce around the FOX echo chamber
for a full week without being corrected

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Today's OMG!  Don't Look Down Picture


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'Business Insider' Blames GOP

Our government is a disaster because of a small group of Republicans in the House of Representatives.
I'm not talking about the group of Republicans you might think.

Yes, there are 30 to 50 arch conservatives in the House who have been insistent they won't reopen the
government without putting a major dent in Obamacare.  These people are not the key problem.
They are only relevant because so-called "reasonable" or "realistic" Republicans allow them to be.

The most dangerous group in Congress is moderate Republicans, many from the northeast, who could
reopen the government and break extremists' grip on their caucus' agenda, but choose not to.

According to the Washington Whore Post, 21 House Republicans say they are prepared to vote for
a "clean" continuing resolution to reopen the government. Together with Democrats, this is enough
votes to pass the bill that has already passed the Senate, reopen the government, and stop the madness.

Yet these Republicans who publicly say they favor a clean CR have repeatedly voted with their extremist
colleagues to prevent it from coming to a vote. If moderate House Republicans don't want a government
shutdown and favor a clean CR, why have they passed up on ways to end the shutdown?

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 Subject: Seal Team Six

Bart, I wish the seals would go after Boner. 
He’s a MUCH bigger threat to this country than some rag head….
 Stevie in Arab

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 Subject: Boner fix adding "law"

Bart: Elizabeth Drew in The New York Review of Books (Sept 26) says the Republicans' furious
reaction in 2010 to the Affordable Care Act becoming law "was used as the organizing force in seeking
Republican gains in those midterm elections. Since it worked then, why not have another go at it." 

The Republican's may look stupid with this draconian ploy, but they're are not. 
They're gambling on the midterms going their way. 
  Steve in Phoenix

I would like to take some of their action.

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Name the Mystery Car


 Subject: last issue's Mystery Car    Link

Bart, that's a 1931 Lincoln Model-K LeBaron convertible.

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Today's Wildlife Photo



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Carrie Coffee Shop Prank Video
Girl Uses “Telekinetic Powers”

2 minutes, trust me, you'll like it   SFW

  Subject: Mission Accomplished

The Republicans have succeeded in the government shutdown.

They have successfully guaranteed they will lose the House in 2014
They have successfully guaranteed the Democrats will retain control of the Senate in 2014
They have successfully shown America what boneheads they truly are.
And they have assured a land slide victory for Hillary in 2016.
And just like Michelle Bachmann, "I couldn't be happier."

Mr. Speaker, time to crawl back into your bottle of bourbon.
 Steven B

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Today's Mystery Celebrity Photo 


 Subject: last issue's Mystery Celebrity    Link

Nobody got Victoria Justice, even tho it was an accidental repeat.

I screwed something up and 1007 (Oct 7th) defaulted to 0107 (Jan 7th).

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Today's Mystery City


Subject: last issue's Mystery City    

Bart, that looks like Rio as seen from the cable going up to the top of Sugarloaf.
As my then-girlfriend put it, a hideously ugly city set in a stunning location.


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What is today's History Mystery?


Subject: last issue's History Mystery    Link 

Bart, that's a box of wedding bands, once worn by Holocaust victims,
that was found in a Nazi concentration camp by American soldiers in May 1945.

Yeah, that was creepy but history is creepy, sometimes.

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Nashville Vamp - Hayden Panettiere

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