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Friday-Monday Dec 27-30, 2013    Vol 3174 - Whistlehackers

And as we wind on down the road...

Arrow 2013: Not Obama's Worst Year
Arrow A&E Caves, Racist Back on TV
Military Rapes are up 50%
Arrow Red Lobster to Close
Man Arrested to Test Pot Laws
Arrow Amazon Helps Tequila Treehouse
Arrow Busy actress, Kristen Bell

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"The novelty of legal pot is bringing people from everywhere.  I have people
  driving in from Texas, Arizona, Utah... to be a part of history. Give it six months,
  and when other states see that the sky didn't fall and the revenue we are producing,
  I believe legal pot will spread like gay marriage. You can't stop the will of the people."

  --  Adam Raleigh of cannabis supplier Telluride Bud Co.   Link

  One thing they need to figure out - where do tourist enjoy their new freedom?

 You can't smoke it in public and every hotel chain I called said, "Hell no"
  when I asked if they allowed pot in their smoking rooms.

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2013: Not Obama's Worst Year


“Has this been the worst year of your presidency?”

It was a heck of a way for President Obama to wrap up 2013. In asking the question,
Julie Pace of The Whore AP captured several things at once: the reality of a genuinely
disappointing year for Obama; a mood of skepticism in the media about him; the inevitability
of Beltway scorekeeping; and the personalization of nearly everything in politics.

I’d suggest that 2013 was not his worst year. That distinction should be reserved for 2011,
when the president emerged from the summer looking weak after protracted negotiations with
House Republicans over a debt-ceiling increase. Obama was operating from a position of fear.

In this fall’s budget fight, Obama did not blink and Democrats did not break ranks when Boehner
bowed to Tea Party pressure to shut down the government. The public was furious. Republicans
plummeted in the polls and eventually gave in.

I was very suprised when the Dems stood with their president.

 Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: Pope understands Bible message - Atheist Declares

I have to say that I like this new Pope. As an Atheists I did read the Bible and
although I don't believe I do understand what it says. That's why I'm somewhat
confused when I hear Christians behaving badly and coming across all angry I'm
wondering - did they read the same Bible I read?

But this Pope Francis - it seams that he reads the Bible the same way I do. He talks about
helping poor people, being humble, and that greed is wrong. And I'm thinking - yep - that's
the way I read it. I personally am not buying the Bible story as being literally true, but this
Pope at least gets the story right. I think that all Christians who say they want to follow the
teachings of Jesus should listen to this guy because the world would be a better place if
Christians started acting a little more Christian.  So a +1 for this Pope! I'm clicking on Like!
 Marc Perkel

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A&E Caves, Racist Back on TV
They'd sell their mother to make a dollar

"Screw religion - the almighty dollar is God!"


GLAAD responded to A&E’s decision to lift gay-bashing racist Phil Robertson’s suspension
by calling for a meeting between Robertson, African-Americans and gays.

“Phil Robertson should look African American and gay people in the eyes and hear about the
hurtful impact of praising Jim Crow laws and comparing gay people to terrorists,” the group said.

“...A+E has chosen profits over African American and gay people – especially its employees and viewers,” the group added.

On Friday, the cowards at A&E announced that they would reinstate Robertson
without the racist bastard missing a single episode.

We all knew they were going to cave because there was money to be made.
Why bother to suspend the guy if he wasn't going to miss any episodes?

It's like suspending a gay-hating racist baseball player for the month of January.

 Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: railroaded Don Siegelman

You ask why Dems haven't done anything about railroaded Don Siegelman.
My question is why hasn't Obama?


He's the one with the power--why isn't he using it?

Maybe he's afraid Rush the Pigboy or Glenn Beck will criticize him.

What do you think?
 Neil in MA

On this subject, Obama seems to be a coward.
He should mention Siegelman every time he speaks.

PS. That's the most rational e-mail you've sent me in years.

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Military Rapes are up 50%
Rape is a perk for our soldiers


The number of reported sexual assaults across the military shot up by more than 50 percent this year,
an increase that defense officials say may suggest that victims are becoming more willing to come forward
after a tumultuous year of scandals that shined a spotlight on the crimes and put pressure on the military to
take aggressive action.

A string of high-profile assaults and arrests triggered outrage in Congress and set off months of debate over
how to change the military justice system, while military leaders launched a series of new programs intended
to beef up accountability and encourage victims to come forward.

According to early data obtained by The Whore AP, there were more than 5,000 reports of sexual assault
filed during the fiscal year that ended Sept. 30, compared to the 3,374 in 2012. Of those 2013 reports, about
10 percent involved incidents that occurred before the victim got into the military, up from just 4 percent only
a year ago. That increase, officials said, suggests that confidence in the system is growing and that victims are
more willing to come forward.

It might be that more rapes are being reported but it also might be more rapes.

As long as our military has that boys-will-be-boys attitude, rapes will continue.

I think they should add that to their recruiting brochures:
"Sign up and you get to rape all you want and we'll look the other way."

 Send e-mail to Bart

Red Lobster Restaurants to Close
Bush's recession killed them dead


R.I.P. Red Lobster. The seafood restaurant chain is reportedly closing up shop.

Its parent company Darden Restaurants announced Dec. 19 that Red Lobster locations
will be shutting down for "a tax-free spin-off" or possibly be sell it off completely.
One thing is for sure, though: no more Red Lobster.

Though it's one of the biggest casual dining restaurant with a market value of $6.7 billion,
its core chains -- Red Lobster being its first -- have had stagnant growth.

Red Lobster has 705 restaurants in the U.S. and Canada, and had annual sales
of about $2.6 billion in the company's 2013 fiscal year.

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But is he ignorant or religious?

Since the new Pope says, "Who am I to judge?"
why do these yahoos think THEY should judge?

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Sirius XM

  Subject: Story about your state

Hey Bart -

I don't know if you get the Truth-Out newsletter, but they've always got several excellent
progressive articles in every newsletter, which is published more than once/day (!). 
This morning had a short article about OK and its use of the death penalty:

​I'd say "Enjoy", but you won't.

But now the question: if the England/Watts life without possible parole on Monday is justice,
then why, less than 24 hours later did we, the people of Oklahoma, gleefully kill Johnny Dale Black,
at the state prison in McAlester?

Unfortunately the answer is perhaps more political than judicial. Strapping unarmed, incarcerated
people to a table so the assembled can watch them die is always a big draw for conservative votes.

Perhaps this is why Gov. Mary Fallin and Attorney General Scott Pruitt are so keen on having
people executed. Killing prisoners is a way, just like gangs on the street, of making your bones.

Good point - the GOP is like the Crips and the Bloods.
You have to kill some people so show everyone how cool you are.

 Send e-mail to Bart

Man Arrested to Test Pot Laws
He wants change and he wants it now


As the war on cannabis continues in most U.S. states, one brave North Carolinian who openly
grows his own -- and broadcasts this fact publicly -- has intentionally taken the fall in a bold move
that could be the spark that eventually ends cannabis prohibition in the so-called "Bible Belt," an area
of the country that has seen the least proactive change with regard to cannabis reform.

Robert Dorr was recently arrested for growing his own. Rather than try to hide the fact that he grows
cannabis, Dorr believes that the only way to instigate real change is to be open about it in order to
essentially shatter the status quo. Prior to his arrest, Dorr actually called up the local district attorney
and sheriff's office to notify them of his growing activities, even leaving his address so they would
know where to find him.

And find him they did.  Dorr was arrested and shipped off to a local prison, even though his "crime"
was victimless. But Dorr's arrest has not been in vain, as his story is now gaining national attention,
illustrating the foolishness of the ongoing anti-cannabis crusade in many parts of the country.

A shot of Chinaco for a guy willing to fight for change.

They should have his PayPal address listed so we could all send him $5.

 Send e-mail to Bart

 Subject: Snowden

Bart, if Snowden had not given proof to the press that the NSA is spying on our phone calls,
internet usage, searches, e-mails and cell phones, HOW would we Americans know all this?

We would not know, and we'd be as happy as we were the day before he got famous.

Do you really think Snowden gave up a high-paying job, girlfriend and living in Hawaii
for living in exile and fame?
 HWN, who sent a donation

HWN, thanks for the donation.
Snowden DID give up a high-paying job, girlfriend and living in Hawaii for living in exile and fame.

Yes, I think he was crazy to betray his country that way.

If you pulled people off the street and asked them, "Name an American traitor," their reply
would be Snowden, Benedict Arnold, maybe John Wilkes Booth and maybe the Rosenburgs.

Yet he insists that he "won."   Good for him.

Apparently he can never, ever come home, at least not without doing some prison time.
Anything else would send a signal that you can steal from America and betray America
and run to China with 1.5M national security secrets and that's OK, all's forgiven.

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Marty's Entertainment Page
has new stuff every day

Marty's TV Listings are the best!

Marty always has good stuff.

Click on the E!

Today's OMG!  Don't Look Down Picture


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 Subject: Did The Nation turn whore?

Hi Bart, I am sure I am not the first to notice this, but is a Pakastani rag,
not the Stateside  Don't worry, The Nation has not turned whore, just yet. 
Keep swinging, but check your sources a little better.

For the record, I assumed it was the American The Nation because Democrats are
super-eager and lighting-fast when it comes to attacking a sitting Democratic president.

 Send e-mail to Bart


"It was a woman who got fired because she said that her boss thought her breasts
  were too big. And I’m not making this up, So I’m sitting there having to interview
  this woman about her boss thought her breasts were too big. I’ve had conversations
  with a lot of people, but this is just not one I want to have on a national radio show.

  --  Mike Huckabee, who thinks he's going to be president some day  Link

 Send e-mail to Bart

How did Marv Albert get a pass?

He called one of the NFL games yesterday - after THIS?

 So, he got a suspended sentence for forcing his penis into a woman's mouth and biting two women?

 Imagine the trouble he'd be in if they'd caught him with (gasp!) marijuana.

 Send e-mail to Bart

 Subject: Rude Pundit

Hi Bart, Happy Holidaze!
You should encourage folks to enter the Rude Pundit's haiku contest!
 Ken in Minneapolis

Write Some Motherfuckin' Haiku for the Rude Pundit:
It's almost time for the Rude Pundit's annual Haiku Review of the year just ending.
Instead of boring you with endless pages of "Hey, wasn't that shit fucked up" observations,
he gets Asian on the year's ass in the form of the haiku, the 3-line poem of a line of five syllables,
a line of seven syllables, and a line of five syllables. Like:

 Miley's twerking ass,
 Just like Janet Jackson's tit.
 Fleshy distractions.

 See? Like a gentle breeze across a rice paddy.

 Next week, the Rude Pundit will post his own, and, as always,
 he invites rude readers to submit their own. The only rule is that
 it's gotta be a real haiku. Any subject is game.

 Send e-mail to Bart

 Subject: I have waaaaay too much money, Bart

Hey BC,
A challenge to you. If you keep me anonymous, and you can get 200 different people
to send you Christmas cards with at least a $5 gift inside, I'll donate $1000.
The greetings must arrive to your PO Box before Christmas Day.

However, if there are only 199, then I won't even send you an extra lump of coal.
Dare to take the challenge?

Dude, thanks for that.
I accept the challenge, 'cause I'm a gambler, but that's a lot of Christmas cards.
I'm not sure my PO Box has received 200 cards since I opened it :)

Can we get to 200 cards before Christmas?
PO Box 54466
Tulsa, OK  74155

Joanne in Edmonds, WA
Janet in Morton Grove, IL
Happy Holidays Dammit. Bill the Pillar in Sandy, UT
Bruce A in Seattle
Chris F in Bloomingdale, IL
Kim M in Granville, OH
Mary Lou in Brunswick, OH
Mary R in Mandeville, LA
Jim W in Burtchville, MI
Jim W in Burtchville, MI
Jim W in Burtchville, MI
Jim W in Burtchville, MI
Pam & Jim in Hancock, IA
Robert F in Monteagle, TN
Tom C in Clifton Park, NY
Karen in Memphis
Janet in New Orleans
The Bs on 218th Place
The Smiths in Puerto Rico
Gary in Kettle Falls, WA
The Palmetto Yankee
Meutex in Germany
John N in Industry, PA
Rose in Bloomingdale, IL
Ole Vet in Mauston, WI
Mark G in Round Rock, TN
Joe the Pillar in Setauket, NY
Austin in Belton, SC
Dennis in Overland Park
Terry, stuck in f-ing Alabama (yes, re-send photos, please)
Debbie in Milwaukee
Peter T in Greenwood, NM
A. Nony Mous in Netown, US
Tom the Pontiac Pillar
Athena In Manchester, NH
John S in Bellingham, WA
Mike F in Wilsonville, OR
KRL from parts unknown
The Cranky Old Dirt Farmer in Kansastan
Love your page, Los Angeles
The singing angel in Peoria, IL
Jimmy Mac in Grand Rapids, MI
Homegirl in Santa Rosa, CA
Homegirl in Santa Rosa, CA
Steve W in Seattle
Georgia Blue in Roswell
The Coogans at PO Box 130
Ruthann in Bean Blossom
Hi to the kitties, Rochelle in Southern, CT
The Indiana Saffron
Bill from Gohmert's district
John & Marilyn, stuck in Arkanastan
Go, Bart, Go!  ND fan
J Harold in Chattanooga
J L H in Knoxville
Paul in Utah
Daniel the Walnut Creek Pillar
Linda in Chantilly, VA
The Sandman in Wisconsin
Carol in Placitas, NM
Eric in Loveland, CO
Stephen the Maple Grove Pillar
Wes in Las Cruces, NM
Paso Peggy, Thor, Freja, Snudge, Mimi,
  Mystik, Feather and Sherbett in GA
Harv and Gwen in San Marcos
Richard, the Santa Fe fisherman
Norm the Deed Master
RJ, Nomadic Pillar
The Broken Arrow Refill Challenger
Ronnie and Ed in Mesa
Rick & Carla in Fullerton
Good Luck in the Challenge, Stephen
With you from NYC, Dave/Jen/Sonya
Diane & Gerard in San Francisco
Gale and Martha - why did you leave Colorado?
Catherine S in San Francisco
John R Jr in Portland
Terry and Alice (?) in Milton, DE
Joe S, Bartcop reader since 2002
John (Hope your medical success is as good as mine seems to be)
Leanne and Family, who sent a card showing a guy sitting next to Jesus saying,
  "That must suck having your birthday on the same day as Christmas."
LL Zimmerman in Monticello, WI  "Thanks for the laughs thru troubled times"
Alex H in Bonney Lake, WA
Mary H in Bonney Lake, WA
Bob S in Bonney Lake, WA
Sharon G, trapped in Dumbfuckistan just like you are
Roberta in Excelsior Springs
David W in Columbia, MD
Ken N in Northville, MI
Charles F in Lone Grove, OK
Peter in New Zealand
George B in Monroe, CT
John S., the flaming liberal veteran
Jack P in Alabamastan
Ken the Car Man in Nashville
M David in Idaho
David W in Columbia, MD
Pat D Filibuster's dead, let's pack the courts!
The Connecticut Okie!
"We may not always agree but yours is my favorite site" Suzanne from San Jose
Emilio in Keller, YX
George B in Monroe, CT again
Duane in Cedar Falls, IA
Denise in New Franken, WI
Murray L in Alberta, Canada
from You Know Who at Lost Coast Art
Whitey in Norman, Oklahoma
Giselle, who lives with Whitey in Norman
Brad, Cindy and Griz in Ann Arbor
June in Califonia
Rod in Warren, PA with kids in college
Deborah, the Vacaville real estate agent
"Screw FOX" Emilio in Keller, TX again
 When in San Fran, visit Jerry at The Beat Museum
Kent and June in St Simons Island, GA
DaveRatz, been with you since Clinton's impeachment!
Jenny in Lake Stevens, WA
Merry Christmas to you, Mrs Bart & the Kitties, Mary in Seattle
Dan in WA, with a very nice card!
Democracy - from Tom in Seattle
More Democracy - from Catherine in Seattle
Love your site, Tom D on East Hampton, NY
Keith from South Jersey, 75 feet North of the Mason-Dixon Line.
I don't agree with everything you say but I usually do, June in Cali
Thanks for years of political humor and sanity, Bill from the Left Coast
Dream of a Demo House, Senate and White House, B K
The Man has firewalled you at work, can only se you at home, Sharon in Minnesota
Merry Christmas from a longtime reader,  Lauren R
Susan in Benton, WA
Matt, Laura, Patrick, Robin and Eddie!
Keep hammering! Jack in Alabamastan
Emilio in Keller, TX  (hand-drawn Christmas tree)
This card opened and resealed by me, not the NSA, Martha in Ft Davis, TC
Keep the hammer swinging, Charles in Lone Grove, OK
From the Rust Belt of the Frozen North (no name)
I hope this isn't too late, Stan in Durant, OK
Keep swinging the hammer, JoAnne in Delaware
Your website is a Light  Glowing in an Abyss of Dark,  Ron & Carol
Merry Whatever...Bill in Algona, IA
Dr. Harold, the PA Philosopher
From Darlene the Pillar!
Hatfield mailed those letters, the DoJ and FBI green-lighted it for him - Anthrax Sleuth
Have a humanist Christmas - Emilio in Keller, TX  (4th card)
Have a Springsteen Christmas, Jim in New Kensingtn
Read Bartcop!  Emilio in Keller, TX   (5th card)
Hope this makes it before Christmas, Emilio in Keller, TX,   (6th)
Melly Christmas, Emilio in Keller, TC  (7th)
Love Wine Cheesie X-mas  Emilio in Keller, TC  (8th)
Bart, I wish this was card #5000   Michael in Norman, OK
Happy Holidays, Bart   Jan in Columbus, OH
Bush hater X-mas, Emilio in Keller, TC  (9th)
June in Califonia
The Dodge Family in Green Bay
Jeff & Jackie in Tulsa
Lee in Monroe, NC
Merry War on Christmas, Mike in Indiana
Greg & Sherry in Colorado Springs
Love you, bartcop, John in Boca
Thanks for all you do, Paulette in Mechanicsburg, PA
To a Joyous White Solstice, Lee in Monroe, NC
Hope for 200!  Glenn in Wheat Ridge, CO
Happy Holidays, dani in Wheat Ridge, CO
Bob Mac in Ann Arbor
Ho, ho, ho, Deb with the fun last name
John B in Horseshoe Bend, AR
Stan in Durant, OK again
Ken Dek in Dallas
Michael Jordan in South carolina
M Lamont, from Alberta, Canada
New Zealand Pete
Your dissenting voice keeps us sane, Gloria
Love you like a brother, more actrually since my brothers are jerks, Tina the Piller
Tina the Pillar's Mom in Knoxville
Mary catmas, Cotton-Eyed Joe, the white cat
Randall K in Sious Falls
Rick & Pam and Sam the Cat in Burlington, IA
Pam & Rick and Sam the Cat in Burlington, IA
Living on Easy Street in Northhampton, PA
HWN in camvridge, MA
Ray and Gwen in Versailles, MO
From Scarlet in Wilsonville, OR
Larry Monroe from Austin, TX

Michael and Vicky, in Fenton, MO (The Fenton Imo's Pizza ROCKS!)
Harvey VH in Deluth, MN   Stay warm, Harvey!
Harvey again - Torture? Fine. Whistleblowing? Crinminal!
Hope you make it!  Lois in Oregon.
Keep hammering, Adrain the Enviromentalist in KC
Pete and Joannie in NH
ED sent a re-cycled card from Columbia,. MO
Joe in New Kensington, PA
David W in Columbia, MO
Dave in San Diego
Bill in Truckee, CA
Fred in Wilsonville, OK
Greg in Charlotte, VC
Stephanie & James in Reno
Keep up the blasphemy, Strat759 in Issaquah
Thanks for the courage and boundless good humor, Bill
Michael the out-of-work graphics designer
I hope this is card # 200 - Ducks

It took until the 30th but we made it to 200.
Oh, and the mystery donor DID send the lump sum.

Thanks to everyone who contributed.
PO Box 54466
Tulsa, OK  74155

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Today's Wildlife Photo


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CNN: This Just In...

In a potential preview of the next presidential election, a new national poll
suggests that Hillary Clinton and Chris Christie would be running neck and neck
if the 2016 contest were held today.

But a CNN/ORC International survey released today also indicates Clinton leading
eight other possible Republican White House hopefuls in hypothetical matchups.

Lying sons of bitches...

Remember 2012?
They told us ON ELECTION DAY that Thurston was winning

The liars want you to think the 2016 election will be a nail-biter, but that's just a lie.

  Send e-mail to Bart

Cowboys Lose Without Romo
But the new guy played just like Tony


For the third year in a row, the Dallas Cowboys entered their final game of the season
with the NFC East title on the line. In the last two seasons, they lost to the Giants and Redskins,
and this year it was the Philadelphia Eagles who beat the Cowboys to end their season, 24-22.

Seems like the Cowboys always play the same way.

In the closing minutes, they were down two points - all they needed was a field goal
but the replacement quarterback, Kyle Orton, threw an interception, just like Romo would.

Also reading from the same script, the announcers were goin on and on and on and on about
how great the Cowboys were and how great the Romo-replacement was - and they lost again.

Now I have to wait until August before I get to see the Cowboys lose again.

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This is Sunny and Barkley - they live in Idaho with Mike.

Post your pet's picture for just $20  
Send e-mail to Bart

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Today's Mystery Celebrity Photo


 Subject: last issue's Mystery Celebrity    Link

Nobody got TV actress Alexandra Chando.

I'm guessing you never saw her before
because she has a face that's hard to forget.

Send e-mail to Bart

Today's Mystery City


 Subject: last issue's Mystery City     Link

Bart, I think that building on the right is the Torre Mayor (owned by George Soros)
the tallest building in Mexico City, and the next tall one over is the St Regis Hotel,
also called Freedom Tower. They are on the Paseo de la Reforma, if you’re driving.
 L M M

  Send e-mail to Bart

Name the Mystery Car


 Subject: last issue's Mystery Car    Link

I don't want to know the name of this car. The designer and maker
should be arrested and charged with second-degree eye-slaughter.

Bart, that a 1957 Spohn convertible, one of the last Spohns ever built, thank God!


Send e-mail to Bart

Today's History Mystery

 Subject: last issue's History Mystery    Link

Bart, that's Jacqueline Buck and her son in Las Vegas
watching an A-Bomb test 75 miles away on April 21 1953

Cheers and have a Great New Year
 Colin in Australia

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Subject: donations

Thanks to Carl in Oakdale, CA for the donation.

Humor can get us thru the worst of times so we will keep on.  

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Busy actress, Kristen Bell


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