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Volume 378    Ashcroft - Defiler 
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 January 10, 2001

 BartCop - Consumer Crusader

 Chase Manhattan Bank - founded by Alexander Hamilton, Secretary of the Treasury
 has become a cheap-ass rip-off outfit, and here's the proof:

 I get home tonight, after a hard day at work (cough) and what do I find in the mail?

 A check from Chase for $1.06.
 Someone more stupid than myself (they do exist, you know) might look at that and figure
 it was some kind of interest rebate deal, but it's not. It's a trap for the stupid:
 On the back, the endorsement read:

 So if you cash this check, you "keep" the $1.06, (why that amount?) but they charge
 $24 to your credit card, which isn't even the worst part of it.

 In credit, they have a thing called "the Rule of 78ths."
 Seventy eight is what you get when you add 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12.
 When these rip-off handjobs figure your monthly interest, they first bill you 12/78ths
 of a year's interest, which is almost 1/6.

 Get it?

 For one month, you pay TWO months worth of interest, but it gets worse.
 Say your balance is $2,000. They bill you 1/6 of a year's interest for the first month,
 then 11/78ths for the second month, 10/78ths, 9/78ths, 8/78ths and so on.

 Butt, ...and this is what they're counting on...

 If you buy a tank of gas or a bottle of tequila, they take you from 8/78ths and shoot you
 back to the top in the interest mountain.
 So you're back to paying 12/78ths (1/6 of a year's) interest for using your card
 Ten dollars worth of gas could easily cost you $40.

 This is the dirty secret they don't want you to know.
 I'm in credit, and they made me sign an oath not to tell, but "F" them.
 They want to take me to court?
 I'm ready to dance.

 The point is, if I was stupid enough to cash this $1.06 check, not only would they
 charge me $24 extra dollars for their little scheme, they also re-write my interest.

 So if you have a credit card with a high balance, cut the card up, and use another card
 with little or no balance for gas, tequila, and pay it off every month.

 Alexander Hamilton would be spinning in his grave,
 if there was such a thing as spinning after death.

 Also, tonight I heard Clark Howard - radio consumer advocate, tell a big lie.
 On one hand, he's a cheap, cheap SOB so you'd figure he's a Republican.
 But he wants to see the consumer be protected - he's hardly pro-business,
 so why did he tell this big fat lie?

 He said when Jimmy Carter was president, he asked
 every house to turn the thermostat down to 55 degrees.

 I don't remember that, do you?

 I remember he asked us to turn them down, but 55 degrees?
 He had a girl on the phone who said she kept her thermostat at 70 degrees
 and he said, "Whoa! You would've HATED 55 degrees under Jimmy Carter," which means
 he was certain of his 55 claim, because you wouldn't say "Whoa!" for a 5 degree difference.

 Why would Clark Howard lie?

 Is he a mistaken Democrat?
 Or a lying ditto-monkey?

 Have you been to

 I heard it was THE place to go, so I went there.
 It says, "Under construction - Check back at a later time."

 Gee, how about we check back in six months?
 Is this a Repug web site?

 Are you a fan of Law & Order?

 There have only been two prosecutors - Ben Stone and Jack McCoy.

 Quiz: What was the REAL reason Michael Moriarty left?

 Quiz: What was the TV reason his character left,
           and what other name do we know her by today?

 Hey, boy, my name's Christie!
 I'm going to be in charge of the world's environment.
 I need to search you, boy.

 You got any toxic smokestacks in your pants?

 Emmmie check, emmmie check...


Subject: Linda Chavez's compassion for the poor

So now we learn that Labor Secretary-designate Linda Chavez housed — and may
have employed — an illegal immigrant. We don't have enough information yet to discern
whether this was a commendable act of charity or a criminal violation of the labor laws.
And until more facts are in I'm not interested in passing judgment on Chavez.
I finally "get it".

The Confederacy wasn't about slavery.
It was about helping all those poor black souls get settled in America.

It was about compassion.


 I'm watching Nightline-ABC's attempted gang-rape of the Clinton presidency.
 I missed last night's "The Gennifer Flowers Era."
 Tonight is Episode two: "The Pre-Monica Era."

 ABC News, whorey-owned by Disney, has Judas Maximus Stephanopolous
 and Judessa Miximus Dee Dee Myers telling "the truth" about how scared Clinton was
 and how they, in their divine wisdom and greatness, were able to save this great nation.

 Koresh, where would we be without Judas's hindsight?
 Doesn't it figure?
 Nightline is less whore than some, but Koppel is bridled with Judas and Judessa, and Disney
 is too damn cheap to pay for objective observers, so they get whoever's standing around,
 and that just so happens to be two Clinton haters, Judas and Judessa.

 Wednesday night, they're doing "The Monica Era," Thursday is "The Post-Monica Era."
 Of course, Friday we'll see "Looking Back - Monica's Legacy" and then next week,
 PBS finishes the run with "Clinton's Cock - Why We Can't Get Enough."

 I am so proud of the press - looking past all that peace and prosperity horseshit to get to the
 true core of what life in the Nineties in America was like inside Bill Clinton's zipper .

 From: Bardstown, KY

 Subject: Whiskey


 By the way, I live in Barrdstown, KY, the Kentucky Bourbon Capitol of the world.
 (Good Bourbon is much better than the tequila you drink.)


 Jerry, it's like religion: If only it were true!

 Are you talking about what's available in normal liquor stores?
 Or some aged-22-years specialty corn-squeezin's that we can't get our hands on?

 If you like fine bourbon, more power to you.
 I think we're back to geography.
 If you were raised in KY, I can see you being a bourbon fan, just like
 growing up in Florida you might think your football teams know offense,

 ha ha

 Just kidding,

 Funny, there's that parallel with religion again.
 If you say bourbon rules, I won't fight you.

 You like bourbon,
 I like tequila,
 this is America - we all win.

 But if you tried to pass a law that evertyone had to drink bourbon,
 we'd have to tangle, but that's not the case.

 That's why Ashcroft must be defeated.
 He doesn't drink - he doesn't smoke - and he thinks dancing is "of the Devil,"
  If Ashcroft wins, how long before prohibition comes back?

 I don't want to give up my Chinaco.
 What a perfect parallel!

 BartCop says "Everyone should drink whatever they want to drink,
                        as long as we keep it away from the schools and the courthouses."

 The Age of Embarrassment

 Click  Here

From:  BSmasher

Subject:  Great Republican Quotes

From the BNN

Congressmoneyman JC Watts appeared on the Imus in the morning show recently
and said this in response to the Iman's question about the origin of his name.

"My dad named me after Julius Ceasar, I guess he liked Greek mythology!"

 Mia - This is so cool!

 Click  Here

 How'd you do that?

 Bow Howdy, if I knew Java and Flash n' shit, I could be a contender.

Democrats Have the Goods to Sink John Ashcroft's Nomination.
Now the Question Is Whether They Have the Guts

 Click  Here

 Great Funniest Woman in America Quotes

 "Christine Todd Whitman as head of the EPA?
   Is Bush pulling a bad joke on us?
   Whitman did such a bad job controlling pollution as governor of New Jersey
   I'm afraid if I drive through the state I'll get a lump in my breast."
          -- Wanda Sikes, on PI Tuesday night.

 Counter Update

 I went to  in search of a dependable counter.
 I installed it about 7 PM last night.

 This morning it said I had two hits.

 That's the last time I'll say anything about Catholics...

 Great Smirk Quotes

 "I stand behind Linda Chavez 100 percent. She'll make a good Sec of Labor."

 But Smirk, if you're behind her 100 percent, why did you fire her cheating ass?

 "Heh heh heh...
   Heh heh heh...
   I didn't fire her.
   Uncle Karl and Uncle Dick fired her."
      -- Wednesday

    "I got caught."

 "It was the politics of personal destruction'' that brought me down.
   I'm a victim - a victim ofWashington's search-and-destroy politics."

 Koresh, I hate to take Smirk's side on anything, but Linder..
 You were fired for lying to your boss!

 Today, Wednesday, you say you knew she was illegal,
 but last week, you told Team Smirk you didn't know - you lied, and you got caught.

 Chavez told a news conference the decision to bow out just a week after
 being named was entirely her own.

 But Republican officials involved in the process said she was canned by Bush's political team.
 The officials, speaking on condition of anonymity, made it clear the political team's willingness
 to fight for the nomination had waned whewn they found out Chavez was a liar and tax cheat/

 Today in History

 - In 1861: Florida seceded from the Union.

  Who the hell let them back in?


Subject: Dr. Laura at it again

Dr. Laura's 'discussing' abortion now.
Her radio ratings must falling as bad as her TV show did.

I don't know if you remember it or not but in the old days of Saturday Night
Live they did a skit w/ Buck Henry doing a talk show.
It started out innocent enough, with him asking if there was anyone out there
that wanted to talk about the controversial issues of the day.
Well no one called.

So he decides to bring up a few "hot buttons" of the time to stimulate the calls.
He brings up bussing, no response; Communists, no response; money
for public schools, nothing; gun control, still no calls.

Finally desperate for any type of response he begins this crazy rant about how he's for
the busing of communists to our public schools to teach ourchildren about communism.
After which we should distribute hand guns to school children if they want.


John, I remember two of those.
The one you refer to ended with "Soviet communism in our schools, with guns."
and still, the phones refused to ring.

The other one was on the Richard Pryor Show.
(Old people remember Richard had a TV show for five weeks, but quit
 when NBC wouldn't let him do anything that was 10 percent risky.)

Anyway, Richard was a preacher, I think, trying to get the phones to ring.
He tried everything, but nothing worked.
Finally, he suggested people call in with their support of his "Back to Africa Movement"
and the phones lit up like Smirk in the Playstation aisle at Toys-R-Us.

You're right, that's what Doc Screech is doing.
Turning the shrill button up higher and higher, moving into Jerry Springer territory.



 Subject: Guitar Talk

 Listen kid...the first thing you have to learn about guitars
 is that Bartcop doesn't know dick about guitars.
 He got lucky about 30 years ago when he discovered Jimmy Page.
 Other than that, the man is clueless.


 ha ha

 It's a good thing that's all true,
 or you'd have a fight on your hands.

 A new Attorney General Nominee?

 Oklahoma's Governor Keating (R-Foot-in-Mouth) thinks Ashcroft's going down.
 To prove he's tough on crime, Keating has arranged for EIGHT men to be
 murdered by the state of Oklahoma in the next four weeks.


 Even Smirk never had that big of a murder spree,
 and he holds the Western Hemiphere record for killings!

 Smirk averaged a muder every 17 days, so to show his worth to the Team Smirk,
 Keating will murder two men a week until further notice.

 Of course, these are mostly black men with shit representation, but that's OK.
 Oklahoma treats blacks the same way Texas and Carolina do.

 The Bush Boys - Murder and Cocaine

 Click  Here

 It has all the makings of a major box office thriller: George W. Bush and his brother Jeb,
 allegedly caught on videotape in 1985 picking up kilos of cocaine at a Florida airport
 in a DEA sting set up by Barry Seal…

    An ensuing murderous cover-up featuring Seal's public assassination less than a year later
 by a hit team…the members of which, when caught, reveal to their attorneys during trial that
 their actions were being directed by  - Lt. Colonel Oliver North…

 Clark Howard

 Howard is full of shit.
 Carter asked that we turn down our thermostats to 68 degrees in the winter,
 and up to 78 in the summer.

 Jim H.

 I'm all for giving a guy a break for misspeaking, but he made a big deal
 out of the idea that the lady would've HATED being 15 degrees colder.

 Clark Howard is so cheap, I'll be he told his wife and kids
 Carter MADE him turn the thermostat down to


Subject: Rush the Moron


In yet another example of not letting facts get in the way of your argument,
The Bloviated One's comments continue to prove his ignorance. Case in point? Global warming.

Anyone who bothers to pick up a book on meteorology could explain the global warming/cold winter
connection.  To make it simple, in deference to the Republicans in the audience (both of them), the Earth
is a giant heat transfer mechanism.  Basically all weather is the result of shifting a heat around the planet.
Those nasty comma-shaped cold fronts that whistle down from Canada? They are pushing the heat around?
Thus if you have a LOT of heat, you need a LOT of cold to move it around. [I'm skipping a lot of the physics here]

To sum it up, global warming means COLDER winters.
Fossil evidence (which according to Ashcroft & Co. is all made up) seems to indicate
that the several Ice Ages were preceded by unusually warm periods.

So we know Rush is wrong, but at least now you know HOW wrong.
Keep the fires burning.


 Tally Briggs / Actress at Large

 Click  Here

 What kind of man is John Ashcroft? (R-Whites Only)

  “John Ashcroft simply does not meet the standards that we have set.”
    --  Wade Henderson, Leadership Conference on Civil Rights, director

 “We can talk about Ashcroft as a racist . . . and he is.”
    -- author Julianne Malveaux

 “If there ever was a guy to fight, and there ever was a time to fight him,
  now is the time and Ashcroft is that candidate.”
   --  Rev. Al Sharpton

 "Those who are with the civil-rights agenda must not choose collegiality
  over civil rights and social justice.”
  -- Jesse Jackson

 "A champion of cock-hunting, second only to Hardon Kenny."
  -- BartCop

Subject: I saw President Clinton speak in Chicago

What Clinton said: **

I saw President Clinton at the Palmer House Hilton last night, along with 5000 other Chicago Democrats,
who waited in line for 3 hours to see him.  Mayor Rich Daley, Commerce Secretary Bill Daley,
Alexis Herman (a real Labor Secretary, whose grandmother once worked as a janitor at the Palmer House),
Congressman Bobby Rush, and Senator Dick Durbin were also there to pay homage to a great President.

The President spoke for about a half hour, and remarked that it was in 1991 at the Palmer House Hilton
that he kicked off his presidential campaign in Illinois, and reminded us from where he took the nation from
the recession of 1992 across to the prosperity and increased opportunity for millions of Americans in the
early 21st century.  He had the crowd in the palm of his hand.  It's no wonder he's so popular, and why
so many of his supporters are saddened to see him leave the White House.

Bill Tong of  The Boot Newt Page

 Joe Conason Slaps Ashcroft

 Click  Here

 Bush rules out pre-emptive pardon for Clinton

 AUSTIN, Texas (CNN) -- President-select Smirk said Monday he thinks it's time to
"get all this business behind us" and let Clinton enjoy life outside the White House.

 Supreme Cockhunter II Robert Ray has been trying to pin something on Clinton ever since
 Hardon Kenny was run out of Washington as the "most hated man" in America.
 SC Ray has not ruled out an indictment of Clinton when he completes his term January 20.

 At a news conference Monday, Bush was asked if he would consider a pardon for Clinton
 even before Ray acts.

 "I wouldn't pardon somebody who hasn't been indicted," Bush responded.  "I think it's time to
 get all of this business behind us. I think it's time ... to allow the president to finish his term,
 and let him move on and enjoy life and become an active participant in the American system.
 And I think we've had enough focus on the past. It's time to move forward."

"But the suggestion that I would pardon somebody who has never been indicted,
 that doesn't make any sense to me, frankly," he added.

 In one of his first acts upon assuming office in 1974, Gerald Ford pardoned Richard Nixon
 for his role in Watergate, a decision that may have cost him election to the White House in his
 own right, though historians have credited his act with helping the nation get past the scandal.

 That underlined sentence isn't true.
 Ford pardoned Nixon for "any crimes he committed or may have committed," while in office.

 That's a pardon.

 Http://   is now working.

 Chavez Comes, Chavez Goes

 Click Here

Maureen (I-hate-everybody)Dowd

Click  Here

 Rudy Loves to Strip-Search the Innocent

 Click  Here

 The $50 million class action settlement could be paid out to more than 50,000 people
 who were arrested during the 10 months. The lawsuit recounts several cases of men and women
 with no arrest record who said they felt humiliated as they were ordered to disrobe, lift their breasts
 or genitals for visual inspections, and to squat and cough.

 ..and you know Rudy's cops had one hand in their pants
 as they carried out their duty to "protect and serve."

Blood in the water?
Bush's Chavez blunder may spell trouble for his other nominees.
By Joan Walsh

Jan. 10, 2001 | Linda Chavez will likely wind up a footnote in the history of the Bush administration, since she
didn't even make it to her confirmation hearing. But historians will no doubt remember her chutzpah, thanks to
the most brazenly mawkish political goodbye since Richard Nixon's "Checkers" speech.

Margarita Valladaras stood trembling at the lectern, her mouth obscured by a Plexiglas "Bush-Cheney
Presidential Transition" sign, talking about Chavez, her benefactor. When they met, "I hardly spoke any English,"
Valladaras recalled, and even today her English is halting. The diminutive Latina looked terrified of the television
cameras; her voice cracked. But she closed her remarks with dignity: "I will always be grateful to Linda."

So will many of Chavez's enemies. By asking Bush to withdraw her nomination as labor secretary, in the wake
of reports that she once housed an illegal Guatemalan immigrant who did household chores in exchange for
some spending money, Chavez eliminated a Bush nominee who would have been easy for Senate Democrats
to defeat. Given that the collegial Senate is considered unlikely to reject more than one or two of Bush's picks,
liberal advocacy groups will be able to concentrate their political power on attorney general nominee John Ashcroft
or would-be Interior Secretary Gale Norton, now that Chavez has been done in by her own hand.

Republicans may praise her "compassionate conservatism," but the cavalcade of hard-luck stories she used to
defend herself, all the little brown people she's helped over the years, was stunningly self-serving and patronizing.
"If I don't have Linda Chavez to help me, I don't have anything I have today," said Benson Bui, a Vietnamese
immigrant who lived with Chavez and now works at the Justice Department. One after another they poured
out their hearts, and it was poignant and affecting -- before Chavez dispatched them with a brusque
"Thank you very much," and tore into her enemies.

She blamed her troubles on "the politics of personal destruction" (conveniently forgetting the GOP's role in
elevating that practice to an art form during the Clinton years) and said not a word about her own role in
sabotaging her nomination. By most accounts, Chavez failed to tell the Bush team about housing the
Guatemalan woman, Marta Mercado; was evasive about whether she knew the woman was in this country
illegally; and finally, according to the Wall Street Journal, tried to get a neighbor not to talk about Mercado
to the FBI when agents asked questions during her background check.

And for someone who's made a career out of blasting the victim mentality of the civil rights movement,
she played a pretty mean victim herself when the situation demanded it, savaging the media for the way
it played her story, and insisting her withdrawal sent "a very, very bad signal" to all "good people"
who want to help others.

ha ha

Chavez and her allies turn the old saw about liberals -- they love mankind, it's people they can't stand -- on its head.
As practiced by Chavez, compassionate conservatism turns out to be about playing Lady Bountiful to the needy,
while deploring solutions designed to help groups of people you don't know, whether women, Latinos or workers.
Of course charity is rewarding, it's admirable, it's necessary, but there's no evidence in Chavez's record that she
understands the role government can and must play on behalf of those who need help.

President-elect Bush said he was "disappointed" that Chavez would not be in his Cabinet, but privately some
Republicans were steaming that she'd allowed the situation to explode in their faces. But Chavez was a political
disaster waiting to happen, an intemperate provocateur who has used her own race to get ahead as baldly as
any member of the civil rights establishment she loathes.

And for all his supposed sensitivity to Hispanics, Bush's selection of Chavez showed a tin ear on matters of race
and ethnicity, since Chavez is a polarizing figure widely disliked by Latino leaders. She was also an in-your-face
conservative selection in a post that often goes to moderates, even in Republican administrations. For a
president-select without a mandate, who failed to win the popular vote, this was a huge mistake.

Her withdrawal gives Bush a Cabinet mulligan, a do-over, a chance to nominate someone who understands
the challenges facing the Labor Department in the increasingly bumpy economy. If he picks another right-wing
provocateur, the Chavez blunder might turn out to be the political blood in the water that tempts Senate
Democrats to savage his other nominees.


Tabloids Set to Disclose Jeb Bush-Katherine Harris Affair
With Carl Limbacher and Staff

Proving that the ripple effect of the election recount story is far from over, sources at America's most
notable supermarket tabloids tell that the papers are set to reveal a bombshell story
about an affair between Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris.

News of the tabloid story - said to be backed up by three witnesses, all of whom took polygraphs
- has the Bush transition team and Florida governor's office bracing.

A source at the Bush transition team says that Jeb Bush was soon going to name Harris his chief of staff.
The position of secretary of state has been eliminated under changes made before the recount crisis hit.

The story of Bush and Harris has been floating around almost from the day the election nightmare hit
on Nov. 8. Various press outlets tried to insinuate a relationship between Harris and Bush to undermine
her independence and impartiality.

But the story won't die. Bush sources say the continuing reports are nothing more than a smear campaign
as part of an overall effort to undermine President-elect Bush's legitimate election

If this turns out to be true, if Jeb's illicit shack-up honey certified the quick-count,
and installed his brother against the voter's will, can Smirk even stay in office?

 Stroke Me, Stroke me

 "I told you Bush was going to fight for Chavez, and some people think
  he nudged her out, but it didn't happen that way at all."

 "This is not a cave to the liberal special interest groups.
   It's ...just ...Bush, ...honoring his own ...requirements."

 ha ha

 Rush, you use your tongue prettier than an Austin whore.

 But damn, Pigboy.
 You promised us Smirk would fight!
 And he bails on the first day!

 St. Linda's Passion
    By Timothy Noah

 Click  Here

 I wonder...

 I wonder if a t-shirt with that graphic on it would "move?"
 I should convene a focus group and a poll.

 Must...generate...revenue to stay alive.


Subject: help

I am a former liberal Democrat, and recently switched to the Republican party.
I don't really like either, but I had to choose the one that lined up with me the best.

Why in the world did you change?
Who talked you into it?
How strongly coud you have felt about being a liberal democrat
if you were willing to shuck it and go to the other side?

I am constantly researching and studying the issues and how each side views them,
and I am unable to find a fair and balanced review anywhere.
FoxNews is about the best, but they are slanted depending on who is reporting.

Rush Limbaugh is obviously VERY slanted, but at least he gives the other side's story,
gives his side, and then explains why he thinks he's right.

I have never heard Rush give the other side.
He'll say, "Here's what the liberals think," then he makes shit up.

He is very compelling to me because I realize he's intelligent, and "on top" of things.

Rush is not intelligent. Well, he is sorta, when he comes back from a break,
but that's because his staff is writing him notes. He always goes to a commercial
whenever a caller asks him to explain something. He'll say, "It'll take some time,
so let me get this commercial out of thew way first," then his staff scrambles for answers.

He also provides links to articles and facts that he points out.

Sure, but he only reads articles that back him up.
Take global warming.
The US Government, NASA, the National Atmospheric/Oceanic  whatever, and all the other
sane, scientific organizations say it's real, but Rush found a professor at Boise State
that says it's not, so he'll say, "They have their experts - I have mine."
That's what I call horseshit.

I would like to see that same format from a website like yours.

Perhaps you're new, but I've said again and again that I've been looking for almost
a decade for somebody who will speak for the opposition - are you that man?

Instead, I get media "whores" and Rush is a piggy. (even though he lost like 140lbs 2 years ago).

What you "get" is plain-speaking in the language most Americans use.
Any time you see me use the word "whore," I'm explaining a Republican or media crime.
And Rush's porcinity is not dependent on his weight. If he died of starvation, he'd die a pig.
Granted, there are hundreds of sites more intelligent than this one, but unlike Rush, I've never claimed
to be anybody's savior or that I possessed "Talent on loan from God," and therefore I'm right.
I'm right because nobody can show me where I'm wrong.
I'm here to have a good time and cause the bad guys to have a bad time.

It is extremely rare that I see a conservative Republican website, article, etc.
that calls liberals "stupid" or other demeaning names besides liberal, left-wing etc.

That was well-phrased, they don't do exactly that.
What they do is spend hundreds of hours a week explaining, for instance, how Bill Clinton
sold the sacred ground at Arlington because he enjoys peeing on the graves of our war dead.
I have never said anything that ugly in 377 issues.

However, almost every liberal site I see calls Republicans racists, hate-mongers,
stupid,  dumb, rednecks, trailer-trash, etc.

That's because republicans are, by definition, racists, hate-mongers and rednecks.
Why do you think Bush carried Mississippi, Oklahoma, Alabama and the Carolinas?

Did I do the right thing and switch parties?
It is looking more and more like I did.

That depends.
Do you feel at-home withracists, hate-mongers and rednecks?

It looks as though your website is fairly popular.  It would be great to see a tit-for-tat on it,
like the Paul Begala-Ollie North show.  I would be willing to research and write an "opposing" view,
and let you write a retort.  I think it would spark interest, and since the majority of your readers
are obviously liberal, it would spark feedback and perhaps spread the word-of-mouth.

I love a good debate.
What might work easiest would be for you to pick something I wrote and refute it.
Try to put me in the box. Catch me being a hypocrite. Unmask my shaky arguments.
If you send me something that's good, (and not too long) I'll print it with my rebuttal.

Please let me know if you're interested, and I'll submit an article on whatever topic you choose.
I think I have a unique viewpoint seeing as I just in the past 6 months switched.

Maybe Article One should be, "Why I switched."

I see more and more problems with the liberal side as I look back on it,
and am discovering the problems with the conservative side as I delve more into it.

ha ha
Need any help listing the flaws of the GOP?

Also, I would be willing to help with website design;
your site has some cool graphics, but it's a bit dated.
I have some spare time in the evenings; I could devote a bit of time to it.

Now you're talking!
I need a new look in the next seven days.
Send me something...

Let me know what you think!


I'm ready - rant away.

One other thing - you had some possibly-valid complaints with
but do you know any other site that lets the opposition speak?
I don't just mean a reader's forum, but is there, for instance,
a GOP site where the host takes challenge mail from all comers?

If I put the BartCop Quiz on somebody, they'll either agree with me or
they will refuse to answer the question, which is a victory.
So if someone runs into a Republica-led website where the owner takes questions
unlike that little coward over at let me know, OK?

Wish I'd found this sooner...

 Can you keep a secret?

 It looks like I might begetting back in the club business.
 Joe, my old Craig Livingstone (bouncer) hung around clubs long enough that
 he found someone to sell him a nightclub and they did their own financing.

 He's talking about needing a partner, and who better than Ol' BartCop?
 Whatever you do - don't tell Mrs BartCop.
 Boy, she'd throw a Hillary-sized fit if she found out.

 You see, the first club I owned I lost about $40,000.
 The second club I owned only lost about $4,000.
 So if the pattern continues, I'll make $32,000 this time.
 Can't miss, huh?

 It's a live music, full liquor club.
 It looks like a dump on the outside, all rock clubs do, right?
 but inside it's pretty nice on the inside.

 But don't tell Mrs. BartCop - whatever you do.

 Stroke Me, Stroke Me

 "Smoke alarms don't react to smoke - they react to fire."

 ha ha
 Make him stop!

 Have you ever heard anything so stupid in all your life?
 Well, sure you have, if you've ever heard the vulgar Pigboy.

 Hey, Rush!
 What do fire alarms react to - water?

 ha ha

 How could we lose when their best candidate is an idiot Smirk
 and their top strategist is having three strokes a day?

 VCR Alert

 West Wing - USA Today's synopsis says
 "The staff prepares for a bi-partisan political breakfast."
 I think that means "FOOD FIGHT!"

 ha ha

 The Angie Harmon Show has a new installment.

 Nightline is doing The Monica Era if you're up late.

 The Discovery Channel is doing The USS Indianapolis.
 I think the congress should be made to watch that hour,
 then vote on a pay raise for our boys in uniform.

 If you can imagine anything worse than what they went through
 please don't write and tell me what it is.

 Great Rush Quotes

 "We have to admit the facts - Linda Chavez lied and she got caught."

 Mark your calendar - January 10th - Rush told the truth.

 Bush Boys - Murder and Cocaine II

 BC, you know that I live in Arkansas. In the early 80s I worked for the IRS.
 This is no shit BC, I was part of a team that looked into Seals operations in Mena until
 the investigation was killed. I was young and out of the overall loop. My name never was
 placed on any documents. I was a Tax Fraud Investigative Aide out of Little Rock
 (that right there is enough for them to find me if they want to).

 I went to Mena. I started doing some investigating. I called in a IRS Agent - we went to part
 of his property - Picture this: you go down a dirt road  for a mile or so. The road curves around
 a piece of property near the end of the Mena Airport. This property is completely surrounded by trees.
 Inside these trees is a very large, overgrown field. In the middle of this field, hidden by brush and tall
 grass is a building. One wall is collapsed inward but 3 sides stand. On one side is a wooden box attached
 to the wall, inside the box is a working phone and you know you are 1-2 miles from anything here.

 We use the phone collect to get the phone number and head out, suddenly one of those old hunting hounds
 starts up its deep bark.... The IRS guy pulls his gun out and I head for the tall grass damn fast. We get the
 hell out. A few days later the IRS agent tells me to start pulling bank records. I find a lot of money, the small
 town folks tell me that there is more than one account.. More money, more purchases... Not too long after
 that I am told that the case is being dropped.  The IRS guy kind of keeps up on this.. He pokes around
 some more. 6 months or so later ( not sure of time, could be longer because I didn't put things together ).

 He's 'retired' from IRS... Later still, he try's to bring up some stuff that he found and
 strange accusations come up about him and his grandchild. Later still, he dies...

 BC, I think that I may have mentioned some of this before to you but You are the first person I have told all this to.
 And to tell the truth, I'd be scared to tell it again. You can see why. I was just a green ass kid back then and didn't
 know or understand anything. Now, the little I know, might be too much for some people. ( maybe I just think too
 much of myself but I don't think I'd get a second chance if I was wrong, so forgive my pessimism). I even plan on
 deleting this from my sent box. I don't even know why I sent it to you. While I reread it, I almost killed it twice.
 That is what I think and like I said, I don't know much. It sounds like so much bull but it was true.




   WASHINGTON -- In a surprise move that has astonished political pundits, the space alien that
endorsed Bill Clinton in 1992 has switched party allegiance and is backing the idiot Smirk.

   The political stunner came after a two-hour, hush-hush meeting in a Washington hotel suite, during which
the extraterrestrial quizzed Smirk on his knowledge of international affairs, basic astronomy and plans for
the future before agreeing to back the candidate, according to respected UFO investigator Dennis Baleri.

 Said Baleri, "At the end of the meeting, the alien shook hands with Smirk and told him,
'You have my support. I am behind you 100 percent.'"

 "Governor Bush is ecstatic," said his aide. "He's now convinced that he'll be a shoo-in this November."

 Did you see NYPD Blue last night?

 They promise us nudity, so we watch,
 and then they give us Silver Spoon boy's ass.

 Next week they'll show Sipowicz's ass and we don't want to see it!

 They have Kim Delaney, who's getting up there in years,

 and they have a cute, young cop - Sheri Rappaport,

 who looks extra-awful in this photo,
 but she's a goddess next to some man's hairy butt.

 Hey, ABC!
 Either put the babes on the expose list or get out of the nudity business.

 Mr. Blackwell's list of fashion horror is out.

 Dr. Laura Schlessinger:
 "When it comes down to fashion horror,
   no one does it better than Dr. Laura.
  A turtlenecked terror."

Jeb Bush adultress Katherine Harris:
 "The pretty, brassy lassie from Tallahassee needs cosmetic direction."

 Pretty? Katherine Harris?
 I knew you were gay, Mr Blackwell,
 but I didn't know you were blind.


Subject: Hell is Freezing, Pigs are Flying, and Rush Told the Truth

Toward the end of the first hour today, Rush said that Linda Chavez deliberately lied,
and that's why she shouldn't be confirmed.

I only caught a minute of it, but I was in shock.

Rush was telling the truth.  I mean an
"I'm-not-proud-to-say-this-but-let's-face-the-facts" truth.

I've only heard him purposely tell an unpleasant truth once before.
What do you think his motive was?

I don't know.
I've heard Rush spin like a top with the most ridiculous excuses in history
but today he just gave us the facts and told the truth (for a minute or two)

I'm glad somebody else heard it besides me.

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