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Volume 407 - It Was the Worst of Times

February 14, 2001

VCR Alert - Have you seen the promos for tonight's West Wing?
 Don't forget, NBC's whore promo people produced these ads.
 And they're promising the sun and the moon tonight.
 If it's only half as good as it sounds, we're in for a buckle-up.
 Hear the clip from tonight's West Wing as a 

 ha ha

 "What would it take to wipe them out?"
 Go, Mr. President!
 We need a president who isn't afraid to flex a little muscle.

 Truth be told, I wished we would've seen some of that Clinton temper when he was C-in-C,
 but no, not Bill Clinton.  He was always very calm, very restrained and very measured,
 never flying off the handle,...dammit.
 TONIGHT - a West Wing Special Event

 Horror in the Dust Bowl
 On a hunch, I called the K-Drag NBC station and asked if we'd be seeing
 West Wing and the Angie Harmon Show tonight - or would they be screwing us?
 He said, "No, we don't care what you want to watch - we're showing basketball AGAIN tonight."
 John McCain, this is YOUR fault. McCain is chairman of the telecommunications committee
 and he took the big bribes from the people who, when it comes to TV, aren't pro-choice.

 VCR Alert - Chris Rock on Letterman tonight, unless, of course,
  there's a damn basketball game they can show instead of what we want to see.


Subject: Playing hardball

this sub that sunk the ship...civilians on board?
there better not be one SOB among the 15 civilians that gave one penny to the bastard pepukes.
Talk about buying access.  Lets have a big investigation.
Never mind - I forgot we democrats are above that sort of thing,
(God, I'm starting to hate being a Democrat.)

Remember when Bill got that haircut?
Boy has the tide has changed.

Boyds, good point.
We don't have any Burtons, Barrs or Hydes on our team, but I agree.
IF they were showing off for a major Republican contributor
(do they have another kind?) we should do a five-year investigation
into the sex lives of every GOP congressman who ever got a nickle from
anybody on that boat that day.

I suggest we use more FBI agents than the GOP used for the OKC bombing
and TWA #800 combined to see if any Republicans would ever lie about sex.

 Great Political Quotes

 They can't let go.
 They can't let go.
 I'm sure they'll investigate Bill Clinton's grandchildren.
     -- Tom Daschle (D-Needs work)

From: (withheld)

Subject: This is How News Should be Reported

The media is now telling us that there were civilians at the controls of the
submarine that caused the deaths in Hawaii.

But you know why you're not hearing Tony Snow and Hannity and O'Reilly
and Laura Ingraham talk about how bad that is?

Because they don't know who the civilians are.

If the "civilian dignitary" was a Democratic congressman or someone like Ted Turner,
then Republicans will condemn the "murderers" while Democrats will say this was an
accident and point out that all the guy did is pull a lever when instructed to do so
--a lever that would have been pulled at the same moment anyway.

On the other hand, the civilian dignitary might be a hero from the right, perhaps
Charlton Heston, Rush Limbaugh, or Timothy McVeigh.  If that was the case,
the accusations and defenses noted in the paragraph above would all still be used,
except by opposite sides (although the Dems accusations would be significantly reduced).

I wish all the news was like this.

We could eliminate 80% of the rancor in our political discourse if the FACTS of the news
were presented with the caveat that the parties involved won't be revealed for 72 hours.

What if you saw the headline:

"Presidential Candidate Arrested for DWI in '70s."  Now pretend for a moment
that the article conveyed all the essential facts, but any clues as to the accused
(like Kennebunkport) were cleverly omitted.

Then we would have three days for the editorial boards to decide if the story is relevant,
talk radio and hate TV would have three days to make all their comments, and we the people
would have three days to discuss it among ourselves.
After 72 hours, we would find out who was the "culprit."

Most of the professionals wouldn't know what to say in the 72-hour period.
What would Rush say--is this allegation proof of how unfit a candidate is,
or is it proof of what bottom-feeders the opposition is?
Depends on the size of the tax cut.

I know that waiting 72 hours to reveal "the rest of the story"  couldn't ever happen;
but I hope this illustrates how disingenuous the loudest critics on both sides are.
They can't judge right or wrong, guilt or innocence, ability or incompetence without first
knowing the affiliation of the subject in question (sports fans can be the same way,
but they're just having fun; they're not hurting our democracy).

The talking heads don't know whether the visiting dignitaries were just in
the wrong place at the wrong time or if they're guilty of murder, and they
won't know until they found out who the visitors are.  That's lame.

The tragedy happened because they failed to scope out the area, not because
someone pulled the wrong levers.  I think that the procedures would have
been followed exactly the same whether or not there were visitors, and it
doesn't matter if it was a retarded kid from the "Make-a-Wish" Foundation,
Joe Montana or Saint Reagan himself who pulled the levers.  They pulled the
levers when the guy who would've pulled the levers told them to do so.

I'm no expert, but that's my opinion, and I'm able to form it based on the
facts as I understand them without having to check my scorecard to see if it
was a "good" person or a "bad" person who was down there visiting.

I wish all news stories were like this and Rush could go back to his old job
of shining Amos Otis' cleats and sniffing George Brett's jockstrap.

In Texas, Mood Swings on Taxes
 By Paul Duggan,  Washington Whore Post

Click  Here

Today, with Bush in Washington, championing $1.6 trillion in federal tax relief,
many of the Texas legislators he left behind are wearing frowns. With the economy softening,
Medicaid costs spiraling up and state budget-makers feeling the pinch of the record-setting
'99 tax cuts that aided Bush's presidential campaign, the mood here clearly has changed.

The Compleat Chris Rock Transcript on 8-Wives

Worth a read - the funniest man in America is good just makin' conversation.

     Southern man better keep your head
     Don't forget what your good book said
     Southern change gonna come at last
     Now your crosses are burning fast
     Southern man

     I saw cotton and I saw black
     Tall white mansions and little shacks.
     Southern man when will you pay them back?
     I heard screamin' and bullwhips cracking
     How long?
     How long?

     Southern man better keep your head
     Don't forget what your good book said
     Southern change gonna come at last
     Now your crosses are burning fast
     Southern man

     Lily Belle, your hair is golden brown
     I've seen your black man comin' round
     Swear by God I'm gonna cut him down!
      (Unless the senate Democrats think that would be counter-productive)
     I heard screamin' and bullwhips cracking
     How long?
     How long?


 More Mail and Toons

 Click  Here


Subject: Destroyed families

You Wrote:
(Hint: Over 100 dead just from Desert Storm.)
 4. And if the subject is "destroyed families," should we talk about the 10,000
     veterans from Desert Storm afflicted with Gulf War Syndrome?

Actually, if you count the young people with Gulf War Syndrome who have DIED in the prime of their lives
from diseases that usually ONLY afflict old people in the ten years since the end of the conflict, the Desert
Storm Body Count is closer to 6,000.  My source is NPR.  (And if my source isn't good enough for any of
the members of the VRWC who lurk at Bartcop, I invite them to prove the negative, just like they have
asked Clinton to do for eight years (now going on nine) for every horseshit scandal they dreamed up.

Then they can kiss my ass,
cause I know what I heard, the number was 6,000 DEAD from Gulf War Syndrome since 1991,
and it was on the only talk radio left in the whole country that even occasionally tells the truth.)


Brew, it's funny, I support our troops 100 percent,
but I can't understand why military families would rather have
their kids come home in body bags under Reagan or Bush than
having them come home happy and healthy under the bad, bad Clinton monster.

Clinton never sent a man into battle who didn't come home.

 ...and they hate him double for that.

 Crime Pays
 Katherine Harris gets her Payoff for certifying "quick count" for Smirk

 Click  Here

 We must ask ourselves how and why Katherine Harris---the hateful and venomous apparatchik
 whose sole career accomplishments were to have affairs with both Bush brothers and to commit
 election fraud and treason---was invited to join one of the most dominant (and some would say
 the most influential) cabals on the face of the earth.

 Great Political Quotes

 George W. Bush is like a bad comic working the crowd.
 A moron - if you'll pardon the expression.
   -- President Bartlet


Subject: BartCop TV?


I was just wondering if you could update us on the BartCop TV dealie?
It'd be killer if it went through...


We don't know anything.
The meeting with Christian was ...non-productive.
Christian reports Scary Perry replied, "None of your business,"
whenever she asked him about the plan, the format, the timing etc.

Meanwhile, Perry told me "All is going good."
I don't have much experience with these Hollywood types.
They say secrecy is  Job One.

 Hollywood Funny

 The Grammys are a week from tonight and they have no host yet!
 Whoo-pie was supposed to do it, but she hurt her back.
 They asked super-diva (and Giuliani/Monica wannabe) Bette Midler
 and Bette said, "Sure, I'll do it for $250,000."

 So they still have no host.

 Swear to Koresh, I've gotten several e-mails saying,
 "I thought you were going to offer t-shirts and mugs and stuff - but I don't see a link,"
 so, not knowing what else to do, I made the store sign blink.

 Others have said, "How can we contribute if we don't have an address?"
 So I made the support sign blink, too.

 Remember, I'm a low-I.Q. chimp.
 Making them blink is going high-tech for me.

 You want to sign a petition that very, very, very politely
  tells CNN to shove their anti-Clinton horseshit?


Subject: Paul Harvey

I don't know if you heard Harvey's " The rest of the story" today but I almost gagged.
Among other things, he lauded Bush for his great skill has a pilot for the Guard and the
close takeoff formations he and 'Joe" used.. Of course the wing man was none other than
an unrelated Joe Cheney although Paul made it sound like they had been best buds for 30 years.

Harvey dished out almost as much BS as his bud  - Rush.

I heard that dallop of horseshit.

He was gushing praase like one of Smirk's oil gushers.
Oh, wait a minute, Smirk never had an oil well come in - nevermind.

Yeah, he was going on and on and on about Smirk being the best pilot in aviation history,
and his buddy Joe were "such a great team." It was fucking nauseating.

What the horse molester failed to mention was that Smirk was training on an obsolete plane
so it would have NO CHANCE to go to Vietnam (no parts, no trained mechanics etc)
he also failed to mentuion that Daddy's influence got him in a "full" unit,
and, of course, there was no mention of Smirk's 2 years being AWOL in wartime.

Paul Harvey is a dishonest son of a bitch.


Subject: thanks for the fumble, dude

First let me say I'm a daily fan of your site .
But isnt the addition of the "Thanks for the fumble, dude" equal to christianity?

It seems you are reaching out to an illogical belief.
I hope i'm not coming across like the asshole that tried to convert you in your time of grief,
but it seems you are gravitating to that which you eschew.

Having read the tribute to your friend and realizing the loss of somone that was near to you,
I get the feeling that you may have inserted this as a humorous way to remember him, if not it seems hypocritical.

I wrote this for no other reason than curiousity.By the way I get more kicks out of your site than any other,
my only complaint would be the debates but i know that you are working on that. I will contribute as soon
as i deal with a few more pressing issues, and will sign up for PayPal now!


Ben, no, I don't think you're being rude.
Many have written about that, so I might as well talk about it.

It's a joke.
It's a joke Dennis would've thought was really funny, I think.

It was during the Johnson administration when I decided that logic proved when one dies
the brain shuts off and there is no magical ascension to the place with clouds and angels.
If you think about it, the idea is too absurd to even consider, but that's the problem:
Nobody thinks about it because it was drilled into their heads before they could even speak.

If they didn't brand that crazy fairy tale into young minds, if they waited until a man was 21
and THEN tried to sell him the craziest story ever told, he'd laugh and walk away from you.

I wanted to write about that when Payne Stewart went down.
Everybody said he was "playing golf with God," which is so incredibly insulting to
the intelligence of any thinking human being.

I thought about writing about it when JFK went down, but that wasn't the right time, either.
Obviously, the personal attack by Phillip Hamer (?) was a stupid move on his part,
but if he had had any brains, he would've waited and asked about it later, like you did.

Science and logic are NOT our enemies.
They are our friends.
Religious insanity is the enemy.

Back to the point:
Calling a fumble in the fourth quarter to seal the game for a particular team days before the game
isn't exactly brain surgery, but since it happened, it gave the joke a big boost.

But I really did watch that game with my shot of Chinaco Anejo, waiting.

 Florida State University quarterback Chris Weinke fumbles the football as he is tackled by
 Oklahoma's Rocky Calmus during the fourth quarter,  January 3, 2001 in the Fed Ex Orange Bowl.
 The fumble set up the only Sooners touchdown,  with OU beating FSU 13-2 for the championship. I raised that shot of Chinaco for my old friend, Sabutai,
 but no, his spirit didn't make that fumble happen.

 Sooner magic caused that fumble.

George W. Bush, Clinton defender
The new president tells members of the press that stories about vandalism
aboard Air Force One as Clinton left office weren't true.
- - - - - - - - - - - -
By Jake Tapper at

Feb. 14, 2001 | Whore City-- Shortly after noon on Tuesday, President Bush joined reporters in
the back of Air Force One to rap a little. And an odd dynamic emerged as reporters tried to get Bush
to engage in a little good ol' fashioned Clinton-bashing. The 43rd president not only refrained from
taking the bait, but he even defended the president against some shoddy journalism.

"Are you distracted at all by the furor over the Marc Rich pardon and the former president?" Bush was asked.

"Not at all," he said.

"Not a distraction?"

"Not at all," Bush repeated. "I will tell you one thing, just in terms of the former president.
All the allegations that they took stuff off of Air Force One is simply not true, for example."

Bush raised the issue because the chief steward had told him that the stories alleging that Air Force One
had been pilfered by those rascally white-trash Clintons were simply not true.

Andrea Mitchell, NBC, Jan. 25: "The Air Force will replace Air Force One glasses and four hand towels,
apparently pilfered by passengers traveling with the Clintons on their last plane ride home."

Brit Hume, Fox News Channel, Jan. 25, "The raid that was conducted aboard that Air Force plane,
on the last flight to New York when the blankets, pillowcases, silverware ..."

Kate O'Beirne, CNN, Jan. 27, "During Bill Clinton's final flight, the plane was stripped bare and not by
sentimental staffers seeking mementos. Air Force One souvenirs were quickly posted for auction online.
Why not make a final buck off the White House? Outrageous, but not surprising."

But the Air Force One story, as with the allegations of widespread White House vandalism, proved not to be true.
And Bush was there to say so. "There might have been a prank or two, maybe somebody put a cartoon on the wall,
but that's OK," Bush said about the White House "vandalism" on Jan. 26. "It's time now to move forward."

But if Bush says these stories aren't true, where did they come from?

Senior-level Bush White House staffers were indeed talking reporters out of covering some of the more insane
allegations made about White House vandalism, trying to convince journalists that some of the charges were false.

But Bush's press secretary, Ari Fleischer, gave the story credibility a day earlier when he told reporters,
"What we are doing is cataloging that which took place. And that's the status."

Watch carefully as Fleischer does this "Change the Tone" dance.

"I choose not to describe what acts were done that we found upon arrival, because I think that's part of changing
the tone in Washington," Fleischer said. "I think it would be easy for us to reflect and to discuss these things,
and to be critical. President Bush chooses to set a different tone ... The president understands that transitions
can be times of difficulty and strong emotion. And he's going to approach it in that vein."

Where was all the damage done? Fleischer was asked.

"You know, I really stopped paying attention to all the different places," he said.

Asked if the phone line that was reportedly cut could have been damaged in the process of renovation, Fleischer said,
"Well, I don't think that the people who were professionals who make their business to go in and prepare a
White House for new arrivals would cut wires."

It was only after Jan. 25, after the story of the White House vandalism erupted, that Fleischer clarified that the team
effort at "cataloging that which took place" was actually just "one person in our administrative offices who is really
just keeping track in his head about things that may have taken place."

Kind of a different thing, no?

It's nice that President Bush is classy and responsible enough to tell the press that the story that so many of them
reported as fact simply wasn't so. But while former President Clinton awaits Brit Hume's on-air recantation and
apology, his successor might want to devote a little time to figuring out how and why that falsehood was reported
in the first place. Because sooner or later, stories that are dogs bite every politician.

 We got a nice mention over at

 They have a ton o' links to anti-Smirk sites.


Subject: Shouldn't media apologize to Bill Clinton???

Im sickened that the media is allowed to LIE about Bill Clinton stealing stuff from Air Force 1.

They LIED and SLANDERED Bill Clinton. Yet I've yet to hear a single apology.
They DEMANDED Clinton apologize again and again and again, over his PERSONAL life.
Yet these simpletons can just make up BS about Clinton and then pretend it never happened...

I'm emailing every Media outlet I can find...


Craig, they are whores.
Whores don't apologize.
They just slither off and whore some more.

A Washington Whore Post editorial argues that "The more that is learned about
some of the pardons former President Clinton granted on his final day in
office -- particularly the pardon of fugitive financier Marc Rich -- the
more it appears that they constituted a major abuse of the pardon power."

Yes, we need a major investigation, with Clinton testifying on a Saturday
so everyone can learn what happened and why.


Subject: Site Category _ Websense

I clicked a link to your web site and was denied access by Websense.
I checked the Websense database on their site and you are classified as adult entertainment.

I could not contact you from my desk top so I have to come to this stand alone
(he's in England) that has no content checking on sites visited.
You may like to take it up with them.

Chris Hart

Many of the big American employers have me blocked,
but you can get to Rush Limbaugh's hatred and filth with no problem.
Apparently, I'm a subversive comedian.

Boy, you'd almost think Mr. Conason has been reading

Media’s Clinton Obsession Is Giving Bush a Free Pass
 by Joe Conason

That era of bipartisan good feeling promised by George W. Bush didn’t last long, did it?
Three weeks after their leader took up residence in the White House, Mr. Bush’s friends,
appointees and media claque are in hot, barking pursuit of the prior occupants.

With the President’s mild demurral, Republican politicians and Washington talking heads have
displayed little interest in any topic besides their obsession with bringing down the Clintons.
Phony charges about illicit gifts and office vandalism proliferated, along with valid complaints
about inappropriate pardons and excessive rental costs. In the reporting of these latest “scandals,”
few distinctions were made between facts and fantasies, or between the serious and the trivial.

Over the past week the clamor grew louder still, with two Congressional committees mounting
new probes of Bill Clinton and the new Attorney General announcing that he would welcome a
probe of the Marc Rich pardon. The Sunday New York Post fronted a fabricated story by
Dick Morris claiming that Hillary Clinton had illegally concealed gifts of jewelry and clothing.
They were all topped, however, by Senator Arlen Specter, who hinted bizarrely in a televised
interview that the former President could be impeached again, and thus deprived of his pension
and Secret Service protection. This is the sort of brilliant idea that has made the Pennsylvania
Republican such an ornament of statecraft.

Let’s catch our breath for a few moments and consider the historical context of this post-inaugural eruption.

The last time anyone accused a President of abusing the pardon power was when the senior George Bush
awarded amnesty to six key defendants in the Iran-contra affair. Certain conservative pundits, like Robert Novak,
praised this butt-covering proclamation as the greatest moment of the elder Mr. Bush’s career, but others
admitted that it was merely a scheme to avoid embarrassing testimony about his own role in the scandal.

The departing President Bush had to endure nothing worse than a few weeks of scathing editorial commentary.
His offense was quickly forgotten, along with his own lies and concealment of crucial evidence from the special
prosecutor. And by contrast with the current controversy, there was no hint of a Congressional investigation;
incoming President Clinton heeded the urgings of Washington’s establishment and let the unpleasantness fade away.

Or at least he hoped to do so, presumably under the illusion that he might enjoy some respite from partisan
warfare. Instead Mr. Clinton had the briefest honeymoon of any President in recent history, with the Republicans
immediately declaring his election illegitimate and commencing their eternal jihad against him and his wife.

Still, Mr. Clinton never sought an investigation of the Bush pardons, particularly the mercy extended to former
Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger. The circumstances were at least as troubling as the deplorable Rich case,
but the Democrats let it pass. Had anyone cared then about pardons that seemed suspiciously related to campaign
contributions, they might also have scrutinized President Bush’s 1989 pardon of the late Armand Hammer.
That case excited no great indignation, although Hammer had given more than $100,000 to the Republican Party
in 1988, and then, just months before he was pardoned, the crooked industrialist had guaranteed another loan
of $100,000 to the first Bush inauguration.

Speaking of dubious inaugural sponsors, there are fresher indications of influence-buying that deserve journalistic
attention—that is, if the national media ever become bored with the Clintons. Alert citizens have probably heard
that the entire state of California is being gouged by energy companies unleashed to do their worst. Among those
profiting big time from the Golden State’s distress is a firm called Enron, whose chief executive, Kenneth Lay,
gave hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Bush-Cheney campaign and to the recent inaugural. Naturally,
Mr. Lay has been advising his friend George W. on how to cope with the California crisis, which has meant
doing nothing to stop the banditry encouraged by deregulation.

Amazingly, Mr. Bush’s fund-raisers managed to solicit nearly $40 million for their January celebrations in just a
month of pleading telephone calls. Most of the loot came from corporate leaders who desire favors from the
White House. The pharmaceutical industry, for instance, gave generously and saw its main lobbyist
appointed to head the Office of Management and Budget. Yet the corporate domination of the
Bush White House is deemed far less worthy of investigation and comment by the Washington
press corps than whether the Clintons took the wrong sofa with them to Chappaqua.

For all his rhetoric about it being “time to move on,” Mr. Bush must be well pleased by the angry uproar
over the Clintons’ departure. And why not? So long as the country is preoccupied with the former
President’s mistakes, both real and imagined, nobody is likely to notice what mischief his successor is up to.


Subject: Nader Bashing

... wholly irrelevant.  The Nader vote had absolutely _no_ influence on the outcome of the election.

Assume that everyone that voted for Nader would have voted for Gore if Nader hadn't run.
What would have changed?

The amount of ballot tampering and absentee ballot fraud the GOP machine would have had to
perform in order to occupy the white house.  The outcome would have been the same.
It's not like Florida is the only place where fraud occurred.  Have you seen this site?

I have no idea whether it's even possible to get our democratic rights back.  At this point, I'm not
even sure that there will be an election in 2002.  But if you want to make it happen, then you
ought not to be alienating people who would otherwise be your natural allies in the cause.

IMHO, of course.

Velvet Hutson

Velvet, Gore won the popular vote, Nader only got 3 percent, but it sounds like
you're saying the Gore people need to wake up and vote for YOUR guy.
Show me the logic in the 49 bowing to the three.
The "natural allies" of the Democrats put Smirk in the White House.

If I was tortured by the knowledge that my vote helped install this crooked, brainless moron,
I'd be searching for justification, too.

Are you going to make the same mistake in the next election?

 Years ago, we got into Rush's 35 "undeniable truths."
 Now, Don Cole has taken a crack at them

 Click  Here

 Joe Conason is a busy man.
 How the Middle East impasse and the Jonathan Pollard case
 influenced Clinton's decision to pardon Marc Rich.

 Click  Here

 Comment - I think Mr. Conason has been unduly harsh towards Clinton on this Rich pardon.
 At the very least, he should have acknowledged that it was impossible for him, Joe,
 to have as much information on the pardon as Clinton.

 Now he seems to be pulling back, giving Clinton more credit, if I read this column correctly.
 This may prove that even an intelligent man like Joe Conason can forget that the lying whore press
 is fabricating horseshit to try to ruin our best president ever.

 When all that crap hit the news about trashing Air Force One and the White House,
 I knew immediately that it wasn't true and said so. Here, in dusty old Oklahoma
 with no Washington contacts, Ol' BartCop saw thru the whore press screen of lies.
 Remember this lesson next time they fabricate a story to protect Smirk.

 You cannot trust the press.


Subject: Chris Rock/Larry King---hilarious!
 (By Hank Essay)

While talking to Chris Rock last night about Bill's move to Harlem, Larry
King actually asked him about the Rich pardons and the "gifts." This was
truly one of the most remarkable media exchanges I have ever seen. Someone
should print a copy of it and ship it to the Smithsonian so when historians
look back at this terrible time in America, they will have good evidence of
the media's role in destroying this once great country..

KING: (If Clinton moves to Harlem) prices will go up.

ROCK: Prices will go up. Who's better than that? You can't stop Clinton.

KING: But aren't you -- are you offended at this.

ROCK: I'm not offended.

KING: How about the Marc Rich pardon?

ROCK: I don't care.

KING: The guy's on the FBI list.

ROCK: He's the president. He could pardon Manson if he wants to.

KING: Yes. But wouldn't you be offended?

ROCK: I'm not offended.

KING: You don't care who he pardons.

ROCK: I don't care.

KING: Shocked at this.

ROCK: Did Marc Rich shoot anybody?


ROCK: Did he punch anybody in the face?



KING: You forgive him anything.

ROCK: I'm fine, hey, whatever.

KING: How about the gifts in the White House, taking all those gifts?

ROCK: Well, it's his stuff.

KING: No, but it's supposed to be -- it's supposed to be your stuff. It belongs to...

ROCK: I don't want that stuff. I don't want the couch. What am I going to do
             with a presidential couch? Let the man take the stuff.
             He got a new office. You know what's -- you know what's up with that office, no furniture.

KING: That's right. You need the furniture.

ROCK: So now he takes some furniture out of the White House,
             put it in his new office. What's wrong with that?

KING: How about Hillary?

ROCK: Hillary is fine.

KING: You don't complain about anything.

ROCK: Hillary's a good woman. Stand by your man.

KING: Really stand by your man.

ROCK: Stand by your man.

KING: Were you offended by Lewinsky?

ROCK: Hey, Lewinsky. He's the leader of the free world. He needed to relieve some stress.

KING: You have found a way for everything. Is there anything you don't like?

ROCK: Money, sex, power, they are connected. You don't want power just to sleep with one woman.

KING: You've got a point, Chris. OK...

ROCK: I rule the world so I can sleep with you? No.
              I rule the world so I can sleep with you, you, you, you, and you.

 Civilians at Helm of Killer Sub

 Full Story

 HONOLULU (AP) - Two civilian guests were at the controls of the USS Greeneville it surfaced
 and sank a Japanese fishing vessel off the Hawaiian coast, a Navy spokesman said Tuesday.

 "There were two civilians at two separate watch stations under the very close supervision of
 a qualified watch stander,'' said Lt. Cmdr. Conrad Chun, a Pacific Fleet spokesman.

 He declined to identify which stations were involved, but said they could
 include the helm, sonar or the ballast control. The Navy has refused to identify
 who was aboard, but Chun said the 16 civilians included business leaders.



Subject: Discover Financial Services/Morgan Stanley Dean Withered

What a coincidence - after reading today about your abject caving in to
your right-wing masters who spanked you for daring to sponsor Big Dog to
speak, upon picking up my mail I found a letter from you offering me a
"pre-approved, platinum, 1.9APR, 2percent cashback bonus, blah blah, blah"  card.

Besides being repulsed by the tasteless manner in which you grovel, I am
one of the many voters and investors who hold the XPOTUS in high regard, and
I would sooner allow Dick Morris to suck my toes than be associated with a
wimpy organization such as yours.

So as not to waste your postage-paid envelope,
I allowed Bubba the Rottweiler to send you a touch of his sentiments.

Also, consider this as notice not to send me further offers.

Mike Yznaga, Blue County, Texas.

ha ha
Good one, Mike.

Update: Eminem, John confirmed for Grammys

(Launch) - Eminem will perform at the Grammy Awards on Feb. 21 with Elton John.
The rapper will perform his hit "Stan," with John singing the chorus. Having Elton John,
who is openly gay, join Eminem for this performance may lessen some of the heat Eminem
has taken from gay and lesbian groups appalled by his music. GLAAD has scheduled a protest rally
that will take place outside of the Grammy Awards ceremony at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

Hey, I have no love for Eminem, and I don't even know what his anti-gay lyrics are (don't send)
but after reforming Axl Rose, if Elton can reform Eminem, ...can't we just all get along?

It seems to make no sense for gays to protest the guy singing with Elton John.
If Elton is OK with the deal, does that mean gays are upset he sold out?

I kinda like the whole idea, the Axl/Elton/Eminem thing.
Course I'm straight, so my opinion is lacking,
but if it's OK with Elton...

Sidebar: Open to discussion.
Is the Grammy's just one big whorefest now?
If they're giving Grammys to Britney Spears and N Sync, they are.
They should let Britney and N Sync perform, to draw a crowd, maybe,
but don't go bestowing Grammys to talentless, good-looking "musicians."

Justice Uncle Thomas' Coming Out Party
 by Maureen Dowd - she hates everybody

Click  Here

Did the Fed help fix the election?

David W. Fennell writes  -- Full story from Online Journal

"I now strongly question the truthfulness of the Fed chairman Mr. Greenspan.
His recent turn about in endorsing Mr. Bush's tax plan leaves me with some serious questions.
I am starting to believe that the whole Fed-tightening basis that we just went through was not
so much for fighting the non existent inflationary dragons, but more for the squeezing of the
economy right before an election.

The 50-point basis rate increase of March 2,000 now appears to have had no reason for being.
November rolled around however, and companies were issuing earnings warnings across the board.
Oil prices were at an all time high, and the NASDAQ was off by more than 50 percent from it's
previous high. Across the board, Americans were given reasons for concern, just look at
December's auto sales, they fell by an all time rate of more than 12 percent. Consumer confidence
was quickly hitting an all time low.  By the time the election had taken place the Boogieman had
rolled back into the economic picture 'big time,' as we went from 6 percent growth to zero in
a matter of a few months.

Was this purely accidental?
We more than witnessed how the Supreme Court could wield its power when necessary,
why should we think that the Fed would do anything different?"

 Bush atheist quote sourced

 Click  Here

 RS: Surely you recognize the equal citizenship and patriotism of Americans who are atheists?

 GHHB: No, I don't know that atheists should be considered as citizens,
             nor should they be considered patriots. This is one nation under God.

 Thanks to Scott French.


Subject: your site

you do nothing but bitch about shit that doesnt concern everyday joes.
who gives a shit if some fat ass has his own radio program and he so happens to
speak more truth in one program than bill "define is" clinton ever did in his whole life?

and who gives a flying fuck if clinton is the best foreign policy president in a while.
fix our country first then AND ONLY THEN do you fix the other shit happening in the world.

your site sucks.
stupid ass.


ha ha
Usually at this point I offer to debate the challenger,
but something tells me Toni has a never-ending period

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