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New evidence in Ronald McDonald
hanging points to GOP's Ann Coulter



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 March 12, 2001

From: anon

Subject: GOP MONEY oozing out of that sub


I had earlier sent you an e-mail message about Oil and Energy Companies represented aboard Greeneville
and what we believe to be a cover-up.   (The following is formatted in HTML, but if you do not have HTML
capabilities and would like to receive the links (underlined), please respond and I will send them to you.
We have now found our first connection: . . .

(see #3 below...EnCap Energy--Now, paired with El Paso Energy Corp.):

Cheney, oil executives raise $8 million for GOP

Thursday, September 28, 2000 Alongside a few friends from the oil industry, Dick Cheney (Halliburton) helped raise $8 million for Republican Senate candidates and blamed the Clinton administration for a lack of leadership that he says has left the United States without an energy policy. Big oil and other special interests came through Wednesday night at the 6th annual Senate Majority Celebration . . . Among the event's leading fund-raisers were oil executives Erle Nye, chairman of TXU Corp.; William Wise, chief executive of El Paso Energy . . . They were among the evening's 10 vice chairmen who each raised more than $100,000 for the NRSC. No other candidate for federal office has received as much financial backing from the oil industry as Bush, a former oilman in Texas. Bush has received more than $1.6 million in contributions since January 1999, according to the Center for Responsive Politics, which studies money and campaigns.

Following are the Oil and Energy Companies aboard Greeneville:

1. UtilCorp United (Next 4 org.reported as subsidiaries of UtilCorp)
2. Aquila Energy Capital Corp
3. EnCap Energy--Now, paired with El Paso Energy Corp.
4. Merit Energy
5. Fossil Bay Resources
6. Quintana Petroleum--Owned by Cullen family.

Poppy's diary, 10/13/86: "I remember Watergate. "
...I remember the way things oozed out. It is important to be level, to be honest, to be direct."

GOP MONEY  is beginning to ooze out on this scandal


(Information gathered by users on Salon's TT; Thread: Bush's handling of Sub accident)


 "Professional boxing needs a union, so the retired bozers can have a pension."
    -- John McCain, arch-conservative anti-unionist

 On that same Bob Costas show as Clooney, McCain said "Muhammed Ali is my hero."
 I thought that was striking that McCain, who spent those years in a North Vietnamese POW shithole
 has a hero who refused to join him in that fight.


Subject: Ann Coulter on french fries

A quick Google search revealed that the bleached harpy has discussed french fries,
in connection with the overregulated nanny state:

"Obesity costs an estimated $200 billion every year. How about a federal
law limiting the number of French fries each individual may eat?"

Nah, regulation is stifling.
How about just offing Ronald McDonald instead?

Quicktakes in the Chicago Sun-Times

News Item:  President Bush takes to stump for $1.6 trillion in tax cuts over the next 10 years.
News Item:  Nation's infrastructure "is crumbling" and needs at least $1.3 trillion in repairs over
                    the next 10 years, according to study by the American Society of Civil Engineers.

Wouldn't the leftover $0.3 trillion be the cost of the Bartcop Tax Plan?

Yes, that would give every taxpayer $1500 to spark the dying Smirk economy.
But noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

The billionaires would whine, and the ditto-monkeys want THEM to have the money.

 Did the Utah branch of the Whore Court legalize clergy rape?

 Click  Here

"It's chilling, is what it is," Montgomery said. "You have the most
 powerful organization in this state doing what it will, without any government
 regulation at all, and without any redress being available."   Montgomery said
 his clients are considering an appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court.

 ha ha

 Good luck with those clowns.
 They don't follow the law - they do what Tony (Three Fingers) Scalia tells them.

 Free to rape the children in their care?
 And they can't be arrested or sued?

 Oh, organized religion is such a friendly institution.

To:  Laura C. Schlessinger

Subject: GOP Honey Seeks Job for Stud
  by Margaret Shemo

Click  Here

 Ton o Mail and Toons

 Click Here

 Allison Janney gave a nice speech last night when she won best actress at the SAG Awards
 Martin Sheen gave a nice speech when he won, too.
 John Spencer gave a nice speech when the group won "best emsemble."

 They all thanked Lewellyn Wells, John Wells, Tommy Schlamme (great name)
 and they rightfully gushed over the great writing by, and vision of,  Aaron Sorkin.

 Thank Koresh.

 If they had even mentioned that traitor Pat Caddell,
 or that know-nothing Lawrence O'Donnell
 or that drunken slut Dee Dee Myers
 or that insolent bitch Peggy Noonan I would've gone a little postal.

 Thank you, Allison, Martin and John

 ...and another shut-out for The Sopranos.
 I wonder why.
 It can't be an anti-HBO bias, because Sex in the City always wins something.

 Pigboy and the GOP think they're so clever using President Kennedy's voice in their tax cut Jihad.

 When Kennedy gave that speech, in 1961, the highest rate was 91 percent.
 Yes, we all agree 91 percent is too high, Pigboy.

 They're pretending that Kennedy is saying 39 percent (for billionaires) is too high.
 This makes as much sense as using MLK's voice to destroy Affirmative Action.

 But then again, with the Democrats laying down and offering Smirk their ass,
 anything might work.


Subject: Free Chinaco

Hey, BC. Last night I was at the fabulous On Broadway club in San Diego attending a party
paid for by the most generous American Express corporation. The fabulous On Broadway
club offers fine, professional pool tables, an incredible spread of fine foods like stone crab claws
(yes, I know you hate seafood) and roast lamb, and most important, for three hours, an unlimited open bar.

I immediately began an investigation and found that at the downstairs bar they had a stash of the
wonderful Chinaco Anejo. As well as a most nubile young bartendress who was only half dressed.
I indulged, BC. I know you would expect that of me, and I manfully rose to the occasion, forcing myself
to sip snifter after glorious snifter of the magic elixer, while appraising the half-dressedness of the lovely Rebecca.

There were perhaps 600 people enjoying the party, and apart from the four or five friends to whom I
recommended Chinaco, and who became instant converts, most of them were drinking Amstel light and
Seagrams and Coke. The world is full of philistines. But thanks to you, I'm not one of them.

I hope I have turned you green with envy.

All the best,
Pete Hisey

You have.


Subject: Bart Simpson

Did you happen to see what Bart was writing on the blackboard at the beginning of last night's show?

I will not scare the vice president.
I will not scare the vice president.
I will not scare the vice president.
I will not scare the vice president.
I will not scare the vice president.

Please, it for us!!

ha ha

Something Missing from the Discrimination Debate
 by Scott Davis

Click  Here


Subject:  stock

BartCop -

Incorporate, sell some shares and cut some of us true believers in.
This is America, dude. Cut us in on the action and we'll fork over some duckies.
Until then, well...I like you, ain't gonna grow the hammer big enough
by asking for handouts and banner clicks.

Most successful gigs are done with OPM.
You know  - even if I had money to give you -  I, and I think many other readers
are too street-smart and jaded to send money to a website...any website. Hell, I'm a Democrat
from hell and I don't give much at all to the DNC...maybe $25-$50 a year, max, and that's only
because I screwed up and let them get my addresses.

Anyway, keep up the good work.


Like most things, I don't know how that works. Somebody said selling stock
is a major FTC paperwork nightmare requiring several lawyers and accountants.

 March 10-11, 2001

 It happened again.
 While transforming this page into Volume 424, I hit a wrong button
 and wiped out the Saturday edition of
 I hate when that happens.

 Once something gets into print, like a letter, I delete the original, so we lost some good stuff.
 We will proceed...


 "Believe it or not, there are some people who just can't let go of President Clinton."
    -- John Hockenberry, Fox Whore News, just before doing an hour on Clinton today

 Isn't George Clooney the best interview ever?

 I'm a big Clooney fan.
 If I was gay, I'd really be a Clooney fan.
 But he always gives the best interviews.

 The latest one I saw was with Bob Costas on HBO.
 He always says the most interesting things.
 He said he's a hueueueuge basketball fan, plays all the time.
 (You've seen them shoot hoops on ER)

 He said while shooting "One Fine Day," with Michelle Pfeiffer, he got an elbow in his
 eye socket (which broke) playing basketball between takes and he had to hide it from
 the camera for a few days while his eyeball turned from red back to white.

 He said while shooting "Batman and Robin," he broke his ankle playing hoops
 and had to walk from one set to the next, in the damn Bat suit, using a cane.
 He also said while shooting that film, Dean Cain (Lois and Clark) came by and they
 got a pick up game with some neighborhood schmoes, and lost,and now those guys
 walk around saying, "We beat Superman, Batman and Robin in basketball."

 Clooney - seems to me he took Sinatra's place as a "man's man."

 Let me tell you another guy I'm not gay for, but I would be if I was gay.
 I've always liked Ben Affleck.

 People think Matt Damon is the "cute one," but have you seen the previews for "Pearl Harbor?"
 If I was 51/49 straight, Ben Affleck in uniform might tip the balance. They should use Affleck
 in uniform for posters to get kids to join the service, because he's a world-beater in uniform.

 [And you ditto-monkeys, don't write and say "You're secretly gay."
   If I was gay, I'd stand up like a man and say, "Goddamit, I'm gay,"
   but I'm not, so I don't.]

 In closing (applause) Clooney's doing a remake of "Oceans Eleven," which, to me, just solidifies
 his Sinatra inheritance. Granted, Clooney's not the biggest star in the world right now,
 but I'd trade his future for Cary Grant's past.

A go-round on foreign policy ride
  by Molly Ivins

Click  Here

Cheney's former employer Halliburton (an oilfield services company)
has been trading with Iraq for quite some time despite the sanctions.
Halliburton subsidiaries Dresser-Rand and Ingersoll Dresser Pump Co. helped reconstruct
Iraq's oil industry, according to `The Washington Post' and numerous other publications.
This was going on while the United States was regularly bombing Iraq. In 1999,
Iraq emerged as the fastest-growing source of U.S. oil imports, and as Bush has reminded us,
more and more of our imports come from overseas.

 Which Tax Plan is better for America?

 Click  Here  to figure out what Bush's tax plan means to you.

 Click  Here  top see what The BartCop Tax Plan means to you.

 Of course, The BartCop Tax Plan is so simple, just do it in your head.
 You get ten percent of your yearly earnings, for a maximum of $1500

 Do what's best for you.
 The billionaires are going to be fine, either way.

 Mayor Clinton?

 Don't laugh.

 Click  Here

 A Letter from Isaac.

 Click  Here

 There was a thunderstorm in K-Drag Sunday.
 When it storms, Mrs BartCop wants to clean the house
 (Don't ask.)

 She ordered me to take a load of stuff to the garage, and while I was making room
 for in on the shelf, a big-ass bolt of lightning struck near BartCop Manor and something
 fell on me from an upper shelf.

 It was the BartCop-designed menu from my second club, The Train Station.
 I figured that meant God wanted you to see it, so here goes:

 ha ha

 I designed the neon sign, too.
 This is the same train James West (not Will Smith) used on Wild Wild West.
 Maybe you train buffs know it?
 It's called "The General," after Ulysses S. Grant, I think.

 Everything about the restaurant was related to trains.

 For instance, here is the drink menu.

 The appetizer menu.
 The Sandwich menu.
 The Burger and Salad menu.

 Hey, I didn't say it would be exciting.
 I'm just doing as He commanded.

 I could tell a few dozen stories about this adventure, too, like why it didn't work.
 We were supposed to have a little train running around near the ceiling, but noooooo.
 Things don't always work out like they should.


 Subject: Your Phoney tax Plan

     Mr. Bartcop;
       I am originally from California, but now live in retirement in Florida.
I have a modest pension of $20,000/month.    I work hard playing golf all day and whoring
in clubs all night.   I have to support 2 kids on my own since their slutty mother got herself killed
and left them alone.
Plus, I have bad knees.

       I am glad there is someone like President Bush who cares about people like me and wants us
to have a big tax cut.   Your measly $1500 won't pay for my designer gloves and tennis shoes.
I deserve a larger tax cut than working jerks because I have bigger bills to pay.

O. Simpson

PS.  When I get my tax cut from President Bush,
        I will spend it on white powder and white pussy.

 People who benefit from Bush's tax plan:
    Bill Gates
    The vulgar Pigboy
    Troy Acheman
    Anna Nicole Smith
    Big Oil
    Larry King
    Larry King's seven ex-wives
    Paul Harvey
    Warren Buffett
    Vince McMahon
    Patsey Ramsey
    Paul Allen
    N' Sink
    Rupert Murdoch
    Laura the Unlaid
    Big Cancer
    Sung Yung Moon
    Sam Walton's multi-billionaire kids.
    Tom Delay
    Steve Forbes
    Uncle O.J. Watts
    that loser Patriots quarterback who just got $103,000,000
    Dennis Rodman
    Bob Novak
    The Backstreet Boys
    Bruce Willis
    Wayne Hazungia
    Ross Perot
    Michael Skakel
    Britney Spears
    All of Elizabeth Taylor's husbands except Richard Burton and Larry Fortensky
    Mike Tyson
    William Shatner (whoops, sorry, ...he'd do better under The BartCop Tax Plan)
    Donald Trump
    George Bush  (Bigtime)
    The pricks at Morgan Stanley-Dean Witter
    Puff Daddy
    Arnold Schwarzenegger
    Dick Cheney
    The estate of Ronald Reagan
    The guys who invented Napster and Yahoo
    Dennis Miller

People who benefit from The BartCop Tax Plan
   You and all hardworking people

 Poor Ronald's lifeless body being taken to the morgue...

 Why would Ann Coulter do this?
 Why did she give up free french fries for life?

 ...and what was Hillary's role?

 Tonight, on Hannity and Colmes.


 "Isn't it a sad time we live in?
 After Columbine, everyone was so shaken by that terrible tragedy.
 People were so outraged, the Senate passed new gun laws (They did what?)
 But after the Santana School shooting, there are just hushed whispers in Washington.
 Everone knows that gun violence is no longer an issue.
 The gun lobby has won, and I think that's sad."
   -- Bob Schieffer, Senior whore at CBS.

 Yeah, Bob, and how did that happen?
 That new tone we have in Washington is due to Smirk stealing the White House.
 People like you let that happen.
 Smirk was always more guns and less education, and you knew that.
 And knowing that, you pushed and pushed for President Smirk.
 You knew Smirk was a moron puppet for his daddy's CIA friends.
 You knew he was the stupidest man to run for president in our lifetime.

 Remember this, Bob?

 Remember that, Bob?
 I heard you say it myself, so don't try to deny it.
 You were so over-the-top ga ga about Smirk's "mastery" of foreign policy.

 You lied, Bob.
 Did Leslie Moonves tell you to lie?
 Did your boss tell you slant things Smirk's way?
 Or did you whore on your own volition?

 We both know Smirk can't find Europe on a fucking map,
 but you say his knowledge of foreign policy is "very impressive?"

 You're a liar, Bob.

 Yes - guns taking over our schools is sad, but when someone like yourself
 looks right into the camera and begs all his viewers, "Please elect Smirk,"
 isn't it also sad when a slut like you now pretends he didn't contribute?

 If you wanted more guns and less education,
 why did you lie about President Dumbass being qualified, Bob?

 You brought more guns into our schools, Bob, when you pushed for Smirk.
 You knew Smirk was all more guns and less education
 so why are you acting surprised when the scorpion stings you, Bob?

 The whole campaign, you laid down for Smirk.
 Worse than that, when you had a chance to ask him tough questions,
 you choose to offer him your ass, instead.

 He's your boy, Bob.
 Take some responsibility.


Subject: Monarch--er, "Majestic" Reagan

Reagan kept his jacket on while calling those in Third World countries fighting fascism "communists".
Reagan kept his jacket on while calling the fascists he deployed "Freedom Fighters"
Reagan kept his jacket on while subverting Constitution and violating Trading with the Enemies Act.
Reagan kept his jacket on while saying, "I don't recall" under oath.

Joe N.
Boston, MA


 "We have to get this money back to the people right away,
    because if we don't, Washington will spend that money."
     -- Every ditto-monkey pushing Smirk's tax cut.

 Hey, I have news for your confused ass.
 "Washington" is run entirely by Republicans.

 The White House, the Senate, thw House, the Courts, thew military and the media.

 How are those scared bunny Democrats going to spend a nickle?

 Our Forum got a mention on

 Click  Here

Strom's Wife's Lover Wants Bush Job Interview

Click  here

The letter said, "If we can be of further help, please call Nancy and me at home, not at the office,
concerning this matter. Highest personal regards. Strom Thurmond."

Thurmond's Senate staff was asked if the senator wrote the letter.
If not, did he authorize someone else to write it and sign his name?
If he didn't, is he concerned that someone is forging his name and using his office letterhead?

The office remained tight-lipped.

Staffers, who saw the letter, say it is not Thurmond's handwriting.

 Read the  Previous Issue

 It had everything.

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   Thanks for the fumble, Dude.

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