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 March 27, 2001 

Gore Won by 7,800 Votes
 But Tony wouldn't allow it.

Full Story  from

Early results are trickling in, bringing bittersweet good news for Al Gore.
Though reaching one final number is difficult because different papers came up
with different vote tallies in reviewing Miami-Dade and Palm Beach counties,
one thing is clear: Gore would have gained anywhere from 7,658 to 7,800 votes,
more than enough to wipe out Bush's 537-vote advantage.


Subject: hammer

How do I get the hammer to show up when I add your site to my favorites?

There is a way to do that, you gotta be in IE, not Netscape.
Jenny, can you e-mail me some instructions on that?


Subject: JFK challenge, Congratulations!

Bartcop wrote:
> They fucking murdered JFK, RFK, and MLK.

How do you know JFK wasn't assassinated by Castro as revenge for previous
attempts of same on his life by inept CIA agents?  Mere embarrassment is
what led them to have Jack Ruby kill Oswald.

I think it's safe to say JFK was murdered by those who wanted to kill his vision for America.
Where else would you look but the GOP-controlled CIA?

RFK, MLK, sure, although Sirhan Sirhan has never talked, has he?
It's easy to find mindless racists like James Earl Ray, but Sirhan is a puzzle.

Sirhan, like Sharon, Smirk, Cheney and BIG OIL wanted to stop peace in the Middle East.
The puzzle is why they want war instead of peace, but who are we to ask?
We just voted down peace and prosperity in favor of war and recession.
(Don't write to say Gore won, we all know that, I'm talking results.)

Congratulations, I see Senator Lieberman has proposed the Bartcop tax plan,
although scaled back to $300. Who the heck are you, and why is your hammer so big?

Bill T

ha ha

I'm a recovering Catholic with ADD and an IQ of 64.
I'm an uneducated blowhard whose only weapons are a smart mouth and the truth.
And The Hammer is so miniscule, we can't even get a mention when we flood
some piss-ant cable talk show, but,  ...we're slowly getting bigger, day by day.


Subject: The last of the real Democrats

There are 2 real dems left.
They both have the same last name.

God, I miss Bill!

Dave, more than you think.
I had $4500 in an IRA, or 401K or whatever it's valled.
It's at $2800 right now.

Think how many hundreds of billions have been lost since The Theft...
Think of the elderly who were going to retire this summer, and now their
$100,000 has shrunk down to $60,000.

That, and their damn heating bill went from $175 to $700 a month,
and forget that vacation to the Grand canyon this summer, because they say
gas is going to hit it's all time peak just as Memorial Day draws near.

Allllllllllll because we have a president with Reagan's brains and Nixon's morals
and Tony Scalia has a power hardon that's throbbing like Bob Dole Sunday night.

 thanks to  for the excellent graphic

From: (withheld)

Subject: Bjork's Wacky Get-Up

Hey BC,

I kinda like Bjork's eccentricities -- she's like a wacky, somewhat nerdy art school chick.

Her Oscar dress, obviously lost on knowledge-deprived Americans, is a take-off on the
Greek myth of Leda and the Swan. It seems Zeuss had the hots for this pretty mortal girl,
as he did often, and went down to seduce her in form of a swan -- hoping to avoid discovery
by his jealous wife, Hera. This scene of divine bestiality was extremely popular in the old days
-- Europe is littered with paintings and sculptures of it.

So she was only being witty and obscure -- just like her music.

Thanks, BC.


Tom, it was more like a take off on the space shuttle Challenger - a disaster.
True, we Americans are a dumb lot, me more than most, but a dead goose dress
at a formal occasion is more than I could handle.


Subject: Joe Lieberman's Modified Bartcop Tax Plan

Did I hear right, or did Joe Lieberman tell Tony Snow last Sunday that everyone
should get "$300" now from the government and that would make the economy sing?
Isn't that a bow to the Bartcop plan??

Gloria Lalumia, Buzzflash Media Watch

Yes, Gloria, it's true.
I wouldn't care if they called it "The Lieberman Tax Plan," as long as they do it.
Anything's better than Smirky's trillion dollar gift to the super-rich.

 Drudge says Tim the Whore is taking Dan Rather's job at CBS.
 That leaves NBC's Meet the Press with an opening.

 Let's see - do we know anyone who could use a job?

 Someone who knows a little about politics and can mix it up in a debate?
 Someone who works a camera better than Madonna?
 Someone with the clout to get any guest on the planet, except for
 a lying fraud like the vulgar Pigboy who'd never engage in a fair fight.

 Bill Clinton - TV pundit

Hingis Calls Williams's Racism Claims  'Nonsense'

 MIAMI (Reuters) - Tennis player Martina Hingis has said that Richard Williams's claims
of racism directed at his daughters Venus and Serena in Indian Wells are "nonsense.''

 "I definitely don't feel there is racism on the tour,'' she said.
 "I mean, it's a very international sport.

"Maybe being black, they have a lot of other advantages because they can always say
  it's racism or something like that, and it's not the case at all."

 Yeah, those blacks are always complaining about something.
 I mean, why don't they just go back to Africa where they belong?
 If Martina says she's never encountered any racism in the tennis world,
 that's good enough for me, and those blacks girls should stop lying.

Whitman Urged Bush on Pledge
Whore City (AP) -- EPA chief Christie Whitman told Smirk Bush a week before he broke
a campaign promise to reduce carbon dioxide emissions that such a move would undermine
this country's world reputation, The Washington Whore Post said.

The warning came in a March 6 memo in which Whitman wrote, ''I would strongly recommend
that you continue to recognize global warming is a real and serious issue,'' the newspaper said.

Full Story

Poor Christie.
I'll bet when she took this job, Smirk told her,"We're going to do what's right,"
but Christie forgot to ask the real president if that was true.

Nothing will stop these greedy oil men from making their extra billions.
If they have to rape the environment to get those extra billions, who will stop them?

They have the Presidency, the Senate, the House, the Whore Court, the military and the media.
Who's going to stop them?

Daschle and Gephardt?
In their pink tutus?


Subject: RE: Locked Out At Work

Bart, changing the title is not enough!

You have the phrase:  'GOP nazi whores' in your keyword metadata in the head of your html code.
You might consider removing that.
The bigger search engines do not refresh all that frequently so you might not notice a difference for a while.
Just trying to help -- mainly because I am worried about getting cur off from  where I work, too!

Steve, thanks.
As Carson used to say, "I did not know that."

But seriously, does Simon Weisenthal get blocked, too?
Aren't he and I really in the same business?

 Latest Hardball Outrage

 Click  Here

 In an unhealthy burst of masochism last night, I stopped again at Hardball while channel surfing,
 and caught an exchange between Senators Kent Conrad and Fred Thompson.  They talked back
 and forth about Bush's tax plan for a good five minutes without interruption.  Odd, I thought.
 Have they put a ball gag on Matthews?

 From: (withheld)

 Subject: S.C.R.O.T.U.S.

 In the vein of 'Get Smart,' complete with the trappings of Agent 13 disguised as a ballot box
 and some delectable cast as Agent 69, we need a man, a new American Hero, to step forward
 and fight the scourge of S.C.R.O.T.U.S., the evil Supreme Court Repugnicans of the United States.

 Impeachment is too good for them.  Only hanging is fit for treason.

 Is it coincidence that the Big Three of the Five are



 _O_'connor ..... ?

 Joan Rivers - Anti-Christ or just an aging bore?

 Click  Here

 It's time. Joan has got to go. We understand why E! puts her on - ratings.
 But wouldn't it be great if everyone started ignoring her?
 If the celebrities just walked past her on the red carpet?
 And it would be especially nice if everyone stopped watching her.

 I'm so old, I remember when Joan Rivers used to be funny.

 Does the R.I.A.A. read
  Full story from NDNet

 Napster crawls through the loopholes

 Is Napster in contempt of court?
 If so, the Judge might have herself to blame.

 More than two weeks have passed since Judge Marilyn Patel issued her modified ruling
 on the injunction in  the RIAA v. Napster lawsuit. Patel's re-write came as a bit of a surprise
 to some, considering it's leniency. After all, many who have followed this case since its inception
 expected Patel to simply shut Napster down for the duration of the trial.

 Instead, Judge Patel gave Napster another life. Her order allows Napster to continue operation
 if they remove from their peer-to-peer exchange all songs on a list compiled by the plaintiff
 recording companies. Sound's simple enough, right?

 Enter Aimster, Pig Latin, alternate spellings and a handful of other encoders and schemes,
 and it appears that Judge Patel's order has not only had little effect on Napster's operations,
 but may have created a monster.

 What's funny about this is, if "Jaded" is illegal to download,
 it means "Jadded" is fully legal to download.

 They'll never to get this genie back in the bottle. It's not possible.
 But the lawyers are making millions, and isn't that really the issue?

Hillary Attacks Smirk

Hillary launched into a vicious diatribe against George Bush and his administration on Saturday—God I loved it!
She accused him of trying to repeal not only the Clinton administration but also everything going back to the
days of FDR. Whether Bush is bungling foreign policy, poisoning our water with arsenic, or selling out to
big business, Hillary gave an excellent “Case against Smirk” which has been missing from the national scene.

I hope Hillary takes the role of thoughtful Bush critic seriously. Since Hillary is a polarizing figure and her enemies
already hate her as much as humanly possible, Hillary should give her friends and supporters more red meat
to chew on from time to time.

There is no downside. Because let’s not kid ourselves, Hillary is never going to be President,*
but she could become the most powerful liberal senator in the country and even surpass Ted Kennedy
as a spokesperson for non-conservative America.

Bill Clinton had to be smooth and soft all the time in order to make it to the White House and to survive
all those years in the conservative South. Hillary has a different career path; let’s hope she can become
more fearless in lambasting conservative idiocy and laying out a positive liberal agenda for the nation.

* It's always a mistake to bet against a Clinton.

From: (withheld, so they don't shoot me)

Subject: The Grassy Knoll

Love your site--I read it every day...this email is just for you, but
perhaps you can raise this issue (without using my name...)

I remember reading an exerpt from the Nixon tapes, where Dick was
referring to bush sr. as their "man in Dallas" in reference to the Kennedy assassination....

Doesn't take much of a leap to suggest that bush sr. was on that grassy knoll,
or am I just being paranoid?

Keep on kicking nazi butt.

Juanita, if this was an attack on Clinton, I'd laugh and say, "get real."
But Smirk daddy ran the CIA.  There's hardly anything the CIA cannot do.
The CIA could prove OJ innocent, if they wanted to.

Besides that, we'll never know what Iran-Contra was really about,
since Bush pardoned everybody who was going to testify.
(The former head of the CIA was "out of the loop?"
  He created the goddamn loop, for Christ's sake, but since Clinton's cock wasn't involved,
  there was no crime and the press refused to cover it.)

...and we know they just stole the presidency, with Scalia's help,
 so why would this gang of thugs let a little thing like John Kennedy's life get in their way?

With this famiglia di crimine, it's not possible to be too paranoid.

 March 26, 2001

 Last word on the Oscars

 Jerry Seinfeld -  He was in three extremely unfunny commercials, one of which was
 three or four years old, (the googally one) and his new one was even worse than that.
 He played a demented home remodeler and it was about as funny as testical cancer.
 How could a man who was once semi-king fall so far?

 Britney Spears - There's a new law, you can't have a big TV function without Miss Teen Nasty
 taking off her top and shaking her money-maker like a working-for-tips stripper..

 In her Pepsi commercial, the symbolism was so obvious even I caught it.
 After rubbing herself for 50 seconds, the bottle cap came off and that Pepsi bottle
 spewed it's contents all over Britney and most of the stage.
 It reminded me on the Pamela-Tommy video.

 Do you think she understands what all that means?
 Do you think she knows what she's doing?
 Or is she as clueless as Smirk?

 I think Wynona Ryder and Catherine Zeta Jones should be commended for
 wearing basic-black, classic evening gowns that gave the night some class...

 ...whereas Sarah Jessica Parker should be run out of show business for wearing
 a cheap-ass, short-short miniskirt that exposed her less-than legs.

 Of course, Parker was dressed like Latricia Baldridge compared to Bjork.

 Bjork wore a goddamn dead goose to the Oscars.
 Didn't she know this was going to be televised?
 Did she lose some bet with Howie Mandell?

 Hey, if the head of a dead goose doesn't make a woman sexy - what does?

 But I think the biggest winner of the night was someone you'd never expect.
 Susanna Hoffs from the Bangles.

 She had the sexiest dress of the night.
 And, she has a brand new nose!
 She was a pretty girl with her old nose, but she's a ten with that new nose.
 If Michael Jackson had her surgeon, he'd still look human.
 And she proved she could actually sing when her & Randy Newman did "Short People."
 (Can you believe on the entire www that's the only picture of her new nose?)

 Then, ...tragedy.

 Britney Spears's second commercial came on.
 She was doing her slut dance, and then the camera cut to poor, old Bob Dole.
 Poor old Bob Dole was home alone, watching TV with his dog leader,
 and he was so hopped up on Viagra, the crack of dawn wasn't safe, and here comes
 young Britney Spears on the Oscars, firm and tan, jiggling her breasts and wiggling her ass.

 Poor Bob Dole was all alone,  ...and damn the luck, ... his right hand doesn't work!

 The Lord can be so, so cruel sometimes.

 U2 'Elevation Tour' Premier Report

 Click  Here

      Oscar protest!
           by LeslieK

      For those that don't know. initiated a protest at the Oscars to give Dubya a
      "faux" Oscar for "best actor in a coup" Well, about 50 of us showed up and ended up in an awesome
      location, right in front of where the celebs get out of their limos. Other groups that were there
      included and

      We had about 25 to 30 signs reading "Bush Stole the Election" and "Remember Florida" and
      "Wake Up America!"     We were chanting (for 2 hours straight) "Hollywood Speak Out!" and
      "Bush Stole the Election!"

      At one point we sang happy birthday to "President Gore" Oral Majority hired a plane that
      flew overhead with a banner "Bush Stole the"

      Celebs who acknowledged us....
      Kurt Russell (Goldie glanced over)
      some chick with Cokie Roberts (lol, true)
      Michael Douglas
      Big Thumbs up for us after reading our signs:
      Benecio del Toro (Traffic)
      Donald Trump (lol, lol)

      None blew us off...well, maybe Cokie, who looked at her friend then ran across the street.
      Anyway, we had a blast. No counter protesters at all.

A Jackpot For the Cabinet
 by Henry A. Waxman

Smirk writing himself, his team a blank check.
If Clinton had attempted to arrange a payoff like this for his cabinet, where would the outrage be ...?

Click  Here

President Bush would save between $5 million and $11 million under
his proposal to repeal the estate tax

the vice president is worth between $18 million and $75 million, so his estate would save
between $10 million and $41 million if the estate tax were repealed.

the members of the Bush Cabinet would save $5 million to $19 million each in estate taxes.
That's the equivalent of 30 to 120 times each Cabinet member's annual government salary.

the 50 wealthiest members of Congress would see a combined gain of more than $1 billion.
The estate of the richest congressman stands to gain more than $300 million.

...but under The BartCop Tax Plan, they'd only get $1500 each, not multi-millions.
They're not doing what's right for America.
They're raping us so many ways we can't keep count.


 "The Bush administration will not go 'begging the OPEC countries or anybody else' to increase
   oil production as long as the United States has untapped reserves that could ease an energy pinch."
       --  Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham, Sunday.

 I agree.
 Why ask the Saudi's to sell us $14 sweet crude,
 when we have perfectly good $40 mudcrude
 buried under the pristine wilderness in Alaska?

 After all, Smirk's oil buddies can't make shit off of $14 oil,
 but $40 mudcrude could finance several upcoming elections.

 ...and it's only the ignorant American consumer getting raped,
 so there's no downside for Halliburton, Texaco, Chevron or Enron.


Subject: RE: Funny cartoon

Guess what?
For whatever reason, Delta has determined that we should not be permitted to view the site  It must have been a recent decision, because I was on there
the last time you sent me a message, and that was only a couple of weeks ago.

I don't know what kind of stuff they put on that website,
but Delta usually only restricts sites that have offensive material...

Anyway, I won't be able to see your funny cartoon...

 Making the rounds on the www...

 Why aren't there any white M&Ms?

 Because they'd enslave the black M&M's, steal all the red M&Ms' land,
 hunt the blue M&M's to extinction, accuse the yellow M&M's of obstructing trade,
 start a panic that the little green M&M's were invading the Earth, and complain
 that the damn brown M&M's were taking all their jobs.

...from an AOL posting

Mr. Bush is clearly not up to the job he is supposed to be doing.
Since his taking office, the country has slid downhill at a frightening rate - both economically and confidence-wise.
Many of us do not have confidence in a President who, from all non-biased investigative sources, stole the
presidency. We do not have faith in the Supreme Court, because they voted to let him do it! He did not have
the mandate of the popular vote.  Many of us fear his overtures of war in the Middle East and the return of
a Cold War between the USA and the former Soviet Union.

His only "slight" knowledge of foreign policy is beginning to show, as his campaign mask slips. We also fear
that the poor and elderly in this country are going to be short-changed with his massive "take from the poor
and middle class and give to the rich" tax scheme. He continues to support the NRA and gun ownership.

Handgun crime in this country and in our schools is raging.  He continues to support capital punishment
(even of the mentally retarded and the innocent).  He supports the big oil companies and will not reign-in
their polluting of our air.  He does not support any truly effective environmental initiatives. He is not
delivering on his promises to reform education in this country. The stock market is plunging, and we can
feel and see the beginnings of a recession.

Consumer confidence is low. He does not listen to the people of this country,
so, therefore, he cannot begin to do us justice.


George Bush – LIAR!

On the campaign trail, George Junior promised to pass legislation to regulate carbon dioxide emissions
from power plants. The other day he said he would fight against regulating carbon dioxide emissions
from power plants. The White House spin is that carbon dioxide is not actually a pollutant.
Much like saying that the flood that washed your house and children down the Mississippi
was okay because water isn’t poisonous.

Anyway, no matter how one spins it, Bush’s campaign promise was an audacious flat out, bald faced lie.
George W. Bush is a liar. George W. Bush is a liar. George W. Bush is a liar. George W. Bush is a liar.
George W. Bush is a liar. George W. Bush is a liar. George W. Bush is a liar. George W. Bush is a liar.
George W. Bush is a liar. George W. Bush is a liar. George W. Bush is a liar. George W. Bush is a liar.
George W. Bush is a liar. George W. Bush is a liar. George W. Bush is a liar. George W. Bush is a liar.
George W. Bush is a liar. George W. Bush is a liar. George W. Bush is a liar. George W. Bush is a liar.
George W. Bush is a liar. George W. Bush is a liar. George W. Bush is a liar. George W. Bush is a liar.
George W. Bush is a liar. George W. Bush is a liar. George W. Bush is a liar. George W. Bush is a liar.
Liar. Liar. Liar. Liar. Liar. Liar. Liar. Liar. Liar. Liar. Liar. Liar. Liar. Liar. Liar. Liar. Liar. Liar. Liar.

There you go.
I managed to do .0000000000000000000000000000000001% of the liar accusations
conservatives have piled on Bill Clinton.

by Rackjite


Subject: The Myth

Hey Guys,
Love the site, love the story.  Not much else to except to keep pushing, pushing the facts out
that anyone who disagrees with the right wingnuts, will be pilloried ad nausea.

This site is great to let off some political steam.

I've noticed the rightwingnuts will not stop until a statute or building in every city in this country
honors Ronald Reagan, just like the old Soviet Union honoring Lenin or Marx in every city.

Tell Bob Barr to blow it up his ass.


 Koresh, I hate saying this, but did you see George Carlin on Letterman?

 He was really, really awful.
 He was just in a mood to do silly non-sequiters and that's all.
 Dave kept waiting for the punchline, but it never came.
 The crowd laughed a little, but more out of respect than what he was saying.

 George just had a bad night.
 I've seen him lately, like his last HBO stand up, which was good
 but it was about 10 times more raunchy than anything you'd read on

 Unlike Dennis Miller, who turned Smirk Cabanaboy on his fans,
 George just must've been in a silly mood.


 Subject: Impossible to prove you wrong

 Thank you for at least having the guts to put this in print.
 I wish there was at least one [television] program that would tell the truth
 about the fraud Bush family.

 You are right - the entire media are scared of the big Bush family.
 Wonder how many of the women have been to bed with Bush Jr.

 Makes me sick as he;; just to look at him.

 (A story I missed by one of my favorite writers.)

GWB's Latest Golden Lawbreaker: Dick Cheney!
When Will Burton Hold Hearings on THIS?
  by Tamara Baker

 Click  Here

 Now, again, remember, here's the story as I understand it:

 Marc Rich is allegedly Satan Incarnate because he bought some oil from Iran over twenty years ago.

 But Dick Cheney presided over his company's, Halliburton's, setting up a fake shell company so it could
 drill oil wells in Iranian waters, in direct violation of US law -- and THAT is somehow just peachy-keen?

 Rush Climbs into Bed with Mao
  By Mao Tse-tung

 Click  Here

    Liberalism is extremely harmful in a revolutionary collective.
It is a corrosive which eats away unity, undermines cohesion, causes apathy and creates dissension.
It robs the revolutionary ranks of compact organization and strict discipline, prevents policies from
being carried through and alienates the Party organizations from the masses which the Party leads.
It is an extremely bad tendency.

     All loyal, honest, active and upright Communists must unite to oppose the liberal tendencies shown
by certain people among us, and set them on the right path. This is one of the tasks on our ideological front.

 So you kids, stop thinking like a liberal.
 You need to think like Rush and Uncle Mao

 Thanks to Mike McCarthy



Sponsored by The Junior League of Tulsa
@ Walter Arts Center
Tuesday, April 24, 7:30pm
Tickets: $45

 If you'd like to part with $90 to listen to a crazy millionaire slut and her husband do
 everything in their power to push the giant Smirk Giveaway to the super-rich through,
 click on the Carson banner and hang on, for the fun will likely never stop!



 5:47 pm

 I heard it myself.

 Mike Malloy just approved the BARTCOP TAX PLAN.


 Now, if we could get some Democrats to look at it...

 The Academy is Gay

 What else could explain the snub of the best-looking Best Actress?

 Florida Republicans boo, taunt black athletes


 Full Story

 Blacks can't catch a break in that openly racist state.

Revisiting the Grassy Knoll in Dallas
 by George Lardner Jr. of the Washington Post, March 26, 2001

 Click  Here

The House Assassinations Committee may have been right after all:
There was a shot from the grassy knoll.

That was the key finding of the congressional investigation that concluded 22 years ago that
President Kennedy's murder in Dallas in 1963 was "probably . . . the result of a conspiracy."
A shot from the grassy knoll meant that two gunmen must have fired at the president within a
split-second sequence. Lee Harvey Oswald, accused of firing three shots at Kennedy from a
perch at the Texas School Book Depository, could not have been in two places at once.


Subject: Endorse the Bartcop Tax Plan now!


"Let's all of us contact Daschle and tell him to adopt the Bartcop Plan,
 a sure political winner, before its too late."

Sounded to me like another call for the hammer!


We need to think of a better way to contact them.
I read most senators get 50,000 pieces of mail each month.
Nobody even reads them, they don't have enough people to go thru that much mail.

...I wonder what that's like...

 Lieberman Moves Toward the BartCop Tax Plan
  Suggests $300 for Every Taxpayer Now

  Full Story

 WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Joseph Lieberman said on Sunday he will propose
 a wrongfully-modified BartCop Tax Plan to provide an  immediate tax refund
 that would mean a $300 check for all Americans who work.

 "Let's cut checks and send what comes to $300 to every one of the
  almost 200 million taxpayers in America -- mom, dad, kids, whoever
  worked and does the payroll tax or income tax,'' he said.

  Under his plan, "anybody who has money taken out of their paychecks for payroll taxes,
  Social Security and Medicare, anybody who pays the income tax would be entitled to the check,''
  and it would not be limited to just one per family.

  "Anybody who has a job,'' Lieberman said. ``So this gives money to almost 200 million people.
  The odds are ... they're going to spend it. And that's what the economy needs for a lift right now.''

  He stole that word for word from The BartCop Tax Plan, all but the amount.


Subject: Re:  We in trouble!


You said that you'd be getting back $1600.00 dollars over 10 years under Smirkboy's tax farce.
Remember that O'Neil said that "a family of four" will get that amount.

Are you a family of four?
Is there a Bartcop, Jr. and/or a Bartcopita?

That is what is required for you to get the staggering sum of $13.00 dollars a month over the next 10 years.
I'm a single man, who will receive a generous $2.29 cents a month.


 Ton o' Mail and Toons

 Click  Here


Subject: Go go

Dear Bartcop:

Loved your piece on "liberal media."  Yes, whores, all.  Except a few.
I mailed an e-mail to Alan Colmes telling him to stop Hannity from
all over him and to stop smiling like a goof.

He wrote back and actually sounded hurt!
I told him this stuff isn't funny & why doesn't he kick somebody in the ass sometime.
God, I'm sick of all this Bush/Media lovefest.

Am I living in a dreamworld?
Somebody help & explain why this is happening.

Anna from Chicago

 Things are out of control.
 The reasons that nothing happened today was things are piling up.
 It's getting harder - being the clown, animal trainer, ticket-taker and dog-faced boy at the same time.
 When I went to Bally's Fitness Center the first time, the guy asked if I was under any stress.
 I told him, "just the web page."

 There's also this bi-polar thing working, where I have the rant on the home computer
 and the pictures on the work computer and by the time I get it together it's two days after
 the damn Oscars anyway, causing me to drink.

 I need to figure out what to do.


 Read the  Previous Issue

 It had everything.

 Copyright © 2001,
   Thanks for the fumble, Dude.

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