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Volume 438 - Razorback Muffler 
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 March 28, 2001

 VCR Alert - The West Wing is a repeat, because there are no basketball games to pre-emp it.
  But as repeats go, it's a damn good one. CJ and turkeys, Charlie and the knife, and great Biblican quotes.
  Boot Camp premiers tonight. It's on Fox, so it'll probably suck - anybody plan to watch it?
  How real can it be if the contestants are free to say, "Blow it out your ass, Sarge. You don't scare me."
  I mean, are they going to throw them in the brig for disrepecting an officer?
  The Angie Harmon Show says repeat, but it doesn't look familiar.
  Maybe it's another show K-Drag pre-empted for f-ing basketball.

Debate Challenge?


Subject: Love it?

I wish to thank you for putting up your  web site.
The stress relief liberals experience from viewing your site must be fantastic.
It must be a great pleasure for you to express yourself so emotionally,
without needing to resort to facts, logic, or reason. You and your fellow
liberal contributors have cleansed your human souls, having removed
all traces of logic and rational thought from your minds.

If conservative Republicans would put up a similar site, they too would have
a place to vent without needing to resort to their usual reliance on facts, logic,
reason, law, and the constitution. Here’s hoping that an enterprising soul gives
those poor folks the same opportunity you have given liberal Democrat Party supporters.

Otherwise Republicans will be forever stuck in their fact driven, logic based rational mindset.
What a horrible thought for those like you who wish to see a future society driven by
sheer emotion and class warfare. Your web site slogan should be:
“All power to the people, except for those that disagree with bartcop”.

How many times have we been here?

You say my problem is a lack of facts, logic and reason?
So, you'd have no trouble taking me apart in a live one-on-one debate, right?

You say I'm missing facts, logic and reason
You claim a fact-driven, logic-based rational mindset.
No way you could lose a debate with me, but let's try it, just to be sure.

I don't know of any conservative sites on the web where the principal takes on all challengers.

If there was such a site,
I'd go there and debate him,but there's not.

You, however, can come to  and find a challenge.

I've been here since 1995, and I can't find anybody who will take Rush's side in a debate.
Would you be that one person on the Internet with the necessary courage?
After all, you have "a fact-driven, logic-based rational mindset,"
whereas I'm missing facts, logic and reason.

We can do it anytime.
We won't publicize it, but we can record it to show the others later.
It'll be just you and me on the live chat channel, with no interruptions.
You can have a friend helping you, if you want, or a team of people.
It couldn't hurt.

Lots of people, including Democrats, want to see me get taken down a peg.
I'm sure you're the right man for that job.
C'mon, let's give it a try.  I mean, how badly could you get hurt?

If things go bad, all you gotta do is change your hotmail address and start over.
I'm here six years and 437 Issues.

Well, feel lucky?


"Perhaps we should simply rename ourselves the Ronald Reagan United States of America.
 The Reagan Legacy Project wants to name one significant landmark or institution after Reagan
  in all 50 states and 3,067 counties.  They have also began to work on placing Ronald Reagan's
 portrait on the $10.00 bill.

 Where have you gone Alexander Hamilton? One of the founding fathers, an author
 of the constitution, author of the Federalist Papers, our first Secretary of the Treasury,
 and the prophet of a strong national government and the rise of the United States as
 a strong industrial nation must be a chump compared to the Gipper."
          --  E. J. Dione

 Isn't it sick the way they depend on Reagan for legitimacy?

 I remember when I was a kid I moved to Arkansas.
 Everything was Razorback this and Razorback that.
 Razorback Muffler
 Razorback Dry Cleaners
 Razorback Pizza
 Razorback Printing Company
 Razorback Taxi
 Razorback Asphalt Company
 Razorback Vacuum Cleaners
 Razorback Tanning Salon
 Razorback Aluminum Siding
 Razorback Realty
 Razorback Heating and Air
 Razorback Mortgage
 Razorback Carpets

 Do you know why everything was Razorback?
 That's all they had.

 Koresh forbid, Glen Campbell would make the news, then they'd brag,
 "Arkansas native, Glen Campbell, beat his wife Tonya Tucker today,"
 but mostly it was Razorback this and Razorback that,
 ...because that's all they had!

 Same way with the GOP.
 Eisenhower was a walking nap.
 Nixon was a cheap crook who had to resign in disgrace.
 Smirk Daddy was a wimp who got a lot of people killed in Desert Storm.

 ...and they had Saint Reagan, who got shot nine weeks after taking the oath.
 I remember, they postponed the Academy Awards one night to see of he'd live or die.
 Everyone knows that getting shot was the best thing Reagan ever did.

 Truth is, and Reagan's personal doctor wrote this in his book, Reagan was never the same
 after getting shot. His doctor said when Reagan got out of the hospital he wasn't the same man.
 His doctor says Reagan felt everything was in God's hands and he didn't have to do anything
 except stumble from one mangled press conference a year to his nap.

 But he's all they have, so they love him.
 ...just like the Arkansas love their Razorbacks, even when they're 3-9.

 (the end of Bartcop?)

 Click  Here


Subject: only 1 Tax Plan

There is only 1 tax plan the we can afford,the BartCop tax plan.

I didn't think we could afford a Democrat tax plan. But seeing the mess that Dubya is
getting us into we are going to need that money to clean up the disaster he is going to
leave us with in 4 years (that is if the US Supreme Court don't select for us again).

I say the BartCop tax plan or no tax plan!

john turner

 Palestinians show their support for Smirk's "hands off" Middle East policy.


 Subject: Clinton and Guns

 A CLINTON (!!) liberal?
 I thought that you liberal folks had finally seen his true colors.
 Surely you can be liberal without supporting Clinton!

 Well, since you own guns, I know you at least think for yourself
 and take responsibility for yourself.


 Clinton's "true colors" are eight years of peace and prosperity.
 Has any other president given us so much?
 Will any other president ever give us that again?

 Clinton never sent a man into battle who didn't come home.
 No other president can say that.

 Tripled the stock market, 22 million new jobs,
 crime down, wages up,
 abortions down, homeownership up,
 the list goes on and on.

 And don't forget he left with a higher approval rating than Reagan.

 What's not to like?

  Ffrom the BartCop Collection@,
  taken in Rockaway Beach, Oregon 1997.


Subject: This is Great!

If I wasn't still so angry and sick over the past election and the Clinton bashing
for the last eight years, I could really laugh and get enjoyment over your article.

The plain sad truth (a word you won't find anymore)  is that you are so right.
Where are the articles on Idiot-In-Chief?
You will never see it happen.

For some reason, the press and the Democrats are afraid of Smirk.
Even after stealing the election, he still got smiles and praise from the Democrats.

He won't get any from me until he earns it.


 'We need an immediate stimulus for our economy.'
   -- Smirky, explaining why The BartCop Tax Plan is better than his.


Subject: Bob Barr

Hey Bart, I just saw Barr on Faux news debating the legalization of medical marijuana.

His opening sentence was "Marijuana is not a drug, it's a mind altering drug."
What a friggin' idiot.
His opponent yelled out "That  doesn't make any sense!"

Then ol' frog-face (apologies to frogs) went on to call the folks of Northern Virginia "partisan"
because they won't take $400,000 out of their budget to rename the National Airport metro stop,
"Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport"  Egads!

I loathe that man!
Keep hammerin' Bart.
The world needs you.


In my whole life, I've never seen an intelligent debate on pot.
The right always screams, "But it's illegal," and when you ask why that is, they say, "Because it's bad."

...and what makes it bad?
 "It's illegal, that's what."

That's the very, very best they can do.
That's the extent of their logic.

I remember as a kid, watching some PBS college debate in black and white.
The pro-pot side was winning big-time, then I heard this exchange:

"Pot should be illegal because it lowers the sperm count."

"So, a sterile man, or a man with a vasectomy should be able to smoke pot?"

"No, because it's illegal."

 They always fall back on the nonsense argument.
 They're stuck in that loop, because if they answered the question honestly or logically,
 they'd have to agree pot is much more benign than liquor, by any measurable standard.
 They always fall back on the fact that pot is illegal because of the idiot "Reefer Madness,"
 scare stories from eighty years ago that were as scientific as "creation-science."

 Maybe, as the decades go by, I'll find someone would meet me on a Thursday night
 in the chat room to discuss the value of our current laws against marijuana.

 It's not going to happen because ditto-monkeys can't think, they can't debate,
 and their goofy arguments can't stand a little light shined on them.

 As I type this, Laura the Unloved is screaming at her listeners to buy more guns.

 I'm so old, I remember when her top priority was protecting kids.
 My, how money can change one's values.

 ...when you're a money-grubbing, millionaire whore.

 A shot of Cuervo Gold to NYPD Blue for their disgraceful shock story last night.

 At the very top of the hour, Sipowicz used the term "pussy" several times.
 People complain to me when I use it to describe Senate Democrats,
 but they're using it on broadcast TV while thew kids are still awake?

 Last night's story was about a guy who hung around the subway offering oral sex
 to men who walked by.  He cut off a man's penis because the guy shorted him $5.
 "I figure an inch per dollar," he told the lady detectives.

 Then he left the severed organ at an ATM machine so they could force some lady
 to describe what it was like finding "that thumb."

 If this had half the dignity of the Clinton Cock Hunt, (cough) it wouldn't have been that bad.
 But this was ugly-shock for the purpose of ugly-shock.

 They made the male ho explain every detail of the bathroom stall encounter for no other
 purpose than to scream "perv" at him. It didn't do anything for the story, they were just
 being lurid and salacious to show how adult and disgusting they can be on ABC.
 It just seemed like a giant step into the gutter disguised as "real TV."

 Hey, if you guys want to get lurid and salacious, put that new blonde detective in a nude scene.
 There's a big difference between seeing a shapely female and a cut penis, you losers.
 Shame on the producers for giving us filth for filth's sake.
 They make Michael Medved seem sane when they pull that crap.

 Did you notice Sipowicz's new boss is Tasha Yar, from Star Trek - Next Generation?
 She's a real ballbuster, they said.



Subject: JFK killing?

Is it SO farfetched for a misfit nutcase ultra-radical Marxist to buy a
rifle, hole up in  a window overlooking a presidential motorcade, and shoot
a president he considers a right-wing butt-kisser? (JFK was kissing up to
the right wing in 1963, to cowtow mainly to the southern vote.)

Just a suggestion from me.
I read a EXCELLENT book on the JFK killing, that debunks many, (not all!) of the JFK conspiracy theories.
Including showing Jim Garrison for what he really was, a grandstanding obsessive who had his head up his ass.
Oliver Stone(d) 's movie "JFK" 's version of the Garrison follies is pure bullshit.

The book is called "Case Closed," by Gary Posner. If that name sounds familiar, it's because recently Posner,
(a liberal) recently wrote a good article at Salon.

Ross Sauer

Ross, great note!
I dabbled in the JFK conspiracy for a while, it's endless.

There are two hueueueuege problems discussing this ubject:
1. The whore press can't tell the truth, even to save their mother's life.
2. The government is hiding stuff, there's no question about that.

Item: They messed up the Zapruder film, re-arranging the frames out-of-order.
          They blamed a "new guy" at the FBI, but why give the most important evidence
          of the biggest crime of the 20th Century to some new guy?

Item: They're missing "stuff" from the autopsy, I believe his brain and his clothing.
          Did a "new guy" handle that stuff, too?

Item: This is really wild, but they saw JFK landed in a different casket than he took off in.

Item: I don't know Smirk about gun forensics, but it's my understanding if you shoot a loaf of bread,
          the buller will be mis-shapen the next time you look at it - yet, the bullet that went thru Connally
          and JFK came out pristine?  That's a red herring, folks.

Item: To me, this is the big one: The top FBI sharp-shooter was unable to fire Oswald's gun
          three times in the amount of time Oswald did, and he wasn't even trying to aim.
          If the top FBI guy couldn't do it without aiming, how did Oswald score three hits?
         We know the timing of the shots because Zapruders film was 8mm, or whatever,
          so they could cut seconds into fractions and Oswald pulled off a miracle.

 So, what are we left with?
 The credibility of Arlen Specter and Gerald Ford?
 For all we know, they promised Ford the presidency if he'd go along with the pull-the-wool plan.

 Hey, years ago, that'd be a kooky idea, but after that shit Smirk/Cheney/Scalia pulled,
 who knows who's really running things anymore?

 If you are a semi-expert on this subject, (and know html) we could set up a section for this subject.
 Before the Internet it wasn't possible, but we could have pictures, exhibits, testimony links, etc and perhaps
 scratch the surface of what might've really happened. Just having a FAQ online would be nice.
 E-mail me, if you're that person.

 Don't forget: Bush pardoned all those Iran-Contra people to keep them silent.
 What do they know that Bush would give up the White House to keep hidden?
 What secrets remain hidden to this day?


Subject: Napster and Rape

It is only a bad analogy by those who make exceptions to all the rules in behalf of self-interest.

We'll see if you post my email--unedited this time--so others don't get
(1) a distortion of my position, and
(2) you having last word to only the portions you choose to post.

Joe N.
Boston, MA

Joe, the BartCop Forum is a good place to post things that are longer than my attention span.
Try to understand, some people take 1,000 words so say "I disagree."

Also, that's a cheap shot, accusing me of editing your GOOD points.
I suggest you post the GOOD POINTS that I refused to print.
If what you're saying is true, if I refused to post the sections that made your argument float,
posting them would make me look bad, proving I can only win by cheating, and you'd have your revenge.

...but if you post a really, really, really long letter and say, "That's what BartCop left out,"
it'll be meaningless, don't you agree? So just post the good stuff, the meat of your argument
that I left out to make you seem like you weren't making sense.

PS. I don't know anyone who has been raped, but if I did, I'll bet they'd disagree
      that what they went thru was similar to lifting a song from Napster.

 Did Equal Time with Paul Begala and Ollie Traitor leave the air?
 I stopped getting Begala updates months ago.


Subject: Hang in there!


I'm sensing you are getting "burned-out" with maintaining your WONDERFUL web site.
Of all the political web sites, I believe you do the best job of keeping hope alive.
I read it every day, and it is my first choice for an alternative look at what is happening in our country.

I maintain seven web sites - some for free, and some for pay - I am a technology consultant in
San Francisco, and I am involved in a myriad of technology support issues.  I feel your pain. But I digress...

You have done a wonderful job of maintaining an effective defense against
the fascist takeover of our government - I'm somewhat surprised you haven't
just disappeared (read night of the long knives from German history).

What I want you to know is, there are many people in the U.S. who really appreciate your efforts,
and applaud your courage in getting your name entered into the crosshairs of the GOP machine.
Before you burn out - realize you have friends in the ether.

I don't have much time available, as I am trying to survive the current Bush recession (ver. 2, chapter 1),
but I would be willing to provide some help in keeping your fine effort alive.  Just remember, you have friends
who really appreciate what you have done, are doing, and will do in the future.

Add me to your list of people who say "atta-boy," and would be willing to lend a hand - whatever that may be.
If you want my phone number, send me a direct e-mail (  One of the beauties of the Internet
is that it can be maintained from anywhere.

Keep up the fight!  We have 2-years before the next fight, and 4-years before the next war.
It is not a time for the faint-of-heart, and everything is at stake.
Remember, you are an important and effective warrior,  and we need you for the next fight.
Take a break - drink some Tequila - but please don't retire... you are not alone.


 Tally Briggs / Actress at Large

 Click  Here

 Good stuff...

From:  mukherji@MIT.EDU

Subject: Bartcop Tax Plan

You know I really hate that awful tax plan former Governor Bush is trying
to hoist on our backs.  It is doomed to reverse our historic trend away
from deficit spending (especially at a time when it is completely unnecessary).

And while I will never support that plan (under current circumstances at least),
I'm afraid the Bartcop Tax Plan has one major flaw.  Now I'm only an undergraduate
so maybe I don't have things quite together, but from what I remember consumption is
expected to increase depending on how permanent the consumers feel the income increase is.

A $1500 rebate is unlikely to affect consumption that much; people are more likely to save the money
(which would not help a flagging economy)  because they see it as a one-time deal.  Senator Lieberman's
plan could, then, be even more ineffectual as it only offers $300 in rebates; at least the Bartcop Plan offers
a substantial amount that would likely raise the amount of spending at the end of the day.
I'd like to know what all y'all think about this.

Shankar Mukherji

Shankar, good question.
It's my opinion the $1500 will get spent.
I think the middle-class is more likely to do something with that money - put it down on a car,
buy a computer, remodel the kitchen or maybe just pay off some credit cards.

But the super-rich, when they get their extra $200,000 will just put it in the bank
because they already have a new Lexus, a computer, a nice kitchen and no credit card debt.

...anyone have an opinion?

 Barf-inducing Headline:

 Smirk Wows Catholics with Stance Against Abortion

 Whore City (Reuters) - Smirk brought a crowd of Catholic religious leaders to their feet
 on Thursday when he praised Pope John Paul's stance against abortion.

 In a ceremony to inaugurate the Pope John Paul II Cultural Center in
 northeast Washington, Bush lauded the pontiff and his support for a "culture of life.''

"The culture of life is a welcoming culture, never excluding, never dividing, never despairing and
 always affirming the goodness of life in all its seasons,'' Bush said before an audience of cardinals,
 bishops, clergy and laymen.  This sparked a burst of applause and a long standing ovation.

 A standing ovation?
 For the man who holds the Western hemisphere record for state-sanctionedmurders?
 I try not to use the "w" word when talking about Catholic Doctrine, but how can they stand there
 and applaud this Texacutioner when he's famous for smirking and mocking those he's killed?
 How can Smirk get away with claiming he supports a "culture of life," after he demonstrated his bloodlust
 in the second debate by laughing about his execution orders?

 Has the Catholic Church lost their last bit of sanity?
 Or did Smirk write them a check to buy their support?


Subject: Bush Sr and the death of JFK

That rumor has been circulating around for years.
I've been having fun with it since around 1988.

The basics are as follows:
1. All people involved in the assassination were either rewarded or killed.
2. In all conspiracies, following the money, or power leads to suspects.


Nixon was involved in BOTH Kennedy murders.
If they were alive, Both would've had two terms, Ted would never had been allowed
to be set up for Chapaqua, - or drink himself into setting himself up- forever damaging him.
He too would have been President. It would've been a dynasty.

LBJ was involved. Who else would've allowed the Warren Commission report and it's
"magic Bullet" and "Lone Gunman"? The story of his taking the oath of office while
cough-cough-cough the head wound still paints a humorous image in my head.
The CIA and the mob were obviously involved. JFK was threatening to dissolve
the agency, and end the Vietnam War. The CIA was making too much $$$ in the
drug trade from South East Asia to allow this.

The Junior Representative from Michigan on the Warren Commission was greatly rewarded, Gerald Ford.
He was in on the fabrication of the Warren Myth.

And the "Man in Dallas", a low level CIA operative working out of Dallas, and the head of a local oil company
was instrumental. I'm told that he became the youngest head of the CIA in the agency's history.
This I have no evidence to back up, but his reward is evident. CIA, Congress, Cabinet, White House.
He is "Badge man", the gun on the knoll.

For the same fears as others, please don't print my e-mail if you print this.

 Remind me to do the Golden Age of Rock.

 Important Stuff
 How to put the BartCop Hammer logo in your browser's choices menu


 Subject: Re: The hammer thingy

 Hey, BC!

 The IE favicons are a little weird.. Usually they're fine if you are
 bookmarking the page for the first time.

 But if you already had bookmarked, you would need to delete the
 bookmark and your URL history in Internet options in IE.. then sign off of IE..

 then restart your machine.. then go to then bookmark it again..
 then exit IE.. then open IE again.

Sometimes that works.:-)


 Subject: Re: The hammer thingy

 This works sometimes too..

 Hold the mouse button down over the default IE icon on the URL while holding
 down 'shift', then let the mouse button go anywhere in the URL.

 There you go, folks.
 Hey, ...get that Hammer.

 ...we're gonna need it.

Lies, Damned Lies, and George W. Bush
  by Bryan Zepp Jamieson

Click  Here

For right wingers, it’ a time for biting lips and looking shifty, just
they way they imagined that man they so admired, Bill Clinton, to be.

Now we have George W. Bush, who is not only breaking campaign promises,
but breaking them at a rate never before seen in the undemanding arena of
American politics. In just a few short weeks, he has broken the following promises:


Subject: Economics Lesson

Dear poor slow witted BC:

You are so far off on your economics analogy I'm afraid you are lost in your own world.
In fact, your analogy is like comparing napster to rape.
I think you need a "slight correction" on this one.


You claim I'm "far off" with my economic theory, yet you failed to get specific.
Would you like to stand up and tell everyone what you meant by that?
...or were you just tryin' to be Republican?

Also, I didn't compare Napster to rape.
I told the other guy his Napster/rape analogy was stupid.

Lemme know if you feel brave,


I'm Not Alone?

Click  Here


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 It had everything.

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