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Volume 441 - Top of the Heap 
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March 31, 2001


"I have to apologize for something I said last week.
  I called Bush a bag of shit without the bag.
  I was wrong.  He's a LYING bag of shit without the bag!"
   -- Bill Maher, on his TV show


Subject: Get Clinton

I have a theory about why the Repugs are still hunting Clinton,
beyond the general theory of penis envy...

Basically, it comes down to the fact that they're still scared of him and what he can do to them.
He hammered them in the 92 and 96 elections, and Gore's biggest mistake in 2000 was keeping him
at arm's length for all but a few days, though we all saw that he had an effect on the Gore campaign
in the last few days (coming from behind in the polls to winning the election until Fat Tony had his say).

So, when 2004 comes along, even though Bill can't be on the ballot himself, it's a fair bet that he's going
to be out there campaigning for the Democrat candidate (who he'll probably have a big say in getting
selected - saying 'I've got Bill's support' is going to be a trump card in the primaries).

Knowing the effect that a fully-charged and fully-fired up Bill Clinton is likely to have on the Shrub's
chances in 2004, they've got to try and destroy him before this nightmare scenario (for them, at least)
can come around. And so, we get 'Pardongate' (which also has the benefit of distracting attention
from the raping of the environment).

Of course, by 2004 they'll probably have outlawed voting for
everyone but Tony and Slappy, so this is just a backup plan...


P.S. Have you heard that there's lots of talk in Europe about boycotting American products to protest
       the US abandoning the Kyoto treaty? Or is the 'liberal' media not reporting that
       the rest of the world is outraged by this?

No, haven't heard a word about that.
The whore media won't say anything negative about President Oil Spill.
Everything Smirk does is flowers and candy over here.
We have to get the truth from The Guardian.

The Feeling of a Coup
 by Anthony Lewis

 Click  Here

We are learning something these days about the power of a willful president.
Without a popular mandate, George W. Bush is making radical changes that will have long-term
consequences for this country and the world. He is making them in a hurry, and for the moment
there are no checks or balances to stop him.

Certainly not the fake Democrats, who have offered Smirk their asses.

 Going to New York City

 Click  Here


 ''...Dear Mr. Hinckley, I wanted to say how thrilled we are that you've made a full recovery.
 We are delighted that you are cured and are able to rejoin the community of productive human beings.
 Accordingly, I send you a full pardon. Sincerely, Bill Clinton. P.S. Bill O'Reilly is dating Jodie Foster.''
   -- Ben Stein, trying to be funny, in front of Smirk, at the hotel where Reagan was shot,

 Check out Snippy's Impact on the Rest of the World

 Click  Here

 Nicole Kidman miscarriage confirmed

 SYDNEY, Australia (AP) - Nicole Kidman has suffered a miscarriage
 A friend of Nicole told a Sydney paper she miscarried shortly after her split with Tom.

 Now, I like Nicole Kidman, but this brings up a point:
 How do we know it was a miscarriage?
 She'd just split from Tom, and maybe this miscarriage was no "accident."

 Without a doubt, this is none of my business, but the wacko-right keeps trying to make
 a fetus a citizen with a right-to-life. So using their rules, every time a woman miscarries,
 don't we need a homicide investigation?

 What if a hearing brought out that Nicole said, "If he leaves me, I won't have this baby."
 Then Tom leaves her and she "miscarries?"

 If the wacko-right and our wacko Failure in Thief continue onsluaght of common sense, this idiocy
 can't be too far down the road. And once they elevate the fetus to human status, any miscarriage
 could be considered murder, manslaughter or at least depraved indifference to human life.

 ...and if you live in a county with a Bob Barr or a Dan Burton as district attorney,
 how long before women are doing prison time for using bad judgment while pregnant?


Subject: Clueless Steve Roberts

Today I was listening to the Diane Rehm Friday News Roundup on NPR.  They were broadcasting
from the Newseum in front of a live audience.  Anyway, a few of the audience members expressed
concern about Smirk's right-wing policies and finally an exasperated Roberts basically said that we
have a Republican Congress, and a Republican president and that that's what the people chose,
so in essence he was saying get over it.

I was gratified to hear an audible gasp from the audience members, followed by disbelieving laughter
at Robert's contention that the American people actually chose Smirk.  Another panelist had to explain
to Roberts why there was such amazement from the audience.
What a clueless schmuck.

Nice to know that the people aren't fooled.

Patricia, I pity Steve Roberts. He's married to this:

...probably the most ignorant whore in Washington.
I would ride to California with Ann Coulter or Barbara Olson
before I'd ride to the goddamn corner with this stupid, stupid liar of a whore.

During the campaign, she made me so goddamn mad I couldn't type.
Sometimes I write good when I'm mad, but she just froze me up.
I kept the column (dead tree version) next to my computer for weeks,
trying to calm down enough to write about her nasty whore ass.

She was talking about what a serial liar Al Gore was, saying he was so stupid,
that he picked the book "Love Story" to lie about, when everyone knows the wife dies
in that book, and since Tipper is still alive, how dumb did Gore think we were?

It's a good thing I don't use the "c" word, because she's a nasty, stinking one.

She may be the only woman in America I'd punch in the face.
Worthless lying scumbagette of a ditto-monkey slut-whore.

Swear to Koresh, she's worse than Laura the Unloved and Linda Tripp.

President to Trim Clinton's Community Policing Program Law
 USA losing key force in fighting crime

 Full Story

Whore City -- Smirk has decided America's street are too safe, and will severely scale back
a popular Clinton-era program that has put tens of thousands of new police officers on the streets.

Then, when crime gets back to Reagan-Bush levels, Smirk will use that to (1) blame Clinton and
(2) justify the need for more and more guns in every home in America.

"If it gets scaled back, you are going to see the number of badges in the cities drop off precipitously,"
 said Joe Biden (D-We'll see) who plans to introduce legislation to save the program.
"Cops on the streets will go down like crazy and we will have crime rates back up," he said.


Subject: Re: Exhibit B

(Editor's note: I'm guessing she read libmedia.htm which I have tweaked.)

Two words-- Geraldo Rivera

I agree with you, nevertheless, that the broadcast media are now
overwhelmingly right-wing, or just anti-Clinton at best.

But much to my surprise, Geraldo has been the place to go to save my
sanity during the Monica frenzy, the Florida debacle and the pardons

Jane Stein
Arlington, MA

Jane, you are right - Geraldo has been an island of sanity in the Whore Ocean.
But it helps to prove my point that, you have to listen very hard,
to hear ONE voice speaking for the majority.

Remember, liberals won the last 3 popular votes.

Clinton Probes Cost $60 Million
 Total Costs for Cock Hunt Top $110 Million

 Full Sad Story

 By the way, whose money was that, GOP?
 You took that money that could've gone toward Social Security or towards
 the military or towards retiring the debt and you chased Clinton's cock with it.

 ...and what did you get for our $110 million?

 Semen on Starr's copy of the impeachment referral.

 The Republicans: Building a Fascist Future

 Click  Here  for the best version

 Click  Here   for the forever version.

 Scary stuff...

Clinton climate change czar slams Bush

Click  Here

Frank Loy, the lead negotiator for climate change issues during the Clinton years,
blasted Smirk the Idiot for rejecting the Kyoto treaty, saying the move was a "drastically bad"
decision which imperils international action on global warming.

Loy said the European Union, was "dismayed and angered" by Smirky's decision
to turn away from Kyoto and seek alternatives to the 1997 pact.

"This decision is a total, unmitigated disaster," Loy said.
"He pulled out without any alternative, no international back-up plan."

Our allies are very angry for several reasons...
They assumed Smirk would change the treaty, not rape and murder it.

Start spreadin' the news, I'm leavin' in May
I'm going to be a part of it, New York, New York
These black canvas shoes are longing to stray
Right through the very heart of it, New York, New York

I'm gonna wake up in a city that doesn't sleep
And find I'm king of the hill, top of the heap

These Knuckledrag blues are melting away
I'll make a fun-filled week of it, in old New York
If I can survive there, I can survive anywhere
Please don't rape and kill me, New York, New York


 "What hurts the most is we get slammed when we're trying to be engaged and thoughtful."
   --unnamed Smirk aide, whining about the "bad press" President Dumbass is getting.


Subject: Bartcop tax plan endorsed by Harvard Economist

The Economic Policy Institute is calling for a $500 per person "Prosperity Dividend"
to stimulate the economy. They have a position paper with footnotes and everything,
as well as data on Alaska's distribution of  $2000 checks a couple years ago,
when they were experiencing budget surpluses.


The country seems to be moving closer to The BartCop Tax Plan, but why take so long?
Are they going to talk these plans to death or are they going to take action?

 Freepers Hold June Hate-Fest, Katherine Harris Headlines
   by Pam Parker in Online Journal, March 30, 2001

 Click  Here

 In the World According to DFU, Bill Clinton broke a woman's jaw, sent AIDs-tainted blood
 from American prisoners to infect Canadians, raped Juanita Broaddrick and assorted others,
 arranged for Red Chinese missiles to be pointed at our children's heads, sent thugs to beat up
 Gennifer Flowers' neighbor, is a sexual predator, and Lordy, so much more.
 (I couldn't take notes fast enough to record it all, what with my mouth hanging open and my eyes
 glued to the image of a real-life tool of propagandists.) All this spiel was on top of the myriad
 fairy tales the Republicans already have bestowed on the unwilling American people!

 "Dr." Laura TV show canceled

 March 30, 2001 | LOS ANGELES -- Laura the Unloved's TV hate show, criticized by
 decent people and leftists and snubbed by advertisers and viewers, died today.

 "Dr." Laura made it half a season before eating it but may air reruns through the fall.

 Poor ratings had prompted stations in major television markets including New York, Los Angeles
 and Chicago to move "Dr." Laura to the wee hours when only pervs watched - and they didn't.

 Just like the vulgar Pigboy, she can't make it on TV.

  Heavy Reading Alert

 "Mutual Demise By Way of Follow-the-DLC-Leaders"
   by Carlos Nunya

 Click  Here

Look, there are always plenty of people to keep an eye on and go after the bad guys.
But who is there to keep an eye on the good guys? Who is there when the good guys go wrong?

Perhaps will end the same way the Democratic Party is ending...

 Voter rally in DC on May 19

 Click  Here


Subject: BartCop tax plan

I have to say, old friend, I am truly impressed. The Democrats have whole-heartedly endorsed
your plan, even if they are not giving you credit.  The only difference is in the amount given back.

Not only that, but Bush is starting to run scared. He knows that his plan is losing credibility
and yours is gaining. People are starting to point out that Bush's plan will do NOTHING to
stimulate the economy, while yours will.

You may not have made a splash in the Spin Room, but your tax plan is much, much bigger.


Maybe we should change the name to The Economic Policy Institute Plan,
cause if somebody looks up "BartCop" on the www, it'll fail for sure.

It's not about me getting the credit,
it's about America surviving Smirkonomics.

How to get  when work has locked you out.


Subject: Bypassing Software Blocks of

Bennett Haselton at has published a way to access blocked pages using Akamai:

The shortcut of How To Do It:

1.Start by writing down an URL like
     2.Take the URL of the site you want to access, e.g., drop the "http://" at the beginning, and add the rest to the end of the URL:

        (Don't forget the "/" on the end, or the trick won't work.)

     3.Load the URL into your browser. You should be able to view the contents of the page
-- in this case, the contents of

Bennett warns:"You should not use this technique if any attempt to access a blocked site
                        triggers a "warning" that is reported to the administrator of your blocking software"

tara leigh guidry

Tara, thanks for that, but you all be careful out there.  isn't worth getting fired for.

 Ton o' Mail and toons

 Click  Here

 Democracy Murdered, Film at ...?
  by Daisy Vining

 Click  Here

 Why does the whole rest of the world know that Bush stole the election,
 but the Americans get to be kept in the dark about it?



Subject: Senate Dems endorse Bartcop tax plan!

Senate Democrats Ask $300 Rebate for Taxpayers
 By David E. Rosenbaum  New York Whore Times

Whore City, March 27 - Seeking a political edge on the question of tax cuts,
Democrats introduced legislation in the Senate today that would give all taxpayers
a $300 rebate check this year and give most of them an additional $150 by
withholding less money from their paychecks in the second half of the year."

Looks like someone in D.C. is reading you.
Way to go!

Ed Scarbrough


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