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Volume 440 - Black Gold, Texas Tea 
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 March 30, 2001

 Smirkonomics Sending Economy into Toilet

 The Delphi Automotive Systems Corporation,
 the world's largest maker of auto parts,
 said it would eliminate 11,500 jobs this year.

 With Clinton, it was just the opposite.
 Under Clinton, everyone who wanted a job got one, and they still needed people after that,
 so they hired people with tattoos, yellow, spiked hair, nose rings and mohawks.

 Soon, degreed professionals will be begging for manual labor,
 just like the eighties under the last clueless idiot president - Red-Ink Reagan.

 America, America - God shed his rage on thee...


 The vulgar Pigboy is doing "fat" jokes about Hugh Rodham.

 Remember when the fat bastard was at 400 pounds?
 When he balloons up again, I'll buy
 and I will hammer his porky ass until my keyboard breaks.


Subject: WHAT A RAG !!!!!!!!!

Last thing I'll read published by you.!


 Jennifer Love Hewitt Rejects BartCop's Advice
  (picture not available)

 In a monstrously-bad career move, second, perhaps only to Metallica's threat to jail fans
 who wanted to hear their music, former-babe Jennifer Love Hewitt has rejected the free
 advice offered recently on  with disasterous results.

 In Volume 134 - Vaseline, Hewitt was trying to shed her "good girl" image.

 Trying to help, I suggested ten ways she could lose her goody-goody image.
 Wednesday night, on letterman, former-babe Jennifer Love Hewitt insisted on telling
 Dave about the "trenchmouth" she caught in Mexico.

 Trust me, it was a lot worse than the version you're getting from me,
 because I have a weak stomach, so I'm going to candy-coat it for you.

 She said this "trenchmouth" (I'm not familiar with the term, myself) caused fifteen
 bleeding ulcers to develope inside her mouth. She said he lips and gums swelled up
 like baloons, and it was nothing but blood and puss for a couple of weeks while
 she waited for the anti-biotics to slowly take effect.

 She said after a while it went away, but it has permanent effects.
 She said she had to have some dental work done because of it,
 and it apparently never compeletly goes away, because now, years later,
 she has an appointment with her dentist to have two more root-canals done
 because her teeth are rotting from the inside out.

 Y'know, I'm so old, I can remember a time when a young movie starlet would've
 preferred to submit herself to her blackmailer for weekly, kinky sex, before she'd
 want the world to know her teeth were rotting from the "trenchmouth."

 Jennifer, good luck in your next career.


Subject: MSNBC censors own headlines

Yesterday morning I checked the headlines on MSNBC.COM and found this article,
with the headline “Bush Angers U.S. Allies Over Climate Pact”

Then today, I log on and see that the same article is still online, but the headline
has been altered to read “Bush Firm With Allies On Climate Pact”
So which one of Bush’s henchmen descended upon MSNBC’s webmaster to effect this change?
So this is what a totalitarian state feels like.  Niiiiiiice…

Geoff Trowbridge

Geoff, I'll tell you exactly what happened.
MCNBC's top ditto-monkeys can't be there all the time.
While they were gone, somebody accidentally wrote an honest headline.
When the dito-monkey got back to work, he saw that headline and thought,
 "Karl Rove will be pissed at us if we say that about our beloved leader,"
and he changed it to a headline the White House would prefer.

It's the constant whoring of the press.

 That reminds me of something from Volume 193 - They Broke Elian's Bed

 Just before 6 AM EST this morning, the Fox News banner read,

 When the hateboys got to the office it suddenly changed to


 ...because Fox News didn't think "removed" would cause a riot,
 so they changed "Removed" to "seized in raid" trying to incite one.

 Fox Whore News - We Whore, You Call Us On It!

 Smirkonomics Sending Economy into Toilet

 Disney cuts jobs
 Disney announced it is cutting 4,000 jobs due to a weakening economy.
 Disney said the job cuts will take place across all of its divisions, including ABC,
 the film studio, cable channels and the corporate division of the company.

 The news follows major staff reductions at AOL-Time Warner and General Electric's NBC.
 It also comes about six weeks after Disney separately slashed about 500 jobs from its
 Internet group as part of its decision to close its portal.

 Isn't it funny how America destroys it's heroes,
 and elevates the worthless, white-power, thieving scum to sainthood?

 God, what did we do to anger you so?

Subject: The Unspeakable Bush
   by Gary Kamiya  at

As President Bush announces he won't hold any more press conferences,
a relieved America comes together in gratitude.

The unelected president has become the unspeakable president. Literally.

President George W. Bush, his spokesman announced Wednesday, will not be holding
any more press conferences. Instead, he'll talk to reporters in a less "formal" way.
"The president prefers an informality about certain things," said Ari Fleischer.

Welcome to the wonderful world of George W. Bush's brain, where it's always Casual Friday!

You can't really blame Bush for fleeing from the press with his larynx between his legs.
You see, reporters have this annoying habit of asking questions.
And when you don't know the answers and don't want to know the answers and there's no way
when you're standing up in front of all these people for Dick or Colin to give you the answers,
it's just like that horrible day in sixth grade when you had to give a report on the Mayans and
you hadn't done any of the reading and didn't even know who the Mayans were and Jimmy Burton
was going to slip you a crib sheet but he was sick that day and Mr. Snider made you get up in front
of everybody and you couldn't get out of it and you had to say something so you said the Mayans
were the people who invented Mayannaise.

That was a really bad day. And when you're president, you shouldn't have to have days like that.
Otherwise, what is the point of being president?

And when you're the American public, you shouldn't be subjected to them either.
It's embarrassing and hurtful to our national image. In fact, it's un-American.
Even the people who voted for Bush knew he was a few beans short of a full burrito,
so why make him stand up there and pretend he knows what he's talking about?
That isn't him!
It's unfair to him!
And it's not why we elected him!

What America, or at least five old geezers in black robes, wanted was a genial, figurehead-type
CEO who is incapable of defending or even explaining the decisions made by his corporate
masters on the board of directors, but who can make ignorance seem charming.

And if that is what America wanted, that is what America should get!

In the Age of Bush, silence is golden.


 "Why should I have to pay for some lazy nigger's gas bill?
   The worthless, free-ride niggers don't deserve my money, they deserve
    to be shipped back to Africa, the worthless mother-fuckers."
      -- Vic the white-power Republican at work.

 I didn't know this happened, but Vic the Racist claims the city of K-Drag added
 $5 to his gas bill to help the needy families who can't afford Smirk's energy gouge.

 He says that's robbery.
 He says that's socialism.
 He says that shouldn't happen in today's America.

 Notice, he doesn't mind that his gas bill wrent from $66 to $200.
 No, anything to support Smirk's re-election bid is OK with the raging ditto-monkey.

 He doesn't mind losing that $134 to a rich, white thief from Texas,
 but a needy family  (who says they're black, anyway?) getting $5 is an outrage!

  The latest poll results...

 Less than half of Americans say we're going in the right direction.

 Item: This is right after an election, when most polls would show 70 percent, or higher.

 Item: This is with a whore press covering up for that smirking idiot.

 Item: This is a Zogby (got cash-get results) Poll.
           If your boy or issue is trailing by 12, give John Zogby cash under the table (no checks, please)
           and wham! - your boy will suddenly be ahead by 6.

 Item: Bill Clinton had America on the "peace and prosperity" path for eight years,
           and Smirk promised to "change course," and that's the only promise he has kept.

 Today in History

  In 1981: Red-Ink Reagan was shot and seriously injured by John Hinckley.  Also wounded
  were a Secret Service agent, a DC cop, and White House press secretary James Brady,
  who was thrown out of the GOP and laughed at and ridiculed for the last 20 years because
  he thinks insane killers like John Hinkley shouldn't have easy access to firearms.

 This Just In...

 NRA Opens Branch Office in Gary, Indiana


 - sent by

Click  Here

Commandment I: Thou must dis' black women.

Is there a difference between OPEC and BIG OIL?

What's the point of having an energy policy if Smirk's buddies can say,
"We underestimated demand, so natural gas will cost 500 percent more this year,"
 as we helplessly watch their profits shoot thru the damn roof?

What good would it do us to gain independence from foreign oil
 if we still have to negotiate with Enron, Texaco and Phillips 66?

Does it really matter who's doing the gouging?

Between the Saudi's and BIG OIL, who has dealt with us more honestly?
Between the two, who gouges the little guy more?

With BIG OIL owning the White House, we have two cartels to negotiate with.

They say we need to drill in Alaska to ween ourselves off Saudi oil.
But we have the same problems with natural gas, and that comes from right here in America.
We don't get any natural gas from Saudi, do we?

They are lying.

This is just a scam for Smirk, Cheney and their oil buddies to make billions, not millions.

If we stopped importing all oil from the Middle East, all BIG OIL has to do is
"underestimate" production needs and we still have the illegal price-gouging
except this time we're getting gouged with Alaska being a giant oil slick.

If natural gas was the same price as last year, we might have to concede they have a point.
With domestic gas is skyrocketing on price, isn't that just proof of the gouging?

...and the whore press refuses to even ask the questions.

Media Attacks Bush at Today's Press Conference
 by Starpass at

You would have been pleasantly proud of the media today at Bush's press conference.
They attacked him and they attacked him big time. I watched it all.

Rundown: First he read a down the middle type middle east statement slapping hand of both sides.
Then came question and answer and media went in for kill.

Questions like - Is it true that your tax plan is only to pay back your rich contributors at the expense
of everyone else and that your administration cares nothing for the common people of this nation?

They shoved McCAin in his face and asked if this is payback, in essence, for the crap pulled
in the primaries. They attacked his angering about every nation on the face of the planet,
his environment messing up, the criticism pouring in from everywehere, etc.

He was visibly shocked that the honeymoon seemed over with the media and all of these
correspondents he thought were in his back pocket. His eyes fluttered so fast in rage I though
he was going to faint. Then began the blathering and blundering...

Ronnie looked like Einstein compared to this pathetic performance.
He would talk himself into corners, etc.  He absolutely cannot think on his feet not just because
he is lost without a teleprompter and someone writing his speech for him, but he just cannot
cover up the absoulute corporate corruption that he is sent out to hide.

BUT, the most pathetic thing was, unlike any president I've seen in the past, including Ronnie,
he lost all control of the room. Unable to answer concisely, then turn to another reporter and
move things along or distract reporters, the press would interrupt him,or same person would
keep badgering him, general noise level was crazy...they smelled blood because his blathering
encouraged them that he would make major slip ups.

I realize that most people will only see blurbs tonight, and then as network went back to home base,
(I then realized I was watching this on MSNBC), anchors said
"He gave a stern warning to the Middle East and disarmed reporters with his humor..."

 I just wanted to vomit!

Reality: He made a blah Middle East statement and he just plain made a jackass of himself
- it wasn't jokes, they were laughing at him; but this is how the anchor desk spun it.
I can see something very clear now---those reporters ARE doing their job and asking questions,
but back in the studio it's cleaned up and presented in this disgusting package for consumption.

I wish ALL the people could have seen this pathetic fool in action this morning.

Smirk Warns Arafat

"President Bush, speaking at the second news conference of his presidency,
  said that Yasir Arafat should hear 'loud and clear' that the United States
  wanted the Palestinian leader 'to stop the violence,'" the NY Times reports.

 ...and if he doesn't?

A cynical man, a catastrophic error
  from Overseas because the American whore press won't tell the truth

Click  Here

The token gesture Mr Bush made during the election campaign towards some kind of
reduction in America's carbon dioxide emissions turns out to have been a cynical ploy
to match Al Gore's green credentials.

Now Mr Bush is revealed as a fully fledged sceptic about the science of global warming,
saying he is "unequivocal" in opposing the Kyoto agreement. In this he sets himself,
as firmly as any Creationist or Flat-Earther, against the overwhelming scientific consensus.

 News around the Country

 In Illinois:

 "Amid wisecracks and laughter, the state House passed a bill
 Wednesday outlawing sex with animals. Such behavior is now prosecuted
 as animal cruelty, usually a misdemeanor. In debate laced with chuckles,
 House members voted to make sexual conduct with animals a felony,"
       --  the Chicago Sun-Times reports.

 Harvey in the 1930's

  An Open Letter to the Next School Shooter
   by Ted Rall

  Click  Here

 Smirk, polluter of the free world
 Once again, we must go overseas to find an honest assessment of the Failure in Thief

 Click  Here

 Mr Bush's policies appear to be based largely on what will appeal to his friends in the oil, gas, mining
 and heavy manufacturing industries, all of whom gave  him lavish backing in his efforts to become president
 and who are now enjoying government  representation at the highest level. He is complaining
 that Kyoto makes demands on the US that other countries do not have to follow.

 Mr Bush's cabinet looks distinctly like the board of a smokestack industry, packed with veterans of the oil
 business (himself, Vice-President Dick Cheney and Commerce Secretary Don Evans), aluminium
 manufacturing (Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill, late of Alcoa) and lead (Interior Secretary Gale Norton).

 Hi-tech and the New Economy are barely represented.

 Cathy Keating, wife of Oklahoma's clueless governor, wants Steve Largent's House seat.

 Keating's going to Washington to run an oil scam for Smirky,
 and Largent's going to assume the governor's office,
 and Cathy Keating wants Largent's House seat.



 ...but she's a Republican woman.

 She's not allowed to have her own opinions.
 If she wins the House seat, won't that mean her husband makes her decisions?

 And if she's allowed to have her own opinions, why isn't Pickles Smirk?
 Why does Pickles have to keep her opinions to herself,
 but Cathy Keating is allowed to express hers?

 I'm smart.
 I'm going to make billions fucking this country on energy bills.
 The press is following their orders and helping me, isn't that neat?

 Uncle Dick is right.
 I'm smart.


 Subject: 60 Minutes and the ATF

    Hey BC,
       Speaking of Koresh, didn't the Sunday before the Wednesday ATF raid on WACO that started
 the whole fucking thing, didn't 60 MINUTES do a report on racial/sexual discrimination at the ATF?

 I always thought that the high-profile raid on the Waco compound occurred suspiciously close to that time,
 like an attempt to generate countervailing positive publicity, kind of like Reagan's pushing for the date
 of Challenger's launch so that it would coincide with his state-of-the-union address.

 Sport, I'm not sure about that 60 Minutes connection.
 Anybody remember that?
 Any way to check that out?

 As far as the Challenger explosion, that's another one Saint Reagan got away with.
 No matter that everyone on board died, there was no investigation, no inquiries were made,
 Larry Klayman didn't file any lawsuits and the House and Senate didn't hold hearings.
 Clinton's cock was not involved, therefore no harm - no foul.

 It never matters how many dead there were - it's all about Clinton and his zipper.

 God, the press are such unmitigated whores.

 Tally Briggs / Actress at Large

 The Rape & Pillage of California

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