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Volume 444 - Breakin' the Law 
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 April 3, 2001

 Bush Budget Would Cut Health Programs

 Full Story

Whore City - Small programs across the Department of Health and Human Services face cuts
under the budget Smirky Bush will send Congress next week, according to a budget draft
that shows reductions for rural health, disease prevention, child care and mental health initiatives.

Remember the promise he made to the voters?


Subject: Consortiumnews reads Bartcop
               - esp. the crack about Mo Dowd


Found an article that could have been penned by a more temperate Bartcop :)
It covers familiar territory but explains the case very well.

Click  Here  for the vastly superior version with links

Click  Here for the half-assed forever version

The Rush Limbaugh view of the Clinton years as a soft time when major U.S. national security secrets
were compromised also doesn't square with the facts. The record actually shows that the most dangerous
national security breaches occurred on the watches of Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush.


"He is just utter, utter, scum. When Marc Rich was pardoned, the Clintons acted
 absolutely true to form. They are the most sociopathic, destructive people who have
 ever set foot in the White House. We will look back on these eight years as the
 most corrupt and debilitating abuse of power in the history of the presidency."
   -- Actor James Woods, wife beater, attacking the last elected president

 ...and how did Bill Clinton's office respond?

 "The American people, who enjoyed eight great years of peace, progress and prosperity,
  would disagree with Mr. Woods. There is a group that will always hate President Clinton,
  but I don't think that hatred accomplishes anything."
      -- Clinton spokeswoman Julia Payne

 ha ha

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From:  simmonspe@11MEU.USMC.MIL


April 3, 2001.  Near middle of you piece, you published Stephen McNeil's piece
"U.S. Plane in China after it collides with Chinese Jet"

McNeil writes:
Re: "U.S. Plane in China After It Collides with Chinese Jet"
Is there a Chinese spy plane that carries out "routine surveillance mission" over the continental U.S.?
Who do we think we are?
So far the current Commander-in-Chief has killed seven Japanese, one New Zealander,
and at least five U.S. military personnel in Kuwait, and now one Chinese aircorps member.
When will this deadly stupidity stop?

And you print this!

We have traded emails prior and I understood you to have respect for service members.
I understand that you did not write this, but by publishing, you give credibility in the same way
Pig Boy or Laura or ABC news gives credibility to the stories they print, and when the print lies,
they loose credibility.

I'm near the S. China sea now on a navy ship, and could wind up supporting our interests
(READ U.S. including Bush et. al.).  Therefore, lets set the record strait:

The P3 was conducting a routine surveillance mission in international airspace (12 nautical miles over
water is the limit of national airspace in most instances).  While in international airspace (they had a right
to be where they were) they collided with a Chinese Jet that scrambled to intercept them.
Hey, its international airspace, we all got the right to be there.  There is no similarity to
"a Chinese spy plane that carries routine surveillance over the continental U.S." as averred by McNeil.


Bartcop,  You're scaring me...perhaps your getting too big, trusting other to proof you pages...perhaps it was
a late night...regardless, you printed a piece and implied a direct lie (that somehow Bush sent US planes into
Chinese territory to spy).  That's bad.  That's real bad as far as your military audience goes.

I keep an eye on you for news, and I think this misprint deserves a retraction.

Good Luck

Major Philip E. Simmons
Staff Judge Advocate
11th Marine Expeditionary Unit

Major Simmons,
You have a point, that story was flawed, but we're talking about one, misplaced word.
If the McNeil piece had read "near" the continental US, we'd have no problem?

If a Chinese plane was heading towards Washington DC, would our boys wait until it got
within 12 miles of our coastline to engage it? My uneducated guess is "no."

During Clinton's term, I said I wouldn't do what Rush and Hannity and the GOP did,
which was to attack our military at every possible opportunity. But right now, our government is
being run by unelected former (?) CIA types, and they're looking for a war to justify the trillions
they want to spend on new toys that aren't needed in peacetime.

I've never asked this question before, but I assume you agree with me that
civilian control of the military is an absolute necessity, right? And if we agree on that,
do you think that's what we have with our current sitution under President Bush?

When you say that plane was "in international airspace," is that something you know for a fact?
Or are you trusting the word of the men who got into power with an asterisk?
In my opinion, Bush wants a war so he can bankroll a new generations of weapons the Pentagon
hasn't asked for and has said publically that they do not need.

In summary, you're right about the word, "over."
That was the wrong word for ManNeil to use and I'll retract that immediately.

But it would be a mistake for either of us to assume we're getting nothing but the whole truth from
the men who stopped the counting of votes so their boy could take control - over the will of the voters.

Also, if I understood your letter, you're saying "an American president would never lie about
a covert spying operation?"  Surely you didn't mean that, right? From Francis Gary Powers to
the Gulf of Tonkin Incident to Iran-Contra, our history is full of presidential lies.

Thanks for calling "over" to my attention, and be careful out there.

That Spy Plane

The Washington Post notes the crew of the Navy plane "was trained to destroy the highly
sensitive equipment and classified material aboard the aircraft in such circumstances."

We must assume they didn't.

But the Boston Globe says Bush's comments "raised an alarming question: Have the Chinese
already retrieved sensitive information from the EP-3E Aries II electronic surveillance aircraft?"

We must assume they have.

Meanwhile, the Washington Times says "Bush has a wealth of diplomatic and economic levers
to wield against China if the communist nation refuses to heed Mr. Bush."

I don't believe that.
"A wealth of levers?"
If that was true, why not mention a few?

Reuters says "three U.S. warships were standing by in the South China Sea."


 Truly Tasteless Jokes
   from  about that super-pig Republican Ben Stein
   Even the GOP hates him after his shameless performace.

  Even Don Imus can shake his finger at comedian Ben Stein, whose tasteless performance at the
  57th annual Radio & Television Correspondents' Association Dinner on Thursday night was an unmitigated disaster.
   Although Imus took all kinds of heat a few dinners ago for raking then-President Clinton over the coals, at least
  some of the radio shock jock's jokes were funny -- and he had the guts to pick on a president right to his face.

   Stein, however, somehow thought there was humor in telling a John Hinckley joke -- precisely one day before the
  20th anniversary of the assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan.  The "joke" consisted of reading a fake letter
  (which was, by the way, not even an original fake letter) allegedly from Clinton to Hinckley declaring that the
  trigger man in the Reagan shooting was getting a pardon.

  It ended with a postscript in which "Clinton" noted that Fox commentator "Bill O'Reilly is dating Jodie Foster."
  It was Hinckley's obsession with Foster that led to his attempt on Reagan's life. Joking about an assassination
  on the eve of its anniversary -- with the victim back home in California suffering from Alzheimer's disease --
  is unbelievable enough. But throw in for good measure the fact that the dinner was held at the very hotel where
  Reagan was shot -- infamously known as the "Hinckley Hilton" -- and the offense seems that much greater.

  The rest of Stein's act consisted of a series of tired old jokes that appeared to be recycled from the Web.
  (The weak material may have also been due to the fact that Stein was seen scribbling parts of his speech
  shortly before the show.)   As the audience grew increasingly restless, Stein cracked that the following evening
  he'd be performing for "crippled children," who would hopefully be kinder to him.
   "He told more than enough distasteful jokes about assassins and  disabled people," said one stunned GOP aide.
  "He oughta be ashamed of himself."

 I remember a year or two ago talking about what a scumbag bastard Stein was.
 Some people didn't believe me.


Subject: toles cloning cartoon

Maybe I didn't get *your* joke, Bartcop, but the joke of the Toles cloning cartoon was that the
scientists themselves were clones of one another and were all saying the exact same thing...

I have to tell you that the idea of cloning humans makes me *verrrry* uncomfortable.
Understand that I am agnostic; it's not "religious" concerns.  I was also trained as a scientist,
and appreciate the importance of research that pushes the envelope.

My question is, just because a thing *can* be done, does it mean it *should* be done?

Keep up the good work.


Miksat, my general leaning is towards cloning, maybe just because the wacko-religious folk
see it as the Dawn of the Devil's Return. I don't really have enough facts to be informed.

A possibly-related topic is animal parts. If a doctor told me I could live another 10 years
with a pig liver or a monkey kidney, I'd say "Let's rock & roll," but I know many people
who say, "No, let me die," which is harder for a non-believer to get into.

But you want to know what's really weird with cloning? Celine Dion just had a baby, right?
What most people don't know is she was pregnant with twins, (in a test tube, maybe)
but she chose to have one twin now and freeze the other one for possible use later.
These are identical twins, that will be born years apart if the second one ever makes it.

That seems pretty creepy to me - identical twins years and years apart.

Also (semi-related) did you hear the one about the couple with a dying kid who got pregnant
so the baby could donate (bone marrow, maybe) to the sick sibling? That sounds ethically dicey,
but the sibling recovered, and I'll bet that baby is treated extra good for being his savior.

If I had more time I could research cloning on the web or maybe The Practice or
Law & Order could do a few shows on it to educate me :)

Conspiracies and Other Theories
April 3, 2001
(c) 2001 The Daily Brew

Click  Here  for the best version of this great article.

Click  Here  for the forever, inferior version.

Is the Bush Administration's version of more recent events trustworthy?
Is this most recent flare up in U.S.-Sino relations the result of an accident?
Or perhaps, are other forces at work that might support China's contention
that this incident was deliberate?

Excellent article, Brew.

 Goodbye, Constitution -Goodbye, Bill of Rights

 The Boston Globe says the Supreme Court "made it easier yesterday for police to question
 crime suspects  without their lawyers, ruling that a lawyer representing a defendant for
 one crime need not be there when police ask him about a related second crime."

 The Whole, Sad Story

 What kind of horseshit is this?

 So, from now on, the cops will fabricate a second accusation when they don't want the defendant
 to have an attorney present for the original accusation?
 Guess what the ruling was?  5-4, meaning the Scalia/Slappy/fascist faction has won again.

 If I had a staff and a bigger hammer, we'd make sure everyone knew about this horseshit!

 We're losing our rights under the Fourth Reich.

 They threw a fit over on the U2 Newsgroups

 (Does everyone know about the newsgroups?
  I saw a thing in a magazine saying newsgroups weren't very popular these days,
  but newsgroups are the original wild, wild west. You can put anything on a newsgroup,
  stuff you'd never put on your webpage. It's not always mankind at it's best, but it's real.)

 Anyway, on the U2 newsgroup, they said U2's management issued a statement Sunday
 that Larry Mullen Jr, the drummer, walked off the tour because he was sick of Bono's
 bullshit hokem with the audience every night. They said the massive US tour was either
 "postponed" or "suspended," something like that, so some people be'd off the hissy.

 ha ha

 It was kinda cruel, but it only works if you're truly shocked and dismayed by the joke.


 "This budget is right for America. It sends us in a new direction...
  one that we can call 'fiscal responsibility.'"
    -- Armey, the foul-mouted Dick

 Well, he's certainly right about the "new direction."


Subject:  Reminder...


East Nassau, NY

 They found Darryl Strawberry

 I thought sure they were going to find his body this time.

 You could win a cruise with Gennifer Flowers and Sparky, her snake.

From: Maxine


What has happen to USA's interview with Susan McDougal?
I can not find it anywhere.

I read it once and wanted to print the article but out of ink.
Now that I have ink I can no longer find the article.


Maxine, that's at

 Theory on why Smoking is Sexy

 Click  Here

From: (withheld)

Subject: God Begone

Dr. Whora was telling a story this morning about some kid who
was expelled from school for mentioning God in the lunchroom?

I'm getting very tired of these "liberals have expelled God from schools" lies.

What school did it happen, Whora?
How was it resolved, Whora?
Did the kid just say, "God?" or did he say, "God-damn motherfucker?"
or "God, look at these old photos of Dr. Laura's beaver."

She can't answer these questions because it never happened.  There have been two instances
I know of where a kid got in trouble for "praying", and in both of those instances it turned out
that the administrators who "punished" the kid were fundamentalists looking for publicity
for their cause, and the kid knew it the whole time.

These people lie and say, "God was expelled!" when we don't allow the
Baptist teacher to lead all the kids in a Baptist prayer...

and yet..

We're supposed to believe that these same groups can lead "faith-based initiatives"
without pushing their religion on others?

Backers of "faith-based initiative" are promising us now that no needy people will be subject to their dogma,
but you and I both know it would just be a matter of time before they break their promise, and then try to
defend themselves by saying,

"Liberals want to throw God out of the women's shelter."
"Liberals want to throw God out of the vaccination clinic."
"Liberals want to throw God out of the Recreation Center."
"Liberals want to throw God out of the tutoring center."

If they don't want God "thrown out" of these places, maybe they should stop trying
to sneak their religion in there in the first place.

If they can't even see the sense in running a public school classroom without foisting their personal beliefs
on the students, how in the hell do they expect to pass out the food boxes to the needy in their church
basements without twisting anyone's arm?

 Notice how harlots like the vulgar Pigboy, Hannity and the others are mad at "CONGRESS"
 for the Campaign Finance bill?  If they had an honest bone in their little toe, they'd say,
 "The Republicans, who run everything - are the bad guys."

 But no, they blame "CONGRESS."

 ...they make me look honest.


 There's no way you could interpret this as an attack on gays, but doesn't it seem like
 there's a highly disproportionate number of gay men who win money on Regis's quiz show?

 Of course, I can't pick out who's gay and who's not, but there's a feeling I get
 when Regis interviews the guest's "partner" in the crowd.

 Nothing wrong with being gay, unless your friends and family are Boy Scouts,
 (did you see that handjob Rep. Rohrbocher on 60 Minutes last night?)
 but if they kept statistics on Regis's show regarding sexuality,
 woiuld we find a higher percentage of gay men?

 Gay men seem to have a creative gene most of us don't have,
 (artists, musicians, architects, decorators, hair-stylists, writers, painters, dancers)
 ...does anyone know if there's an intelligence gene there, too?


Subject: Re: Conason & Class warfare

While Mr. Conason's accurate definition of the current meaning of 'class warfare' is great,
I've yet to see anyone react to that phrase the right way.

"Class warfare?!?  You heartless, bought-and-paid-for corporate whores
have no idea what 'class warfare' is!  Think French Revolution, ya whiny bastards.
THAT, was class warfare.  Guess which side won...."

Shuts 'em up in a hurry,

 More Regis

 Did you see when regis had the old-timer celebs on a week or two back?
 I just saw the tape where Regis was talking to Valerie Bertenelli, wife of Eddie.

 Regis: You going to call Eddie if you get stumped on a music question?

 Valerie: Gosh, no - my husband knows nothing about music.

 ha ha

 Klayman Eats a Trifecta

 A federal court threw out a lawsuit brought against the Clinton White House by a woman who
 tried to make money on the Clinton Cock Gravy Train. It's just the latest court ruling in favor of
 the best president most Americans have ever had.

The golddigging woman alleged that she was raped, then later claimed a second rape by President Clinton
back sometime in the seventies. Juanita Broaddrick filed suit against the White House and the Department
of Justice in December 1999, claiming that Clinton administration staffers illegally maintained files about her
and disseminated the information to attack her credibility.

"It smelled like money - what can I say?" she told reporters outside the courthouse.

In a ruling last week, Judge Henry Kennedy threw out Broaddrick's lawsuit. The judge ruled that the president's
closest advisers are not covered by the Privacy Act and therefore could not have violated that law. Kennedy also
said he was convinced the Justice Department had not improperly released information about Broaddrick.

"Broaddrick has provided no factual support for her conspiracy allegations that the 'Clinton-Gore DOJ' disseminated
confidential files on her in order to 'smear and destroy her reputation,'" the judge wrote in his March 27 opinion.

Broaddrick's allegation that the president raped her in a Little Rock Hotel room in 1978 surfaced in the Paula Jones
civil lawsuit when it looked like Paula might make a shitload of money," AP reported Monday. At first, Broaddrick
was referred to only as Jane Doe No. 5. But she ran into the national spotlight when she heard NBC's Lisa Meyers
might give her $50 and a free lunch if she'd personally name Clinton as her attacker.

Clinton denied the politically-motivated horseshit from the start. During impeachment, some members of Congress
reviewed documents about the claim and found her convincing.

"The bottom line is I believe he did rape Broaddrick," said Rep. Chris Shays, (R-Cock-Hunter),
as though his personal hatred for Bill Clinton was "just as good as" proof.

In a separate ruling last week, another federal judge rejected a claim by a Clinton White House staffer that she was
illegally forced out of her job because her station was using a government database to support DNC
fund-raising efforts. Computer systems analyst Sheryl Hall's suit, filed in 1999, named Hillary (for publicity) and the
DNCommittee as defendants.

Judge Emmet Sullivan said that he was required to dismiss Hall's complaint because she had earlier lost a similar case
in federal court in Virginia under the guidance of eternal optimist Larry Klayman (R-No Dick)
Hall had also challenged the Justice Department's right to represent Mrs. Clinton, since she was never a White House
employee. Sullivan rebuffed that claim, finding that the government has broad authority to represent the first lady
even though she collected no salary.

"Damn, we wanted to bankrupt that bitch Hillary," said a spiteful Klayman

"It certainly does close the book." Clinton attorney David Kendall declined to comment on either ruling Friday.

Both Hall and Broaddrick were represented by attorneys from Judicial Watch, a conservative group that filed
dozens and dozens of lawsuits against the Clinton Administration. Larry Klayman, the group's chairman, attributes
the losses to politics.

The losses in the Broaddrick and Hall cases were just the most recent setbacks for Klayman's Jihad.
In January, a judge dismissed a case brought by a Dolly Kyle browning, who claimed Clinton allies conspired to
discourage publication of her fiction fantasty about an alleged affair with Clinton. That decision is being appealed
and Klayman said appeals will be filed in the Broaddrick and Hall cases as well.

"We will file lawsuits against Clinton years after he's been buried," vowed Klayman.


 Click  Here

 Did you see The Practice last night?
 It all started when ADA Helen Gamble, played by back-with-Jack railing Lara Flynn Boyle,

 was trying to coax a confession out of some idiot carjacker. She told him he should
 confess before Massachusetts Governor Whatshisname was just outside the door
 and he was going to execute the ignorant skel "to impress his buddy George W Bush."

 ha ha

 Knowing Smirk, the guy confessed in a Boston heartbeat.
 Geez, after seeing Smirk laughing and giggling at James Byrd's killers being executed,
 anybody would confess to avoid being another victim of Snippy's political ambitions.

 The judge ruled her actions illegal and let the carjacker go.

 The End of

 Click  Here

 From: Stephen McNeil


 Subject:   U.S. Plane in China After It Collides with Chinese Jet

 Dear Editor:

 Re: "U.S. Plane in China After It Collides with Chinese Jet"
 Is there a Chinese spy plane that carries out "routine surveilance mission" over the continental U.S.?
 Who do we think we are?

 So far the current Commander-in-Chief has killed seven Japanese, one New Zealander,
 and at least five U.S. military personnel in Kuwait, and now one Chinese aircorps member.
 When will this deadly stupidity stop?

 Stephen McNeil

 Final Regis Story

 I heard Regis tell this story:

 You know Millionaire is edited for time, right?
 That makes sense, because they have a rule that they won't rush a contestant.

 Wouldn't you have to be gambling with your $500,000 and some asshole is screaming,
 "Why the hell can't you make up your mind, already?"

 So - the rule is "Take all the time you need."

 One night, a guy stared at a question for 52 minutes.

 There they go again.
 Watch the Washington Post cover for the terrified Smirk.

 What they said Smirk said:
 WASHINGTON - In a tense standoff with China, President Bush demanded the
 prompt return of 24 U.S. spy plane crew members

 Then they wrote Smirk's exact words:
 "Failure of the Chinese government to react promptly to our request is inconsistent with standard
  diplomatic practice, and with the expressed desire of both our countries for better relations."

 Help me out - was that the "tense" part or the "demand?"

 They continued by quoting more Smirkisms:
 "Our priorities are the prompt and safe return of the crew and the return of the aircraft
  without further damaging or tampering,"

 With wild-ass cowboy talk like that, we're lucky China didn't launch their missles.

 Then Smirk repeated what he just finished saying:
 "My reaction is that the Chinese must promptly allow us to have contact with the 24 airmen
  and women that are there and return our plane to us without any further tampering,"

 Did he read the same page twice?

 And why are ABC radio and the Whore Post characterizing this weeny talk
 using such colorful and descriptive terms like "tense" and "demanding?"

 Americans Do Not Understand Cloning
   Lauran Neergaard, Washington Post, April 2, 2001

 Click  Here

WASHINGTON - "I want my son back," begins the father's e-mail,
 asking if he could have his deceased 8-year-old cloned.

"Let's say I am 33 and I want a clone.
 Is my clone also 33 or are they born as a baby?" asks another e-mail.

 Then there's the infertile woman who calls cloning her "only option" for a child but wants to know
 if a clone could look like both parents "or do you have to choose just one?"

 I need to do a special on this moron ditto-monkey, Wes Minter, who tortures common sense
 every day from 4-6 after Colonel Tugboat signs off.  He is so much more of a nasty prick
 than the vulgar Pigboy or Hannity or Chris the Screamer.

 He was talking about cloning the other day from a strictly "creationist" viewpoint, of course.
 He went on and on and on about the "evils" of cloning, and how upset God would be if we
 used the science He gave us to save lives or make them better.

 Then he got that rarest of callers on the line, an Oklahoma liberal, who pointed out that
 twins are clones of each other, and what was the evil in ordinary twins?

 This Wes Minter prick hit the ceiling and screamed into the microphone,
 "Because twins come from God, and clones come from science."

....then he hung up on the guy.

 Swear to Koresh, this ballsac Minter is another Mancow.


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 It had everything.

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   Thanks for the fumble, Dude.

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