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Volume 553 - Two Dollars, Please
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 August 11, 2001.  ..... ...  .............  Sabutai Concert 

 Twenty years of crime from the Bush Family Evil Empire

 Crime of the Century?
 Click  Here

 Bush had to pardon Weinberger to cover up the October Surprise and ILLEGAL arms sales to terrorist Iran
 which secured the first stolen election. We never learned the extent of the crimes since Bush buried it.
 Twenty years after the first stolen election came the second.stolen election.

 Who was that angry mob that shut down the recount in Miami?

 1. Tom Pyle, policy analyst, office of House Majority Whip Tom DeLay (R-Tex.).
 2. Garry Malphrus, majority chief counsel and staff director, House Judiciary subcommittee on criminal justice.
 3. Rory Cooper, political division staff member at the National Republican Congressional Committee.
 4. Kevin Smith, former House Republican conference analyst and more recently of
 5. Steven Brophy, former aide to Sen. Fred D. Thompson (R-Tenn.), now working at the consulting firm KPMG.
 6. Matt Schlapp, former chief of staff for Rep. Todd Tiahrt (R-Kan.), now on the Bush campaign staff in Austin.
 7. Roger Morse, aide to Rep. Van Hilleary (R-Tenn.).
 8. Duane Gibson, aide to Chairman Don Young (R-Alaska) of the House Resources Committee.
 9. Chuck Royal, legislative assistant to Rep. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.).
10. Layna McConkey, former legislative assistant to former Rep. Jim Ross Lightfoot (R-Iowa),
     now at Steelman Health Strategies.

 ...and these sons of bitches want to lecture us on the rule of law?

 And where were the whore networks?
 Why didn't they do their job and identify the criminals?

 The Fascist GOP made this out to be some kind of citizen's rebellion,
 when all the time it was goons from the Rent-a-Nazi corporation.

 Where was the whore press?
 Bending over for Smirk, just like they've done for almost two years.

1. Why doesn't the press ask about Bush's community service in Texas?
      To what crimes did Bush plead guilty and get community service?
      Did the punishment fit the crime?  Or give the Boy King get special treatment?

2. Why doesn't the press ask where Bush was when he went AWOL during a war?
      Don't they shoot wartime deserters?
      We could ask this guy,

              PFC Eddie Slovik

        ...but he was executed for deserting his post during a war.

        Slovik was the last US Solider to be exectuted for desertion.
        On Jan. 31, 1945, Eddie Slovik was executed by firing squad in France
        for the crime of desertion.

        Gen.Eisenhower personally ordered the execution to deter other potential deserters.

        I guess The Appointed One never heard about Eddie Slovik.
        Or maybe he just didn't care, because Daddy could get him out of anything.

3. Why doesn't the press ask President Leisure how many times he's been arrested?
        Bill Clinton is the most investigated man in history, and the Bush boy is the least investigated.
        We don't need the details of his sex life (although it might be interesting to know if George
        paid for a felony abortion of 15-year old in 1971 at Twelve Oaks Hospital in Houston)
        But if the republicans spent $100 million getting into Clinton's sex life, why can't we get some answers
        about how many times The Boy King has had to stand before a judge and say, "GUILTY?"

       We don't have the right to know how many times the APPOINTED president has been arrested?

4. Why does the press continue to serve Karl Rove and not the intrests of the public?
       Why are they so afraid to ask the simple questions?
        To this day, they continue to hunt twice-elected Clinton,
        but the wealthy APPOINTED king with the slow thinking gets a free pass?

5. The only free press we have left is on the Internet.
        Karl Rove and Uncle Dick haven't figured out how to control it, yet, but the boy king declared,
      "There should be limits to freedom," so we know they're trying.

 The press won't tell you, but not everyone is laying down for the Boy King.

 September 29th, Surround the White House

 Who made the stem cell decision?

 USA Today, which seems to be Bush's biggest cheerleader, said The Appointed One
 "read, researched and agonized" about the decision, but that's what a hands-on president would do.

 All reports of Bush's "executive style" have said Bush prefers verbal summations to reading.
 Back in Texas when he was executing a different inmate every 17 days, instead of reading
 the file on the about-to-depart, he's ask for a verbal summary, instead.

 That's my Bush.
 Why bother with all that readin' when Joe Fred can sum it up in seconds?

 He'd often hear, "He seems guilty to me," and that would constitute his obligation
 to "review" the case before ordering the state of Texas to remove another soul from the Earth.

 This, from the guy who said Thursday, "Human life is too precious to be destroyed so callously?"

 If he can't be bothered to read a report on a grandmother's life he's about to extinguish,
 why would anyone expect him to waste time on a bunch of inanimate cells?

Guess who got a great write-up in USA Today?

Media What?!

In our revenge-of-the-Net-savvy-lefties category: An e-zine that
"set out to bring the media to their knees - but found they were already there"
is ruffling many a feather within the journalistic establishment.
(Be prepared for some bare-knuckled criticism like you may not have seen before.)

What a good line that is, "but found out they were already there."

ha ha

A shot of Chinaco to JennyQ and her

 Drew Carey Treated for Blocked Artery

 Drew Carey of ABC-TV's ``The Drew Carey Show,'' underwent a successful procedure Friday
 to unblock a coronary artery after experiencing chest pains the day before, his publicist said.

 Carey, 43, was admitted to an LA hospital where doctors also installed a stent to keep the artery open.
 The procedure was similar to the one Cheney underwent in March.  Stents are tiny mesh tubes used to
 prop open arteries cleared through angioplasty, a surgical procedure  in which a balloon catheter is
 snaked through the artery and inflated to clear a blockage.

 "It was very successful and he's feeling fine,'' Carey's publicist said Friday night.
 "He was joking and his usual jovial self.''

  She said Carey's doctor expects that he'll be able to return to work next week.


Subject: Jerry Falwell

Last night I saw this hypocrite on television say "Harvesting stem cells is murder," but he still supports Bush.
Just as I always suspected this man of God has sold his soul to the republican party.

That's just more proof that their position is horseshit.
Jerry Falwell is a whore in every sense of the word.
He and Bill Bennett should be licensed in Nevada.
They exist ONLY to raise funds for the RNC.

They love to scream, "baby killers" at Bill and Hillary, but when you point out
that Bush's wife and mother are "baby killers," Falwell says, "...but they're good people."
Their logic has more holes that that Smirky's Star Wars shield.

 How Bush will spend his summer vacation
   by Gene Lyons

 Click  Here

 Show me a man who takes a Texas vacation in August, and I'll show you a politician or a fool.

 George II says he plans to spend much of the month communing with beef cattle. Give me a break.
 Cowboy hat and all, Bush's idyll at his recently acquired ranch in Crawford, Texas, constitutes a purer
 form of play-acting than did any of the poll-tested Clinton vacations.

 Rich Texans buy ranches for the same reasons rich NewYorkers buy Park Avenue condos and
 donate to art museums: to consolidate their social status and advertise their sensibilities.

 In Texas iconography, the Bush ranch symbolizes the rugged individualism of the kind that people
 who inherit great wealth are eager to impersonate.  Previous to inheriting the White House, the smallest
 city George W. Bush had occupied during his adult life was Midland, Texas, not exactly a country town.
 He's no more a rancher than Bill Clinton's a duck hunter.

The Master Flight Plan for the shuttle


Subject: Rosa Parks Highway update

Dear Bartcop,

I live in St. Louis and I am more intimately familiar with the Klan 's attempt to adopt a stretch of highway.

Before the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the Klan, the Missouri legislature passed a bill renaming that
stretch of Interstate 55."  The bill was signed into law by Democratic Governor Mel Carnahan (since deceased).
I-55 now has two big green signs with the words "Rosa Parks Highway."

After the Supremos ruled in favor of the Klan, the Missouri Highway Department erected two "Adopt a Highway"
program signs with the Ku Klux Klan name.  The first night the signs were up, they were torn down and stolen by
a vandal.  About a week later, the signs were replaced but were immediately torn down by a nearby resident
who was disgusted by the signs.  The second  "vandal" was arrested.  The signs were never replaced after that.

A few months later, the Klan was kicked out of the adopt a highway program
because they had never picked up any trash along the highway.
It seems that people had littered the stretch of highway tenfold since news of the Klan's adoption.

is going nova when the TV season starts.
The Vidiot handles the TV section over there, and she's a fun read.

Dark Angel


A hot chick on a bike.
I honestly don't know why my boyfriend doesn't watch this show.

Dark Angel takes place in a post-apocolyptic, not-so-distant future. I think a big EMT
destroyed all of the country's communications so each city is sort of an Island.
I dunno, I could be wrong about this. That premier episode was a long time ago.
Anyway, little miss hottie is a gentically superior female that has escaped from a
government facility, and of course, the bad guys are looking for her.
She, in turn, is looking for the rest of the escapees that left with her.

I may not watch this one enough, but when I do, it doesn't entirely suck.
Hey, it's better than Harball with Chris Matthews.

ha ha

Who can disagree?
Hot chick on a bike (and she's hotter this year - have you seen the promos?)
Mrs. BartCop watched a Dark Angel rerun tonight while I wrote.
At one point, the muggers hit her date with a gun and knocked him out
Alba turns her baseball cap backwards and, staring at the guy with the gun, says,
"Just for that I'm going to have to kiss your ass," like she's Billy Jack's daughter.

ha ha

Muggers was flyin' every which way.
So, in about 30 days, catch the premiers of all the shows and then read 

We have that new babe on Law & Order,
we have that new Jill Hennessey autopsy show,
CSI is going to be better this year - that'll be cool,
West Wing is just weeks away, same for The Practice.
Small Town X will heat up and eventually explode, (Who will win the Corvette?)

...and Bob Patterson will set records for sucking...

So many shows, many opinions.
Do you have an opinion?

You'll either agree with The Vidiot, or BartCop, or you'll disagree.
If you'd like to contribute reviews of your favorite shows, contact The Vidiot
Tell her you'll be sending her reviews on certain shows each week.

We'll have you published in the NYW Times inside a year.

From: Laura

Subject: Chinese spy plane incident

I share your contempt for resident weak and stupid however your analogy about
thugs breaking into your home and robbing and raping you is a flawed analogy
because it was us who were flying over their territory or near it anyway.

Believe it or not, certain words were used intentionally. That bit started with,
"Let's say you're sitting in your home one day, minding your own business..."

The boy king has guaranteed America that plane was doing nothing illegal. He told us they
were attacked while over international waters, in effect, minding their own business.
If this is true, for what were we groveling, begging forgiveness and writing checks?

I think you could have used a much better argument against compensation to the Chinese.
If  you believe the Chinese were at fault for the incident and the fact that they held those
troops hostage would be enough of an argument against smirk's payment.

Exactly - why did we pay them for knocking our plane out of the sky?
I suspect our installed leader is lying to us.

Also your use of the term "Chi-coms" is something the right wing uses,
I hate to see our side resort to such red-baiting, nationalistic posturing.

Well, they are Chinese and they are communists.

Also I don't share your pro-military views.  They gave Clinton hell for having avoided Vietnam as well
as having rejected Gore who served in Vietnam all the while giving a free pass and enthusiastic support
to smirk who deserted the National Guard and Dick who received 5 defferments to avoid Vietnam.
As long as those in uniform continue to practice this double standard and give republican draft dodgers
and deserters a free pass while excoriating Democrats who haven't done anything as bad,
they won't get my respect.  Please withhold my name.

I gave them some hell for their wrong-thinking when I wrote,
"I don't understand why a military family would rather their boy die under Bush or Saint Reagan
  than come home safely under President Clinton."

Sure, they're unable to explain themselves, but as long as these guys are wearing the uniform
I'll cut them a considerable amount of slack, because what is the alternative?

 Burying the news
   by Gene Lyons

 Click  Here

 Scarcely had the cheering died down than a Pentagon official admitted to
 Defense Week that the target missile was rigged with a global positioning
 satellite beacon that guided the kill vehicle toward it. This wasn't a test, it
 was a combination turkey shoot and high-tech tent show revival.


Subject: Opening Statement on BartCop Radio

Oh, for Koresh's sake, BartCop . . . never, ever, read a prepared statement again
for a microphone or a camera equipped with one! That was well and truly awful!
I was dying alongside you as I listened to your constricted pipes choking out
what I've come to regard as classic BC print vitriol.

May I suggest that, next time, you sip three fingers of Chinaco Anejo BEFORE
you go on the air, then stand up while you are talking. If you must give a rant to
open the show then just jot down two or three points at most to refer to while
you talk to us just as you do in print! Do it from the heart.

We're all sitting in that easy chair across from you enjoying some fine tequila and
shootin the shit about the heeuuuuggggeeee mess we're in. You don't have to cover
the gamut in the 1st 3 minutes. Another trick to open the show might be for you
to visualize one of those omnipresent freepers and just go off on him (or her).

I know you will kick ass at this gig - and I suspect it will be as soon as
you relax and be yourself. No more prepared statements!

David Bolton

I didn't think it was that bad, but the voters are with you.
"Too much cursing, you talk too fast, you didn't make sense, you have bad enunciation"
 ...and those were just the compliments I got.

If you think the prepared statement was bad,
you won't want to hear the first radio show.

Maureen Dowd hates everybody
 This time, it's Bill Clinton, with some shots at Hillary.
 This time, she fabricates thoughts inside Bill Clinton's head.
 This time, she invents quotes and motives trying to make some point that never makes it home.

 ...and her last line is such a shocker.  Her last line is...

"It was Newt Gingrich."

Read this calloused handjob from a formerly-respected writer.

Click  Here

If anybody has a clue about the point she intended to make,
(besides reaffirming her hatred for everybody) let me know.

She calls others "fat."

Hey, this looks like a really cool club!
Let's all go there sometime and...

Oh, that's right, it closed down in 1987 and almost bankrupted the owner.

We had a 72-inch TV with some great RTR speakers blaring live concerts
during the week, then live rock n roll on Friday and Saturday nights.

You know what killed us?
The two dollar cover charge.

POeople would come to the door and the doorman would say, "Two dollars please,"
and people would say, "Two dollars? What a fucking ripoff," and stalk off mad.

Yeah, like I'm going to hire a thousand dollar band and GIVE it away.

Oh, well, we got out of it $40K in debt but we had a lot of fun.

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 It had everything.

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   Thanks for the fumble, Dude.

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