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Volume 555 - Democrats Back Off 
August 13, 2001 

The Democrats Want It Both Ways
  by Neil Murray

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 Sure to cause tremors in the Nader/Moore camp.


Subject: Spineless Democrats 

"Spineless cowards..." --Bartcop commentary on the Democrats 
It is rather interesting to read almost every day some sort of attack on the Democratic party
and it's inability (or unwillingness) to fight with the Republicans, to stand up for what they 
believe in, to show some principles...all the while obsessing over Green Party members for daring to doing just that.  Hmmm.  
They may be spineless, fraudulent cowards, 
but they're our spineless fraudulent cowards!...right?

The Democrats COULD be turned around with one Patton-type speech. 
It COULD take decades to build the "Nader" party into something more than 3 percent. 

You willing to let the GOP name the next 6 Supreme Court justices? 


 "Do you know what President Bush's handicap is at golf? 
   Trying to add up the score." 
     --Jay Leno 

  "Of course, Al Gore is in the ring. The way he sees it, he isn't starting all over. 
    He is running for re-election against a man he has already defeated. 
    He just needs to evict the Occupant at 1600 Pennsylvania, the Scalia squatter. 
    After all, W. is never there anyway. And even when he's there, he's not there."
      -- Mo Dowd, she hates everybody

Pickle's Tragedy

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Subject: Regarding crop circles:

The Aug. 13th edition has an article on crop circles (a ninth circle supposedly "appeared"
in front of researchers).  Well. I don't really buy into the crop circle thing, 

BUT:  On July 16th evening, I watched a WNBC TV (NYC) news broadcast about a 
formation of about 14-16 UFO's witnessed over the Bayonne, New Jersey area.  There was
a video of this V-shaped formation, several of the 'craft' moving in and about.  There were eye-witness testimonies from many people, including at least one policeman.  Ok...a major sighting witnessed by so many people...I would assume there would be follow-up of some kind.

A refutation, a Gov't explanation, a weather occurence...but, to my amazement, not a single follow-up.  I cannot find it on the web, my local paper...a biggie (Newsday) said at first they hadn't heard anything, then, after a second email,  said they think it might have been a meteor...Hmmm, 14-16 meteors flying in formation, interesting.  WNBC, the NYC affiliate 
for NBC, replied to my email saying they get too many queries to answer personally.
What the hell?  I mean, I'm not a student or follower of the UFO thing, but this is ridiculous...
I can find nothing on it.

BTW, great site..........jotho

Jotho, the press in this country does a horrible job. 
They can't get anything right, they are the most shameless of whores. 
They are too lazy to do even the slightest bit of work and if they don't find the story 
they're looking for, they just make shit up. They should all be ashamed of themselves. 

I think the term "press ethics" should be illegal to utter. 
If a UFO landed in the middle of Times Square, they would only cover the story from the 
angle of how it affects Clinton's cock - it's the only story they know how to write 

I don't know anything about the press in other countries, but here in America, the value of "news" is only what advertisers are willing to pay for, so horseshit rules the day. 

About a month ago in K-Drag, the Rush station told a horrific story about the stupidest
criminals ever. These idiots kidnapped a woman, tied her up and took turns raping her with
whatever objects they could find around the house. These crazy animals then took pictures
and tried to have them developed at FotoMat where the clerk immediately called police
and they staked out the hut.

The nut comes back to get his precious pictures and was arrested. The cops questioned him
but he wouldn't give his name, his address, the girl's name - nothing. The biggest problem they faced was that once the suspect was processed, he got his phone call and they were certain 
his first phone call would be to someone who'd tell the others to (probably) kill the woman.

...there was never another word said about the case.

Here we have a woman with possibly hours to live, and I didn't hear another word about it, 
even tho I listen to nine hours of talk radio every weekday. I was hoping the woman survived
but the idiot whore media probably found some worthless Clinton accusation to run with instead, so this tick, tick, tick story of this woman's life just melted into the background, never to be heard again. To this day, I don't know is she lived or if they ever found her body - nothing - because the whore press is so stupid and so incompetent they can't tell a simple story.

If anybody knows what happened to that poor lady, could you let me know?

 Philly paper says we scooped

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 Bush snub story takes on life of its own 
 E-mail starts with Philly man, goes worldwide

 The man, whose name we agreed to withhold, said in the e-mail that as Bush worked the 
 crowd at the Greater Exodus Baptist Church in North Philly, he confronted the president,
 saying he was disappointed with him and hoped he wouldn't get reelected.

"Who cares what you think?" Bush allegedly replied.

 The man sent the e-mail to his friends. In it, he suggested he might sell
 "Who cares what you think?" T-shirts. His friends sent the e-mail to their friends.

 Then it began popping up on Web sites:, and, just this week, on

 But this doesn't mean is a slacker web site. 
 I'm sure they've scooped us on some story, too. 

 A reader saw this on and sent it in.

 We need an honest translator to tell us what Bush is really saying. 
 Here are a few translations that you can rely on: 

 Typical Bush Statement: "I'm putting this aside for further study." 
 Translation: I refuse to deal with this and maybe it will go away. 

 Statement: "I will permit government funding for the existing stem cell lines." 
 Translation: A big thanks to the pharmaceutical industry for the enormous campaign funds. 
 Go forth and flourish. You own the existing cell lines, here and abroad. 
 May a monetary windfall come your way. 

 Statement: "I intend to do some deep thinking about this and come up with a decision 
 that is right for the American People." 
 Translation: I intend to ask Rove, Hughes and Cheney what would be the best decision
 for  American Business. 

 Statement: "I have appointed a commission on this subject and they will be making
 recommendations to me." 
 Translation: I have stacked the deck with people who are pro Bush and right wing thinkers. 

 Statement: "I will spend a vacation month in August at my ranch in Crawford, 
  the Western White House. Part of the time will be a working vacation." 
 Translation: "I'm so sick of Washington, D.C. and dodging my responsibilities that 
  I'm going to my hideout where none of you can get to me. I will read (my?) decision
 on stem cell research from a teleprompter, and that's it!" 

 Statement: "I have restored dignity to the White House." 
 Translation: Making everyone dress in business attire has surely fooled the country. 

 Need I go on? 


 Cathy, good stuff! 

 Get your Bill Clinton trading cards
 People line up to be first to get collector's items 

 Click  Here

 HOT SPRINGS, Ark. (AP) - The lineup started at 6 a.m. Friday for
 fans jockeying to be among the first to own a Bill Clinton trading card. 

 When the doors to the convention center opened seven hours later,
 1,200 people had gathered to watch the former president's
 stepfather, Dick Kelley, accept the first baseball-style card. 

 "I'm one of the proudest guys that ever came down the pike," Kelley said. 

 Am I the only one looking forward to this movie? 
 Chris Rock, George Carlin and Ben Affleck join Jay & Silent Bob in Hollywood. 
 It looks like a can't-miss to me, but I'm usually wrong guessing what the masses will like. 
 Since they're not having sex with pies or wanking animals, the kids won't like it. 

 Jay breaks all the language rules. 
 The only movie I've seen them in is Dogma, and Jay used prison talk the whole time. 
 I was offended at first, because he was saying, "Pass the fucking salt," at dinner, 
 but after a while it got funny to me and I can't explain why. 
 He was so out of line, he told God (Alanis Morrisette) that she had nice tits. 

 Odds are Carlin and Rock will only have small cameos, but I'll pay for it. 
 At my age, it seems like only one or two movies out of ten are worth paying for. 

 I think we should have a round of applause for Jenna Bush. 
 She's been arrest free for last 30 days. 
 Of course, it's very possible she's been caught and arrested again, and the whole thing 
 was hushed up, like her daddy's cocaine bust in Houston, so who knows? 

 I'm sure if she's spotted doing community service, the press will be "too polite" 
 to ask for which of her crimes she's doing the time. 


Subject: Christopher Reeve did not like Shrubs decision 

You wrote:

>Judas:  This most certainly was a great political victory for the president. 
               The right-to-lifers are happy and so is Christopher Reeve. 
               Bush is an incredible genius. 

 Judas had best do a little homework.  He is full of BS when he says Christopher Reeve 
 is happy with Shrubs stem cell decision. Reeve was not pleased. Larry King talked to 
 Mary Tyler Moore and Reeve right after Shrubs speech. Reeve was not happy at all, 
 he did not like the limited study Shrub is allowing plus he wondered where the heck 
 did the number 60 come from, which is exactly what Moore wondered as did Michael
 J. Fox the following day.  They are all in touch with scientists constantly they said and 
 they had never heard there were 60 stem cells. So Judas has best get his head out from 
 where the sun does not shine, actually he could take the rest of the crew and take 
 a flying leap.. 


 Karen, I've said this many times, but I thought when ABC hired Judas, it was to have a 
 liberal voice on the panel, but all he does is ditto every personal slur that comes out of 
 George Will's mouth. When George Will says, "Clinton is a liar," Judas pipes up with 
 "...and he's a pervert, too," so why was Steffie hired in the first goddamn place? 

 Reminder: Judas isn't there to play fair or give the facts. He's there to help ABC News 
 get a piece of the Fox News angry white man viewership that pays so well. 

 I guess with Cokie Roberts sitting there, Judas looks like a genius. 

 I know you don't care much about sports, 
 but the St Louis Rams look vastly improved this year on defense. 

 Last year when they lost games, it was usually 48-45 or something like that, 
 so if they can get a defense on the field, that 45 points should win a lot of games. 
 John Madden said they were the most potent offense he'd ever seen in football, 
 so a little defense might make them a contender. 

 BTW, our sports editor, The Angry Burgher  said he'd keep the sports page alive 
 until football season got underway. I would've bet a bottle of Chinaco that sports was 
 a thing some people got passionate about, but apparently not Democrats. 

 Bush's Polls Are Much Worse than the Media Pretends

 Click  Here

 The Conventional Wisdom for the past couple of weeks is that Resident-Select Bush 
 has gotten a bump in the polls, and the media sent him off on his "working vacation" 
 with lots of puff pieces about his recent victories in the House. As always with the Shrub, 
 however, there were some interesting, and largely overlooked items in those polls. 
 For example: 48% of the respondents agreed that Bush had won "fair and square"; 
 but 50% (fully half) did not! 33% of those polled felt that Bush had won "on a technicality", 
 and 17% (1 out of every 6 Americans) were willing to tell pollsters that they believe 
 that Bush "stole the election"! 

 Top headline in this morning's USA Today

 "DEMOCRATS BACK OFF" on firearms

 Hell, that's not news. 
 If the Democrats did NOT back off, THAT would be news. 

 Spineless cowards, cashing a paycheck while refusing to work. 

 Isn't that fraud? 
 Can't we have the Democrats arrested for taking money under false pretenses? 

 CNN Wants Pigboy

 Click  Here

 Desperate to get a bigger piece of that Clinton Cock Pie, CNN is waving money at 
 Rush Limbaugh in an attempt to slow the growth of Fox News, sources say.
 First reports say Rush will only take the job if he can be News Director.

 Thank Koresh Karl Rove doesn't control the Internet - yet. 
 Ashcroft is working on a way to silence all critics. 


 "We can't bring back the past,
    so let's make the best of the future."
     -- Merril Lynch tag line in their new commercials. 

 Maybe that should be the Democrat's theme in 2004. 

  What a Fraud!
 Bush Decided Stem Cell Straddle One Month Ago; 
  Since, he's been seeking Scientific Support, Political Cover
  "What a hypocrite," critics scream. 

 Click Here

 Newsweek had already previewed the compromise in its July 9 cover story, 
"The Stem Cell Wars,''  reporting that although Rove was prohibited from 
 speaking to reporters about the White House position  on stem cell research, 
 he had quietly been floating the ``existing lines'' idea.

 Realization: This was all Karl Rove from the beginning. 
 All that smoke and mirrors about talking to the Pope and praying was horseshit.
 The decision was always Rove's to make - to prepare for The Theft of  2004.

 Lessons Not Learned
    by RB Ham 

  Click  Here

 Poor Vic the Racist

 He just stumbled on to the term, "demoncrats," and now he's using in every sentence. 
 He thinks that's the most clever thing he's ever heard in his whole life. 

 Once he gets used to it, 
 I'll drop "victocrates" on him and get free gourmet cooking for a week. 

 Two Shots of Happy... 

 Over the weekend, Mark McGwire hit #574 and #575
 He's now in fifth place on the all-time home run list, 
 with Frank Robinson's #586 the next to fall. 

 Granted, he strikes out a lot, but his last 12 hits have all been home runs.

 All he needs is twelve more home runs to replace Robinson on baseball's Mount Rushmore.
 Already, they won't let him pay for food, drinks, sex, gasoline, groceries etc in St Louis. 
 When he joins Rushmore, he will be a bigger legend than ever. 

 I expect the sports networks to go crazy covering this. 
 Aaron and Robinson were the seventies. 
 Ruth was the thirties. 
 Mays was the sixties. 
 This is now. 

 When Mark goes Rushmore, I will drink a shot of Chinaco
 Mark McGwire - one of the most decent men in sports. 

 Crop Circle Changes As Researchers Watch

 Click  Here


"President Bush isn't going to change his mind on stem cell research,
  no  matter  what some scientist discovers."
     --Tommy Thompson, quoted by Fox News 

 Exactly, and that's a big problem. 
 Reagan was the same way. 
 Once he made up his mind, 
 all the science and logic in the world couldn't shake him. 

 Y'know, there's something to be said for "sticking to your guns,"
 be refusing to recognize change is just plain stupid. 

Letterman enemy under Fed investigation
 Why are media execs knobbing with Castro?

  Click  Here

 Moonves, the CBS president, took a razzing from David Letterman after his return. 
 Letterman ran a skit, Lunch with Les and Fidel,' in which an actor playing Castro says, 
 "Les, throughout the decades, to insure a strong dictatorship, I have starved my 
   countrymen and tortured and murdered my political opponents.''

 The Moonves character then quips: ``The Bette Midler Show was my idea.''

 Happy Birthday to...

 Funny how birthdays are spread out. 
 Today, the only guy worth mentioning is dead, but tomorrow 
 is so jam-packed it'll look like a damn People magazine. 


 "Doctors say President Bush's sitting heartbeat is 43.
   Sure, ...the heart has it easy when it doesn't have to pump blood to the brain."
      -- Dennis Miller, pretending to be fair 

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