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Volume 808 - The color of an eye

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 Weekend  June 1-2, 2002 


"I'm just so thankful right now … that I have legs. And that I have arms,
  and that God gave me another day to wake up and see my kids. I am so
  grateful for that right now. When I wake up every morning, I feel like I'm
  80 years old, and it makes you not want to get up. But you know the thing
  is just to keep moving. … All I can do is wake up every morning and
  thank God for giving me that day and go on with my day." "
    -- Niki Taylor to Charles Gibson in her first TV interview since the accident.

  Full Story

 Texas Man to Be Tried for Heckling Elected Bush

  Full Story

 A man who yelled at the elected Bush should be tried for heckling, a state court ruled.
 Travis County Attorney Ken Oden said Markovich might have gone beyond his First Amendment
 rights by "substantially impairing" Bush's speech, because Bush stopped talking after Markovich cursed.

 Causing a member of the royal family to pause?
 Hell, this could be a death penalty offense in Texas.

 Mail Bag

 Hey Bart,

 I am answering the call and signing on as a Corona volunteer.
 Hoping to be able to move up to the more pretigous Silver level soon, but for now
 the B.F.E.E. is screwing with my husband's company and things are tight.

 I hope you go forward with a Vegas version of Juliefest.
 I wouldn't miss it.
 Thanks for wielding the hammer.

 Loyal BartCopper,

 Ocean Park, CA

 Isn't it odd that Jenna Bush was twice caught breaking alcohol laws
 but the tabloids keep running stories that imply Chelsea is the party girl?

 Let's see...

 One is a straight-A student who's never been arrested,

 and one is a wild and known law-breaker and repeat public drunk, who uses our
 tax dollars to redeem her friends from the local drunk tank, who is an underage
 club-hopping girl gone wild in LA who currently works for The Sopranos,


 ....so the papers run stories about the straight-A student?

 The BFEE Press machine is really something.

 ...and the lazy, lapdog media whores will do anything to screw Clinton
 and prop up the illegal fraud who stole the election from the voters.

 How about that Tyson fight?
  I'm going to watch it, are you?

 Milt & I are working on a contest - maybe see who can pick which round Tyson bites Lewis.

 Would a live chat during the fight be a dumb idea?
 We could talk between rounds.
 We could make fun of the five-hour buildup, too.
 The post-fight press conferences from the hospital should be funny.

Mail Bag


According to that hysterical article you linked today, it was Peter Joseph McCoy
who took The Disgusting Pigboy's place on The Vietnam Wall while he was
at his Mommy's house caring for his festering ass.  You should keep that name handy.

You might even want to put out the word that it might be a good idea for a DC
Bartcopper to go down and snap a photo of Mr. McCoy's name as it is on The Wall.

Any of you DCers own a camera?

Maybe they could also snap a photo of D. C. Carter's inscription.
He's the dude who got wasted so that smirking pile of shit could go AWOL
and find out what it's like to sodomize a 15 year old with a head full of blow.



Sir or madam, you'd better watch that kind of talk.
It's illegal to criticize the government, didn't you know?
If John Ashcroft hears about...///

"Come in, Torture HQ,
 This is Field Commander Ashcroft.
 We have illegal speech at  bartcop.com
 Please send choppers and torturers, ASAP!
 Look for a 'BS' with a bad attutude!"

  An exercise in free speech.
 The Heroism of the US Military

  Click  Here

 They read it in Berlin.
 They read it in Brussels.
 They read it in Birmingham.


It's the oil, the stupidity, and the cowardice
     by James Higdon

  Click  Here

  9/11 Coverup Questioned
 What did Bush keep from public?
      by Jim Cullen

  Click  Here

 The White House counterterrorism coordinator, Richard C. Clarke, on July 5 gathered
 high-level leaders of the Federal Aviation Administration, Coast Guard, FBI, Secret Service
 and Immigration and Naturalization Service and told them flatly: "Something really spectacular
 is going to happen here, and it's going to happen soon," the Washington Post reported May 16.

 Yet Bush denied advance knowledge of the Sept. 11 attack. In January he told Tom Brokaw,
 "It's hard to envision a plot so devious as the one that they pulled off on 9/11.
 Never did we realize that the enemy was so well-organized."

Mail Bag

Hi there Bart hope all is well with you.
Every day is a day closer to the bush lies coming out.
Can't wait to see him testify. :-))

And now to completely change the subject, the football world cup is going on
in this part of the world and here's someone's version of his World Cup :

It's now the end of May, 2002. I live in a bachelor pad in South London. I've just quit an absolute
headfuck of a job, and am about to start a brilliant one. The '98 Diary got me noticed by a magazine,
and I now do regular freelance for proper magazines and newspapers. The whole world seems to
have gone mad, and there might be a war over Kashmir. But enough about that shit - the World Cup's
about to start again, and from tomorrow I shall be starting the Diary.
Unbelievers, heathens, basketball fans - step up and be anointed...

Warning - language alert

Heh those English sure are colorful.

Best wishes,

is always worth a read.
 Yesterday they had a wet t-shirt special.

  bartcop.com reader tells her story
 Dian Hardison Meets the Bush Gestapo

  Click  Here

 It isn't often we get to present a first hand, "as it actually happened" account of
 the Nazi-esque activity of the Bush Justice Dept. Usually, the victims are swept away
 and disappear before anyone can get enough info to tell their stories - like those 1,200
 or so folks who were rounded up on varying pretexts after 9/11. But here is a real life
 event for you, in the words of those involved, in real time.

Britney Spears, sunbathing topless in public,
 daring the paparazzi to snap one for the tabloids.

 BartCop MIRC chat

 Have you checked out the chat yet?

 Was September 11th allowed to happen?

  Click  Here

 We now know that Bush and his supporters knew that the terrorist attack was coming,
 and we're learning more every day about just how much they really knew. Bush's people
 are now spending quite a bit of time trying to blame the FBI, CIA, and others for either
 massive intelligence failures, or a failure to more fully inform Bush, or both. Additionally,
 Cheney is not only advising Bush not to hand over any of the intelligence briefings prior to
 September 11, 2001, he is also refusing to cooperate with the idea of convening an
 independent commission to investigate those terrible events.

 What are they hiding?
 What is it they don't want us, the American people, to know?


 The Battle of Midway is just two days away.

 Meet the Press:
The Corruption of Journalism in Wartime
     by Ted Rall

 Click  Here

 The "new" Northern Alliance government was no better than the Taliban; with the
 exception of the U.S.-appointed former oil-company hacks in charge, they were Talibs.

 Women still wore their burqas, stonings continued at the soccer stadium and the bodies of
 bombing victims piled up by the thousands. Not only was the War on Terror failing to catch
 terrorists, it was creating a new generation of Afghans whose logical response to losing their
 friends and parents and siblings and spouses and children would be to hate America.

 Why didn't the truth about the extent of civilian casualties get out?

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 The Politics of Treason
  by William Rivers Pitt

  Click  Here

 Wright's claims of FBI malfeasance have become an accent in the symphony of
 accusation that include Rowley's assertions and dozens of terror warnings from
 foreign intelligence services such as the French Directorate of Territorial Security (DST).
 The DST was screaming at Rowley's Minnesota FBI office about Zacarias Moussaoui
 and terrorist plans to crash airplanes into important targets, but no one from Rowley's
 office could get FBI headquarters to pay attention to these warnings until it was too late.

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 The Fall continues for Laura the Unloved
  "Doctor" Laura loses another big city affiliate.


 WRKO in Boston terminated their contract to carry Dr. Laura,
 effective after last night's 11 PM-1 AM delayed program.
 In its place, WRKO is putting on a locally-produced show.


 Homeowners Insurance


"L.A. has been announced as being the smoggiest city in the country.
  It’s so bad here that last week, President Bush choked without a pretzel."
        -- Leno

 Father's Day is just around the corner.
 Could dad use 200 minutes of free long distance?

 ...for just $20.82?

to start saving money on long distance

 What he really wants is a free trip to Las Vegas to have sex
  with a classy call girl who looks like the playmate of the year...

 ...but if you don't love him that much,
 at least get him 200 minutes of free long distance.

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 BartCop, ...BartCop...

 BartCop - come to Vegas...

Mail Bag

I've been watching The Shield from the beginning this week,
and I have to say, it's like being in the White House.

Vick is Dick Cheney, who THINKS he's a good cop, but he's not.
The goofy, toothy guy (sorry, I don't know what his name is) is President Monkey in a Man Suit.
You know the one I mean......the one Vick spends all his time trying to calm down and keep in line
bout the MURDER they perpetrated.

This may be unfair to the goofy, toothy character.
He may actually be a lot smarter than Bunnypants.

Best regards,

The season finale Tuesday night should be a monster.
The whole year, this best new show has produced an excellent product.
They establish on the premier that when things get tough,
they go to Vic and say "Fix this, would you?  We'll close our eyes."

And if you haven't been watching, you can see the last five episodes leading
up to the explosive climax by watching FX tonight, Monday and Tuesday.
Then, at 11PM ET/10 PM CT, the big ending.


"There is a law that man should love his neighbor as himself.
 In a few hundred years it should be as natural to mankind as breathing
 or the upright gait; but if he does not learn it he must perish."
   -- Alfred Alder, Austrian psychoanalyst (1870-1937) who was then
       beaten to death by an angry mob of right-wing conservatives (Nazis)

Whopper of the Week: Ari Fleischer

 Click  Here

 Observe the master at work.
 Fleischer throws his questioner off balance first by hectoring her,
 and then by creating a plausible-sounding distinction between nation-building
 by civilian agencies of the U.S. government (which Fleischer says Bush has
 always favored) and nation-building by the U.S. military (which Fleischer says
 Bush continues to oppose). In fact, though, Bush had previously made no such
 distinction—in the debate, he opposed nation-building by civilians or the military.

 Why can't the president's spokesman tell the truth about 911?
 Why can't the president's spokesman tell the truth about Afghanistan?
 Why can't the president's spokesman tell the truth about anything?

 We're not asking who's been giving Ari oral sex, because that's not our business.
 It would be OK with me if Ari lied about his private sex life, but that's not the issue.
 We're asking about the war, our tax money and our civil rights, and our future,
 and we're being lied to by The B.F.E.E.'s official spokesman?


 We are paying the salary of this man to lie to us about life-and-death issues?
 Is that what Bush meant about honor and integrity in the White House?
 We are paying him to tell us the truth, but as long as the Washington Press Corp
 is part of Bush's plan, we're helpless until they steal the next election.

Today in History

In 1924, Congress granted U.S. citizenship to all American Indians,
thereby granting them legal access to parts of some of the land we stole from them.

In 1975, VP Nelson Rockefeller, with a straight face, said his commission had found no widespread
pattern of illegal activities at the Central Intelligence Agency.  Let's see..., that was shortly after the B.F.E.E.
took over the CIA and installed George Herbert Herbert Bush as their director.
Yep, I agree.
No chance of any widespread pattern of illegal activities there.
George likes his illegal activity spread in smaller patterns, like Al Qaeda.

Ten years ago: Bill Clinton officially clinched the Democratic presidential nomination
as he won the six final primaries of the campaign and The Hunting of the President began.

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Five years ago: Ronald Reagan's "Government is the problem" movement had a major setback
when Timothy McVeigh was convicted of murder and conspiracy in the Oklahoma City bombing.

One year ago: Nepal's Crown Prince Dipendra, on life support after killing at least eight members
of the royal family, including his parents, before finally turning the gun on himself, was named king
by Nepal's State Council.

Note: Nepal's method of choosing their king is just slightly worse than America's.

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