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Volume 883 - Just Blame Bill


Thursday   Sept 5, 2002.................................... .............................................. 
 VCR Alert - O.J. - The True Hollywood Story is this Sunday night on E!
  They're promising he's going to "tell all," which is a lie, but maybe he'll say something, or drop some clue.
  Isn't "How did he do it?" one of the great unanswered questions of our time?
  I'll watch it so you don't have to.  Hell, I listen to Rush, so I can sure handle O.J. for two hours.

 Also, Greg Palast on Donahue tonight


"We are America. Those other people are not."
     --  Rich Bond, Chairman of the RNC, at the 1992 Convention:

 Those "other people" are you and me.
 We're not America.

 Plans For Iraq Attack Began On 9/11
  Click  Here

 CBS News has learned that barely five hours after American Airlines Flight 77 plowed

 into the Pentagon, Rumsfeld was telling his aides to come up with plans for striking Iraq
 — even though there was no evidence linking Saddam Hussein to the attacks.

 Yes, September 11th was a dream come true for these oil pirates.
 There STILL is no evidence that Saddam was involved, but that idiot Bush boy
 wants Saddam's oil and the oilfield equipment that Cheney sold him in the nineties.
 ...and he's willing to watch hundreds of brave men die to enrich his family more.

 Funny how the press refuses to mention those points.

 ...but if it involved Monica and a cigar, it would be front page news!

 The "Bush Knew" baseball protest

  Click  Here

 Bush has a word for it, even if the dictionary doesn't

  Click  Here

 This is a story about the dilemma the UN translators have.
 What will they translate when Bush says, "I put food on my family,"
 or "I know about small business - I was one," or "We need to grow the pie higher."

 How do you translate nonsensical gibberish?

 Sometimes you just gotta Praise The Lord
       by Bob Reynolds, BartFest attendee

  Click  Here

 My topic at this conference will be World Peace. I will explain that we need to learn more about the world
 so that we are not Geographically Illiterate. I will give examples of brief encounters I have had with people
 from all over the world --  people who were pleased to find someone in the USA who knows where their
 grandparents are buried and where they were born. I will tell the people at this convention that their hobby
 gives them a perfect vehicle to work toward World Peace.

 And then, at the end of my talk I will tell them them about a new way to help bring about world peace:
 Hate-Free Radio.


"We're no longer a superpower.
  We're a super-duper power."
       -- Tom Delay (R-Squirrelly bastard), explaining why Saddam must go.

 "We're Super-duper"

 When Silence Isn't Golden
  Click  Here

 Nelson Mandela, whose struggle against white supremacy in South Africa inspired people all over the world,
 says he was rebuffed in an attempt to call George W. Bush, whose life of entitlement stands in marked contrast
 to Mandela’s personal sacrifice.

 Unable to reach Bush, Mandela said he spoke with Bush’s father about his son’s behavior.
 Mandela says the younger Bush “is introducing chaos in international affairs.”

 Blowing off Mandela is just the latest example of George W. Bush’s unwillingness – or inability – to engage
 the rest of the world in a discussion about his administration’s international agenda. Rather than hearing out
 the near unanimity of opposition to his go-it-alone foreign policy or articulating a defense of his doctrine of
 unilateral invasions, Bush has chosen to avoid spirited debate and to duck unscripted questions.

 Bush can't debate the issue or take unscripted questions because he's a moron.

 If I don't get a BartCop Bonus Issue,
I start eating my clothes...

 FBI Criticized for Failing to Solve Anthrax Case

  Click  Here

 Almost a year after the nation's worst biological weapon attack, the FBI has yet to

 figure out who sent anthrax-laced letters that killed five people, prompting criticism
 that its investigation is moving too slowly.

 Federal law enforcement sources acknowledged they are not close to making
 an arrest in the investigation,

 Well, of course not.  The anthrax killer only goes after Democrats,
 so why would Bush or Ashcroft make it a priority to get this guy?

 We KNOW the GOP is in on this, because Bush and Cheney started
 eating CIPRO when the planes struck the Trade Towers.


 Nothing else can explain their clairvoyance.

 It's the same as same as someone saying, "Let's not go to Manhattan today
 because the planes are due to attack around 9 AM."

 That would mean they knew it was coming, right?

 So why did Bush & Cheney eat CIPRO when those planes hit on 9-11?

Why can't we get an answer to that?

 Because the press is covering for Bush and the
 Democrats are too scared to do their goddamn jobs.

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 We've got to build a bigger hammer.
 The illegal President Monkey in a Man Suit needs to be stopped.

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 Canadian Mail
 Visit to Vancouver Canada

 Well, I'm back from Vancouver Canada and I must say it was GREAT
 to be in a country where Bush isn't president. The city was clean, people
 were happy, plenty of "Help Wanted" signs up. People living their lives
 as normal prosperous citizens in a stable country that is doing well.

 Canada it somewhat amazed that it's economic growth is 4 times as high as
 America in spite of the fact that the majority of it's trade is with the United States.
 Perhaps it's because they didn't raid their social system to give a big tax break to the super rich.
 Perhaps they aren't controlled by big oil and corporate looters.

 Canada was a very peaceful place with happy people.
 It's like America used to be back in the good ole' days.
 Back when Clinton was president.

 Marc Perkel
 Publisher, bartcop.com

 I spent a minute at Bareback Andy's page today.
 (By the way, Andy, do you tell your sex partners that
  you're HIV positive before you bareback them?)


 I have a question:
 Since Sullivan HATES every move the Democrats have ever made,
 and LOVES every move the young Bush boy makes,
 why does he pretend he's a Democrat?

 Same for that Christopher Hitchens, Pat Caddell and Judas Maximus.
 If they loooooooove Bush so much, why don't they officially turn GOP?.

 I'll tell you why - because the whore media likes nothing more than getting a traitor
 on the air to scream "rapist" at Clinton while they flash "Liberal Democrat" under his face.

 The whore media is trying to convince the majority that we made a mistake
 when we voted for Al Gore, and against the Appointed King and the B.F.E.E.

click for details


"See, we love — we love freedom. That's what they didn't understand.
  They hate things; we love things. They act out of hatred;
  we don't seek revenge, we seek justice out of love."
   -- Dubya, whose going to love Baghdad to rubble

 I just filled out a survey for democrats.org

 They asked how often I'd donated to them, and what was
 the likelyhood of my donating in the near future.

 Good thing all answers were multiple choice, because if I'd been
 given an opportunity to speask my mind, it would've been brutal.

 I'm going to democrats.org now and look for a feedback button.

 (Jeopardy song)

I found it, and sent them this:

To Democrats.org

I recommend that my readers avoid sending you any money until you begin to fight back.

Elected Democrats shouldn't be cashing their checks until they start fighting the monster in the White House.
How DARE you lay down and let him walk over you?
Why don't you act like an opposition party?

I always vote straight Demo, but I'll send money to the Clinton Library instead of you.
Clinton was a fighter, not some scared rabbit.

Have you ever watched Crossfire?
Watch James Carville and Begala (sometimes) if you want to see how a Democrat is supposed to act.

...or read http://www.bartcop.com

Your timidity disgusts me,

Free stickers for all subscribers
or with any donation to  bartcop.com
Send in your sticker pictures.


"I had the privilege of saying good-bye for a brief period of time
  to our First Lady who's down there in Crawford."
     --Dubya, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Aug. 29, 2002

 To JM in LA who wrote about the radio show.

 Dude, your e-mail address isn't valid, I can't reply to your message.

 (Remember I told you this happens a LOT.  There must be dozens of people who are miffed
  that I don't even have the good manners to reply to contributions and ticket purchases etc
  because their reply e-mail address isn't valid)


 Reminder: Roger Ailes

  Roger Ailes produced the vulgar Pigboy's TV show in 1993.
  He and Rush were responsible for this great joke Rush told:

 "You all know about Sox, the White House cat.
   Did you know there's also a White House dog?"
  Then, these "brave and decent" role models put up a picture of Chelsea.

  THIS is the guy who runs Fox Whore News,
   because they wanted to get someone who was "fair and balanced."

  Of course, the vulgar Pigboy claimed he had "nothing to do with it,"
  even though the hateful words came out of his nasty, vulgar mouth.

  Attacking an innocent 14-year old girl is Fox's idea of a class act?



"The country knows what happened under Clinton,
  and they know that the deficit went down, and they're greatful for it."
        --James Carville, Crossfire, 09/04/02

by The Pieman

 Claws come out as chicken-hawks squawk 'War!'

  Click  Here

"After he returned to Texas in May 1973, Bush says he performed nonflying duty for the guard,
 but during the presidential campaign there were repeated charges that Bush skipped the final 17
 months of his commitment. In a farcical attempt to get to the bottom of this mystery, one contributor
 to Fowle's chicken-hawk debate has offered a reward to anyone who witnessed Bush performing
 any kind of duty between May 1972 and October 1973 in either Alabama and Texas.

 Oh, Lordy, Zinni really did throw a skunk in the church house, didn't he?

 Going AWOL after taking the oath is a federal crime, and it's ten times worse
 than avoiding the draft, the qway Rush, Cheney, Lott and delay did,  but the press lets it go,
 and the scared-bunny Democrats are afraid to anger Karl Rove, so they remain very quiet.

"Oh Bart, ...that was long ago.
 There's a new tone in Washington.
 Can't you let it go, like we did?"

Woo Hoo!

 Dueling Quotes

"Truman had a sign on his desk reading, 'The buck stops here.'
   Bush replaced it with a sign reading, 'Just blame Bill.' "
    -- Kenneth Lee, Crossfire-email, 09/04/02

“America’s culture is changing from a period in which
  we all have said, ‘If it feels good, just go ahead and do it,
  and if you’ve got a problem blame somebody else.’”
      -- Too stupid to be president

  Dumped by Middle America
    by Joe Conason

  Click  for more Joe

 A mainstream media executive has finally summoned the taste and decency to tell
 Ann Coulter to beat it. Not anybody at CNN or MSNBC or any of those other
 powerful portals of the "liberal" media, which promote her bilious maunderings
 almost every day. No, just a newspaper editor in central Pennsylvania,
 where old standards still prevail.

is down, not sure why.
Perhaps Milt will contact us.


“I think Brent (Scocropft) just got it wrong. The failure to take on Saddam
  after what the president said would produce such a collapse of confidence
  in the president that it would set back the war on terrorism.”
    —  Richard Perle, explaining why hundreds of brave Americans will die - because Monkeyboy
          has a big hardon for Saddam and had to shoot his mouth off for the TV cameras.

          Is that a good reason to invade a country?
       Because the governor can't control his mouth?

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