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Volume 884 - The Color of Chills


Friday   Sept 6, 2002.................................... .............................................. 
 VCR Alert - O.J. - The True Hollywood Story is this Sunday night on E!
  They're promising he's going to "tell all," which is a lie, but maybe he'll say something, or drop some clue. 


"I told my mother if I had to go to jail; what would she think?"
  She said, 'If I could stand up to Nazi scum, you can too.' "
      -- Susan McDougal, whose Mom was in Europe in the forties

 Freedom Chained In Pittsburgh

  Click  Here

 When Bush came to Pittsburgh on Labor Day, the Constitution left town and the
 demonstrators were corralled behind a chain-link fence like a gang of al Quada.
 Americans who support Bush and his policies can raise signs in his praise and line
 the streets when his limousine passes by. [The networks looooove to show people
 praising Bush] Americans who do not support Bush and his policies must stay far away
 from the president by judicial decree or risk arrest.

Pittsburgh Al Qaeda safely behind bars


 CBS News says 88 out of 100 members of Tony Blair's party have given him
 a resounding "NO," about shedding British blood for the B.F.E.E.'s enrichment.

 I guess joining the Carlyle Group will make Blair feel like less of a traitor.

 Visit to Vancouver Canada
    by Michele BartCook

  Click  Here

 Well, I'm back from Vancouver Canada, too (see Bartcop #883 and *you* do the math -- ha ha).
 I already want to go back. We stayed at the Hyatt in the heart of downtown ($77 US per nite
 thank you Priceline!) and it was beautiful. Downtown Vancouver is vibrant and full of all kinds
 of people at all hours. It's clean, the buildings seem better-built, and the people were friendly,
 helpful and smiling. You could tell by their attitudes that they don't have Shrub for pResident there.


"The president's first priority is to protect the homeland."
       --The man who was appointed, not elected, president

 Great job, Governor.
 Instead of doing your job, you were on another vacation.
 When it was time to stand up and lead, you sent a shaky videotape,
 just like bin Laden sends a tape when he's on the run.

 We had hoped for better from the Appointed One..
 And now your family is going to make billions on this.

 I don't trust you, Governor.

 A BartCopper from Kansas City is going to BartFest2002.

 If you live near Kansas City, maybe you can ride with him if you chip in for gas.
 If you're not in Kansas City, he's going thru Wichita, Tucumcari, Albuquerque etc

 I'll bet there are others driving from other cities who could use some gas money, too.
 If so, let me hear from you.

 Lonely on the outside
   by Clif Garboden

  Click  Here

  For the year since last September 11, itís been frustrating to live among so many dupes ó biting my tongue
 around neo-patriotic middle-agers subconsciously seeking vindication for only pretending to have been allied
 with the left in the í60s, and around people in their 20s and 30s who spent their formative years being lulled
 into conformity and anti-intellectualism by the commercial pandering of MTV and Disney. Since Reagan,
 American business, government, media, and entertainment have worked hard to discredit dissent and
 disenfranchise dissenters. Judging from all the flag-spangled bumper stickers and liberal war-mongering
 afoot these days, it worked, and thatís the real tragedy brought home to me over the past year.

When you're young and in love, only one thing matters.


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 The illegal President Monkey in a Man Suit needs to be stopped.

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 Opening in Las Vegas

 Until last week, the only Titian and Tintoretto portraits in Las Vegas were re-creations
 painted on the ceilings of The Venetian hotel-casino. Now the real works are there.

 Paintings by both artists will be on display at the Guggenheim in the Venetian through March 2.
 Spanning over 500 years, the 39 works provide a historical glimpse into art from 1436  to 1965.

 Las Vegas is fast becoming a magnet for fine art. An exhibit featuring
 Faberge Imperial eggs also opened over the weekend at the Bellagio.

 How'd I know about this?

 I read all about it on Marty's E! page!

       Woo Hoo!

 Should we invade Iraq?
 The elected President Bush says, "No."


 "If we'd continued [marching towards Baghdad] hundred of thousands of American troops
  would be on the ground in Iraq today attempting to pull warring factions together or
  bogged down in some guerilla warfare. Liberators can easily become occupiers."
    -- Bush, August 25, 1992

 No wonder he's telling Weak & Stupid he's screwing up.

 Rumors of Baseball's Death Greatly Exaggerated
         by Gene L:yons

  Click  Here

 Like music, scent triggers memory and emotion. I have always loved animals, but suddenly
 realized it was partly the way horses SMELL that made me unaccountably happy around them.
 Especially in summer, horses give off a pungent odor of dust, grass, sweat, and, of course, horsehide.
 That's the smell of baseball. My happiest days as an American boy were spent on standing on the
 pitcher's mound or scuffling the dirt around third base inhaling the neatsfoot-oil and leather scent
 of my mitt, with the Old Man on the bench flashing signs.

click for details


"Will someone please explain to me the logic that says we can trust someone
   with a Boeing 747 in bad weather, but not with a Glock 9 millimeter?"
     -- Zell Miller, provong even a gun nut can get one right once in a while

 The Bully's Pulpit
       By Paul Krugman

  Click  Here

 War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.
 Colin Powell and Dick Cheney are in perfect agreement.
 And the Bush administration won't privatize Social Security.

 Ari Fleischer's insistence that Mr. Powell and Mr. Cheney have
 no differences over Iraq seems to have pushed some journalists into
 facing up, at least briefly, to the obvious. ABC's weblog The Note
 described it as a "chocolate-is-vanilla" claim, admitting that
"The Bush team has always had a credibility problem with some reporters
  because of their insistence on saying 'up is down' and 'black is white.' "

 Well then, why don't they say so in their stories?
 In their stories, it's nothing but hero-worship for the Squatter-in-Chief .

The guy on the left is double-fest attendee Mr. Copple,
but I don't recognize the guy to his left.

 Subject: Bush AWOL or Deserter?

 Thought I'd clarify something that's mentioned repeatedly regarding
 "Shrub" and his military service record.

 A soldier is AWOL if absent for 30 days or less.  After 30 days a soldier is
 considered a deserter.  The maximum sentence for desertion is death by hanging.

 As Molly Ivins says, "Some companies are too big to fail,
                                   and some people too rich to go to jail".

 Keep up the fight,



 Subject: RE: Bush knew/Cipro rant

 It seems like you're out on a limb on your conjecture that Bush, Cheney, et. al.
 must have known about the details of the 9/11 attack because they took Cipro.
 It appears that you're implying that Bush and his thugs must have known who was
 planning the attacks, how they were going to attack, and when they were going to attack.
 You suggest that they took cipro since they knew what was coming.
 But .....  WHY would they be taking cipro unless they felt that they themselves were in danger of being attacked?
 So that suggests that if they knew that the anthrax attacks were coming,
 they sure the hell didn't know who was doing it, and evidently thought
 that they might be potential targets.
 Isn't there a problem with your argument?
 Or are you simply saying that they knew there would be an attack,
 but they didn't know anymore than the public did as to where and when and against whom?

 Chris, your argument makes perfect sense - if you're Mr. Peabody with a Wabac Machine.
 What part of "Planes crash into WTC" spells anthrax to you?

 It seems that Cheney & Bush had a copy of the script.
 It seems they knew that once the attack started, the anthrax would be right behind it.

 How could they know that without looking at the script?

 Remember The Godfather?
 When Vito Corleone gets shot at the fruit market, if I lean over to you and say,
 "The bullets don't kill him, he dies later of a heart attack in his garden,"
 wouldn't that tell you I had read the script?

 The reason I posted that is because I want to be straightened out.
 On the surface, you seem to be saying Cipro protects against crashing planes.
 I say it doesn't.

 Cipro only protects against biological weapons which weren't used on September 11th,
 yet Cheney & Bush knew to eat some right away. Worst of all, they didn't bother to tell
 the postal workers because, I suppose, they are expendable.

 If Cheney & Bush knew anthrax was coming (they must have - why else eat Cipro?) they are
 guilty of depraved indifference to human life. If they knew more than I suspect, they should be
 charged with 3,000 counts of premeditated murder and incarcerated until their death.

 If someone else has a clue, please write.
 If you agree with Chris, write and straighten me out.

 Week One NFL picks article
     by The Pigskin Padre

   Click  Here

 WARNING: The following information is for entertainment purposes only.
 Kind of like a Dubya "press conference." You don t expect Dubya to do anything
 when he talks about cleaning up corporate corruption, and I don t expect you to
 wager any REAL money on games of football. Ahem & that out of the way,
 let s get on to Week One!

by The Pieman


 Report from the New York Whore Times

 Television's Special Day of Pain and Comfort

 The 9/11 anniversary programming, which has already begun,
 will steadily increase until Wednesday, when ABC, CBS and NBC
 join the cable news channels in devoting all day to live coverage
 and all of prime time to more reports and interviews.

 In one of the most heartbreaking scenes in any of the year's reports, we see a
 widowed mother and her little girls at a dance recital trying to resume normal life,
 only to have "God Bless America" played at the end as a tribute.
 As the girls stand on stage, one sobs uncontrollably.

 Oh, yeah - give me 24 hours of that.
 No, give me 96 hours of that.

 They seem to be saying we need a to be reminded of September 11th.
 My question is, how in the hell can we ever forget?

 All day and all night live reports, interviews and heartbreak?
 Not at  bartcop.com

 We're going to run some things before 9-11, but on that day,
 we will be nothing but fun and attempts at comedy.


From: Steve

Subject: they're talking about you in the NY press

From the letters column of their current issue -- thought you might get a kick. You get dissed toward the bottom....
MUGGER: Michelangelo Signorile wrote, "...As irreverent and provocative as MWO is,
owever, everything on the site is accurate..." ("The Gist," 8/28).

Is this guy insane, or what? Nothing published on the Web is 100 percent accurate, and in the case
of what MWO puts out, 99 percent of the slop is hyper-biased editorial self-therapy.

And yet again he wrote, "...But one thing that is absolutely true of MWO is that you wonít find anything
even remotely close, in terms of an incitement to violence, to the rants of Ann Coulter and her legions..."

Oh really?! And what would you call someone who cannot accept the outcome of the 2000 presidential election,
and calls for a subversive government overthrow by constantly declaring that "...the individual occupying the most
powerful position in the U.S. is not a democratically elected leader..." and then proudly declares his association
with another fanatical leftist, www.bartcop.com, whose site contains some of the most politically charged,
junta-promoting propaganda published on the Web to date (and thatís not including the forum posts from his
loyal legion of anarchist members)? May I suggest the selection of another journalist to write for your fine publication?

Edward Yachimiak, Bartlett, IL

 ha ha

 What a ass this guy is - comparing Coulter's wish that McVeigh had blown up the New York Times
 to the fact that we haven't gotten over Bush stealing his way into power.

 And that underlined part?
 I've never seen that on MWO, have you?

 As always, they don't want a piece of me - they're too afraid.
 So, they go somewhere else to whine...

 Biggie had Tupac Killed?

  Click  Here

 The LA Times reported in its online edition that it was Biggie Smalls who
 provided the weapon used to murder Tupac as well as $1 million bounty.

 Shakur was shot along Las Vegas Boulevard on Sept. 7, 1996 -- just hours after he
 and his entourage had beaten up Anderson in the lobby of the MGM Grand Hotel
 where they had attended a Mike Tyson boxing match, the Los Angeles Times said.

 The beating was in retaliation for an incident in which Anderson helped his gang beat
 and rob one of Shakur's bodyguards, who belonged to the rival Bloods gang, the paper said.
 After the MGM beating, Anderson quickly set up a Crips meeting at the Treasure Island Hotel
 and planned Shakur's murder, it added.

 Wallace gave them $1 million on one condition: he wanted the satisfaction of knowing
 that Shakur had been killed by his gun, a .40-caliber Glock pistol, the paper said.

is down, not sure why.
Perhaps Milt will contact us.

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