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Volume 887 - Holiday Road 


Tuesday   Sept 10, 2002.................................... .............................................. 
 VCR Alert - Vegas Fever - Travel Channel "High Rollers," then "Vegas Dealers" on twice tonight.
  They're OK, but the best one ever is "High Rises, High Stakes." That's the one you can't miss.
  Also, (choke) Chevy Chase in "Vegas Vacation" on FX tonight. believe it or not, this is one of the most
  realistic movies ever made about gambling in Las Vegas, at least concerning Chevy. He plays blackjack, and each time
  he gets 20, the dealer gets 21. This is how blackjack is played in Vegas.  Also, on The Comedy Channel,  Christian Slater
 shows what NOT to do when you find a dead hooker in your fancy Las Vegas suite in "Very Bad Things."


"As a society we must demand something better,
  because there is no second-rate children in America."
       --Dubya, South Bend, Sep. 5

 So stupid, when he talks to the cows, he mostly listens.

 Police: Noelle Bush Caught With Cocaine
  Bush Allegedly Caught With 2 Grams Of Drug

  Click  Here

 News report say Bush has not been arrested in connection with the alleged discovery of cocaine.

 Well, that goes without saying.
 Having two grams of cocaine has nothing to do with Clinton's zipper,
 so it can't be considered a crime by our perfect legal system.
 Besides, she's royalty.

 You can't arrest a member of the Bush family for breaking the law.

 U.S. Not Claiming Iraqi Link To Terror
    by the Washington Whore Post

   Click  Here

 As it makes its case against Saddam, Bush has for now dropped a central argument
 presented by supporters of a war against Baghdad:   Iraq's links to al Qaeda.

 Although administration officials say they are still trying to develop a strong case tying
 Hussein to global terrorism, the CIA has yet to find convincing evidence despite having
 combed its files and redoubled its efforts to collect and analyze information related to Iraq.

 So why the hell are we going to sacrifice brave men?
 Because President Oily wants the B.F.E.E. to get even richer?

 Hey, Bart!

 NPR said yesterday that people are trusting the news on the internet more than TV or Radio
 jeez I wonder why????????


 Joe, liberal webmasters are so broke, people know we're not being paid to lie.

 Bubblegum Boy not going into space
  He never was - it was just a publicity stunt

  I'm a joke

  Click  Here

 The Russian Space Agency notified NASA on Monday that Lance Bass won't
 fly to the international space station next month.

 Bass had hoped to rocket away from Kazakhstan on Oct. 28, boosted by corporate sponsors
 and a seven-part television documentary. But TV producers failed to raise the estimated
 $20 million fare, and Russian space officials last week kicked Bass off the upcoming crew.

 This was a Michael Jackson-style press handjob all the way.
 It was a fake and clumsy publicity stunt that went around the world ten times,

 Months ago, to oodles of fanfare and fake publicity, this schmuck announces
 that he's going to be the first bubblegummer into space. The networks went for it,
 USA Today gushed praise for the "brave singer," and the teen magazines creamed
 at the thought of Chew Boy going into space - just like it was for real.

 This was never going to happen, so why does the press fall for it?

 It's like Michael Jackson, with some bullshit grand announcement that he's going to open
 a billion dollar theme park in Sarajevo. All the networks buy into it, the tabloids go crazy,
 radio DJs remark how "Only Michael could pull off something this big."
 Then nothing happens, just like Chew Boy.  It's all a stupid handjob.

 The reason given for Bass flunking out was "lack of money," which is a joke, too.
 When he first announced this bullshit, America's whore press should've said
 "Fine, Lance, when you raise the $20M, we'll report the story."

 I know I shouldn't get so upset about a nothing who lied about nothing,
 but this is the whore press doing their version of the Bart Stalker's circle jerk.
 It's the same thing with Rush making up a Clinton lie, then Fred Barnes runs with it,
 so Fox News is now all over it, so Hannity and O'Reilly spend a week on it,
 Tim the Whore spreads it, Cokie the Whore giggles about it, Howie Kurtz lies about it
 and there's never even a kernel of truth to any of it, but they feed on each other's stories.

 Meanwhile, the people telling the truth (Democrats) can't get anywhere in this world of lies.
 The whore f-ing press - we just have to live with it.

click for more

  Saddam and Bush are twins
  Saddam's mistress takes us inside his palace

  Click  Here

 Even when relaxing, Saddam's brutal side could come out, she said. According to
 Lampsos, Saddam loved watching The Godfather, listening to Frank Sinatra, or seeing
 videos of his enemies being tortured. He sometimes donned a cowboy hat, sipped whiskey
 on the rocks and puffed on a cigar as he watched the torture.

 "He was happy, happy, happy," she said of the torture viewing. "Happiest day."

 So, we see the connection between Saddam and Bush's Dim Son.  We all saw Bush giggle
 in the debates when he talked about executing black men whose lawyers slept thru their trials,
 then ordered them killed instead of reading the report the Corrections Board sent his lazy ass..

 Who enjoys killing more?

 Hard to say.
 When you enjoy murdering defenseless "little people," it's hard to say which man is worse.

 A  bartcop.com  exclusive, something we've never done before.
 Fames author Mark Crispin Miller  "The Bush Dyslexicon"
 "helps" Dubya with his honesty in a speech.

 Click  Here

From: Greg N

Subject: Magic Friday

I thought B-Fest was on Sat., the 28th?!?
Why are there continual references to Magic Friday (Sep. 27)?
Why are we counting down the days toFriday?
I'm so confused

Greg, Friday we're meeting at The Rio to take the bus to the Hard Rock for a mini-tequilafest at 7 PM,

 then at dark, we're getting on a private bus to witness the excitement of The Strip for the first time.

 Magic Friday might be as much fun as Party of the Year Saturday - be there!

 BTW, from Southwest Airlines

 Las Vegas, NV

$19 one-way, to/from Los Angeles
$39 one-way, to/from Phoenix
$39 one-way, to/from San Diego
$39 one-way, to/from Reno/Tahoe
$58 one-way, to/from Salt Lake City
$79 one-way, to/from Portland
$79 one-way, to/from Seattle

Twelve  tickets left


"So the enemy hit us, and instead of retreating, instead of filing -- only filing a lawsuit,
  we decided not only to get after them, we decided not only to hold them to account,
  we decided that we were going to love our neighbor, just like we like to be loved ourself."
        --Dubya, Louisville, Sep. 5,

 I just can't get over how stupid this ass is.
 Dan Quayle must have 60 IQ points on the First Moron

Subject: tending bar for ditto monkeys

Thanks for posting that rant from Jennifer the bartender from Ohio. I can *so* relate to her.

Of course we have two main things in common, she and I.
One, we're both named Jennifer.    And B, we're both bartenders.

Now I know we've a third degree of commonality... we both serve ditto monkeys alcohol on a regular basis.

Just yesterday as I stood behind the bar listening to a customer named Ed condemning Clinton for the blow job
he got in the Oval Office, I wondered how it was that this same guy rationalized to himself the affair he's been
having with a woman who prefers anal sex for the last two and a half years. Ed's certainly not secretive about
cheating on his wife. The whole (small) town knows about it. And he has the !nerve! to dare say that Clinton
embarrassed us to the whole world.

Reminder: Clinton didn't embarrass anybody.
Clinton had a secret, it was the GOP who took that nobody's-business secret and told the world
it was "Constitutionally important to our country," to get every details of who licked what.

The whore press knew Gingrich, the architect of impeachment, was banging his secretary but
they kept that secret for years so they could go after Clinton!

"Liberal press?"  ...there is no such thing.

 I saw a thing on CNN about the abnormal pollen count in Washington DC.
 It was the highest September pollen count in DC history, said that Flip Spiceman guy.

 They say the pollen count was so high, Ann Coulter had to drop Actifed
 before she made her move for her free McDonald's french fries.


"The facts are, this is a man who gassed his own people, has invaded two countries,
   a person who stiffed the international organization time and time again."
       --Dubya, on Saddam Hussein, Louisville, Sep. 5,

  Hey, Moron, then explain why Cheney did $23M in business with "Hitler."
  If he's so bad, why did Cheney make him stronger - can you explain that?

 Uncovering corruption
  by Isaac Peterson, Minneapolis investigative reporter, and BartFest attendee

  Click  Here

"They didn't cite the driver. I went over and asked who it was that hit my child.
 Those police officers ignored me. I asked three times; they ignored me.
 My daughter was the one who told me who the driver was."

 Dow says she then approached the driver and asked for his license.
"The police officer told me not to ask him that...He told me that if I
 asked one more time he was going to take me to jail."

 No Crawfishing From a Unique Vernacular

  Click  Here

 Many listeners were surprised on Aug. 29, when they thought they heard the president, at a
 fundraiser in Oklahoma, declare: "If you let the people have their own money, they will demand
 a gooder service. And if they demand a gooder service, somebody will produce the gooder service.
 And when somebody produces that gooder service, somebody is more likely to find jobs."

 Is this really happening?
 The most stupid man anyone ever heard of is our unelected king for life?

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 Help us get the truth out!

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 We've got to build a bigger hammer.
 The illegal President Monkey in a Man Suit needs to be stopped.

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Woo Hoo!

 Channel anger, says Gore, and elect Democrats

  Click  Here

"We're going to focus on 2002. We can't wait four years. We've got to have a change this year,"
 Gore responded. "Remember just for a minute what you felt like inside when you heard the Supreme
 Court decision" that cost Gore the election. "Boo!" they responded, and one man chimed in: "It never left!"

  Never Forget



"And the terrorists understand one thing about us, too...
 -- when we need to be plenty tough, we're going to be plenty tough.
 And they're learning another thing about America.
 When we need to be compassionate and loving, we can be compassionate and loving, too."
     --Dubya, Louisville, Kentucky, Sep. 5, 2002

 Hey, Pea Brain!
 What if we need to be smart?
 Can we be smart?

 Or is that where Al Qaeda has us out-gunned?

click for details

 Barry Crimmins is on Mike Malloy's show
      today at 3 PM with Juline Jordan

  Click  Here  to listen.


"We value a free press. We value freedom.
  And the more we value freedom, the more they hate us.
  That's why. That's why the enemy still exists."
     --Dubya, Louisville, Sep. 5,

 Gee, Oil Boy, I thought it was YOUR guarantee that The Taliban was going
 to get either "a carpet of gold or a carpet of bombs," for their pipeline.

 When you pout evil people in a no-win situation, they do desperate and stupid things.
 And now you're going to repeat your mistake with Saddam?


 Republicans would have you think terrorism started in 1993 under Bill Clinton


 April 1983: 17 dead at the U.S. embassy in Beirut.
 October 1983: 241 dead at the U.S. Marine barracks in Beirut.
 December 1983: five dead at the U.S. embassy in Kuwait.
 January 1984: the president of the American University of Beirut killed.
 April 1984: 18 dead near a U.S. airbase in Spain.
 September 1984: 16 dead at the U.S. embassy in Beirut (again).
 December 1984: Two dead on a plane hijacked to Tehran.
 June 1985: One dead on a plane hijacked to Beirut.

 And what was the Reagan/Bush response?

 They sold them sophisticated Stinger missles,
 then lied about it, then perjured themselves under oath, (it wasn't about sex, either)
 then finally used a presidential pardon to slip away when justice was closing in.

 Why do you think President Pinhead won't release Reagan's presidential papers?

by The Pieman


"Oil, whether you like it or not, is the engine of freedom in the modern world.
  Oil is hugely essential to democracy. And we don't have any
  because the Democrats in this country will not let us produce our own.
     -- the vulgar Pigboy

 Amazing - Rush tells his sheep "we don't have any oil" and they buy that.
 If I can get BartCop Radio working, I could play clips like that all day,
 Rush using his own words to hang himself. He's such a liar.

 One other thing, lying Pigboy, the reason we're not pumping more oil is because
 a wildcatter can't pay for equipment and a crew because oil is too damn cheap!
 If it costs $5 million to produce $3 million worth of oil, who'd do it?

 Don't you ever tell the truth?


You can't point to one episode in Cheney or Ws public or private life
  where they have put anything other than this country ahead of themselves.
       --Rush Limbaugh

  ha ha

 Yeah, Cheney made $25 million in 2000 because he put America before his profits?
 Is that why he sold $23M in oilfield equipment to Saddam?   To make America more safe?

 ...boy, if I only had a radio show...

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 Alert! - We have just 12 tickets left.

 Odditty: The last three to sign up have been from Minnesota, Illinois and Washington
                California must not know where Las Vegas is.

 Reminder: The Lamborghini only holds 100 - no matter what.

 Also, some people paid for their BartFest tickets by snail mail
 and didn't include their e-mail address on their check.
 We have important updates, so we need to hear from you.


  The day the Sleeping Giant howled
  Christian Livemore talks about 9-11 for the first (and probably last) time

   Click  Here

  In Old Lyme, Connecticut, my 14-year-old sister was speeding through the
  halls of her high school, sobbing as she ran. She burst into the main office.

 "I have to call my sister," Charity wailed. She saw the t.v. set the secretaries
  had perched on the filing cabinet, tuned in to the burning Trade Towers.
 "She works there," she yelled, pointing at the screen.
 "She works there, give me the phone, please!"


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