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Volume 943 - Sack the Rat!

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 Monday       Dec 2, 2002 


"These days, if you don't have a flag sticking out of your ass,
   you must be a communist."
    -- Chrissie Hynde, who's been cool for 22 years now

 The Bush dynasty and the Cuban criminals
  Book reveals links of the B.F.E.E. with exiled hardliners

  Click  Here

 Last year, after September 11, while the justice department announced a sweep
 of terrorist suspects, Cubans convicted of terrorist offenses were being released
 from US jails with the consent of the Bush administration, according to the book,
 Cuba Confidential: Love and Vengeance in Miami and Havana, by Ann Louise
 Bardach, the award-winning investigative journalist who has covered Cuban and
 Miami politics for the New York Times and Vanity Fair.

 Cubans again.
 They were in on the murder of JFK in Dallas.
 They were in Washington, helping Liddy break into the Watergate.
 They were in Miami in 2000, rioting for Bush.
 The Bush Family Evil Empire is the biggest crime cabal in history.

 Oh Bart, you're so hysterical.
 Dubya would never be like that.
 He's honest and principled,
  ...and he's our president!

 Who Commanded the Air Force to 'Stand Down' on 9-11?

  Click  Here

 ...there are at least twelve or more National Guard and Air Force installations in close proximity
 to the World Trade Center and Pentagon. Plus, Andrews Air Force Base is only ten miles from
 Washington, D.C. Why wasn’t something done to avert this catastrophe, and why isn’t the mainstream
 media asking some very hard questions regarding this deliberately ordered “crime”?

 If we had a bigger hammer, we'd be banging on this question like crazy.
 The Air Force just sat there and watched those planes attack us.
 It was an hour between the WTC and the Pentagon crashes.

 If my alarm goes off at 7:30, I can be at work before 8.
 Why are the guardians of the sky not as fast as Ol' Bartcop?

 Why won't the press just ask that ONE QUESTION?
  Why is the press helping with the coverup?


 ...if it was Clinton's zipper, it would be our business,
 and we would have a right to ask these questions.

 But since we have 3000 dead, (3001 counting the Constitution)
 we're told to "Shut up and watch what we say."


"If you want to get to the bottom of something, you don't appoint Henry Kissinger.
  If you want to keep others from getting to the bottom of something, you appoint Henry Kissinger.
    -- Maureen Dowd, - this time it's Kissinger

 Talking Back To Talk Radio 
 It's Time To Take Back Our Airwaves
 Great article - must read!

  Click  Here

 Turning the dial again, we found a convicted felon ranting about the importance of government
 having ever-more powers to monitor, investigate, and prosecute American citizens without having
 to worry about constitutional human rights protections. Neither, apparently, do most Americans
 recall that the single most powerful device used to bring about the SS and its political master was radio.

 Is history repeating itself?

 Why is it that the vast majority of talk radio stations across the nation never run an occasional
 centrist or progressive show in the midst of their all-right, all-the-time programming day? ?

 Program directors and station managers claim they have to program only right-wing hosts.
 They point out that when they insert even a few hours of a left-of-center talk host, the station's
 phone lines light up with angry, flaming reactions from listeners; even advertisers get calls of protest.

 Hey, sounds to me like  BartCop Radio  is just what the doctor ordered.
 If we have enough $10 subscribers, we wouldn'tt need no stinking advertisers!
 (But I think we'd get some anyway...)

 And if ditto-monkeys call in, I'll put them on the air and give 'em the red-ass.
 If they try to fight back, I'll make 'em cry like they were my prison bitch.

 ha ha

 Sure, the first few shows will extra-suck, ...but, ...once I get the hang of it...BOOM!
 Notice how we hardly ever get any Monkey Mail anymore?
 What could be more fun than live red-assing a ditto-monkey?

 I've been given two pieces of advice re: BartCop Radio.
 A. Don't be so angry all the time!
 B. Learn to control your temper!

 ha ha

 The day I control my temper is the day I start wearing the pink tutu.
 Y'know, there's no telling what BartCop Radio would be like,
 except it would be whatever this page is with a lot more POW, BAM and THWACK!

 I, for one, would listen.

 Is  bartcop.com  worth $10 a month?
 Only if you think we need to kick fascist radio's ass.

  Click  Here   to get links for other amounts

 Richard Milhous W. Bush
    by Nat Parry  at consortiumnews.com

   Click  Here

 Bush’s aides argue that their unrestricted access to this electronic data may help
 detect terrorists, but the data could prove even more useful in building dossiers on
 anti-war activists (or internet comedians) or blackmailing political opponents.
 Despite assurances that such abuses won’t happen again, the capability will be
 a huge temptation for Bush, who has made clear his view that anyone not
 supporting his war on terror is siding with the terrorists.

 Nixon would've killed for the power that this unelected fraud now has.
 But then again, maybe Nixon did kill. Remember, Ford pardoned him for
 "any and all crimes he may have committed."

 That's how the GOP covers their tracks.
 And the Democrats say, "Fine, would you like to impeach our president?"


 Why isn't the clergy more critical of the anti-social and destructive Bush policies?

 The promise of large sums of "faith-based charities" cash being doled out to Christian
 organizations may well be a modern day "buying of indulgences" by the Whitehouse.
 The really Machiavellian part of this scam is that it uses federal charities funds to
 buy the silence, not GOP cash.

 Whether or not every qualified organization that applies gets the money is not even the point.
 It's the follow-up of the intended use of the money that counts. For instance, is it possible that
 a "wink and a nudge" goes to Falwell and Robertson for promoting the hate of Muslims and
 fomenting war, while on the other hand requiring more liberal organizations to fill out ungodly
 amounts of paperwork in order to "properly document the disbursement of such federal funds"?

 It's the deafening hate speech by the evangelical leadership that tipped me off. And it's no
 wonder that they've long been the most dedicated and outspoken for Bush's establishment
 of their faith-based cash cow.


 Subject: Bono connects?

 Hey Bart,

 What about Bruce Springsteen?
 I've seen U2 and Bruce live and I think Bruce won the connection with the audience award.

 I've also heard that Michael Jackson intimately connects with his audience,
 but only with those under 10 years of age.

 ha ha

 Great site, by the way,

 Jefner, not a bad choice, but I haven't seen it happen.
 Maybe he doesn't connect on TV as well as Bono, but when Bruce gets down,
 he grits his teeth and plays real hard, then he and Silvio team up and play real hard,
 and then they turn to the crowd and play real hard  ...somehow, it gets past me.

 ...but at least you didn't nominate Sugar Ray or Hootie.

 Got a few minutes?


 Tyson to fight on card with Tanya Harding in February

"I mo bite you!"

  Click  Here


"I tell you, this is the busiest shopping day of the year. I was down at Macy’s and it
 was crowded, I got pushed, shoved, I was groped – hell, I’m going back tomorrow!"
   -- Dave

 A GOP reward for fleeing taxes
    by Molly Ivins

  Click  Here

 OK, Republicans, justify this. I want to hear your explanations for why the Republican
 leadership went against the will of 318 members to grant an unconscionable gift to
 corporations that set up offshore tax shelters to avoid paying their U.S. taxes.
 Come on, Rush, I really want to hear this one -- and do, please, include the word patriotism.

 A Good Man Passes Away

 Click  Here

 VCR Alert - Steven Spielberg's "Taken" premiers on Sci-Fi tonight.

 I wondered if I should run this, but then I figured it's impossible
 to do something in bad taste when it comes to Ann Coulter

 Pipecover should be ashamed of himself

 Exclusive to  bartcop.com
  We are first with this scoop!

 The bus carrying the Oklahoma Sooners to Stillwater on Saturday was hijacked by thugs.
 These thugs made the Sonners get off the bus, where they were forced into a cave.
 Their equipment truck was stolen, and these talentless bushwackers impersonated
 the Sooners in their pitiful football game against Oklahoma State, who won 38-28.

 The Oklahoma FBI is looking into this team-jacking.

 In other weekend sports action...

 Tiger Woo   curses as he misses again

 The Razorbacks beat LSU with 9 seconds left in the game
 God made Notre Dame lose to SoCal
 Florida Sate beat Florida
 Nebraska lost again (that's so much fun for an Okie to say)
 Green Bay beat Chicago (that's a real football game)
 Kansas City bit the head off the Arizona Cardinals
 Five fumbles helped St Louis lose - again,
 but Dallas won, which made it a really baaaaad weekend.


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What does Marty E! have toda
What was Bono doing with Ashley Judd?
George Washington's papers are available online.
Jennifer Lopez' first husband spews.
Tis the season for cable rates to go up.
The Brits bluffing the nazi's with tales of a nuke?
Our paper currency is being redesigned, again.
Will the unelected moron be on the dollar bill?


 GOP History Day
 Watergate Anniversary Brings Back Memories
 The Most Criminal Party in U.S. History
 And the Most Criminal Republics Of All?...
 You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet!

  Click  Here  for the Buzzflash version known as convictions2.htm

  Click  Here  for the MWO version known as convictions.htm

  These will be up until Perkel's server crashes into the Bay.
  Just remember http://www.bartcop/convictions.htm for MWO
  and remember http://www.bartcop/convictions2.htm for Buzzflash


"I’m in the holiday spirit! I was going down the sidewalk and
  saw the first fake Santa of the season taking a leak."
         -- Dave

 Letters to Nuremberg
"Everything is chaos, and the situation is excellent"
    by Bryan Zepp Jamieson

  Click  Here

 The White House announced that due to the large number of Americans – over 100,000 – who have
 applied for asylum in Canada, the White House is going to ask Congress to pass a bill requiring that
 citizens desiring to leave the country as political refugees get permission from Washington first.

 "I'm fighting a dirty and bitter war on three fronts."
   Chief U.N. weapons inspector Hans Blix.


   Click  Here


 Click to order

 How a small-town Arkansas girl became a nationally known felon is one of the more
 troubling legacies of the Clinton era. After all, Susan McDougal grew up making patriotic
 speeches at the local American Legion. But in the mid-1990s, she was faced with federal
 prosecutors who wanted her to lie—and threatened to jail her if she would not. Though
 willing to answer any questions truthfully, she couldn’t give investigators a hook on which
 to hang Bill Clinton—so they ruined her life step by punishing step.

 Frightened and depressed, facing financial ruin, she had a choice: Lie and get your life back,
 or tell the truth and face jail on bogus perjury charges. In an extraordinary act of conscience
 she chose silence, which she has finally broken in this revealing book. Written in a frank and
 often humorous tone, McDougal offers fresh anecdotes about the Clintons’ early years in
 politics, an up-close account of the sinister workings of Starr’s investigation, and a moving
 expose of what happens to women in American prisons.

 Another short issue, because I'm sicker than Smirk on his 40th birthday.
 For 23 days, I've been battling this, and the doctor has given me  sold me
 $130 worth of anti-biotics with steroids - guaranteed to kick the infection's ass

 Pray for me.

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